New Member Profile: GeoCAD 93

GEOCAD-93 provides engineering services to more than 150 civil engineering design and construction companies operating in the territory of the capitol city Sofia and the entire country. Independent marketing research indicates that the company's share of the geomatics engineering services for the city of Sofia stands at about 40%.

GEOCAD-93 uses state of the art hardware and software for digitizing and scanning cartographic documents and aerial photo images. The company utilises Deltascan-470 Auto photogrammetric scanner. The parameters of the scanner are as follows: scan resolution - 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 64 and 128 microns with root mean square error of ▒3 Ám; maximal scanning area 320x470mm. Also, the company uses Photomod, a digital photogrammetric workstation, for processing photogrammeric data.

Over the years GEOCAD-93 provided digitizing services to a number of government organizations and private firms. The company digitized the cadastral plans of the towns of Burgas and Dupnica, the districts of Krasno Selo, Vazrajdane, Stydentska, Mladost and etc.

Since 1995, GEOCAD-93 designed the grading plans, established the leveling networks and performed the layout of the cadastral networks for a number of towns and rural areas. Among them are:

  • residential district Motopista, part 1

  • residential district South Park

  • residential district Ovcha Kupel 1

  • residential district Lozenec, Part 1 and 2

  • residential district Карпузица

  • residential district Кръстова вада

  • residential district Гевгелийски

  • residential district Дебело гуно

  • residential district Малинова долина - Герена

  • residential district Стърната - гр. Банкя

  • residential district Драглевци и др.

Since 2001, GEOCAD-93 participates in a project financed by the World Bank for the creation of cadastral plans and registers. So far, the company completed the work for the following projects:

  • 2003 Cadastral map and register for the town of Dupnica - total area of about 1000ha

  • 2004 Digitizing of the Cadastral plan of the town of Burgas - total area of about 4300ha

  • 2005 Cadastral map and register for the town of Dimitrovgrad - total area of about 1000ha

GEOCAD-93 prepared the map of restored land rights and ownership for the rural area Gradoman, town of Bankia and also participated as a sub-contractor in the preparation of similar maps for the rural areas Simeonovo and Dragalevci.

From 2000 to 2003, GEOCAD-93 provided support engineering services to the Land Commissions Bankiq, Ovcha Kupel and Lulin. These commissions oversee the following rural areas Bankiq, Ivaniqne, Verdical, Klisura, Mihajlovo, Gorna Banq, Suhodol, Malo Buchino and Filipovci.

GEOCAD-93 performed the surveying work for the restoration of the land rights and ownership for the following municipalities of the city of Sofia.

Municipality Mladost

District Gorublane, Mladost 1a. 3. 4., etc.

Municipality Bankq

District Grandoman, Dsitrict Verdical, etc.

Municipality Lulin

District Filipovci

GEOCAD-93 employs 30 survey engineers and 9 technical assistants

Some of the larger projects completed by GEOCAD-93 are as follows:

  • prepared the topographic, grading and stakeout plans for Hilton Hotel, city of Sofia.

  • performed all survey work for the construction of the business center J. Baucher, city of Sofia.

  • prepared the stakeout and grading plans for the street and road network of the vacation villages Alliance-Bulgaria and Union Bank, town of Bankq.

  • performed the construction stakeout surveys for the HMS transportation installation, city of Sofia.

  • prepared the topographic and stakeout plans for the reconstruction of the passenger's terminal of the Sofia's airport.

  • prepared the topographic, grading and stakeout plans for the main bus station of the city of Sofia.

  • prepared the topographic, grading and stakeout plans for shopping mall Technopolis, District of Lulin, city of Sofia.

  • prepared the topographic, grading and stakeout plans for the industrial warehouse complex of the firm Delta, city of Sofia.

  • some of the grading plans prepared by the company are: the northern expansion of the district of Dragalevci, district Kapuzica, district Ovcha Kupel, district South Park, district Lozenec, district Krastova Vada and etc.

Technical Equipment

  • 10 SOKKIA Total Stations

  • 2 Dual Frequency SOKKIA RADIAN GPS Receivers

  • Photogrammetric scanner Deltascan

  • Numonics A1 digitaizer

  • HP800 plotter


Otec Paisij str. 96

Sofia 1303, Buglria

Тел.: 003592 931 30 17

003592 813 19 54


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