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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVII Part B4, 2008

XXIst ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission IV
July 3-11, 2008
Beijing, China
Editor(s): CHEN Jun, JIANG Jie, Shailesh NAYAK


WG IV/1: Spatial Data Infrastructure

Building Croatian Spatial Data Infrastructure in Line with the European Standards
Z. Bacic, Lj. Rasic, I. Landek, N. Malna
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 473 KB)

SDI in China: Progress and Issues
Pengde Li, Lan Wu, Xuenian Xiao
Page(s) 7-10
Conference Paper (PDF, 347 KB)

Establishment of a Data Creation Methodology under the Geographic Information Standards
Kohei Isobe
Page(s) 11-14
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

A Watermarking Algorithm for Vector Spatial Geo-Data Based on Integer Wavelet Transform
Chang-qing ZHU, Cheng-song YANG, Qi-Sheng Wang
Page(s) 15-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 391 KB)

E-Government Concept and Spatial Information: a Case Study in Islamic Republic of Iran
M. Sarpoulaki, A. Eslami Rad, A. Saleknia
Page(s) 19-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

Establishing an Environmental Data Platform for Promoting Coastal Zone Environmental Management
Toshimitsu Ishiwata, Masahiro Muroi, Tsutomu Harada, Hideo Nakajima, Isamu Ogasawara
Page(s) 25-30
Conference Paper (PDF, 1657 KB)

SDI: Prospects and Challenges for Federal State Developing Countries (Case of Nigeria)
O.A. Ogundele, O.S. Somefun
Page(s) 31-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 388 KB)

Relationships between Cartography, Geographic Information Systems and the Mexican Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDEMex)
Francisco Antonio Hansen Albites
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 300 KB)

Study on GML Storage Model Based on Native XML Database
Shuliang Zhang, Jiayan Gan, Jiehui Xu, Guonian Lv
Page(s) 45-52
Conference Paper (PDF, 371 KB)

Application of the Geomatics in Photovoltaics
J. Besenicar, Boris Trstenjak
Page(s) 53-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 1441 KB)

The Integrated Workflow and Software System for GIS Database Update Based on Geospatial Imageries
Wang Mi, Hu Fen, Liao Anping, Lu Weihua, Zhang Liyong
Page(s) 57-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 562 KB)

Study on the Height Measurement of Cultural Feature Based on the Single Aerial Photo
Li Ersen, Zhang Baoming, Guo Haitao, Lu Jun, Zhao Yong, Chen Ke
Page(s) 63-66
Conference Paper (PDF, 785 KB)

The Battleship "G.Averof": Promotion and Enrichment of the Museum Archives
Emmanuel Stefanakis, George Kritikos
Page(s) 67-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 1950 KB)

Integrating Ecological Tools with Geographic Information Systems
G.H. Chekuimo
Page(s) 73-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 1080 KB)

Iran SDI Initiative: Study Phase of NSDI
A. Mansourian, M.J. Valadan Zoej
Page(s) 79-82
Conference Paper (PDF, 539 KB)

A Strategy to Build a Seamless Multi-Scale TIN-DEM Database
Xiong Hanjiang, Tang Limin, Sun Long
Page(s) 83-86
Conference Paper (PDF, 753 KB)

Discussion of GPS Supported Automatic Triangulation Based on the DMC Images
Tang Li, Liu Jibao, Li Jun
Page(s) 93-96
Conference Paper (PDF, 1078 KB)

Discussion on the Progress and Direction of Digital City
MIAO Qian-jun, Li Deren, TANG Yanli
Page(s) 97-100
Conference Paper (PDF, 1101 KB)

GIANT3D: Experimentations on a New 3D Data Model for GIS
A. Scianna, A. Ammoscato, R. Corsale
Page(s) 101-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 531 KB)

The Classification and Performance Comparison Analysis of High Dimensional Indices for Feature-Based Spatial Data Similarity Search
Yu XIA, Xinyan ZHU, Chang LI
Page(s) 109-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 1096 KB)

Development of a New GIS-Based Stormwater Database Updating System: from Field Data Collection to Geodatabase Creation
Ming Xie, John M. White, Buz Rhees
Page(s) 115-120
Conference Paper (PDF, 2395 KB)

An Integrated 3D Cadastre - Malaysia as an Example
M.I. Hassan, M.H. Ahmad-Nasruddin, I.A. Yaakop, A. Abdul-Rahman
Page(s) 121-126
Conference Paper (PDF, 1355 KB)

Research on the Autocorrelation Detection in Digital Watermarking Techniques
Cheng-song YANG, Chang-qing ZHU, Qisheng Wang
Page(s) 127-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 1146 KB)

Spatial Data Infrastructure for Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Modelling: Set-Up of a Spatial Database for a Research Project (SFB/TR32)
C. Curdt, D. Hoffmeister, G. Waldhoff, G. Bareth
Page(s) 131-136
Conference Paper (PDF, 1355 KB)

LIDAR Applications in the Electrical Power Industry
Zujian Xu, Feng Yang, Yong Huang, Zizheng Wang, Yanjing Liu
Page(s) 137-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 1321 KB)

Ontology-Based Extensible Semantic Description Model for Discovery and Retrieval of Geo-Spatial Information
Qin Zhan, Xia Zhang, Deren Li
Page(s) 141-146
Conference Paper (PDF, 1076 KB)

Quality Control in Process of Establishment of NSDI
S. Lemajic, Lj. Rasic
Page(s) 147-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 1233 KB)

Possibility of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Application
Page(s) 153-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 1683 KB)

Integrated Geographical Buffering System for Land Taxation in Sri Lanka
Ravindra S. Thilakarathne, Jagath Gunatilake, JAS Jayakody
Page(s) 163-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 1175 KB)

A GIS Technical Approach to the Point Pattern Analysis of Archaeological Sites on the Eastern Shores of Lake Urmia, Northwestern Iran
Kamal A. Niknami, A. Chaychi Amirkhiz
Page(s) 167-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 410 KB)

A Study on Geospatial Industry Size in China
Ershun Zhong, Li Liu
Page(s) 173-180
Conference Paper (PDF, 340 KB)

Calculating River Length Based on Topography Data
Page(s) 181-186
Conference Paper (PDF, 1169 KB)

WG IV/2: Image-Based Geo-Spatial Information Management

Indexing of Mid-Resolution Satellite Images with Structural Attributes
A. Bhattacharya, M. Roux, H. Maître, I. Jermyn, X. Descombes, J. Zerubia
Page(s) 187-192
Conference Paper (PDF, 1836 KB)

An Attribute-Driven Approach for Image Registration Using Road Networks
Caixia Wang, Peggy Agouris, Anthony Stefanidis
Page(s) 193-198
Conference Paper (PDF, 1340 KB)

An Enterprise Database-Centric Approach for Geospatial Image Management and Processing
Qingyun (Jeffrey) Xie, Siva Ravada, Weisheng Xu, Zhihai Zhang
Page(s) 199-204
Conference Paper (PDF, 1104 KB)

GeoDatabase Centric Orthoimage Production Using ArcGIS ImageServer
Peter Becker
Page(s) 205-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 1008 KB)

Spatial Data Uncertainty Management
D. Klimesova, E. Ocelíkova
Page(s) 209-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 1213 KB)

The National Project and Its Application in the Field of Digital Photogrammetry in the First Year of Romanian's Integration in the European Union
I.Gr. Sion
Page(s) 213-220
Conference Paper (PDF, 1170 KB)

Analysis of ARSC'S Surveying and Mapping Mode - Integrating Areophotogrammetry, Digital Mapping and GIS Database Establishment
Zhang Xinli
Page(s) 221-226
Conference Paper (PDF, 1418 KB)

Study of Morphotectonic and Hydrogeology for Groundwater Prospecting Using Remote Sensing and GIS in the North West Himalaya, District Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh, India
R. Thapa, Kumar Ravindra, R.K. Sood
Page(s) 227-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 1863 KB)

Temporal-Spatial Dynamic Characteristic of Vegetation in the Area of Continued Hydropower Station Construction in the Upper Reach of the Yellow River
Dan Wang, Cheng Zhao, Hongguang Cheng, Li Gong, Fanghua Hao, Xuying Shi.
Page(s) 233-238
Conference Paper (PDF, 1406 KB)

