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ISPRS Abbreviations

Version February 2021

1 VP 1st vice president
2 VP 2nd vice president
AsM Associate Member
CD Congress Director
CEOS Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
CM Council Meeting
COPUOS United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
GA General Assembly
GEO Group on Earth Observations
HnM Honorary Member
ICORSE International Committee On Remote Sensing of Environment
ICWG Inter-Commission Working Group
IPAC International Policy Advisory Committee
ISAC International Science Advisory Committee
JM Joint Meeting of Council with Technical Commission Presidents
OdM Ordinary Member
ICSU International Council for Science
ISPRS JP&RS ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ISPRS IJGI ISPRS International Journal for Geo-Information
JB GIS Joint Board of Geospatial Societies
P&RS&SIS Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
Pr ISPRS President
RgM Regional Member
SG Secretary General
StM Sustaining Member
ST&BL Statutes and Bylaws
TC Technical Commission
TCP Technical Commission President
ToR Terms of Reference
Tr Treasurer
WG Working Group


Nice 2020
XXIVth ISPRS Congress:

July 4-10, 2021
June 6-10, 2022

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.

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