ISPRS Technical Commission IV
Symposium 2018

October 1 - 5, 2018, Delft, The Netherlands

3D Spatial Information Science - The Engine of Change

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The world's population is predicted to reach 7.5 billion in 2018, and by 2050 it is predicted that it will be 9.7 billion. Managing the social and economic changes brought on by this increasing population will require new ideas and spatial information decision making tools. Moreover, the pressures placed on the usage of spaces that people live and work in will necessitate decisions that are based on 3D and higher dimension spatial data. The ISPRS Technical Commission IV Symposium will provide a forum where researchers and practitioners can come together and share their work and ideas in the spatial information sciences and propose new developments for this important field for the progress of humanity.

ISPRS TC IV ‘Spatial Information sciences' has a mandate of four years (2016-2020). During this period the Commission intends to further advance the research in Spatial information sciences considering both theoretical and practical aspects in modelling, structuring, management, analysis, visualization and simulation of data. 

The focus in the four year period is on 3D representations, integration of data from different domains (indoor/outdoor, above/below the surface, design/real world) and applying the information for a variety of applications. The research and developments within the commission are carried out within 10 WG and one ICWG, coordinated by 43 ISPRS officers and more than 100 members.

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