RS-Based Landscape Dynamic Evolution in Areas of Cascade Hydropower Station Construction in the Upper Yellow River
Cheng Zhao, Huaping Yao, Fanghua Hao, Dan Wang, Xuying Shi
Page(s) 239-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 1460 KB)

A Detail Preserved Compression Based on Contourlet Transform
FeiYan Zhang, LeiGuang Wang, Feng Yuan, Qianqing Qin
Page(s) 245-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 1467 KB)

The Design and Implementation of SAR Reference Image Information Insurance System Based on ARCSDE
Y.F. Ling, G.M. Huang, J.X. Gao, Z. Zhao, L. Pang
Page(s) 249-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 1175 KB)

Development of an Integrated System of True Ortho-Rectification. the Altais LRTO system
R. Antequera, P. Andrinal, R. Gonzalez, S. Breit, J. Delgado, J.L. Perez, M. Urena, S. Molina
Page(s) 253-258
Conference Paper (PDF, 5047 KB)

Indonesian Atlas from Space: a Remotely Sensed and Cartographic Type of Geospatial Visualization
S. Martha, A. Poniman, S. Widjojo
Page(s) 259-262
Conference Paper (PDF, 1037 KB)

Custom Image Processing Capabilities in ArcGIS
Hong Xu, Peng Gao
Page(s) 263-266
Conference Paper (PDF, 1319 KB)

Modeling of Species Geographic Distribution for Assessing Present Needs for the Ecological Networks
T. Doko, F A. Kooiman, A.G. Toxopeus
Page(s) 267-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 1273 KB)

WG IV/3 Automated Geo-Spatial Data Acquisition and Mapping

Automatic Object Extraction for Change Detection and GIS Update
Stefan Hinz
Page(s) 277-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 2052 KB)

Segmentation Optimization for Aerial Images with Spatial Constraints
Ruedi Boesch, Zuyuan Wang
Page(s) 285-290
Conference Paper (PDF, 1362 KB)

Road Data Updating Using Tools of Matching and Map Generalization
HU Yungang, CHEN Jun, LI Zhilin, ZHAO Renliang
Page(s) 291-296
Conference Paper (PDF, 1192 KB)

A Test of 2D Building Change Detection Methods: Comparison, Evaluation and Perspectives
Nicolas Champion, Leena Matikainen, Xinlian Liang, Juha Hyyppä, Franz Rottensteiner
Page(s) 297-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 1438 KB)

Concepts of an Object-Based Change Detection Process Chain for GIS Update
P. Hofmann, P. Lohmann, S. Müller
Page(s) 305-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 1941 KB)

Extraction of Buildings and Trees Using Images and LIDAR Data
N. Demir, D. Poli, E. Baltsavias
Page(s) 313-318
Conference Paper (PDF, 573 KB)

Radiometric Block-Adjustment of Satellite Images Reference3d® Production Line Improvement
L. Falala, R. Gachet, L. Cunin
Page(s) 319-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 1329 KB)

Establishment and Evaluation Aspects of Cyprus GPS Permanent Network for Mapping Applications
E. Stylianidis, S. Spatalas, C. Pikridas, P. Patias
Page(s) 325-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 548 KB)

Neural Networks in the Automation of Photogrammetric Processes
S. Mikrut, Z. Mikrut
Page(s) 331-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 1305 KB)

Theory and Algorithms of DSM Generation from Multi-Line-Array Images Matching
Lei Rong, Fan Dazhao, Ji Song, Zhai Huiqin
Page(s) 337-342
Conference Paper (PDF, 1208 KB)

An Improvement of 3D OO-Solid Model
Nian-dong DENG, En-ke HOU, Zhi-hua ZHANG
Page(s) 343-348
Conference Paper (PDF, 1067 KB)

Dodging Research for Digital Aerial Images
M.W. Sun, J.Q. Zhang
Page(s) 349-354
Conference Paper (PDF, 1638 KB)

Road Detection from High and Low Resolution Satellite Images
R. Gecen, G. Sarp
Page(s) 355-358
Conference Paper (PDF, 1611 KB)

LIDAR Filtering: Testing of an Automatic Procedure Developed in the Free Open Source GIS GRASS
L. Barazzetti, M.A. Brovelli
Page(s) 359-366
Conference Paper (PDF, 1574 KB)

Automated Pavement Imaging Program (APIP) for Pavement Cracks Classification and Quantification - a Photogrammetric Approach
M. Mustaffar, T.C. Ling, O.C. Puan
Page(s) 367-372
Conference Paper (PDF, 1316 KB)

Generation of True Orthoimages from Airborne Scanner Data Without the Need of Height Information
J. Albertz, D. Bornemann, H. Zoberbier
Page(s) 373-378
Conference Paper (PDF, 1392 KB)

Cloud Removal of Optical Image Using SAR Data for ALOS Application - Experimenting on Simulated ALOS Data
Nguyen Thanh Hoan, Ryutaro Tateishi
Page(s) 379-384
Conference Paper (PDF, 1747 KB)

Enhancing the Automatic Verification of Cropland in IKONOS Imagery
P. Helmholz, F. Rottensteiner, C. Fraser
Page(s) 385-390
Conference Paper (PDF, 1293 KB)

Applying Unmanned Airship to Rapid Detection of Urban Building Changes
Xiaodong PENG, Zhaoqin LIU, Jinkuan YIN, Yongrong LI
Page(s) 391-394
Conference Paper (PDF, 1156 KB)

The Analysis of Road Slide Slopes Using RC Helicopter Photogrammetric System
Ho Sik, Cha Kyum, Jong Chool, Young Dae, Hyun Woo
Page(s) 395-398
Conference Paper (PDF, 1179 KB)

Analysis of the Solar Potential of Roofs by Using Official LIDAR Data
R. Kassner, W. Koppe, T. Schüttenberg, G. Bareth
Page(s) 399-404
Conference Paper (PDF, 1227 KB)

Intensity Normalization by Incidence Angle and Range of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data
H. Gross, B. Jutzi, U. Thoennessen
Page(s) 405-412
Conference Paper (PDF, 2359 KB)

An Automatic Contour Based Detection of Terrestrial Objects from Aerial Imagery Data
Yuri B. Blokhinov, Dmitry A. Gribov, Sergei Y. Zheltov
Page(s) 413-418
Conference Paper (PDF, 1970 KB)

Efficient Ortho-Rectification of Old Small-Scale Aerial Photographs, Using PRISM Products in Japan
H. Umakawa, L. Zhu, K. Tachibana
Page(s) 419-422
Conference Paper (PDF, 2221 KB)

The Defined System of Map Symbol Based Geological Substances
Xincheng Guo, Yongqing Long, Weiyong Ji
Page(s) 423-426
Conference Paper (PDF, 301 KB)

Geometric Refinement of LIDAR Roof Contours Using Photogrammetric Data and Markov Random Field Model
A.P. Dal Po
Page(s) 427-432
Conference Paper (PDF, 1380 KB)

Research on Edge Extraction with Level Set Method
Zhang Junru, Jiang Xuezhong
Page(s) 433-438
Conference Paper (PDF, 1718 KB)

Analysis and the Solutions for Generating a True Digital Ortho Photo in Close Range Photogrammetry
M. Shariat, A. Azizi, M. Saadatseresht
Page(s) 439-442
Conference Paper (PDF, 1248 KB)

Semi-Automatic Extraction of Features from Digital Imagery
O. Eker, D.Z. Seker
Page(s) 443-446
Conference Paper (PDF, 1320 KB)

On-Line Integration of Photogrammetric Systems and Spatial Databases for Producing Fully Structured and Consistent Data for GIS
S. Hosseinian, H. Ebadi, F. Farnood
Page(s) 447-452
Conference Paper (PDF, 1207 KB)

Remote Sensing Image Interpretation Study Serving Urban Planning Based on GIS
Qian Wang, Jianping Chen, Yi Tian
Page(s) 453-456
Conference Paper (PDF, 1230 KB)

Automatic Classification of LIDAR Data into Ground and Non-Ground Points
Yu-Chuan Chang, Ayman F. Habib, Dong Cheon Lee, Jae-Hong Yom
Page(s) 457-462
Conference Paper (PDF, 1411 KB)

