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Systems for Data Processing, Analysis and Representation
1992 - 1996


Mosaad Allam
Natural Resources Canada
GIS Division, Surveys, Mapping & Remote Sensing Sector
615 Booth Street
Ottawa, Canada K1A 0E9
Tel: +1-613-996 2810
Fax: +1-613-952 0916
email: Mosaad.Allam@x400.emr.ca


  • Design and development of integrated systems for measurement, processing, analysis, representation, and storage of photogrammetric, remote sensing and GIS data
  • Study and evaluation of system integration aspects for photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS data processing
  • Analysis of systems and their components for automated, semi-automated and manual digital processing systems
  • Development of systems and technologies for radar data processing
  • Study of real-time mapping technologies
  • Standardization of digital systems for photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS


WG II/1 - Real-Time Mapping Technologies
Chairperson: Dr. Kurt Novak, Columbus, Ohio, USA
URL: http://www.ifp.uni-stuttgart.de/wgii1/Overview.html

WG II/2 - Hardware and Software Aspects of GIS
Chairperson: Dr. Manfred Ehlers, Vechta, Germany

WG II/3 - Technologies for Large Volumes of Spatial Data
Chairperson: Dr. Ekow Otoo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

WG II/4 - Systems for the Processing of Radar Data
Chairperson: Dr. Robert O'Neil, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

WG II/5 - Integrated Production Systems
Chairperson: Dr. Atef A. Elassal, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

WG II/S - Special Project "Upgrading Photogrammetric Instruments"
Chairperson: Dr. Klaus Szangolies, Jena, Germany

IWG II/III - Digital Photogrammetric Systems
Chairperson: Dr. Ian Dowman, London, United Kingdom

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