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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVII Part B6b, 2008

XXIst ISPRS Congress
Youth Forum
July 3-11, 2008
Beijing, China
Editor(s): CHEN Jun, JIANG Jie, Kohei CHO


Youth Forum

Multi-Resolution Representation of Digital Terrain Models with Topographical Features Preservation
Zhi Wang, Qingquan Li, Besheng Yang
Page(s) 1-8
Conference Paper (PDF, 737 KB)

A Multi-Scale Line Tree Structure for Progressive Transmission of Vector Data across the Web
REN Yingchao, ZHU Lin, YANG Chongjun
Page(s) 9-14
Conference Paper (PDF, 465 KB)

Land Cover Changes in Selected Areas under Direct Influence of the 'Egnatia' Highway, in Greece
A. Stamou, Ch. Georgiadis, P. Patias
Page(s) 15-20
Conference Paper (PDF, 620 KB)

A Soil Erosion Model Based on Cellular Automata
YUAN Lifeng
Page(s) 21-26
Conference Paper (PDF, 405 KB)

Accuracy of Crown Segmentation and Estimation of Selected Trees and Forest Stand Parameters in Order to Resolution of Used DSM and nDSM Models Generated from Dense Small Footprint Lidar Data
K. Stereńczak, K. Będkowski, H. Weinacker
Page(s) 27-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 453 KB)

Active-Passive Optical Remote Sensing for Weather and Climate Research
Jun LI, Wei GONG, Zhongmin ZHU, Yingying MA
Page(s) 33-36
Conference Paper (PDF, 393 KB)

Combining Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning for DEM Generation in Steep High-Mountain Areas
M. Züblin, L. Fischer, H. Eisenbeiss
Page(s) 37-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 1422 KB)

LIDAR Point Cloud Based Fully Automatic 3D Single Tree Modeling in Forest and Evaluations of the Procedure
Yunsheng Wang, Holger Weinacker, Barbara Koch, Krzysztof Stereńczak
Page(s) 45-52
Conference Paper (PDF, 692 KB)

Building Roof Reconstruction from LIDAR Data and Aerial Images through Plane Extraction and Colour Edge Detection
Angelina Novacheva
Page(s) 53-58
Conference Paper (PDF, 573 KB)

Automatic Road Extraction of Urban Area From High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
Yiting Wang, Xinliang Li, Liqiang Zhang, Wuming Zhang
Page(s) 59-64
Conference Paper (PDF, 162 KB)

Multitemporal SPOT Images for Urban Land-Cover Change Detection over Stockholm Region between 1986 and 2004
Karoliina Kolehmainen, Yifang Ban
Page(s) 63-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 431 KB)

Development of 3D Monitoring Dataset for Shop and Office Tenants Variations in Broad Urban Area by Spatio-temporal Integrating Digital Maps and Yellow Page Data
Yuki Akiyama, Takeshi Shibuki, Satoshi Ueyama, Ryosuke Shibasaki
Page(s) 67-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 1993 KB)

Detection and Prediction of Land Use Change in Beijing based on Remote Sensing and GIS
Wenli Huang, Huiping Liu, Qingzu Luan, Qingxiang Jiang, Junping Liu, Hua Liu
Page(s) 75-82
Conference Paper (PDF, 1979 KB)

A Research on the Assessment of Regional Ecological Security Based on GIS & RS
Zou Xiuping, Chen Shaofeng, Qi Qingwen
Page(s) 83-86
Conference Paper (PDF, 388 KB)

Lane-oriented 3D Dynamic Segmentation Method
LI Yuan
Page(s) 87-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 523 KB)

A 3D Model of Castle Landenberg (CH) from Combined Photogrammetric Processing of Terrestrial and UAV based Images
Hannes Püschel, Martin Sauerbier, Henri Eisenbeiss
Page(s) 93-98
Conference Paper (PDF, 624 KB)

An Algorithm about Association Rule Mining Based on Spatial Autocorrelation
Jiangping Chen
Page(s) 99-106
Conference Paper (PDF, 442 KB)

An Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Artificial Immune B-Cell Network
Shizhen Xu, Yundong Wu
Page(s) 107-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 420 KB)

