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February 20, 2017 


Guidelines for Planning ISPRS Symposia

Version November 2016

1. Introduction

Planning for the midterm Symposium should begin immediately after the Congress.  A proposed schedule is given in this appendix. ISPRS shall be the primary sponsor of all midterm Symposia. Additional sponsors are welcome and should be organised well in advance.


2. Conference Management

Conference facilities should be selected according to the most suitable options for the host country. They may be in a hotel, rented facilities, or within the host’s facilities, e.g. university lecture theatres.  The location of housing and the conference in the same venue ('residential format’), in a hotel or in a university college, is a suitable option, since it facilitates contact and discussions between the participants, and generates a good workshop-like atmosphere. Common lunches further add to exchange between the participants.

As many of the ISPRS Council members as possible will attend the Symposia. TCPs should plan their budgets for the Symposium and other events to be hosted by the Commission in a way that that Council can be provided with complimentary registration and accommodation.

TCs must organise a meeting of the TC and WG officers and the Council during the Symposium to review progress of the Commission.

As a result of the agreement signed by ISPRS Council with Copernicus GmbH, three service Packages numbered A, B and D are available to assist TCPs to facilitate the management of Symposium.

  • Service Package A includes management of Abstracts, Full Papers and publication of the papers in the Archives and/or Annals.
  • Service Package B provides support for registration of delegates, names badges etc.  
  • Service Package D covers the publication of camera-ready pdf-files of all papers on the ISPRS Web page.

While Packages A and B are optional, Package D is mandatory for all ISPRS events including Congress and Symposia, to ensure consistent publication of ISPRS proceedings.

A separate agreement must be established between organisers of each ISPRS event and Copernicus GmbH. More details of the Contract are given in appendix 2 and can be provided by the Secretary General. Contact details are as follows: info@copernicus.org, www.copernicus.org

3. Programme and Symposium Structure

The programme should be determined by the TPCs in consultation with the WG officers. The final programme should be distributed on the Web and by e-mail.

Organisers should ensure that all speakers attend the Symposium by communicating with them by e-mail and/or a process of advanced registration.

The Symposium Opening Session should include a keynote speaker who identifies the important developments in the Commission’s activities. Keynote papers and/or sessions on relevant inter-disciplinary topics through other international bodies should be included in the Symposium.

The Symposium programme may be single-track or based on parallel sessions (preferably not more than two), or a mix of both, depending on the number of papers presented.

Oral Sessions should normally last 90 minutes, preferably comprising four speakers. Poster sessions should also be included in the programme.

A final session, comprising summary reports by the WG Chairs and the TCP on the content of the technical sessions, is a good approach for presenting the main issues of the Symposium.


4. Exhibition

An exhibition may be included in the Symposium.  An “Exhibitor's Showcase Session” provides the exhibitors with an opportunity to present themselves to the participants, and hence integrates them into the symposium.


5. Announcement and Advertising

Modern means of communications should be used for the distribution of announcements on the Symposia.

Advertisements should also be placed in ISPRS eBulletin, the ISPRS Journal for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the ISPRS International Journal for Geo-Information, as well as other journals and especially during other conferences.

TCPs are responsible for keeping Council informed of the plans and progress for the Symposium and for providing multiple copies of Symposium brochures to Council.


6. Paper Submission and Publication

The submission of abstracts and full papers must follow the ISPRS publication policy (see appendix 4). Papers must be prepared according to ISPRS Guidelines (see appendix 5); TCPs are responsible that these guidelines are followed. Paper submission should be in electronic form to enable production of the Archives or Annals on an appropriate electronic medium. Only those papers for which the author will attend the Symposium should be included in the proceedings.

All Symposium proceedings must be published as a Volume of The ISPRS International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences and/or The ISPRS International Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences.

Proceedings in digital form must be available to registrants upon arrival to the Symposium.

7. Registration Fees

On-site full-registration fees will vary according to local conditions. Registration fees for students and seniors should be about half the full fee. Developing countries may find it appropriate to offer a much reduced registration fee for local participants.

Symposium planning will be facilitated by offering a reduced fee for advanced full-registration and by including the price of the conference dinner.

Organisers may request authors to submit an advanced registration fee with their full paper to ensure publication of the paper in the proceedings.

The Society surcharge equivalent to 10% of all paid registrations shall be rebated to the ISPRS Treasurer.

