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Version January 2024

New guidelines for ISPRS proceedings papers
In order to facilitate the work for authors, to make the layout more consistent with other scientific publications, and to improve inspection of the papers for inclusion into data bases like Google Scholar and SCOPUS by automatic crawlers, the following changes have been incorporated into the ISPRS style guides, both for Word and for Latex:

  • Title and section headings should now be typed in upper and lower case letters,
  • Author names are now requested with full first and last names,
  • It is not necessary anymore to indicate a corresponding author, since typically all authors provide the contact details anyway,
  • It is not necessary anymore to provide the Technical Commission and Working Group the paper is intended for.
  • Some additional simplifications have also been implemented, and care has been taken to further  harmonize the Word and Latex style guides.

Changes take effect immediately, and are valid for the 2024 Midterm Symposia already. Authors are asked to only use the new author guidelines in the future. The new author guidelines can be found at
It is hoped that in this way, authors are better served and their papers are more easily found in the web and thus, read and cited more often.
Christian Heipke, Jan. 17, 2024

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