Free Data Sets

There are the three links to the data sets of the three WG in ISPRS Technical Commission III;

1. ISPRS Working Group III / 1 - Automatic Calibration and Orientation of Optical Cameras, 2004 - 2008: Test data sets for automatic image orientation , then there 'Performed tests, distributed datasets' and

2. ISPRS Working Group III / 2 - Surface Reconstruction, 2004 - 2008: Benchmarking test data for the BENCOS 2007 Workshop

3. ISPRS Working Group III / 1 - Processing of Point Cloud Processing from Laser Scanners and other Sensors, 2004 - 2008: choose 'Data sets'

Many thanks for using of these data sets for preparing papers for the Congress.

Wolfgang Förstner
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Institut für Photogrammetrie
Nussallee 15

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