ISPRS Fellows

In recognition of sustained, excellent service to the ISPRS and its aims, an individual may be elected as a Fellow of the Society.

In 2010:

Manos Baltsavias (Switzerland)

Manos Baltsavias

Marcio Barbosa (Brasil)

Marcio Barbosa

Li Deren (China)

Li Deren

Stan Morain (USA)

Stan Morain

Klaus Szangolies (Germany)

Klaus Szangolies

Roy Welch (USA)

Roy Welch


2010 CVs of the ISPRS Fellows (complete list)

In 2012:

Dieter Fritsch (Germany)

Dieter Fritsch

Martien Molenaar (The Netherlands)

Martien Molenaar
(The Netherlands)

Shailesh Nayak (India)

Shailesh Nayak

Heinz Ruether (South Africa)

Heinz Ruether
(South Africa)


2012 CVs of the ISPRS Fellows (complete list)

In 2016:

Alain Baudoin (France)

Alain Baudoin

Jiang Jie (China)

Jiang Jie

Franz Leberl (Austria)

Franz Leberl

Petros Patias (Greece)

Petros Patias

Ammatzia Peled (Israel)

Ammatzia Peled



In 2020:

Kohei Cho (Japan)

Kohei Cho

Songnian Li (Canada)

Songnian Li

George Vosselman (The Netherlands)

George Vosselman
(The Netherlands)



In 2022:

Jon Mills (UK)

Jon Mills

Sisi Zlatanova (Australia)

Sisi Zlatanova



Deceased Fellows:




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