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May 25, 2020 
ISPRS Special Interest Group 'Technology Transfer Caravan'

Training Materials of the Workshop on
′Remote Sensing and GIS for Watershed Managment′

December 2005, Laos


Sponsored by:
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agancy (JAXA)

Organized by:
Science Technology and Environmental Agancy (STEA) of Lao PDR
Geoinformatics Center of Asian Instiutute of Technology (AIT)
ISPRS Commission VI Caravan
All the material listed below is in PDF format.

  1. Schedule (Timetable)
  2. List of Resource Persons
  3. JAXA Activity
  4. Basic Remote Sensing and image interpretation
  5. Basic Geographic Information System (GIS) Vector/Raster Model
  6. Remote Sensing & GIS for Watershed Management and estimate Soil potential
  7. Hands-On
  8. ArcView GIS Manual
    1. Introduction to ArcView, Creation & Editing of Spatial Database
    2. Map Projection
    3. Database Management
    4. Vector Model & Analysis
    5. Raster Model & Analysis
    6. Laying out & Printing Map