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December 22, 2014 


M. O. Altan a *, G. Toz a, I. Dowman b, S. Kulur a, D. Z. Seker a
a ITU, Civil Engineering Faculty, 80626 Maslak Istanbul, Turkey - (oaltan, tozg, kulur, seker)@itu.edu.tr
b Dept. of Geomatic Engineering, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT UK - idowman@ge.ucl.ac.uk

Selection of Keywords

The main purpose of keywords is to enable successful searching in a database for the main message of your paper. When selecting keywords always think how any reader might interrogate the database. The second purpose of the keywords is to compile the index at the end of each volume of the archives and for the total index of all volumes relating to the Congress. Please help to streamline the access to the many papers which are published, and to shorten the index, by accepting the following rules, which nevertheless, allow for reasonably detailed information:

  1. 5 keywords are the minimum.
  2. 8 keywords are the maximum.
  3. You are not allowed to alter the spelling of any of the list's keywords.
  4. Having selected the minimum of five up to the maximum of eight keywords use them in the Keywords line at the beginning of your paper.

Thank you for your co-operation.

General Areas of ISPRS Archives:

(Select these keywords only if absolutely necessary, they will not be used in the indexes!)

  • Photogrammetry
  • Remote Sensing
  • Vision Sciences
  • Spatial Information Sciences


Working Fields:

Agriculture Archaeology Architecture Atmosphere Bathymetry
Biometrics Cartography Climate Coast Crop
Cultural Heritage Cyclones Databases Developing Countries Digital
Earthquakes Ecology Economy Ecosystem Engineering
Environment Extra-terrestrial Exploration Facilities Floods
Forestry Forest fire Geodesy Geography GIS
Geology Geometry Geomorphology Geophysics Glaciology
Hazards History Human Settlement Hydrology Hyper spectral
Industry Internet/Web Land Land Cover Landslides
Land Use LIDAR Marine Mapping Mathematics
Medicine Metrology Meteorology Oceans Oceanography
Photogrammetry Pollution Radiometry Resources Robotics
Sea Services Space Soil Snow Ice
Statistics Surveying Technology Terminology Urban
Vegetation Vision Volcanoes Weather  




Acquisition Adjustment Analysis Application Archiving
Automation Calibration Change Detection Classification Combination
Comparison Cooperation Consulting Correction Correlation
Data mining Design Development Digitisation Education
Estimation Exchange Extraction Farming Fusion
Generalization Generation Identification Impact Analysis Inspection
Integration Interpretation Inventory Learning Management
Matching Measurement Modelling Monitoring Navigation
Operation Organization Orientation Planning Polarization
Precipitation Prediction Processing Programming Production
Recognition Recording Rectification Reconstruction Registration
Research Restitution Revision Simplification Simulation
Specification Teaching Training Transformation Triangulation
Understanding Updating Visualization    




Abstraction Compression Data Mining Detection Global-Environmental-Databases
Interoperability Orthorectification Retrieval Query Sampling




Active Algorithms AM/FM Animation Array
Artificial_Intelligence Augmented Reality Automation Block Building
Bundle CAD Camera CCD Change
City Colour Computer Data Database
Data Structures DEM/DTM Decision Support Disaster Distortion
Ecosystem Edge Error Expert System Feature
Film Format Framework Data Fuzzy Logic Georeferencing
GIS GPS/INS Graphics Hardware IKONOS
Image Imagery IMU Indicators Information
Infrared Infrastructure Instruments Interferometer Internet
IRS Knowledge Base Landscape Landsat Laser scanning
LIDAR Metadata Model MISR MOMS
Mosaic Multimedia Networks Object Open Systems
Orthoimage Parameters Pattern Photography Photo-realism
Pixel Platforms Pushbroom Plotter Point Cloud
Protocol Quickbird Radar RADARSAT Radiation
Reasoning Reference Data Rendering Representation Resolution
SAR Satellite Small/micro satellites Scale Scanner
Scene Segmentation Semi-automation Sensor Sequences
Spatial Infrastructures Specifications SPOT Sociology Software
Surface Systems Softcopy Software Standards
Targets Temperature Texture TLS Tracking
Understanding Versioning Virtual Reality Web based X-Ray




Accuracy Aerial Analog Analytical Close Range
Colour Convergent Digital Direct Distributed
Dynamic Experimental Extraterrestrial Federated Geometric
Global High resolution Hyper spectral Industrial International
Inter-operability Large Metric Mobile Multifrequency
Multiline Multisensor Multispectral Multitemporal Multiresolution
Neural Non-Metric On-line Optical Passive
Performance Precision Professional Quality Radiometric
Raster Real-time Reliability Small Spatial
Spectral Static Stereoscopic Sustainable Temporal
Terrestrial Thematic Thermal Three-dimensional Three-Line
Underwater Urban Vector Video Exterior
Content-based Contextual Hierarchical Incremental National
Planetary Random Symbolic    




Advancement Aims Aspects Configuration Cost
Economy Experience Experiment Future Interface
Industry Method Observations Performance Project
Problem Proposal Purpose Requirements Status
Stellar Structure System Tasks Test
Theory User Value-added