In 2006 ISAC welcomed as new Member Dr. Mustafa Onder, GIS and Photogrammetric Applications Manager Inta Spaceturk, Ankara (
Dr. Oender will help us enforcing the Professional Practice and Industry connections.

The ISAC membership as of end of 2006:

Geospatial Information Sciences
Prof. Dr. Michael F. Goodchild, University of California, USA
Prof. Dr. Martien Molenaar, ITC, Netherlands
Anne Ruas, IGN, France

Prof. Dr. Clive Fraser, University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. Armin Gruen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Chairman)

Remote Sensing
Prof. Dr. Paul Curran, University Bournemouth, UK
Prof. Dr. Tony Milne, University of New South Wales, Australia

User Forum
Dr. Mustafa Onder, Inta Spaceturk, Turkey

Dr. Andre Streilein, swisstopo, Switzerland

The Symposia of 2006 were attended only by a small number of ISAC Members; therefore a sound analysis of the events was not feasible.

For the Committee several tasks lie ahead:

• Drawing conclusions from the ISPRS Commission Symposia 2006 concerning scientific content, relevance of issues, future directions, WG structure and activities, etc.

• Discussing further the goals, tasks and structure of ISAC

• Issues surrounding the establishment of a User Forum (permanently?) and related activities at the Beijing Congress

• Discussion of emerging scientific and technical topics, with the goal of addressing them at the Congress and in future Commission activities

Zurich, December 2006,

A. Gruen, ISAC Chairman

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