ISPRS Video and Prospectus on the Webpage of ISPRS

imageISPRS Video for promoting the works and sciences related with the ISPRS activities has been prepared in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish) and distributed to all members. A streaming video type copy of the Video is placed on the ISPRS Webpage (with a link from the Front Page and only in English) and it can be ordered by a cost of 30€ (incl. postage cost) from Gerhard Kemper.

imageA "Prospectus" has been prepared by the helps of John Trinder and Gerhard Kemper and copies distributed to the institutions, companies, and organizations. A copy of this prospectus pages is placed to the ISPRS web page. If you want to receive Hardcopy Form of this publication please send us your postal address. You also can download the pages of the "Prospectus" from the web .

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