CycloMedia Technology B.V.

CycloMedia specialises in the large-scale and systematic visualisation of environments based on 360 panoramic photographs or cycloramas. CycloMedia develops her unique and patented image recording- and processing technology in-house. Currently, CycloMedia has 35 cars equipped with this special camera system for systematically photographing the environment from the public road. In urban areas the CycloMedia cars take panoramic images every 10 meters, in rural areas every 40 meters. The recordings are stored in a database that allows access over the internet for a wide variety of applications. The location, orientation, and time are registered for each recording.

Cycloramas give an extraordinary visual awareness of the environment. The high resolution spherical panoramas are geometrically correct and thus allow the user to perform photogrammetric 3D measurements and use the imagery for 3D modelling and texture mapping. Therefore, it is not surprising that cycloramas have been used for the construction of virtual environments, indoors as well as outdoors in the form of 3D city models. Furthermore, the imagery has proven to be very effective for the quality control of large-scale maps.

CycloMedia has clients in diverse markets such as national governments, municipalities, provinces, real estate agents, financial institutions and insurance companies. Cycloramas are used for taxation and in real estate business, in disaster management applications, for the inventory of the environment, and the valuation of risks for insurance applications.

CycloMedia provides solutions that

  • realise time savings; employees are given an instant overview of the actual situation, thus reducing the number of required site visits.

  • Improve internal and external communication; cycloramas are used to inform clients and citizens in a faster and better way.

  • add value by exploiting experience and innovative technologies, cycloramas boost work efficiency while simultaneously improving the quality of products and services.

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