Workshop "Visualization and Exploration of Geospatial Data"

45 participants from 18 nations and 4 continents attended the Joint Workshop "Visualization and Exploration of Geospatial Data" which was held in Stuttgart by the end of June 2007. Besides Commissions of the German and international cartographic associations (DGfK and ICA, respectively) the following four Working Groups of ISPRS organized this event: WG IV/4 ("Landscape Modelling and Visualization", chair: Jochen Schiewe), WG IV/6 ("Location Based Services", Michael hahn), WG II/3 ("Multiple Representation of Image and Vector Data", Monika Sester) and WG II/5 ("Communication and Visualization of spatial data", William E. Cartwright).

The overall idea of this Workshop was to cover the whole bandwidth of technical, methodological and application oriented aspects, both for representing multi-dimensional geo data and for exploring additional information from various visual products.

Two invited presentations given by outstanding experts opened the Workshop. Firstly the Vice-President of ICA, William E. Cartwright (Australien), hold a plea for the usage of multiple representations in order to allow for a profound geographical view. In particular, this should also include a more throughout consideration of aesthetic aspects. The President of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), Marguerite Madden (USA), reported from successful experiences by using new stereoscopic visualization systems for teaching and researching purposes.

After that a total number of 24 oral and 16 poster presentations were given and intensively discussed. Hereby the following topics were treated in detail: virtual globes, visualization for scene interpretation, visualization of spatio-temporal phenomena, representation of buildings, aspects of uncertainty, mobile applications and 3D landscape models.

This Workshop, which was organized in an excellent manner by the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, confirmed the necessity to bundle experts and expertise for topics related to the visualization of geo data beyond borders of nations and scientific communities. Based on these experiences this Workshop might serve as an ideal for future events.

Further information regarding the Workshop and the Proceedings (published on CD-ROM under the ISPRS Archives Volume XXXVI - 4/W45) can be obtained from the website.

Jochen Schiewe (Osnabrück)

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