Automatic Generation of Digital Building Models for Complex Structures from LIDAR Data
Changjae Kim, Ayman Habib, Yu-Chuan Chang
Page(s) 463-468
Conference Paper (PDF, 1523 KB)

Performance Analysis of Distributed Ortho Generation Using ERDAS Ortho Accelerator (LOA)
Yasemin Kuzu-Sinram
Page(s) 469-472
Conference Paper (PDF, 1417 KB)

Automatic Building Detection from LIDAR Point Cloud Data
Nima Ekhtari, M.R. Sahebi, M.J. Valadan Zoej, A. Mohammadzadeh
Page(s) 473-478
Conference Paper (PDF, 1211 KB)

Innovation in Flight Management Systems Using Real-Time Topological GIS Analysis
David Hine, Gerhard Kemper, Frantsek Pivnicka, Li Hongbo
Page(s) 479-484
Conference Paper (PDF, 1627 KB)

1:25.000 Scaled Photogrammetric Map Production System
O. Fırat, K. Pamukoglu, O. Eker, O.T. Ozerbil, H.H. Maraş
Page(s) 485-488
Conference Paper (PDF, 2452 KB)

The Research of the 3s Technology Application in the Large Scale Land Utilization Map Updating
Zhang RongQun, Zhai HuiQing, Gao LingLing
Page(s) 489-492
Conference Paper (PDF, 1181 KB)

WG IV/4 Landscape Modeling and Visualisation

Oblique Helicopter-Based Laser Scanning for Digital Terrain Modelling and Visualisation of Geological Outcrops
S.J. Buckley, W. Wheeler, A. Braathen, J. Vallet
Page(s) 493-498
Conference Paper (PDF, 1315 KB)

Quality Assessment for Multi-Sensor Multi-Date Image Fusion
M. Ehlers, S. Klonus, P.J. Astrand
Page(s) 499-506
Conference Paper (PDF, 2163 KB)

Large-Scale Vector Data Displaying for Interactive Manipulation in 3D Landscape Map
M. Sun, G.L. Lv, C. Lei
Page(s) 507-512
Conference Paper (PDF, 1282 KB)

3D Navigation System for Virtual Reality Based on 3D Game Engine
K.H. Sharkawi, M.U. Ujang, A. Abdul-Rahman
Page(s) 513-518
Conference Paper (PDF, 1156 KB)

Toward Continuous and Updated 3D Geospatial Terrain Modelling Based on DTM and LIDAR Data
S. Dalyot, E. Keinan, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 519-526
Conference Paper (PDF, 1613 KB)

Study on the Modeling Componentof Geographic Concept Scene Based on 3D Icons
Min Chen, Guonian Lv, Yongning Wen, Hong Tao, Hongjun Su
Page(s) 527-532
Conference Paper (PDF, 1283 KB)

Digital Earth with Digital Measurable Images
Deren LI, Junhua HUANG, Zhenfeng Shao
Page(s) 533-538
Conference Paper (PDF, 1466 KB)

Geometrical Transformation of Nautical Charts in Greenland
Rune Carbuhn Andersen, Karsten Engsager, Tine Fallesen Jensen, Thomas Knudsen
Page(s) 539-544
Conference Paper (PDF, 2093 KB)

A Study on Automatic Image Arrangement in Urban Area - Toward the New Concept of Urban Visualization
T. Fuse, T. Wayama, E. Shimizu
Page(s) 545-550
Conference Paper (PDF, 1712 KB)

A Algorithm on Branches Number of a Tree Based on Extended Fractal Square Root Law
YANG Bo-gang, ZHANG Bao-gang, FENG Zhong-ke, HAN Guang-shun
Page(s) 551-554
Conference Paper (PDF, 1136 KB)

Land Use Detection Comparison from Satellite Images with Different Classification Procedures

Page(s) 555-558
Conference Paper (PDF, 1637 KB)

3D Reconstruction from Image Sequence Taken with a Handheld Camera
Shaoxing Hu, Jingwei Qiao, Aiwu Zhang, Qiaozhen Huang
Page(s) 559-562
Conference Paper (PDF, 1247 KB)

Voxel Approach to Landscape Modelling
Ulla Pyysalo, Tapani Sarjakoski
Page(s) 563-568
Conference Paper (PDF, 1149 KB)

Landscape Pattern Change and Associated Environmental Implications in Haihe River Basin, China
Yusheng Shi, Jieying Xiao, Yanjun Shen
Page(s) 569-574
Conference Paper (PDF, 1192 KB)

The Eastern Steppe'S Living Landscape
Ochirkhuyag Lkhamjav,Amanda Fine, Karl Didier, Eric Sanderson
Page(s) 575-578
Conference Paper (PDF, 1298 KB)

Adaptive Level of Detail for Large Terrain Visualization
Fuan Tsai, Huan-Chih Chiu
Page(s) 579-584
Conference Paper (PDF, 2595 KB)

Cartographic Visualisation and Landscape Modeling
Milap Punia
Page(s) 585-590
Conference Paper (PDF, 1378 KB)

GIS Approach for Assessment of Human Footprint and Land Management: an Example in the United Arab Emirates
Salem Issa
Page(s) 591-596
Conference Paper (PDF, 1194 KB)

The Generalization Method Research of River Network Based on Morph Structure and Catchments' Character Knowledge
Lili Jiang, Qingwen Qi, Zhong Zhang, Jiafu Han, Xifang Cheng, An Zhang
Page(s) 597-602
Conference Paper (PDF, 1252 KB)

A New Data Structure for Refined Digital Elevation Models

Page(s) 603-608
Conference Paper (PDF, 1206 KB)

Land Cover Classifications: an Obsolete Paradigm
G. Villa, N. Valcarcel, A. Arozarena, L. Garcia-Asensio, M.E. Caballero, A. Porcuna, E. Domenech, J.J. Peces
Page(s) 609-614
Conference Paper (PDF, 1296 KB)

Selection of Roads for Cartographic Generalization
F. Gulgen, T. Gokgoz
Page(s) 615-620
Conference Paper (PDF, 1487 KB)

Study on the Publication Technology of Integrative Thematic Digital Atlas Based on the Visualization of Spatial Data
Gao Xiaomei
Page(s) 621-624
Conference Paper (PDF, 1068 KB)

Creation of Cartographic Databases for Land Use Assessment and Management
Page(s) 625-628
Conference Paper (PDF, 1180 KB)

Procedures and Software for High Quality TIN Based Terrain Surface Reconstruction
Z. Cvijetinovic, D. Mihajlovic, M. Vojinovic, M. Mitrovic, M. Milenkovic
Page(s) 629-634
Conference Paper (PDF, 1735 KB)

Experience and Implement Flow of Virtual Field Archaeological Environment
Yang Lin, Sheng Ye-huA
Page(s) 635-638
Conference Paper (PDF, 1145 KB)

WG IV/5 Web-Based Geo-Information Services and Applications

Mashup: a New Way of Providing Web Mapping and GIS Services
S. Li, J. Gong
Page(s) 639-648
Conference Paper (PDF, 1664 KB)

SUAS Mapserver -an Open Source Framework for Extended Web Map Services
Franz-Josef Behr, Hui Li
Page(s) 649-654
Conference Paper (PDF, 1099 KB)

The Effect of Google Earth on the Development of a SDI at a Governmental Agency
P.C.M.van Asperen
Page(s) 655-660
Conference Paper (PDF, 1178 KB)

Geospatial Web Service Integration and MASHUPS for Water Resource Applications
C. Granell, L. Diaz, M. Gould
Page(s) 661-666
Conference Paper (PDF, 1919 KB)

Geo-Spatial Metadata Services - ISRO's Initiative
Pushpalata B Shah, Navita J Thakkar
Page(s) 667-674
Conference Paper (PDF, 2205 KB) - a Free, Participatory, Community Oriented Geocoding Service
Franz-Josef Behr, Astrit Rimayanti, Hui Li
Page(s) 675-680
Conference Paper (PDF, 1105 KB)

A Scheme of Building Semantic Description of Geographic Processing Services
Xia Zhang, Deren Li, Xinyan Zhu
Page(s) 681-686
Conference Paper (PDF, 1079 KB)

A New Fully Decentralized Scalable Peer-to-Peer GIS Architecture
S.H.L. Liang
Page(s) 687-692
Conference Paper (PDF, 1123 KB)