Research on Urban Surface Emissivity Based on Unmixing Pixel
D. Q. Peng, Y. H. Chen, J. Li, J. Zhou, W. Ma
Page(s) 113-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 620 KB)

Development of Convenient 3D Measurement Using Consumer Grade Digital Camera: The 3DiVision Examples
Misato Iwamoto, Hirofumi Chikatsu
Page(s) 119-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 607 KB)

Building Extraction from ALS Data Based on Regular and Irregular Tessellations
Natalia Borowiec
Page(s) 125-132
Conference Paper (PDF, 655 KB)

M&S-based Space Remote Sensor Design & Analysis
Page(s) 133-138
Conference Paper (PDF, 357 KB)

Novel MIMO SAR for Urban Remote Sensing Applications
Wen-Qin Wang, Qicong Peng, Jingye Cai
Page(s) 139-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 484 KB)

Free Image Registration and Mosaic Based on TIN and Improved SZELISKI Algorithm
WANG Yue, WU Yun-dong, WANG Hui
Page(s) 145-150
Conference Paper (PDF, 515 KB)

Research on Knowledge-Based Predictive Natural Resource Mapping System
Fei Du, A-Xing Zhu
Page(s) 151-156
Conference Paper (PDF, 454 KB)

Research on Close-range Photogrammetry with Big Rotation Angles
Lu Jue
Page(s) 157-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 412 KB)

Towards 3D LBS - Challenges and Opportunities
F. Wang, J. W. Liu
Page(s) 163-170
Conference Paper (PDF, 607 KB)

The Eliminate Inconsistent Algorithm and Enhancement of Large Plane Array CCD Images
GENG Lichuan, WU Yundong, GENG Zexun
Page(s) 171-176
Conference Paper (PDF, 1202 KB)

Landscape Pattern Change and Associated Environmental Implications in HaiHe River BASIN, CHINA
Yusheng Shi, Jieying Xiao, Yanjun Shen
Page(s) 177-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 384 KB)

Experimental Study Of Artificial Neural Network for Geometric Rectification of Satellite Imagery
Qingzu Luan, Huiping Liu
Page(s) 183-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 545 KB)

Comparison of Pansharpening Algorithms for Combining Radar and Multispectral Data
S. Klonus
Page(s) 189-194
Conference Paper (PDF, 875 KB)

Primary Validation of the Syntem Aerosol Retrieval Model Over Beijing Area Using Aeronet Data
Linyan Bai, Yong Xue, Jie Guang, Ying Wang, Yingjie Li, Jianwen Ai, Wei Wan, Jianping Guo
Page(s) 195-200
Conference Paper (PDF, 468 KB)

Spatial Distribution and Seasonal Changes of Urban and Suburban Surface Radiation Budget in Beijing
J. Zhou, Y. H. Chen, J. Li
Page(s) 201-206
Conference Paper (PDF, 617 KB)

Vegetation Coverage Change in Miyun County from Remote Sensing and its Affecting Factors Based on 3S
Gai Yongqin, Li Xiaobing, Xi Bin, Hu Ying
Page(s) 207-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 618 KB)

Study on Methods of Noise Reduction in a Stripped Image
Chang-yan Chi, Zhang Ji-xian, Liu Zheng-jun
Page(s) 213-216
Conference Paper (PDF, 939 KB)

Modeling of Change-only Information and Updating of Spatial Data
Ying Shen
Page(s) 217-224
Conference Paper (PDF, 508 KB)

Monitoring the Growth of Settlements in Ilroin, Nigeria (a GIS and Remote Sensing Approach)
Zubair Ayodeji Opeyemi
Page(s) 225-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 718 KB)

Ground Deformation Detection along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway
W. Y. Gong, J. X. Zhang, Y. H. Zhang
Page(s) 233-236
Conference Paper (PDF, 502 KB)

A Rapid Method for Water Target Extraction in SAR Image
WANG Dong, QIN Ping
Page(s) 237-242
Conference Paper (PDF, 838 KB)

A Model of Topographic Correction and Reflectance Retrieval for Optical Satellite Data in Forested Areas
Cheng Wei, Tian Qingjiu, Wang Liming
Page(s) 243-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 624 KB)

