WG 1, WG 2, WG3, and WG 9

- Image Orientation and Fusion
- Point cloud acquisition and processing
- 3D scene reconstruction for modeling & mapping
- Vision metrology

Topics of Interest:

  • Multimodal image matching for alignment, registration, and fusion of multi-source imagery
  • Camera calibration, relocalization, and large-scale SfM
  • Traditional and learning-based approaches to multi-view stereo
  • Neural Radiance Fields for 3D scene reconstruction
  • Multi-view stereo and Deep Learning for 3D reconstruction and scene understanding
  • Multi-modal point cloud fusion for 3D semantic mapping
  • Point cloud quality control and improvement
  • Point cloud acquisition by terrestrial / mobile / UAV / aerial LiDAR
  • Object detection and 3D reconstruction in complex scenes from single or multi-model data
  • Generation and update of high-resolution 3D city models and road databases
  • Semantic interpretation of the entire scene from data of various origins
  • Handling noisy data, techniques for uncertainty estimation and uncertainty propagation
  • Neural Radiance Fields
  • Accuracy and uncertainty in vision metrology
  • Handling noisy data, techniques for uncertainty estimation and uncertainty propagation
  • Applications of vision metrology

WG 4 and WG 5

- AI/ML for Geospatial Data
- Temporal Geospatial Data Understanding

Topics of Interest:

  • Applications of AI/ML in geospatial data analysis, covering large scales and temporal dynamics
  • Multi-source, multi-view, multi-temporal, multi-modal image analysis
  • Dynamic scene understanding from image or LIDAR sequences

WG 6

- Cultural Heritage Data Acquisition and Processing

Topics of Interest:

  • Remote Sensing in Cultural Heritage.
  • Geospatial Technologies for Damaged Heritage Reconstruction

WG 7

- Underwater Data Acquisition and Processing

Topics of Interest:

  • Remote sensing for mapping and monitoring the underwater environment
  • Optical bathymetry
  • Underwater mapping: challenges and opportunities

WG 8

- Environmental & Infrastructure Monitoring

Topics of Interest:

  • Environmental monitoring in the World's most important mountain range
  • Urban environmental monitoring for anthropogenic activity mitigation


- Digital Construction: Reality Capture, Automated Inspection, and Integration to BIM

Topics of Interest:

  • Geospatial Technologies for construction engineering
  • Computer vision in construction
  • Extended reality visualization of building elements


- Autonomous Sensing Systems and Their Applications

Topics of Interest:

  • Autonomous path planning, SLAM, navigation, and VLOS/BVLOS exploration
  • Collaborative and swarm platforms for Geospatial applications
  • Next-generation autonomous platform applications

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