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How does it work?

Opportunities to apply for grants are limited to those posted on The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) and the ISPRS websites. Ad hoc grants are not available.

Individuals, institutions, Commissions and Working Groups seeking grant support (in any Category) are encouraged to use their ISPRS Member organization and/or ISPRS Commission or Working Group officers for submission to ISPRS Council of their perceived need at least one year in advance.  Council can use this input in determining its annual priorities for grant funds from TIF.

An event sponsor must request directly (and well in advance) to the ISPRS Council.  Funding requests must include specification of event date(s), schedule, breakdown of funding needs, and name and address of event coordinator.  Council will consider the request and seek available funding from the Board of The ISPRS Foundation.  See Grants Process.  Approval is not automatic and is dependent on priorities set by Council, the availability of TIF funds, and if the request is in adherence with the criteria set forth for each grant category.

The ISPRS Foundation, Inc. is managed by a 'Board of Trustees' which responds to ISPRS' grant needs that are identified by the ISPRS Council.  ISPRS Council will annually assess needs, solicit proposals for grants from The Foundation, and then collaborate with the Board to approve worthy applicants.  Multinational committees (no more than two committee members may be of the same nationality) will support the Trustees in evaluating the applications.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for fund raising, investment, management and approval of grants from Foundation funds. Trustees do not receive any salary or other compensation for their services.

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The ISPRS Foundation, Inc. (TIF) is an independently registered entity that has been established to provide financial assistance and in-kind support solely for benevolent purposes that are pursued by The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS).

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