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February 22, 2020 
Ikonos data set - Hobart

High-resolution satellite data

Since its launch in September 1999, Space Imaging's IKONOS earth imaging satellite has provided a reliable stream of image data that has become the standard for commercial high-resolution satellite data products. IKONOS produces 1-meter black-and-white (panchromatic) and 4-meter multispectral (red, blue, green, near infrared) imagery that can be combined in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of high-resolution imagery applications.

View more info on external link IKONOS sensor.

The available data are over Hobart area. Each ZIP file contains TIF images and related metadata files:

Geo TIF 8 bit:
- po_162779_0000000.zip, 411 MB
- po_162780_0000000.zip, 400 MB
- po_162781_0000000.zip, 392 MB

Geo TIF 11 bit:
- po_162762_0000000.zip, 260 MB
- po_162774_0000000.zip, 261 MB
- po_162775_0000000.zip, 260 MB

Geo TIF 11 bit stereo:
- po_162796_0000000.zip, 212 MB
- po_162796_0010000.zip, 212 MB

NIFT 11 bit:
- po_162786_0000000.zip, 250 MB
- po_162794_0000000.zip 251 MB
- po_162795_0000000.zip, 250 MB

Ground Control:
- gcp.zip, 2 MB

Different information on images, satellite, adjustment, data permission:
- info.zip, 24 MB

If you are planning to use this dataset, PLEASE send a short e-mail to markus.englich@ifp.uni-stuttgart.de.

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