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July 29, 2016 




Dieter Fritsch (DF), Chair, Board of Trustees
John Trinder (JT), Operations Officer
Marguerite Madden (MM), Finance Officer



The Executive Committee of The ISPRS Foundation (TIF)
is very pleased to announce the

IGI Africa Ambassador Award 2016

IGI - Integrated Geospatial Innovations, Kreuztal, Germany is an innovative German vendor of photogrammetric hardware, software and workflows. IGI is very pleased to offer the IGI Ambassador Award via The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) to young scientists in photogrammetry and laser scanning coming from regionally under-represented African countries in the geospatial sciences and technology fields. The award allows for visits at IGI‘s Central Office, Kreuztal, Germany, and active participation at ISPRS Workshops, Conferences, and Symposia.

It is expected, that the recipients will prepare comprehensive reports about all stations of this award to be published at IGI and ISPRS/TIF Websites and Brochures. Furthermore, they will become an IGI ambassador related to all IGI products and workflows.

Further information you can fin here

Next Deadline: June 20, 2016
send it not later than June 20, 2016 by email to:
ISPRS Foundation Operations Officer: j.trinder@unsw.edu.au.
Late applications will not be considered.


The ISPRS Foundation is very pleased to announce for the first time the

White Elephants Restricted "Kennert Torlegård" Travel Grant Fund

Kennert Torlegåard

A White Elephants Restricted "Kennert Torlegård" Travel Grant Fund has been established in The ISPRS Foundation to support young people to attend ISPRS events and especially the quadrennial ISPRS Congresses. This restricted grant category will be funded by senior members of ISPRS who are members of the White Elephants group, and who wish to demonstrate their continued commitment to the aims and goals of ISPRS. It is named after the late Prof. Dr. Kennert Torlegård, a great Swedish Photogrammetrist and ISPRS President 1988-1992.

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