ISPRS Congress Prague 2016
XXIIInd ISPRS Congress:
12 - 19 July 2016, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Best Poster Paper Awards 2016


TC Names Paper
I Marinus Axel Boon, Richard Greenfield, Solomon Tesfamichael Wetland Assessment using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrammetry
I Junhua Kang, Fei Deng, Xinwei Li Automatic texture reconstruction of 3d city model from oblique images
II A. Zlinszky and A. Kania Visualization and accuracy evaluation of high-resolution fuzzy vegetation maps
II A. Suhaibah, U. Uznir, F. Anton, D. Mioc, and A. A. Rahman 3D Nearest Neighbour Search Using a Clustered Hierarchical Tree Structure
III William Nguatem, Martin Drauschke, Helmut Mayer Automatic Generation of Building Models With Levels of Detail 1-3
III Miloud Mezian, Bruno Vallet, Bahman Soheilian,   Nicolas Paparoditis Uncertainty Propagation for Terrestrial Mobile Laser Scanner
IV Ferruh Yildiz The effect of pixel size on the accuracy of orthophoto production
IV Nishith Maheshwari A semantic model to define indoor space in context of emergency evacuation
V M. Mueller and T. Voegtle Determination of Steering Wheel Angles during Car Alignment by Image Analysis Methods
V Jinhu Wang, Roderik Lindenbergh, Yueqian Shen, and Massimo Menenti Coarse Point Cloud Registration by EGI Matching of Voxel Clusters
VI Franz-Josef Behr A Framework for an Open Source Geospatial Certification Model
VI Anjillyn Mae C. Perez RS-based water resource inventory of the Philippines: capacity building efforts for nationwide implementation
VII Ruiqian Zhang S-CNN Based Ship Detection from High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
VII Aristides Vaiopoulos Robust Evaluation of High Performance Pan sharpening Algorithms on Modern Satellite Imagery
VIII M. Nishio and M. Mori Analysis of debris flow disaster due to heavy rain by X-band MP radar data
VIII Cheng-Hao Lu Applying UAS and photogrammetry to monitor the morphological changes along the beach in Penghu islands



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