Tutorial for sites managers on

″Space technologies to support the conservation of natural and cultural sites″

25-27 November 2005, Campeche, Mexico

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The World Heritage Convention, adopted by UNESCO in 1972, is the only international legal instrument for protecting both cultural and natural sites of outstanding universal value. Today, the Convention has been ratified by 178 countries, and 788 World Heritage sites are inscribed on the World Heritage list. A recent partnership between UNESCO and space agencies (i.e. Open Initiative), space research institutions and universities is providing international scientific support to World Heritage sites.
Over the 3-day training course, site managers, decision makers, space agencies and academic experts from around the World, will exchange knowledge and experiences useful for the management, conservation, preservation and reconstruction of sites.

- Maurizio Fea, external link ESA

  • Earth Observation from Space: an Introduction (... COMING SOON ...)

- Franco Niccolucci and Andrea D'Andrea, external link EPOCH & University of Florence, Italy

- Lothar Beckel, external link GEOSPACE, Austria

  • Concrete Example on the Use of Space Technologies for C.H. and Natural Sites (... COMING SOON ...)

- Maurizio Forte, external link ITABC - CNR, Italy

- Fabio Remondino, external link IGP - ETH Zurich, Switzerland




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