A Web-Based Interoperability Platform for Detection and Tracking of Radiance Image Structures Associated with Bad Weather Monitoring
Genong Yu, Liping Di, Hong FanA.
Page(s) 693-696
Conference Paper (PDF, 1111 KB)

Ocean Data and Information System (ODIS) and Web-Based Services
E. Pattabhi Rama Rao, B.V. Satyanarayana, Shailesh Nayak
Page(s) 697-702
Conference Paper (PDF, 1630 KB)

Validation on Internet Satellite Image Mosaics and E-Maps
Pu-Huai Chen
Page(s) 703-708
Conference Paper (PDF, 1198 KB)

The Selection of Reversible Integer-to-Integer Wavelet Transforms for DEM Multi-Scale Representation and Progressive Compression
ZHENG Jing-jing, FANG Jin-yun, HAN Cheng-de
Page(s) 709-714
Conference Paper (PDF, 1096 KB)

Research on the GRID Services Composition Model Based on 3D Geospatial Information Application
JING Baoxuan, ZUO Xiaoqing
Page(s) 715-720
Conference Paper (PDF, 1185 KB)

GIS-Based Toxic-Gas-Vessel Leakage, Dispersion and Simulations
XU Bo, LI Yan, GONG Peng, HE Ning
Page(s) 721-724
Conference Paper (PDF, 1211 KB)

Integration of Geographic Information Services for Disaster Management
G.W. Lan, X.Q. Zhou, Q.Y. Huang
Page(s) 725-730
Conference Paper (PDF, 1098 KB)

An Open Source Rich Client Solution For Archaeological Mobile GIS
M.A. Brovelli, D. Magni, M. Orlando, F. Rottoli
Page(s) 731-738
Conference Paper (PDF, 1068 KB)

A New Web-Based Geo-Information Service Approach with Digital Measurable Image toward Direct Virtual Reality
HU Qingwu, Wang Haiyin
Page(s) 739-744
Conference Paper (PDF, 1498 KB)

AJAX-Based Linkage of Databases for Location-Based-Services: the Online-Campus GIS of the University of Cologne
U. Baaser, S.D. Hennig, H. Aasen, E. Dornauf, M.L. Gnyp, D. Hoffmeister, N. Köhn, B. Louwen, R. Laudien, G. Bareth
Page(s) 745-750
Conference Paper (PDF, 1495 KB)

Design and Development of Emergency Response Geographic Information Platform Based on Web Service
Hongjun TIAN, Zhengjun LIU, Jixian ZHANG, Chengfeng LUO, Bin LIU
Page(s) 751-756
Conference Paper (PDF, 1532 KB)

A Framework of Web-Based Service System for Satellite Images Automatic Orthorectification
Jiaojiao Tian, Xinming Tang, Huabin Wang
Page(s) 757-762
Conference Paper (PDF, 1237 KB)

Development of a Service Oriented Architecture Based GIS for Earth Sciences
A. Garagon Dogru, G. Toz
Page(s) 763-766
Conference Paper (PDF, 1104 KB)

The Research of Fast Processing and Distribution Remote Sensing Image Based on the Grid Technique
Liang Zhong, Hongchao Ma, Jie Sun, Xun Zen
Page(s) 767-772
Conference Paper (PDF, 1077 KB)

The WebGIS Based Jiangsu Oilfield Management System Implemented with a Spatio-Temporal Data Model
L.H. Cui, W.C. Zhang, S.J. Xu
Page(s) 773-778
Conference Paper (PDF, 2081 KB)

Web Photogrammetry: Stereoscopic Measurement System over Www
H. Nonaka, R. Honma, O. Uchida, T. Doihara
Page(s) 779-784
Conference Paper (PDF, 1420 KB)

An Embedded Google Earth/Maps Application on Real Estate Database Inquiry and Display
Jin-Tsong Hwang
Page(s) 785-790
Conference Paper (PDF, 1822 KB)

Research on Geospatial Information Sharing Platform Based on ArcGIS Server
LIU Laixing, LI Deren, SHAO Zhenfeng
Page(s) 791-796
Conference Paper (PDF, 1094 KB)

A WebGIS for Spatial Data Processing, Analysis and Distribution for Coastal Investigation and Assessment (Mission 908) in Jiangsu, China
X. Zhang, J. YAO, C. Zhu, Y. Li, X. Ding
Page(s) 797-800
Conference Paper (PDF, 1289 KB)

A Method on Connection Pool Service for Distributed Heterogeneous Databases in Urban Geographic Information Public Platform
Dezhu GUI, Gang LI, Chengcheng Zhang, Pengcheng Yin
Page(s) 801-804
Conference Paper (PDF, 1045 KB)

Using a Web-Based GIS for Environmental Management of a Crucial Winter Transportation Route in Northern Canada
R.A. Sims, K. Warrendorf, J. Matheson, E. Madsen
Page(s) 805-808
Conference Paper (PDF, 1574 KB)

Method of WCS Client Based on Pyramid Model
Shen Shengyu, Wu Huayi
Page(s) 809-814
Conference Paper (PDF, 1457 KB)

Multi-Representation Geographic Data Organization Method Dedicated for Vector-Based WebGIS
Qian Xinlin, Zhu Xinyan
Page(s) 815-818
Conference Paper (PDF, 1038 KB)

Remote Automatic Updating Technology for Client Program of Taxi Monitor System
Qi Hua, Yu Jun
Page(s) 819-822
Conference Paper (PDF, 1051 KB)

Research on Remote Sensing Information Processing Service Based on Semantic Web Services
Qian Li, Haigang Sui, Yuanyuan Feng, Qin Zhan, Chuan Xu
Page(s) 823-828
Conference Paper (PDF, 1220 KB)

Development of a Distributed Service-Oriented Geographic Information System for Ecological Resources Quantitative Measurement
Yansheng Dong, Xiufang Zhu, Yaozhong Pan, Hongping Chen, Jinshui Zhang
Page(s) 829-832
Conference Paper (PDF, 1388 KB)

Enterprise GIS for Municipalities - a Service Oriented Approach
F. Samadzadegan, A. Alvand, A. Abootalebi, M. Hasanlou
Page(s) 833-838
Conference Paper (PDF, 1354 KB)

WebMozis - Web-Based and Mobile Zoo Information System - a Case Study for the City of Osnabrueck
Ulrich Michel, Christian Plass, Constanze Tschritter, Manfred Ehlers
Page(s) 839-844
Conference Paper (PDF, 1563 KB)

Interface for Dissemination of GIS Application on Internet
M. Koehl, J. Joseph
Page(s) 845-852
Conference Paper (PDF, 1409 KB)

Experience of Russian Geoportals Based on Earth Remote Sensing Data
V. Gershenzon, E. Ash
Page(s) 853-856
Conference Paper (PDF, 1280 KB)

Maps of Serbia - Web-Based GIS Services
Milos Vojinovic, Zeljko Cvijetinovic, Dragan Mihajlovic, Momir Mitrovic
Page(s) 857-860
Conference Paper (PDF, 1740 KB)

Web 2.0 Based Satellite Images Search through Mash-Up
M.H. Jo, Y.W. Jo, J.S. KIM
Page(s) 861-864
Conference Paper (PDF, 1440 KB)

WG IV/6 & ThS 8: Location Based services

Supporting Mobile GIS Applications by Geospatial Web Services
Thomas Brinkhoff
Page(s) 865-870
Conference Paper (PDF, 1144 KB)

Building a Context-Aware Mobile Tourist Guide System Base on a Service Oriented Architecture
R.A. Abbaspour, F. Samadzadegan
Page(s) 871-874
Conference Paper (PDF, 1226 KB)

Rendezvous-Problem in Local Shared-Ride Trip Planning
Radoslaw Rudnicki, Karl-Heinrich Anders, Monika Sester
Page(s) 875-880
Conference Paper (PDF, 1245 KB)

Symbol-Based Simplification with Fuzzy Logic Approach on Mobile Devices
O. Akcay, O. Altan
Page(s) 881-886
Conference Paper (PDF, 1221 KB)

Photo Based Interaction and Query for End-User Applications
Volker Paelke
Page(s) 887-892
Conference Paper (PDF, 1388 KB)