8. Awards

Best poster awards and young authors’ awards are encouraged. The decision of the awards can be made in advance of the Symposium based on the submitted papers, or during the symposium based on the papers and its oral presentations. Awards should be presented at a plenary session.

9. Reports and Publication of Symposium Papers in ISPRS Journals

A Commission rapporteur should be identified to the Secretary General three months in advance by the TCP of each Commission for the preparation of a Symposium report for publication in the last issue of ISPRS eBulletin of the Symposium year.

TCPs and WG officers should identify about 5 suitable papers for consideration by the Editor-in-Chief for publication in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing or the ISPRS International Journal for Geo-Information.

10. Suggested Schedule for Symposium Planning

according to the contractual arrangements made with Copernicus GmbH

Site selection
Finalise and sign contract with Council
First Announcement and initial call for Exhibits
Second Announcement and Call for Papers
Deadline for paper submission
Notification of paper acceptance
Early Registration
Deadline for submission of manuscripts
Final Programme  
within 3 months of Congress
15-18 months prior to Symposium
15-18 months prior to Symposium
9-12 months prior to Symposium
4 months prior to Symposium
3 months prior to Symposium
3 month prior to Symposium
1,5 months prior to Symposium
about 2 weeks prior to Symposium


11. Contract for Technical Commission Symposium


Between the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Inc., a non-stock, not for profit corporation registered in the State of Maryland, USA, (hereafter referred to as ISPRS), represented by President ....................................... (insert name of current President) and the..............(insert name of Ordinary Member responsible for the Commission, represented by ..., (insert name of President of Ordinary Member or representative e.g. TCP) cooperating with ... (insert name of additional partners if appropriate) (hereafter these parties to be jointly referred to as The Host). 

1. Purpose of Agreement

  • The ISPRS hereby charges The Host with and The Host hereby accepts responsibility for the preparation of the ISPRS Technical Commission ... (insert number of Commission) Symposium, which shall take place in ... (insert location), from ... (insert dates) 20.. (insert year). The ISPRS Technical Commission Symposium shall include scientific and technical sessions of the Commission and Working Groups (WGs), tutorials, social events, a Commission Board meeting, and where appropriate, exhibitions and technical tours. Guidelines for Planning an ISPRS Symposium are included in the ISPRS Guidelines “Manual of Operation of ISPRS Technical Commissions and Working Groups” (The Orange Book).

(The following clause must be added for Joint Conferences, i.e. conferences which, in agreement with ISPRS Council, have been approved for convening in conjunction with the Symposium)

  • The Host will simultaneously conduct the … (insert name of cooperating conference) Conference in a manner that enhances the experience of ISPRS and … (insert name of cooperating conference) Conference attendees.  The nature and payment for these events, as well as the manner of their incorporation into the ISPRS Symposium shall be agreed by the Symposium organisers and the ISPRS Council.  In all instances, the ISPRS Symposium shall be the foremost sponsor of the combined event, however, a conjoined Conference may be given up to equal status (billing) if Council agreement has been given.
  • ISPRS Council has signed a contract with Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH which defines three service packages called Packages A, B and D.  The mandatory Service Package D covers the publication of camera-ready pdf-files according to the ISPRS Guidelines for Authors of all papers on the ISPRS Web page to ensure consistent publication of ISPRS proceedings. TCPs are responsible that these guidelines are followed. Optional Service Package A includes management of Abstracts, Full Papers and publication of the papers in the Archives and/or Annals, while optional Service Package B provides support for registrations of delegates, names badges etc.  A separate agreement must be established between the TCP and Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH, which will permit considerable flexibility in content to satisfy specific needs of each event. Contact details of Copernicus GmbH are: info@copernicus.org, www.copernicus.org

2. Facilities and Services

The Host shall provide to ISPRS, the equipment, facilities and services referred to in appendix A of this Letter, which is part of this Agreement.

3. Publication of Materials

Appendix B of this Letter, which is part of this Agreement, contains the detailed information related to the material that shall be published, as well as the terms and conditions that such publication shall comply with.

4. Finance

The Host shall have complete financial responsibility for all aspects of the Symposium organisation. ISPRS will not provide any funds for this purpose.
The following Registration Fees shall apply to the ISPRS Symposium:  

                                                 Before   ....                           After    ......
Full time students & seniors*                            
Accompanying persons

* As of starting date of the Symposium: Students (age limit is not used) must provide evidence of their status: full time student in a Geomatics or related field; seniors must be age 65 or older and provide evidence of their status.


