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Close-Range Techniques and Machine Vision
1992 - 1996


John G. Fryer
University of Newcastle
Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying
Newcastle, NSW 2308, Australia
Tel: +61-49-216 049
Fax: +61-49-216 991
email: cejgf@cc.newcastle.edu.au
URL: http://www.sli.unimelb.edu.au/isprs/


  • Close-range and microrange measurements
  • Recording and monitoring of objects in motion and under deformation
  • Optical and integrated close-range sensor systems
  • Digital systems and time constrained solutions in close-range applications
  • Image analysis and image synthesis algorithms in close-range applications
  • Object related processing techniques in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode in close-range applications


WG V/1 - Knowledge Based Vision Metrology
Chairperson: Prof. Kam W. Wong, Urbana, Illinois, USA

WG V/2 - Close-Range Imaging Systems and their Performance
Chairperson: Dr. Horst A. Beyer, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

WG V/3 - Structural and Industrial Measurements with Consideration of CAD/CAM Aspects
Chairperson: Dr. Clive S. Fraser, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

WG V/4 - Photogrammetry in Architecture and Archaeology
Chairperson: Cliff L. Ogleby, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

WG V/5 - Biostereometrics and Medical Imaging
Chairperson: Dr. Thomas Leemann, Zürich, Switzerland

IWG V/III -Image Sequence Analysis
Chairperson: Dr. Emmanuel Baltsavias, Zürich, Switzerland

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