Establishment of Map Renewal Technique for Local Government by Using Real Time GIS
M. Moriya, S. Shimano, M. Shikada, S. Takeuchi
Page(s) 893-898
Conference Paper (PDF, 1386 KB)

Availability of Real Time GIS and IC Tag for Realization of Universal Map
Sota Shimano, Mitoshi Moriya, Masaaki Shikada
Page(s) 899-904
Conference Paper (PDF, 1357 KB)

Improving Land Value Information Process Through the Use of Geo-Information Technology
J.O. Nyarko, C.H.J. Lemmen
Page(s) 905-910
Conference Paper (PDF, 1366 KB)

Multipath Reduction on Repetition in Time Series from the Permanent GPS Phase Residuals
Chi-Hsiu Hsieh, Joz Wu
Page(s) 911-916
Conference Paper (PDF, 1559 KB)

Research on the Key Technologies of Remote Sensing Information Mobile Services
Yuefeng Liu, Min Lu, Ting Liu, Hanyu Xiang
Page(s) 917-922
Conference Paper (PDF, 1207 KB)

Defining the Service Area for Each School in Changchun Metropolitan Area Based on GIS Technology
Hongyan ZHANG, Zengpo ZHOU, Zhengxiang ZHANG, Guanglei HOU
Page(s) 923-926
Conference Paper (PDF, 1361 KB)

An Improved Real 3D A* Algorithm for Difficult Path Finding Situation
Lei Niu, Guobin Zhuo
Page(s) 927-930
Conference Paper (PDF, 1275 KB)

Indoor Positioning in the Located Based Services
Giannina Sanna, Giuseppina Vacca
Page(s) 931-936
Conference Paper (PDF, 1295 KB)

An Innovative LBS Data Service Infrastructure
Danhuai GUO, Weihong CUI
Page(s) 937-942
Conference Paper (PDF, 1098 KB)

The Research on the Ambiguous Path Identification Technology of Expressway Based on GIS
Tian Zhihui, Miao Quansheng, Zeng Yuhuai
Page(s) 943-948
Conference Paper (PDF, 1285 KB)

Location-Based Mobile Tour Guide Services towards Digital Dunhuang
Ma Chang-jie, Fang Jin-yun
Page(s) 949-954
Conference Paper (PDF, 1131 KB)

A New Multi-Scale Model Storing Real Time Traffic Information for Mobile LBS
LI Kai, ZHONG Er-shun
Page(s) 955-960
Conference Paper (PDF, 1150 KB)

A Multi-Scale Road Visualization Method in Navigable Database
Yan-hui WANG, Hao MENG
Page(s) 961-966
Conference Paper (PDF, 1175 KB)

WG IV/7 Extraterrestrial Mapping

Cartographic and Topographic Mapping of the ICY Satellites of the Outer Solar System
P.M. Schenk
Page(s) 967-972
Conference Paper (PDF, 1512 KB)

Radargrammetry on Three Planets
R.L. Kirk, E. Howington-Kraus
Page(s) 973-980
Conference Paper (PDF, 1183 KB)

Studies of Phobos' Orbit, Rotation, and Shape Using Spacecraft Image Data
K. Willner, J. Oberst, B. Giese, M. Wählisch, K-D. Matz, T. Roatsch, H. Hoffmann
Page(s) 981-986
Conference Paper (PDF, 1717 KB)

Rigorous Photogrammetric Processing of HiRISE Stereo Images for Mars Topographic Mapping
Ron Li, Ju Won Hwangbo, Yunhang Chen, Kaichang Di
Page(s) 987-992
Conference Paper (PDF, 1720 KB)

Very High Resolution Stereo DTM Extraction and Its Application to Surace Roughness Estimation over Martian Surface
J.R. Kim, J-P. Muller
Page(s) 993-998
Conference Paper (PDF, 2705 KB)

Bundle Adjustment of Mars HIRISE Stereo Images Based on Rigorous Sensor Model
Yunhang Chen
Page(s) 999-1004
Conference Paper (PDF, 2031 KB)

Four Years of Planetary Cartography with the HRSC
J. Albertz, H. Lehmann, M. Wählisch, S. Gehrke
Page(s) 1005-1010
Conference Paper (PDF, 4801 KB)

Mapping and Cartography of the ICY Saturnian Satellites Using Cassini-ISS Images
Th. Roatsch, M. Wählisch, A. Hoffmeister, F. Scholten, K.-D. Matz, B. Giese, R. Wagner, E. Kersten, G. Neukum, C. Porco
Page(s) 1011-1016
Conference Paper (PDF, 3455 KB)

Automated Rock Segmentation for Mars Exploration Rover Imagery
Yonghak Song
Page(s) 1017-1024
Conference Paper (PDF, 2155 KB)

Operational Determination of Tie Points and Bundle Adjustment of HRSC Images of the Mars Express Mission
R. Schmidt, M. Spiegel, C. Heipke, A. Dumke, G. Neukum
Page(s) 1025-1030
Conference Paper (PDF, 1255 KB)

Geometric and Radiometric Modeling of the Martian Surface Based on Object Space Matching and Photoclinometry
S. Gehrke
Page(s) 1031-1036
Conference Paper (PDF, 1197 KB)

MARS: High-Resolution Digital Terrain Model and Ortho-Image Mosaic on the Basis of MEX/HRSC Data
A. Dumke, M. Spiegel, R. Schmidt, G. Michael, G. Neukum
Page(s) 1037-1042
Conference Paper (PDF, 1244 KB)

Lithologic Unit Mapping Based on OMEGA/Mars Express Data
Minqiang Zhu, Hongjie Xie, Huade Guan, Guanglu Zhu
Page(s) 1043-1048
Conference Paper (PDF, 1340 KB)

3D Crater Database Production on Mars by Automated Crater Detection and Data Fusion
J.I. Simpson, J.R Kim, J-P. Muller
Page(s) 1049-1054
Conference Paper (PDF, 1610 KB)

Automated Noise Reduction in HRSC Mars DTMs
Shih-Yuan Lin, Jung-Rack Kim, Jan-Peter Muller
Page(s) 1055-1060
Conference Paper (PDF, 1442 KB)

WG IV/8 Spatial Data Integration for Emergency Services

System Architecture for Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness and Warning
Orhan Altan, Gerhard Kemper
Page(s) 1061-1072
Conference Paper (PDF, 1770 KB)

Automated Near Real Time RADARSAT-2 Image Geo-Processing and Its Application for Sea Ice and Oil Spill Monitoring
Ziqiang Ou
Page(s) 1073-1078
Conference Paper (PDF, 1268 KB)

Knowledge-Oriented Sensor Web for Disaster Management: from Sensing to Decision Making
Xiangyu Si, Jonathan Li, Zhijun Wang
Page(s) 1079-1084
Conference Paper (PDF, 938 KB)

Geographical Semantic Representation for Collaborative Emergency Services
M.H. Zheng, X.Z. Feng, Y.J. Song, Z.Q. Huang
Page(s) 1085-1090
Conference Paper (PDF, 1281 KB)

Modeling Spatial Scenes in Disaster Domain Ontologies
C. Lucas, S. Werder
Page(s) 1091-1096
Conference Paper (PDF, 1094 KB)

WFP SDI Implementation in Support of Emergency Management
A. Ajmar, F. Perez, O. Terzo
Page(s) 1097-1104
Conference Paper (PDF, 1523 KB)

Emergency Management - a Geospatial Approach
V. Bhanumurthy, G Srinivasa Rao, Harish C Karnatak, S. Mamatha, PS Roy, K Radhakrishnan
Page(s) 1105-1112
Conference Paper (PDF, 1481 KB)

Forest Fire Fighting Command and Decision Making System Study Based on 3S Technology-Take Jiaohe City in Jilin Province as an Example
Wang Xiaopeng, Kang Gaofeng, Huo Xiaobin
Page(s) 1113-1116
Conference Paper (PDF, 1003 KB)

Morphological Analysis of Flood Inundated Regions in Paddy Areas Using ALOS/PALSAR Data and its Distribution on the Google Earth Design of the Future Disaster Management System (FDMS)
Yasuharu Yamada
Page(s) 1117-1122
Conference Paper (PDF, 1438 KB)

An Open Urban Emergency Decision Support System
Zimin Zhang, Qi Li
Page(s) 1123-1128
Conference Paper (PDF, 1096 KB)

