ISPRS Commission V Symposium
'Image Engineering and Vision Metrology'

The quadrennial symposium of ISPRS Com. V took place on 25-27 September 2006 in Dresden/Germany, organized by the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing of TU Dresden.
ISPRS Com. V deals with optical 3D measurement techniques in fields such as industrial production and quality control, cultural heritage recording, terrestrial laserscanning, virtual reality data acquisition, 3D motion analysis, robotics and quantitative biomedical imaging. Driven by progress in sensor technology, algorithms and data processing capabilities, the focus of ISPRS Commission V has propagated into a wide range of new application fields. A central issue in many developments is the integration of sensor technology with reliable data processing schemes to generate highly automated online or real-time photogrammetric measurement systems. Here we often find the term 'image engineering', standing for custom-made solutions based on active and passive sensing and illumination devices combined with task-specific image analysis techniques. Terrestrial laserscanning has become a thriving topic in photogrammetry, adding a new dimension to cultural heritage recording, as-built documentation and facility management.
Commission V has seen a large number of successful research projects passing into practical application, providing efficient solutions for new measurement tasks. These developments have opened immense new markets for photogrammetry, which have only rudimentarily been exhausted by now.
The symposium gave an overview on the state of the art and recent developments in image engineering and vision metrology based on image and laserscanner data. It was accompanied by an exhibition with 21 companies and attended by more than 250 participants. The proceedings can be obtained from the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (

Hans-Gerd Maas

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