A Computational Method to Emulate Bottom-up Attention to Remote Sensing Images
X. Chen, H. Huo, F. Tao, D. Li, Z. Li
Page(s) 249-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 1128 KB)

Research on China's GIS Industry
Bo Xiaoying, Zhang Lingling
Page(s) 255-260
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

Quantitative Analysis of Land Surface Temperature-vegetation Indexes Relationship Based on Remote Sensing
MA Wei, CHEN Yun-hao, ZHOU Ji, Gong Adu
Page(s) 261-264
Conference Paper (PDF, 628 KB)

K-order-based Topological Relations of Geo-entities in 3D Raster Space
GUO Jiateng, WU Lixin, MA Hongbin, CHE Defu
Page(s) 265-268
Conference Paper (PDF, 439 KB)

Remote Sensing Detection for Subsidence-Resulted Water Body and Solid-Waste Dump in Coal Mine Yanzhou Coal Mining Area Being a Case
MA Baodong, WU Lixin, LIU Shanjun
Page(s) 269-272
Conference Paper (PDF, 536 KB)

Management and Visualization of Huge Range Images and Digital Images
Guo Ming, Wang Yanmin
Page(s) 273-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 463 KB)

Automatic Eddy Extraction from SST Imagery Using Artificial Neural Network
Jin Hai, Yang Xiaomei, Gong Jianming, Gao Zhenyu
Page(s) 279-282
Conference Paper (PDF, 393 KB)

Ore-Search Information Using Aster Data in Bashibulake Uranium Deposit Area in XinJiang
Yang Xu, Liu De-Chang, Zhang Jie-Lin
Page(s) 283-286
Conference Paper (PDF, 794 KB)

The Development of Information System of Unban Underground Pipeline Network Based on MapObjects
J. Guo, J. X. Zhang, Y. H. Zhang, C.C. Wang
Page(s) 287-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 447 KB)

Using SDI and WFS to Quality Control in Field Data Collection
Mohammad Hosseinpour, Ali Asghar Alesheikh, Majid Hamrah
Page(s) 293-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 430 KB)

Quantitative Estimation of Desertification Degree Based on PCA Fusion and SVM Using CBERS-02B
HE Qisheng, Li Guoping, CAO Chunxiang, ZHANG Hao, BAO Yunfei, CHANG Chaoyi, LI Xiaowen
Page(s) 297-300
Conference Paper (PDF, 515 KB)

Analysis of Landscape Dynamics in ShangHai Using Landscape Metrics: Effects of Spatial Resolutions
Qian Zhang, Yifang Ban, Jiyuan Liu, Quanqin Sha, Yunfeng Hu
Page(s) 301-306
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

Hyperspectral Images for Uncertainty Information Interpretation Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Neural Network
Huan Li, Hongxia Luo, Ziyi Zhu, Guangpeng Liu
Page(s) 307-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 452 KB)

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Forest Areas
Ivana Dabanović
Page(s) 313-316
Conference Paper (PDF, 637 KB)

Investigations of SAR Polarimetric Features on Land-Cover Classification
Liang Gao, Yifang Ban
Page(s) 317-322
Conference Paper (PDF, 937 KB)

Research on the Visualization System and Applications of Uncertainty in Remote Sensing Data Classification
Yanchen Bo
Page(s) 323-328
Conference Paper (PDF, 569 KB)

Land Cover Classification with Multi-Source Data Fusion (ENVISAT-ASAR and IRS P6 LISS-III) in Tropical Forested Area, India
Vyjayanthi Nizalapur
Page(s) 329-334
Conference Paper (PDF, 639 KB)

Upgrading Fundamental GIS Databases for Navigation from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
MA Li, LI Jiatian, CHEN Jun
Page(s) 335-338
Conference Paper (PDF, 482 KB)

Feasibility of Using Digital Photography for Environmental Monitoring of Animals in an Artificial Reef
Wang Xi-feng, Tang Yong, Zhang Zhong-zhe, Liu Hai-ying
Page(s) 339-342
Conference Paper (PDF, 569 KB)




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