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TIF Travel Grants

Application for The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) Travel Grant Scheme

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NOTA BENE: Applications not RECEIVED by the given deadline will not be considered. Payments shall be made in US$ cash at the event to the successful applicants only, by an ISPRS representative who shall be nominated at the time of notification of the successful grant. The event organisers will determine whether free event registration will be available to successful applicants. This information will be provided at the time of notification of successful grants.

Tips for applying for TIF travel grants
  • Ensure you complete the application form fully: your application cannot be processed without it.
  • Be realistic but reasonable in your estimation of the costs involved – it should be relatively easy to obtain good estimates of low cost travel, accommodation etc. from the internet, including the event web page.
  • Secure financial support from other sources: TIF has limited resources and receives more requests that it can support. If you have made a genuine effort to source supporting funds (or are even partially financing the trip yourself) this will be well received.
  • In general, due to limited resources, it may not be possible to support any individual applicant more than once: you will therefore need a compelling case if you have been the recipient of a previous grant and are looking for repeat support.
  • Are you a member of ISPRS, either as an Individual or Sustaining Member, or as a member of your national organisation (Ordinary Member)? Consider joining before applying for a TIF grant if you are not already a member in one of these categories. Membership is not a requirement of application, but in the event of two or more equal applications, priority will be given to those that are members.
  • Provide supporting evidence: applications received without this are much weaker than those that do. In particular:
    • Include a brief statement of why attending the requested event will help further your career. Why are you more deserving of an award than anyone else who will be applying?
    • Ensure you provide evidence of your contribution to the event (as presenter etc.). If presenting as part of a multi-author oral or poster presentation, ensure that your role in preparing the paper is fully explained (e.g., I am first author and will be presenting the oral presentation’). Include a copy of your paper if it is complete.
    • Provide a letter of support from your supervisor or line manager which fully explains the need for the funds requested, e.g., why your host organisation is not able to fully support you, why the event would benefit your personal and professional development, and giving reference details of your qualifications and progress towards the degree you are studying for (if appropriate).
    • Include additional supporting evidence over and above that requested only if it is relevant to your application.
  • Remember to submit your application by the stated deadline: applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


Select an Event to be Attended:

Year in which the event will take place:

First Name


Last Name


Phone Number

Current Postal Adress

Country of Citizenship

Country of Residence



I am currently:

Employer’s or Institute’s Name and Address

Name and Title of Supervisor or Manager

Are you the presenter of a paper at the event?

Presentation type


Minimum level of support required:

# Economy fares only at lowest rate available.

* Please note that the allowance will be based on low cost accommodation e.g. student hostels or similar.

† The claim for meals must be reduced if their cost is covered by other items, such as conference registration.


Registration (brief description):

Registration (estimated cost US$):

Transport to Event # (brief description):

Transport to Event # (estimated cost US$):

Local Transport (brief description):

Local Transport (estimated cost US$):

Accommodation * (brief description):

Accommodation * (estimated cost US$):

Subsistence † (brief description):

Subsistence † (estimated cost US$):

Other (brief description):

Other (estimated cost US$):

Provide details of other financial support received (please specify the sponsor, amount and purpose of financial support):

Total Amount of other financial support received:

Supporting information and documents:
Are you an Individual Member of ISPRS?

Are you a member of the ISPRS Ordinary Member society in your country?

Will you be the Ordinary Member official representative at the General Assembly? (documentary evidence that you have been appointed as the official representative is

Are you an employee or student of a Sustaining Member of ISPRS?

Have you ever received a financial grant from The ISPRS Foundation?

Provide a demonstration of the relevance of your request to the furtherance of your career (limits to 1000 characters)

Provide evidence of your contribution to the event, such as the letter of acceptance for your paper or poster (limits to 1000 characters)

Attach the letter of acceptance for your paper or poster as PDF (max 20MB)

Attach the letter of support from your supervisor as PDF ( justifying your need for financial assistance, and the relevance of your proposed activity) (max 20MB)

Security Question:



Please verify the data you entered in the above form carefully before submit. Once the form is submitted, you will not be able to edit the data.