Research on Relation Between Control Points Precision and Geometric Correction Accuracy
Hong Youtang
Page(s) 1129-1132
Conference Paper (PDF, 1006 KB)

Enterprise GIS for Municipalities - a Service Oriented Approach
F. Samadzadegan, S. Saeedi, A. Alvand, M. Hasanlou
Page(s) 1133-1136
Conference Paper (PDF, 1313 KB)

WG IV/9 Mapping from High Resolution Data

Towards Automated DEM Generation from High Resolution Stereo Satellite Images
Pablo d'Angelo, Manfred Lehner, Thomas Krauss, Danielle Hoja, Peter Reinartz
Page(s) 1137-1142
Conference Paper (PDF, 2061 KB)

Aspects of the DSM Production with High Resolution Images
C. Lemaire
Page(s) 1143-1146
Conference Paper (PDF, 1389 KB)

Comparative Analysis of Georeferencing Procedures Using Various Sources of Control Data
A. Habib, A.P. Kersting, Y. Alghamdi
Page(s) 1147-1152
Conference Paper (PDF, 1201 KB)

Detecting Changes to Topographic Features Using High Resolution Imagery
D.A. Holland, C. Sanchez-Hernandez, C. Gladstone
Page(s) 1153-1158
Conference Paper (PDF, 1027 KB)

Integrating Object-Based Classification and One-Class Support Vector Machines in Classifying a Specific Land Class from High Spatial Resolution Images
Qinghua Guo, Desheng Liu, Guoming Du, Yu Liu
Page(s) 1159-1164
Conference Paper (PDF, 1186 KB)

Near Real Time Processing of DSM from Airborne Digital Camera System for Disaster Monitoring
F. Kurz, V. Ebner, D. Rosenbaum, U. Thomas, P. Reinartz
Page(s) 1165-1170
Conference Paper (PDF, 1463 KB)

Multispectral IKONOS Image Segmentation Based on Vector Field Model
P. Xiao
Page(s) 1171-1176
Conference Paper (PDF, 1417 KB)

Change Detection for Topographic Mapping Using Three Dimensional Data Structures
D.M. Barber, D. Holland, J.P. Mills
Page(s) 1177-1182
Conference Paper (PDF, 2216 KB)

Analyzing DMC Performance in a Production Environment
J. Talaya, W. Kornus, R. Alamús, E. Soler, M. Pla, A. Ruiz
Page(s) 1183-1188
Conference Paper (PDF, 1261 KB)

An Accuracy Assessment Measure for Object Based Image Segmentation
Nicholas Clinton, Ashley Holt, Peng Gong, Li Yan
Page(s) 1189-1194
Conference Paper (PDF, 1112 KB)

The Research and Implementation of Dynamic Epipolar Rearrangement
BingXuan GUO, YuanZheng SHAO, ZhiChao ZHANG, LingYan Dong
Page(s) 1195-1200
Conference Paper (PDF, 1112 KB)

Seamless Mapping System for High Resolution Imagery
Haibin Ai, Jianqing Zhang, Yansong Duan
Page(s) 1201-1206
Conference Paper (PDF, 697 KB)

Generation and Analysis of DSMs in Urban Areas Based on DMC-Images
A. Alobeid, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 1207-1212
Conference Paper (PDF, 1999 KB)

A Multiresolution Remotely Sensed Image Segmentation Method Combining Rainfalling Watershed Algorithm and Fast Region Merging
Min Wang
Page(s) 1213-1218
Conference Paper (PDF, 2946 KB)

Research on Updating of Urban Large Scale Road Map Based on High Resolution Remote Sensing Image
Junhui ZHANG, Xiaokun ZHU, Bing LI
Page(s) 1219-1222
Conference Paper (PDF, 1053 KB)

Segmentation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Based on Feature Combination
S. Wang, A. Wang
Page(s) 1223-1228
Conference Paper (PDF, 4312 KB)

Feature Compilation from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
V.O. Atak, M.O. Altan
Page(s) 1229-1234
Conference Paper (PDF, 4531 KB)

Object Identification Based on Multi-Remote Sensing Images in the Lacking Area of 1:50 000 Topographic Map of Tibetan Plateau
Zhigang Hong
Page(s) 1235-1240
Conference Paper (PDF, 4628 KB)

Efficient Correspondence Criterion for Gridded DEM Co-Registration
ZHANG Tonggang, CEN Minyi, REN Zizhen, YANG Ronghao, FENG YiCong
Page(s) 1241-1246
Conference Paper (PDF, 4433 KB)

Application of SPOT-5 Imagery in Surveying and Mapping of West Regions in China
HaiBin Ai, Jianqing Zhang, Yanson Duan, Yong Zhang
Page(s) 1247-1252
Conference Paper (PDF, 4889 KB)

Research on Analyze Accuracy of LIDAR Data in Surveying Projects
Han Wenquan
Page(s) 1253-1256
Conference Paper (PDF, 4431 KB)

An Efficient Multi-Scale Segmentation for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Statistical Region Growing and Minimum-Heterogeneity Rule
H.T. Li, H.Y. Gu, Y.S. Han, J.H. Yang, S.S. Han
Page(s) 1257-1262
Conference Paper (PDF, 5207 KB)

ORFEO Toolbox: a Complete Solution for Mapping from High Resolution Satellite Images
Emmanuel Christophe, Jordi Inglada, Alain Giros
Page(s) 1263-1268
Conference Paper (PDF, 5029 KB)

Determine of Utilization Range of Resurs-DK Satellite Data in the Face of IKONOS System
I. Ewiak, R. Kaczynski
Page(s) 1269-1274
Conference Paper (PDF, 5172 KB)

Digital Mapping Using Aerial Digital Camera Imagery
Joon-Mook Kang, Joon-Kyu Park, Min-Gyu Kim
Page(s) 1275-1278
Conference Paper (PDF, 5144 KB)

Evaluation of Possibility of Ortho Image Production Using Spot5 Single Image
Joon-Mook Kang, Hee-Cheon Yoon, Joon-Kyu Park
Page(s) 1279-1282
Conference Paper (PDF, 4847 KB)

Compression Specifications for Efficient Use of High Resolution Satellite Data
Emmanuel Christophe, Carole Thiebaut, Christophe Latry
Page(s) 1283-1286
Conference Paper (PDF, 4883 KB)

High-Resolution Image to Mapping Bamboo-Dominated Gaps in the Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil
L.S. Araujo, G. Sparovek, J.R. Dos Santos, R.R. Rodrigues
Page(s) 1287-1292
Conference Paper (PDF, 5062 KB)

Epipolar Line Generation from IKONOS Imagery Based on RPC Model
Dan Zhao, Xiuxiao Yuan, Xin Liu
Page(s) 1293-1298
Conference Paper (PDF, 4982 KB)

Morphology Infrared Image Target Detection Algorithm Optimized by Genetic Theory
Zhenfeng Shao, Xianqiang Zhu, Jun Liu
Page(s) 1299-1304
Conference Paper (PDF, 4914 KB)

Developing and Implementing Line-Based Transformation Models to Register Satellite Images
Ahmed F. Elaksher
Page(s) 1305-1310
Conference Paper (PDF, 4802 KB)

Evaluation of IRS-P5 Stereo Images for Revision of Topographic 1:25000 Scale Maps
M. Nikfar, M.J. Valadan Zouj, S. Sadeghian, M. Mokhtarzade, N. Roshani
Page(s) 1311-1316
Conference Paper (PDF, 5204 KB)

The Affine Projection Model as a Tool for Rapid Geo-Coding of IRS P5 Satellite Imagery
F. Dadras Javan, A. Azizi
Page(s) 1317-1322
Conference Paper (PDF, 5066 KB)

The Semantic Information of Images Acquired by Aerial Digital Sensors in Cartographic and Enviropmental Applications
A. Lingua, F. Nex
Page(s) 1323-1328
Conference Paper (PDF, 5032 KB)

ISO 5725-2 Standard Application to Verification of Orthophoto-Based Impervious Surface Area and Imperviousness Factor Determination
B. Hejmanowska, W. Drzewiecki, A. Wrobel
Page(s) 1329-1334
Conference Paper (PDF, 5102 KB)

