1. Preparations for the XXIst ISPRS Congress

Set up the Local organizing committee of the congress in the beginning of the year, with four groups (LOC Secretariat, domestic participants, Exhibition and sponsorship, finance), drafted a detailed LOC work plan. More three formal meetings were held during the whole year, including the meetings held respectively on April 4, June 14, Dec. 31;

Set up the Scientific program committee (SPC) of the congress in the beginning of the year,, with 20 members from 17 domestic institutes and three groups (SPC Secretariat, Technical program, Outreach), and drafted a detailed SPC work plan; The 1st plenary meeting was held on the Dec. 15th 2006, with the preparation of the 2nd announcement, the promotion of the congress as the major discussion items.

Set up a congress director's secretariat in the middle of Oct , with two permanent staffs responsible for the daily works of the congress director;

Reported to the con-chairmen of the national steering committee, Minister XU Guanhua and Vice-minister Lu Xinshe on the 13 Dec. The 1st plenary meeting of the national steering committee is planned for the May or June of 2007.

Finalized the sponsorship and exhibition prospectus for Congress. The Exhibitor's manual was also finalized and will be sent out.

Worked out a new list of key words and the framework of the Beijing congress book.

Initiated a project on mapping the Ming Greet Wall with Photogrammetry and remote sensing, the results to be presented at the opening of 2008 ISPRS Beijing Congress

Worked out the 2nd announcement and presented the 1st draft on the council and Joint meeting in Goa, Oct. A new draft was finished recently and sent to council for comments.

Provided four short articles for ISPRS Highlights: 'Shanghai - Modern Metropolis of China' for March-2006 issue; Guilin - Best Under Heaven for the June 2006 issue; 'Yunan-Beautiful Clouds in the South' for the Sept 2006 issue; 'Tibet' for the Dec. 2006 issue.

2. Promotion of the XXIst ISPRS Congress

Distributed the 1st announcement in more than twenty international conferences, such as seven ISPRS symposia, South East Asia Conference (Brunei Adrussalam, Nov.22-24, 2006), the 1st Asia Pacific ESRI User Conference (Hong Kong, Jan.13-14, 2006), FIG conference, GSDI conference, etc.

Distributed copies of the sponsorship and exhibition prospectus to ISPRS sustaining members and distributed during the seven ISPRS symposia as well as other ISPRS related events.

Promoted the 2008 ISPRS Beijing at the closing of seven ISPRS symposia and three exhibitors meetings (Reno, USA, May; Tokyo, Japan, June; Munich, Germany, Oct.)

Promoted the 2008 ISPRS Beijing at more than ten National conferences, including the annual conference of Chinese society for Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography on Nov.10.

3. Visits and Conferences

Attended the all the seven symposia;

Attended the 36th Scientific Assembly of COSPAR as a representative from ISPRS, which was held in Beijing from July 16 to July 23 in Beijing, China

Attended the celebration meeting on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of ICSU, Nov.9, 2006 and gave a presentation as a representative from the union members

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