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May 25, 2020 
ISPRS Ad-hoc Committee ″Knowledge Transfer″

the White Elephant Club has become recognized as an ISPRS Ad-hoc Committee ″Knowledge Transfer″



The White Elephant Club was founded on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Professor Armin Gruen held at Yildiz Hisar Club, Istanbul, Turkey on the 18th July 2004 in conjunction with the XXth ISPRS Congress. It consists of previously or still active senior officers of ISPRS and other recognized persons with close relations to ISPRS.
The aims of the Club are to support the missions and goals of ISPRS and to communicate and encourage young generations to grow into potential ″elephants″ through their own activity. This should be based on friendship among the members.
Meetings are convened on special occasions of commemorative events of the members, in conjunction with ISPRS Congresses, symposia and other related meetings.

Terms of Reference

  • Advising Council on matters requiring extensive experience of ISPRS business
  • Supporting the knowledge transfer activities of Technical Commission VI by initiating, organizing and conducting seminars, tutorials and workshops
  • Initiating activities for bridging the gap between generations and fostering events to support young scientists and students
  • Supporting Technical Commission VI e-learning and remote teaching activities with focus on integration of high-tech elements in education and training processes
  • Initiating, coordinating and supporting projects by bringing together users, sponsors and experts as science and technology broker
  • Maintaining a sense of tradition and understanding of development within ISPRS by contributing actively to the collection of notes and reports about the history of photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS


White Elephants Restricted "Kennert Torlegård" Travel Grant Fund

Kennert Torlegåard

A White Elephants Restricted "Kennert Torlegård" Travel Grant Fund has been established in The ISPRS Foundation to support young people to attend ISPRS events and especially the quadrennial ISPRS Congresses. This restricted grant category will be funded by senior members of ISPRS who are members of the White Elephants group, and who wish to demonstrate their continued commitment to the aims and goals of ISPRS. It is named after the late Prof. Dr. Kennert Torlegård, a great Swedish Photogrammetrist and ISPRS President 1988-1992.
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Knowledge Transfer Committee (White Elephant Club)

 Armin Gruen, ETH Zurich (Switzerland) agruen@geod.baug.ethz.ch
 Secretary General
 Shunji Murai, Emeritus University of Tokyo (Japan) sh1939murai@nifty.com
 Honorary President
 Gottfried Konecny, University of Hannover (Germany) konecny@ipi.uni-hannover.de
 Fritz Ackermann, Emeritus Stuttgart University (Germany) ackermann-f@t-online.de
 Ayhan Alkis, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey) ayhanalkis@gmail.com; alkis@yildiz.edu.tr
 Orhan Altan, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) oaltan@itu.edu.tr
 Hirofumi Chikatsu, Tokyo Denki University (Japan) chikatsu@g.dendai.ac.jp
 Kohei Cho, Tokai University, Hiratsuka (Japan) kohei.cho@tokai-u.jp
 Ian Dowman, University College London (UK) i.dowman@ucl.ac.uk
 Clive Fraser, Melbourne University (Australia) c.fraser@eng.unimelb.edu.au
 Dieter Fritsch, Stuttgart University (Germany) dieter.fritsch@ifp.uni-stuttgart.de
 Lawrence Fritz, ISPRS Foundation (USA) lwfritz@gmail.com
 Lena Halounova, Czech Technical University, Prague (Czech Republic) halounov@gmail.com
 Christian Heipke, Leibniz University Hannover (Germany) heipke@ipi.uni-hannover.de
 Wicha Jiwalai, GISTDA (Thailand) wicha@gistda.or.th; Wicha9222@gmail.com
 Chen Jun, National Geomatics Centre of China (China) chenjun@nsdi.gov.cn; chenjun_isprs@263.net
 Deren Li, Wuhan University (China) pw67@yahoo.com
 Marguerite Madden, University of Georgia (USA) mmadden@uga.edu
 Martien Molenaar, ITC (The Netherlands) teurnaar@ziggo.nl
 Petros Patias, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) patias@auth.gr
 Ammatzia Peled, University of Haifa (Israel) peled@geo.haifa.ac.il
 Heinz Ruether, University of Cape Town Private bag, Rondebosch (South Africa) heinz.ruther@uct.ac.za
 Klaus Szangolies, DGPF (Germany) Klaus.Szangolies@t-online.de
 John Trinder, Univ. of South Wales (Australia) J.Trinder@unsw.edu.au
 Suvit Vibulsresth, GISTDA (Thailand) vibul.s.8152@gmail.com
 Sherman Wu, Keystone International, Inc., Las Vegas (USA) askdrwu@yahoo.com
 Zuxun Zhang, Wuhan University (China) zhangzx@cae.cn