From Analog to Digital Aerial Imageproduction.Experiences from Nma-Imageproductions Based on Eu-Tender
John Kamper
Page(s) 1335-1340
Conference Paper (PDF, 5198 KB)

Digital Elevation Models of Great Wall by a Combination of Airborne and Terrestrial LIDAR
Zizheng Wang, Yong Huang, Haoyu Yang, Yanjing Liu, Zujian Xu, R Kletzlib, Tie Xu, Li Cao, Genzhuang Zhao, Shaoqian Wang
Page(s) 1341-1344
Conference Paper (PDF, 5011 KB)

Backpropagation Neural Network for Soil Moisture Retrieval Using NAFE'05 Data: a Comparison of Different Training Algorithms
Soo-See Chai1, Bert Veenendaal, Geoff West, Jeffrey Philip Walker
Page(s) 1345-1350
Conference Paper (PDF, 4864 KB)

Application of Image Processing and Image Analysis Methods for Large Scale Map Revision
Mohammad Sohrabinia, Saeid Sadeghian, Dadfar Manavi
Page(s) 1351-1354
Conference Paper (PDF, 5066 KB)

An Integrated Approach for Topographical Mapping from Space Using Cartosat-1 and Cartosat-2 Imagery
B. Gopala Krishna, T P Srinivasan, P K Srivastava
Page(s) 1355-1358
Conference Paper (PDF, 4917 KB)

Object-Based Classification Using High Resolution Satellite Data as a Tool for Managing Traditional Japanese Rural Landscapes
K. Takahashi, N. Kamagata, K. Hara
Page(s) 1359-1364
Conference Paper (PDF, 7619 KB)

Object Information Automatic Extraction from High Resolution Stereo Pairs by Dense Image Matching and Information Fusion
Fang Yong, Hu Haiyan, Chen Hong, Zhang Wu
Page(s) 1365-1370
Conference Paper (PDF, 5221 KB)

Quantitative Textural Parameter Selection for Residential Extraction from High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
J. Gu, J. Chen, Q.M. Zhou, H.W. Zhang, L. Ma
Page(s) 1371-1376
Conference Paper (PDF, 5167 KB)

Estimation of Population in Informal Settlement Communities Using High Resolution Satellite Image
Florence Galeon
Page(s) 1377-1382
Conference Paper (PDF, 4772 KB)

Accuracy Evaluation of Digital Surface Model by Using ALOS PRISM Data for Disaster Monitoring
Kyaw Sann Oo, Takahiro Nakagawa, Masataka Takagi
Page(s) 1383-1388
Conference Paper (PDF, 4972 KB)

Across-Track Imaging Accuracy Analysis and Research of High Resolution Satellite Imagery in Metropolitan Area
Wang Weian, Qiao Gang, Tong Xiaohua, Bao Feng, Liu Chun, Wang Jianmei, Ye Qin, Liu Shijie, Wang Wei, Ou Jianliang, Xie Huan, Wu Hangbin
Page(s) 1389-1394
Conference Paper (PDF, 5710 KB)

Uniscan and Alice-SC Ground Stations and Development of Their Networks
V.E. Gershenzon, O.N. Gershenzon
Page(s) 1395-1400
Conference Paper (PDF, 5528 KB)

Matching of High Resolution Satellite Image and Tree Crown Map
Mamoru Kubo, Ken-Ichiro Muramoto
Page(s) 1401-1404
Conference Paper (PDF, 5305 KB)

Comparisation of Spatial Accuracy of Data Acquaried from Mono and Stereo Images: a Case Study of Campus Area Konya -Turkey
O. Mutluoglu, M. Yakar, H.M. Yilmaz, F. Yildiz
Page(s) 1405-1408
Conference Paper (PDF, 5071 KB)

Mapping from High Resolution Data in GIS SOFIA Ltd
T. Madzharova, V. Petrova, K. Ivanova, M. Koeva
Page(s) 1409-1412
Conference Paper (PDF, 4858 KB)

An Investigation of Digital Orthophotos for Large Scale Mapping and Cadastre Renovation
S. Bakıcı, B. Erkek, Ö. Yıldırım
Page(s) 1413-1416
Conference Paper (PDF, 4907 KB)

Extraction of 3D Straight Lines Using LIDAR Data and Aerial Images
A. Miraliakbari, M. Hahn, H. Arefi, J. Engels
Page(s) 1417-1422
Conference Paper (PDF, 5109 KB)

A Comparison Between Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED) and Srtm Data of Mount Carleton in New Brunswick (Canada)
Frederic Happi Mangoua, Kalifa Goita
Page(s) 1423-1430
Conference Paper (PDF, 5590 KB)

Practical Experiences in Photogrammetric Production with Digital Frame Camera Imagery
T. Loecherbach, J.D. Thurgood
Page(s) 1865-1870
Conference Paper (PDF, 806 KB)

Potential of the ADS40 Aerial Scanner for Archaeological Prospection in Rheinau, Switzerland
Tobias Kellenberger, Patrick Nagy
Page(s) 1871-1878
Conference Paper (PDF, 1467 KB)

Theme Session: Realtime and Incremental Updating of Core Databases

Spatial Database Challenges for Framework Data and Location-Based Services
Mike Jackson, Peter Woodsford
Page(s) 1431-1436
Conference Paper (PDF, 5023 KB)

Classification and Identification of Cadastral Structure Change
Xiao-Guang Zhou, Jun Chen, Marguerite Madden
Page(s) 1437-1446
Conference Paper (PDF, 4967 KB)

"Farm-Map on Internet" Geospatial Infrastructure and Web Map Services - a State of the Art for the Agricultural Sector
Hildegunn Norheim
Page(s) 1447-1448
Conference Paper (PDF, 4808 KB)

Research on Parallel Bulk-Loading R-Trees Based on Partition Technology of Database
Zhou Qin, Zhong Ershun, Huang Yaohuan
Page(s) 1449-1456
Conference Paper (PDF, 4999 KB)

Dom Quality Evaluation Based on Multi-Level Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment of Entropy Weights
Quanhua Zhao, Weidong Song
Page(s) 1457-1460
Conference Paper (PDF, 4860 KB)

Development of the United States National Land Cover Database: Experience from 1992 and 2001 Implementation
Limin Yang
Page(s) 1461-1466
Conference Paper (PDF, 4760 KB)

Entity Matching in Vector Spatial Data
Fu Zhongliang, Wu JianhuA
Page(s) 1467-1472
Conference Paper (PDF, 5004 KB)

Theme Session: Lunar Exploratory Missions

Cartography for Lunar Exploration: 2008 Status and Mission Plans
R.L. Kirk, B.A. Archinal, L.R. Gaddis, M.R. Rosiek
Page(s) 1473-1490
Conference Paper (PDF, 5205 KB)

General Architecture Design of Lunar Pojection System
Lü Xiaohua, Deng Shujun, Ma Jun
Page(s) 1491-1496
Conference Paper (PDF, 4917 KB)

Web-GIS Based Collaboration Environment Using Scientific Data of the Moon
J. Terazono, N. Asada, H. Demura, N. Hirata, K. Saiki, A. Iwasaki, R. Oka, T. Hayashi, T. Suzuki, H. Miyamoto, J. Haruyama, M. Ohtake, T. Matsunaga
Page(s) 1497-1500
Conference Paper (PDF, 4786 KB)

Theme Session: Early Warning Systems for Natural Hazards

Indian Tsunami Warning System, Shailesh Nayak
Shailesh Nayak, T. Srinivasa Kumar.
Page(s) 1501-1506
Conference Paper (PDF, 4862 KB)

Early Warning and Mapping for Flood Disasters
D. Mioc, B. Nickerson, E. Macgillivray, A. Morton, D. Fraser, P. Tang, G. Liang, F. Anton
Page(s) 1507-1512
Conference Paper (PDF, 5384 KB)

A Distributed Flood Inundation Model Integrating with Rainfall-Runoff Processes Using GIS and Remote Sensing Data
Nanshan Zheng, Yasuto Tachikawa, Kaoru Takara, Nanshan Zheng
Page(s) 1513-1518
Conference Paper (PDF, 4898 KB)

Using InSAR for Seismotectonic Observations the Mw 6.0 Parkfield Earthquake, 2004, California
M. De Michele, D. Raucoules, J. Salichon, A. Lemoine, H. Aochi
Page(s) 1519-1522
Conference Paper (PDF, 4858 KB)