Honorary Members of ISPRS (maximum of 10), Members of ISPRS Council (6), ISPRS Journal Editors (2), and persons invited by the ISPRS President (maximum of 3) shall receive free registration.

All of the above listed persons collectively are referred to hereinafter as participants.

For administrative guidance and services, ISPRS shall receive a payment equivalent to 10 % on all paid registration fees at the Symposium.  ISPRS shall receive 80% of these funds by ... (2 months after the Symposium – insert date) and the balance no later than ... (4 months after the Symposium – insert date), by transfer to the ISPRS bank account:

UBS AG, Talacker 24, Post Box, 8098 Zurich, Switzerland

Currency Account Number SWIFT Address (BIC) IBAN
Swiss Francs 811089.01E 025100 0000 UBSWCHZH80A CH82 0025 1251 8110 8901E
US Dollars 811089.60C 025100 0000 UBSWCHZH80A CH13 0025 1251 8110 8960C
Euros 811089.7EM 025100 0000 UBSWCHZH80A CH08 0025 1251 8110 897EM

(Specify most appropriate account)
VAT may be charged to registrants in accordance with current local regulations at the time of due payment.
Any items requested by the ISPRS, but not listed herein, shall be paid by the ISPRS.  Other items not requested shall not be charged to the ISPRS.

5. Social Events

A social programme for participants shall be arranged by the Host and be provided free of charge or at a reasonable fee. 

6. Exhibition

The Host may organise a Commercial and Scientific Exhibition in conjunction with the Symposium, which shall be open to Symposium participants.

7. Public Outreach Program

The Host should organise jointly with the ISPRS, a Public Outreach Programme consisting of public lectures, local TV and radio coverage and other planned activities oriented on the public within The Host country. The Host is responsible for creating and disseminating the publicity for the event.

8. Visas

The Host shall send a letter of invitation (without promise of financial support) upon request to potential participants. The Host shall take all measures with its government officials required to assure that all potential participants will be issued appropriate visas according to the 1958 declaration adopted by the International Council of Science (ICSU) concerning non-discrimination on the basis of politics, nationality, religion, race or gender, and unimpeded entry and exit, subject to local law.

9. Insurance

The Host shall provide adequate third party liability and casualty insurance coverage, subject to local law, for the duration of the Symposium for all participants.  For this purpose, The Host shall present to the ISPRS, prior to the Symposium, proof of insurance in the form of an Insurance Policy in the English language (or a certified translation thereof).
“It shall be the responsibility of the participants to cover themselves with appropriate insurance cover.  Neither … (insert name of The Host) nor ISPRS shall be responsible for any damage caused to participants as part of attending the Symposium.”
The Host shall make this clear in the announcement brochures, and urge all participants to travel to the Symposium with their own insurance cover.

10. Security Measures

The Host shall coordinate with the official and regular channels of The Host country for appropriate security measures for the protection of participants and accompanying persons, working equipment and belongings at the Symposium venue and organised Symposium events.

11. Compensation for Damages

The Host shall hold ISPRS free from liability for any and all damages resulting from any claims or judgments in favour of third parties, governmental or other entities, for any acts or omissions occurring during the Symposium and its related events. 

12. Applicable Law

This agreement and its construction, validity and effect, is entered into in the State of Maryland, USA and is subject to the laws thereof with the exception of its conflict of laws provisions.

13. Arbitration

Any unresolved dispute arising between the Parties to the present Agreement shall be submitted, at the request of either Party, to arbitration for final resolution in accordance with the American Arbitration Association Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration. The tribunal appointed under the said Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration shall sit in USA and, unless otherwise specified in the Rules, shall apply the law of the State of Maryland, USA applicable to arbitration proceedings and the execution of arbitral awards.
All costs of arbitration shall be borne equally by the Parties.
Any arbitration award shall be conclusive and binding on all parties and shall be enrolled as a final judgment against the non-prevailing party in a court of competent jurisdiction.

14. Revision

The terms of the present Agreement, including this paragraph 14, may be amended upon written agreement of the Parties to changes proposed by either Party in writing.

15. Duration

The present Agreement shall remain in force up to the .................. (insert date to correspond with item 4 above), by which time all obligations under the Agreement are to be fulfilled.

