2021 Virtual Keynote Speaker Series

In 2019, the ISPRS Keynote Speaker Programme was initiated to provide an opportunity for ISPRS Ordinary, Associate, and Regional Members to enhance the scientific quality of their events and to attract more participants by inviting top quality international experts to speak.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the programme has unfortunately come to a halt. Therefore, ISPRS has decided to host a monthly virtual Keynote Speech, and invites you to attend. The first Keynote Speaker is Jan Dirk Wegner, from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, who will talk about Deep learning for global vegetation analysis on Tuesday April 27 at 8-10 am EDT, 2-4pm CEST.

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New Members for ISPRS Financial Commission

In view of the continuing ISPRS term and due to other commitments, ISPRS farewells another two trusted officers.

Jon Mills, Chair of the Financial Commission, and Financial Commission member, Manos Baltsavias have stepped down. Both Jon and Manos have dedicated many years to ISPRS in various offices, for which Council, on behalf of the Society, gratefully thanks them and wishes them well for the future.

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Change in TC II Leadership

As a consequence of the continuing ISPRS term due to the ongoing pandemic, and for perfectly understandable reasons, Fabio Remondino and Takashi Fuse have decided to stand down from the Commission II leadership for the remainder of this period.

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The U. V. Helava Award – Best Paper 2020 announced

Congratulations go to Andrea Meranera, Patrick Ebelb, Xiao Xiang Zhub and Michael Schmitt for their paper Cloud removal in Sentinel-2 imagery using a deep residual neural network and SAR-optical data fusion which was chosen as the 2020 Best Paper for the new evaluation period.


Seeking Associate Editors for the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information

10 years after the appearance of its first volume, the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, the open access journal on geospatial sciences of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) published by MDPI introduces a new publishing process and is seeking a total of 11 Associate Editors.

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ISPRS Congress 2021 digital - Physical Congress now 2022

Dear all,

As you will see from the links (postponement note & postponement rationale ), Council has decided to run the 2021 edition of the XXIV Congress digitally only, and to organise a physical meeting in 2022. It was also decided to postpone the General Assembly and the hand-over of all officer positions until June 2022, and to shift the ISPRS meeting cycle by two years. This means that the next Symposia are now planned to take place in 2024, and the Congress following the one in 2022 will be organised in 2026. A rationale for these decision can also be found here.

We would like to thank you all for what you have done for ISPRS during the current term, and we hope to meet you in person in Nice in summer 2022.

Yours sincerely,

Christian Heipke, ISPRS President & Nicolas Paparoditis, ISPRS Congress Director


ISPRS WEC Kennert Torlegård Travel Grant

ISPRS and TIF have estabished a new award, the ISPRS WEC Kennert Torlegård Travel Grant. The purpose of the Award is to support attendance at an ISPRS congress by a young scientist. The Fund from which the Award is financed is known as the White Elephant Restricted Kennert Torlegård Travel Grant Fund (TIF).

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19-23 Jul 2021
ISPRS Joint Summer School on Smart City 2021
Beijing, China
27-29 Oct 2021
Safranbolu, Turkey
02-03 Dec 2021
Riga, Latvia
06-08 Apr 2022
JISDM 2022
Valencia, Spain

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