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September 20, 2019 
ISPRS Benchmarks

ISPRS / EuroSDR Benchmark for Multi-Platform Photogrammetry

The aim of the project is to assess the accuracy and reliability of current methods for calibration and orientation of images acquired by different platforms as well as their integration for image matching and dense point cloud generation. In current research especially the question on how large changes of perspective and scale differences need to be tackled in image orientation and (dense) image matching is not approached systematically.

By providing a new benchmark dataset consisting of state-of-the-art sensor data and covering different relevant tasks and scenarios the current status of research is identified and further works will be stimulated.

The DENSE IMAGE MATCHING (DIM) benchmark is performed in cooperation with the EuroSDR’s Scientific Initiative “Benchmark on High Density Image Matching for DSM Computation”, joining both the two available datasets on Dortmund (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland). The efforts of both the initiatives are contributing to set up a more complete and challenging dataset, considering flights with different features in terms of GSD size and overlap.

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ISPRS Test Project on Urban Classification, 3D Building Reconstruction and Semantic Labeling

ISPRS WG II/4 is running following bechmarks:

  • Urban classification and 3D reconstruction (Vaihingen/Germany and Toronto/Canada)
  • 2D Semantic Labeling (Vaihingen/Germany and Potsdam/Germany)
  • 3D Semantic Labeling (Vaihingen/Germany)

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Benchmark on High Density Aerial Image Matching

Background and Scope of the project

Innovations in matching algorithms as well as the increasing quality of digital airborne cameras considerably improved the quality of elevation data generated automatically from aerial images. This development motivated the launch of the joint ISPRS/EuroSDR project “Benchmark on High Density Aerial Image Matching” aiming at evaluating the potential of photogrammetric 3D data capture in view of the ongoing developments of software for automatic image matching. Basic scope is the evaluation of 3D point clouds and DSM produced from aerial images with different software systems. Such a comparative evaluation provides a platform for software developers to demonstrate the state-of-the-art of their ongoing developments. Furthermore, it can help potential users like National Mapping and Cadastral agencies (NMCAs), which consider a state-wide-generation of high quality DSMs to understand the applicability of such tools while triggering further developments based on their needs.

As a joint test data set subsets of three aerial image blocks are provided.Two data sets cover nadir imagery, which are captured at different landuse and block geometry, while the third data set includes oblique aerial images.

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