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June 01, 2020 
Topics of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and ISPRS Structure

The scientific work of ISPRS is carried out by Technical Commissions and Working Groups. The table below show the relationship between the major topics and the Commissions and Working groups. There are 8 Commissions, 2 primarily concerned with photogrammetry, 2 with GIS and 2 with remote sensing. The other 2 deal with sensors, of all types, and with education and outreach. These are listed across the top of the table. The major subject areas divided into topics are listed on the left. The numbers in the boxes are the numbers of the working groups which deal with the topics. For example a 1 in the Commission I column refers to WG I/1, whilst a I/V refers to inter-commission WG I/V.
Each box is linked to the Commission or WG home page.


  Commissions Comm I Comm III Comm V Comm II Comm IV Comm VII Comm VIII Comm VI
Image data acquisition: sensors and platforms Photogramm. computer vision and image analysis Close range sensing: analysis and application Theory and Concepts of Spatial Information Science Geodatabases and digital mapping Thematic processing, modeling and analysis of remotely sensed data Remote sensing applications and policies Education and outreach
Major Subject Areas Major Topics                
Data Acquisition Sensors 2,3,4,7,I/V   1,3,5          
Platforms 6   V/I,I/V          
Calibration 1   5 6        
Data Processing Sensor Orientation   1 3,V/I,I/V          
Feature Extraction 5 2, 3, 4,5,III/V 1,2,3,4,6,
Classification     6,I/V     4,5,6    
Data Integration     1,3,V/I,I/V     7    
Data Management and Presentation Data Bases         2,9      
SDI       4 1      
Modeling       1,7   1    
Aanalysis       2        
Representation and Visualisation     4 3,5 4      
Spatial Data Delivery       6 5,6,8      
Systems       II/IV 7      
Applications Industrial Vision     1,3,5          
Cultural Heritage     2,4          
Dev Countries              
Human Settlement             1  
Hazards             2  
Atmosphere             3  
Environment             4,6,7,9,11  
Geology             12  
Food             10  
Education and Outreach                 1,2,3,4
Policy   Policy is decided by Council with advice from IPAC and ISAC 5