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Grants Process

The Board of Trustees of The ISPRS Foundation and the Council of ISPRS annually coordinate and collaborate to determine which grant opportunities will be offered in the coming calendar year. Periodically the Trustees inform Council of how many funds are available in each of the 12 Categories of Grants for the upcoming calendar year. Concurrently the Council reviews the ISPRS events schedule, the need for scientific and educational initiatives, its awards schedule, and other activities that are appropriate for philanthropic support and determines its priorities. By the end of each year the Council proposes its grant priorities (by category, amount, and event/activity) to the Trustees for the upcoming year. By early February the Trustees have completed their accounting and review of the Council grant priorities. The Trustees then provide Council with a specific maximum/minimum range of funds available for the year. This range is termed the "Annual Amount" and it is the bounding factor for funding annual grants.
For each opportunity, Council is responsible to promote the grant opportunity for worldwide attention. This is typically done through ISPRS and trade publications and on the ISPRS and Foundation websites (which are linked). Council also identifies an event coordinator, sets application and evaluation deadlines, and with the Trustees jointly appoints the evaluation committee which will serve as a qualification jury for selection of grantees. Council and Trustees are ultimately responsible for the grantee selections.
Grant Opportunities are announced and posted on the ISPRS and Foundation websites a minimum of four months prior to the event and/or activity. The Opportunity is posted with the Application Form and deadlines. Applicants seeking grant funding are responsible for reviewing the evaluation criteria that define the context and procedures of the grant category. Applicants are responsible for supplying all required documentation and for meeting application deadlines to retain their eligibility for selection.

Application Criteria

Please click on the application and evaluation criteria for the specific grant category of your interest.


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The ISPRS Foundation, Inc. (TIF) is an independently registered entity that has been established to provide financial assistance and in-kind support solely for benevolent purposes that are pursued by The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS).

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