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September 21, 2019 
ISPRS - CNES - HRS Study Team - Call for investigators

ISPRS and CNES have selected 11 test areas for the HRS Scientific Assessment Program.

The selection was made by ISPRS officials (Ian Dowman, Secretary General and Manfred Schroeder, Chairman of WG I/2 on Sensor Calibration and Testing) and representatives of French organisations involved in the SPOT-5 program: (Alain Baudoin and Christophe Valorge at CNES, Marc Bernard at Spot Image and Veronique Rodowski at IGN).
Among 40 proposed test sites 11 only have been selected, where cloud free HRS stereo pairs have already been acquired and where accurate Ground Reference Data already available were offered by the PI (ex: DEM with a 1-3 m Z accuracy).
The list of the selected test sites and Principal Investigators is given in the attached PDF file.
A final confirmation of these test sites can only be given after we have reached cooperation agreements with the PIs. This is envisaged before the end of April 2003.

If you want to join the HRS Study Team as a Co Investigator please send your request by May 15th, 2003 to:

alain.baudoin@cnes.fr and Manfred.Schroeder@dlr.de
with the following information:

  • Name, organization, address, phone and fax numbers, Email
  • Test site number (s)
  • Method(s) to be used for DEM generation and quality assessment with provided HRS and Ground Reference data. Other proposed studies (comparison with DEM derived from other sources, production of derived products or thematic analysis)
  • Your experience in DEM generation and quality assessment.


To become a member of the HRS Study Team you have to accept its rules and obligations, which are the following:

  • The Co-Investigators agree to use the HRS data and ground reference data which will be provided by the HRS Study Team Secretariat if possible by June 2003 (supposing the delivery of Reference data by the Principal Investigator before end of April 2003) only for scientific purposes.
  • They agree to deliver to the Secretariat:
    • an intermediate report on the status of the work and first results by September 15th, 2003.
    • a DEM derived from HRS and a final report describing methods used or the generation of DEM and any other derived products (slopes, etc. ) by December 31st, 2003.
  • They agree to present results of his/her assessment at the ISPRS Congress 2004 in Istanbul. (abstract to be sent by September 20th, 2002 and full paper by April 30th, 2004).
  • They accept the use of their DEM data derived from HRS, (for example for comparison studies) by any other member of the HRS Study Team.

Please confirm that you agree to these rules and obligations when sending your application for Co Investigatorship in the HRS Study Team.

Looking forward to receive your proposal.

2 place Maurice Quentin
75039 Paris Cedex 01 - France
tel : (33-0)1 4476 7810
fax: (33-0)1 4476 7867
e-mail: alain.baudoin@cnes.fr
Prof.Dr. Manfred Schroeder
DLR-Institut fü;r Methodik der Fernerkundung
D-82234 Wessling - Germany
tel:+49-(0)8153 282790
fax:+49-(0)8153 281444
e-mail: Manfred.Schroeder@dlr.de

Selected test sites and Principal Investigators, PDF 10 Kb