Notwithstanding the terms of the sub-paragraph a) of the present paragraph, the ISPRS and The Host shall be entitled to terminate the present Agreement forthwith in the case of natural hazard, civil unrest (whether the acts causing the unrest are lawful or unlawful), uprising, acts of terrorism, national or international emergency or conflict, labour unrest, the emergence of a risk to public health or safety, unforeseen compulsions on Host or similar events. The existence of any of the said or similar events in so far as they present an obstacle to the holding of the Symposium, shall be determined in agreement between the parties, whereupon the Symposium, at the option of the ISPRS, shall be either postponed to a mutually agreeable date or shall be organised in the territory of the State of another host organisation in accordance with the rules and procedures of the ISPRS. Where termination occurs as a result of such a decision, the parties agree that in no case shall they claim from the other party, indemnities for any of the costs or other responsibilities that arise directly or indirectly from such termination. The Host shall take every reasonable measure to assist the ISPRS in organising the Symposium at an alternative site.

President of ISPRS
For The Host:
President, ..........................
of Ordinary Member
or its representative
ISPRS Technical Commission  .....


APPENDIX A - Facilities and Equipment

  • An appropriate theatre-type venue for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies which will amply accommodate the total expected attendance, equipped for electronic and viewgraph projection.
  • ISPRS prefers that Symposia offer at least one plenary session in a lecture room with a capacity of 200 - 300 people, depending on the expected attendance.
  • No more than 2 parallel sessions is preferred, but if attendance warrants it, more parallel sessions are acceptable.  Rooms for parallel Technical Sessions should have a school-room-setup capacity of a minimum of 50-100 persons in each, equipped for electronic projection and normal audio-visual equipment.
  • Ample poster space to allow for up to 30 simultaneous poster presentations.
  • A small office with table and seating space for 15-25 individuals for the Technical Commission Board.
  • Complimentary wireless internet access for all Symposium participants.
  • A minimum of …….. (insert number) Internet access terminals for Symposium participants to use on a paid or complimentary basis.
  • If appropriate, an exhibit hall to accommodate the commercial and scientific exhibit.
  • Registration and information desk.
  • A rendez-vous point.
  • Signs for all session rooms listing in detail, the sessions and presenting authors, the Poster Session rooms, and the Local Organising Committee Office.


The Host shall provide:

  • A designated individual to serve as Symposium Manager, who will have final responsibility for all aspects of the Symposium operation. The Symposium Manager will establish a Symposium Committee which will organise the technical programme in coordination with the Working Group Chairs and Co-Chairs, all financial aspects, the secretarial work, the social events, and where appropriate the scientific exhibit and the technical tours, and attend to special tasks such as press relations, travel bureau relations, etc.
  • Adequate on-site staff to ensure the smooth operations of the registration and information desks on a daily basis throughout the Symposium.
  • On-site staff to ensure the smooth operations of audio-visual equipment at all Technical, Poster and tutorial sessions.

Hotel and Travel

The Host shall provide free of charge to ISPRS Council:

  • Accommodation and meals and entry to all Social activities for the ISPRS Council members present during the Symposium.
  • Accommodation and meals and meeting room for Council for 4 to 5 days of Council Meeting and Joint Meeting of Council and Technical Commission Presidents (one Commission only will be required to provide these facilities).



Publication of Material

  • All publication material shall be prepared in cooperation with Copernicus GmbH, the company contracted to publish the ISPRS Archives and Annals.
  • All material to be distributed publicly or to authors shall be subject to final review by Council.
  • Announcement and Call for Papers: to be published and distributed internationally and widely to all interested parties 12 to 15 months prior to the Symposium.
  • Final Programme: including the full technical session schedule, which shall be distributed to the Symposium participants.
  • The Symposium papers shall be available at the beginning of the Symposium on appropriate electronic media. This will be prepared according to the ISPRS Guidelines and will have a volume number and will include a built-in author search facility. A sales fee may be charged to others.
  • The Host shall have exclusive sales rights for all published versions of the Symposium proceedings before and during the Symposium.
  • List of Participants shall be furnished to all Symposium participants during the Symposium and a digital copy provided to the Secretary General.
  • A Symposium web site shall be established and maintained to include all Announcement information plus links to the ISPRS Home Page and other relevant sites.
  • The official ISPRS logo shall be prominently displayed on all public documents.