The ISPRS website (, online since 1995, is nowadays one of the most important components of ISPRS communications, providing up-to-date information about the society, its events and publications and linking its various activities.

In December 2006 there are about 720 html pages with approximately 25 500 lines of information available on the ISPRS website; there are more than 1250 PDF files, occupying more than 15 GB of data. A search engine (provided by Google) is also available inside ISPRS homepage, with the possibility to search for pages inside ISPRS server or inside the WWW.

Most of the ISPRS Archives have been placed online under while some ISPRS related publications are available under, in PDF form. A great number of educational links is continuously updated under

The recently published ISPRS Prospectus, containing information and practical applications in the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences is also available online at

The ISPRS mailing list has more than 700 participants: once a month the latest news inside the website are communicated as well as new events, links and job opportunities.

Updated information about the published volumes, schedules and authors instructions are available at

As of December 2006, all the TCs have a personal homepage, while 56/58 WGs, 5/5 ICWGs set up a personal homepage.

Fabio Remondino, ISPRS Webmaster

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