A- Upcoming activities

1. ISPRS Com. V Symposium

Image engineering and vision metrology, 25.-27. Sept. 2006 in Dresden.

imagePhoto 1: CIPA VAST EPOCH 2006 Joint Workshop Cyprus, Excursion to Paphos

2. Workshop in Cyprus

The 37th CIPA International Workshop dedicated on e-Documentation and Standardisation in Cultural Heritage will be held in Nocosia Cyprus from 30.10. -4.11.2006. This is a joint event with:

§ The 7th VAST International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

§ The 4th Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (

§ The 1st Euro-Med Conference on IT in Cultural Heritage.

§ EPOCH General Assembly and SME meeting

§ The 6th RecorDIM meeting

Photo 2: imageCIPA VAST EPOCH 2006 Joint Workshop Cyprus, Excursion to Paphos

3. Workshop in Mombassa / Africa

A CIPA workshop is organized in conjunction with Aluka/UCT/Africa in Mombassa, December 2006, with the purpose of local capacity building.

4. The XXIth International CIPA Symposium

The XXIth International CIPA Symposium will be held in Athens, Greece from 1 to 6 October 2007.

5. The XXIIth International CIPA Symposium

The XXIth International CIPA Symposium is planned for Kyoto, Japan in 2009, in conjunction with the Virtual Systems and Multimedia Society, VSMM.

B- Publications under development

1. The XXth Symposium proceedings in 2005 Torino, Italy are ready and available from

2. Publications under development are from:

o Information Warehouse (

3. Official CIPA Publications are also available

§ Statutes and Bylaws

§ CoG Book: CIPA Operational Guidelines

§ Open Call for CIPA Task Group Formation

§ Open Call for RecorDIM Task Group Formation

4. Working Groups initiatives:

  • III. Training, Technology Interchange and Communication: preparation of a online survey to assess university and professional courses on heritage documentation worldwide

C- Affinity organizations

  • ISPRS - International Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

  • The Getty Conservation Institute

  • Parks Canada Agency

  • English Heritage

  • World Monuments Fund

  • Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation, Katholieke Univeristeit Leuven

  • Virtual Systems and MultiMedia Society

D- Major issues or concerns within specialized area to address

§ To establish links between architects, historians, archaeologists, conservationists, inventory experts and specialists in Photogrammetry and remote sensing, spatial information systems, CAD, computer graphics and other related fields;

§ To organise and encourage the dissemination and exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience and the results of research and development (CIPA Expert Groups and CIPA Mailing List);

§ To initiate and organise conferences, symposia, specialised colloquia, workshops, tutorials, practical sessions and specialised courses (CIPA Events);

§ To initiate and co-ordinate applied research and development activities (CIPA Working Groups);

§ To organise a network of National and Committee Delegates;

E- Areas of the world where we are particularly active

Besides the Board CIPA have today 60 National and 7 Committee Delegates. From these 33 are from National ICOMOS Committees and 27 from National ISPRS Member Societies. Together they represent 43 countries. 15 countries have nominated delegates from both, ICOMOS and ISPRS. Further nominations, extensions and updates are due until end of the year.

With 60 members in 43 countries, with 9 honorary members in 9 countries, with 7 ICOMOS ISC delegates in 7 countries, and with a Board of 18 members (Ordinary and Associate) of 12 countries, CIPA is practically active in all parts of the world.

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