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August 21, 2019 
What is the ISPRS Foundation?

The ISPRS Foundation, Inc. (TIF) is an independently registered entity that has been established to provide financial assistance and in-kind support solely for benevolent purposes that are pursued by The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS).  TIF is a public charity formed to administer an extensive and broadly-based international program that through the raising of funds shall provide grants, scholarships, awards, training supplies and other forms of scientific assistance to qualified individuals and organizations who are pursuing and/or applying knowledge for advancing the sciences and technologies associated with the disciplines embodied by the ISPRS, especially to support those in developing countries and regions.  Through the public promotion of its philanthropic efforts TIF aims to foster greater international awareness and use of the benefits that applications of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences produce for public good and to the well-being of humanity and sustainability of the environment.

The ISPRS Foundation solicits donations and provides grants in 12 Categories of benevolence.

TIF is officially designated as a public charity formed for non-profit, educational and scientific purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the USA Internal Revenue Code and is organized and operated exclusively for benevolent, charitable, scientific, research or educational purposes.  TIF shall not pay any salaries or travel expenses for its Trustees and it is limited to spend less than 2% of donations for administrative expenses (office operation, publicity, postage, bank fees, etc.).

The ISPRS Foundation was established at the initiative of First Vice President Lawrence Fritz, following an ISPRS Strategy Meeting held by the ISPRS Council in 1998, in order to provide tax deduction incentives for donors to ISPRS for its charity initiatives.  The ISPRS Foundation was officially inaugurated at its 1st Board of Trustees meeting on 31 March 2004, while its Bylaws were ratified by ISPRS General Assembly in July 2004.  A cocktail event to celebrate the establishment of the Foundation was held during the ISPRS Congress in Istanbul, Turkey in July 2004.

Board meetings have been held in March and July 2004, July 2006, 23 July 2007, July 2010, August 2012 and July 2016.  Executive meetings are held electronically when required.



Officer Bearers

John Trinder (Australia)- 2004-2006
Dieter Fritsch (Germany)- 2006-2016
Stewart Walker (USA) – 2016 - present

Operations Officers
Lawrence Fritz (USA) - 2004-2006
John Trinder (Australia)-2006-present

Finance Officers
Ammatzia Peled (Israel) - 2004-2006
Lawrence Fritz (USA) – 2006-2011
Marguerite Madden (USA) - 2011-present



Current Trustees

Dr Stewart Walker
Fmr Director, Product Initiatives
Geospatial eXploitation Products, BAE Systems

Prof Emeritus John C. Trinder
(Operations Officer)
University of New South Wales

Prof Dr Marguerite Madden
(Finance Officer)
Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science (CRMS)
University of Georgia

Ronald Bisio
Vice President
Geospatial at Trimble

Dr Michael Gruber
Chief Scientist Photogrammetry
Vexcel Imaging Austria GmbH

Dr Mario Hernandez
Special Consultant for the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Prof Dr Christian Heipke
ISPRS President
Leibniz University Hannover

Lawrie Jordan
Director of Imagery for Esri

Prof h.c. Dr Deren Li
State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (LIESMARS)
Wuhan University

Prof Dr Songnian Li
ISPRS Treasurer
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario

Dr Shailesh Nayak
Director, National Institute of Advanced Studies
Indian Institute of Science Campus




Past Trustees

Ade Abiodun (Nigeria)

CHEN Jun (China)

Jürgen Dold (Switzerland)

Ian Dowman (UK)

Dieter Fritsch (Germany)

Lawrence W. Fritz (USA)

Lewis Graham (USA)
(2012 -2019)

Hans Hess (Switzerland)

Terrence J. Keating (USA)

Vanessa Lawrence (UK)

Jon Mills (UK)

Martien Molenaar (The Netherlands

Robert Moses (Deceased) Canada

Shunji Murai (JAPAN)

Mazlan Othman (A)
(2012 -2019)

Ammatzia Peled (Israel)

Mike Renslow (USA)

Peter Woodsford (UK)
(2004 -2008)

Akihiro Yamaura (Japan)