Study on Flood Submergence Area Monitoring Quickly Using ASAR Data
Cheng Xue-Jun, Wan Youchuan, Tan Debao, Wang Zhaohu
Page(s) 1523-1528
Conference Paper (PDF, 5015 KB)

Extraction of Information on Geology Hazard from Multi-Polarization SAR Images
Cao Yun-Gang, Yan Li-Juan, Zheng Ze-Zhong
Page(s) 1529-1532
Conference Paper (PDF, 5403 KB)

Automatic Assessment of Damaged Area Due to Earthquake & Tsunami Using Scale-Space Classification Techniques
Neeraj Mishra, P. Suresh Kumar, R. Chandrakanth, R. Ramachandran, R. Krishnan
Page(s) 1533-1536
Conference Paper (PDF, 5014 KB)

A Preliminary Approach to Flood Risk Mapping and Flood Forecasting System for the LDCs
A. Albanese, F. Disabato, O. Terzo, R. Vigna, M. Giardino, L. Perotti
Page(s) 1537-1542
Conference Paper (PDF, 5374 KB)

The Modeling for Dynamic Algae Blooms Prediction Based on Remote Sensing
Wei Qingyu, Jiang Nan, Lu Heng, Hu Bin
Page(s) 1543-1548
Conference Paper (PDF, 4910 KB)

Deformation Monitor Based on 3D Laser Scanner
Guohui Zhang
Page(s) 1549-1552
Conference Paper (PDF, 4771 KB)

Research on High-Cut Slope Information Model of the Three Gorges Area
Zhongshi Tang, Hongrui Zhao, Gang Fu, Qiao Ge
Page(s) 1553-1558
Conference Paper (PDF, 5057 KB)

Special Session: Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and Spatial Information Grid (SIG)

Mapping Spatial Data Infrastructures to a Grid Environment for Optimized Processing of Large Amounts of Spatial Data
Andreas Krüger, Thomas H. Kolbe
Page(s) 1559-1566
Conference Paper (PDF, 4863 KB)

Evaluation of Large-Scale Storage Systems for Satellite Data in GEO Grid
Y. Tanimura, N. Yamamoto, Y. Tanaka, K. Iwao, I. Kojima, R. Nakamura, S. Tsuchida, S. Sekiguchi
Page(s) 1567-1574
Conference Paper (PDF, 4920 KB)

Construction of Grid-Based Monitoring Mechanism for Slopeland
Ying-Chin Chen, Mei-Ling Yeh, Tien-Yin Chou, Lang-Kun Chung
Page(s) 1575-1582
Conference Paper (PDF, 5430 KB)

Institutional Networking for a Regional SDI in the Hindu-Kush Himalayas
B. Bajracharya, B. Shrestha, S. Siddiqui
Page(s) 1583-1586
Conference Paper (PDF, 4747 KB)

Research on Spatial Database Model Under Grid Computing Environment
Liu Xiaosheng, Huang Xiaobin, Zhao Zhiyong
Page(s) 1587-1590
Conference Paper (PDF, 4753 KB)

The Use of Remote Sensing Data for Habitat Fragmentation and Herpetological Biodiversity Studies in the Mediterranean Basin (BIOFRAG)
A.G. Toxopeus, A.K. Skidmore, C.A. De Bie, V. Venus, W. Nieuwenhuis
Page(s) 1591-1596
Conference Paper (PDF, 5098 KB)

A Study on RS Image Sharing Based on Data Grid
Wang Lian-Bei
Page(s) 1597-1600
Conference Paper (PDF, 4879 KB)

Research on Spatial Information/Knowledge Resource Organization in Grid Environment
Xiaosan Ge, Zengzhang Guo, Fengyuan Wei
Page(s) 1601-1604
Conference Paper (PDF, 4744 KB)

Metdata Portal for Maps in Turkey
G. Yalcin, S. Bakici
Page(s) 1605-1610
Conference Paper (PDF, 5063 KB)

Data Integration and Generalization for SDI in a Grid Computing Framework
R. Guercke, C. Brenner, M. Sester
Page(s) 1611-1616
Conference Paper (PDF, 6410 KB)

Special Session: Geo-Information for Disaster Mapping

Comparison of Orthorectification Methods Suitable for Rapid Mapping Using Direct Georeferencing and RPC for Optical Satellite Data
D. Hoja, M. Schneider, R. Müller, M. Lehner, P. Reinartz
Page(s) 1617-1624
Conference Paper (PDF, 4962 KB)

Monitoring the Recovery Process of the Disaster-Affected Areas -Scaling Context Image Analysis in GEO Grid-Based Solution
T.T. Vu
Page(s) 1625-1630
Conference Paper (PDF, 1619 KB)

SII for Emergency Response: the 3D Challenges
Sisi Zlatanova
Page(s) 1631-1638
Conference Paper (PDF, 762 KB)

OHE Object Oriented Analysis and Evaluation Method for the Natural Disaster Based on Spatial Techniques: a Pilot Study
Hu Zhuowei, Gong Huili, Zhao Wenji, Li Xiaojuan
Page(s) 1639-1642
Conference Paper (PDF, 588 KB)

Econova Flood Warning System: Geo-Information for Real Time Flood Risk Management
Michel Ares, T.Sc. A
Page(s) 1643-1646
Conference Paper (PDF, 584 KB)

Integrated Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Predicting Soil Erosion Process
Wenfu Peng, Jieming Zhou, Zhengwei He, Cun-Jian Yang
Page(s) 1647-1652
Conference Paper (PDF, 661 KB)

Federal Geographic Data Committee Homeland Security Working Group
Michael P. Lee
Page(s) 1653-1658
Conference Paper (PDF, 472 KB)

Applying Digital Photogrammetry to Spatial Distribution of Debris Variation
Miau-Bin Su, Fang-Mao Chen, I-Hui Chen
Page(s) 1659-1664
Conference Paper (PDF, 811 KB)

Fusion of GIS and Statistical Features of Satellite SAR Images for Earthquake Damage Mapping At the Block Scale
Giovanna Trianni, Fabio Dell'Acqua, Paolo Gamba, Gianni Lisini
Page(s) 1665-1670
Conference Paper (PDF, 555 KB)

Evacuation Planning in Earthquake Disasters, Using RS & GIS
Karim Naghdi, Ali Mansourian, Mohammad Javad Valadanzoej, Mohammad Saadatseresht
Page(s) 1671-1676
Conference Paper (PDF, 1121 KB)

Remote Sensing Investigation and Mechanism Research of Tiantai Landslide in Sichuan Province
Yang Rihong, Wang Zhihua, Li Zhizhong, Yang Jinzhong
Page(s) 1677-1682
Conference Paper (PDF, 1042 KB)

Risk Assessment and Mapping for Canlaon Volcano, Philippines
Rowena B. Quiambao
Page(s) 1683-1688
Conference Paper (PDF, 817 KB)

Mapping the Irrigation Area of Winter Wheat Farmland in North China Plain Using MODIS Remote Sensing Data
Lin Lu, Qin Zhihao, Li Jingjing
Page(s) 1689-1692
Conference Paper (PDF, 627 KB)

Delineation of Healthy and Diseased Tea Patches Using MXL and Texture Based Classification
Rishiraj Dutta, Alfred Stein, N.R. Patel
Page(s) 1693-1700
Conference Paper (PDF, 974 KB)

Monitoring of Earthquakes Activities along the Syrian Rift System (Left-Lateral) by Using Remote Sensing and GIS Database
Moutaz Dalati
Page(s) 1701-1706
Conference Paper (PDF, 1107 KB)

Special Session: from National Mapping to an European Spatial Data Infrastructure

From Local to European SDI - Inspiring the Next Generation of Spatial Information in Great Britain
K.J. Murray
Page(s) 1707-1714
Conference Paper (PDF, 636 KB)

TLM - the Swiss 3D Topographic Landscape Model
Liam O'Sullivan, Stephane Bovet, Andre Streilein
Page(s) 1715-1720
Conference Paper (PDF, 547 KB)

The Danish Way to a National Spatial Data Infrastructure, Poul Frederiksen, National Survey and Cadastre
S.S. Dael, P. Frederiksen, L.T. Jørgensen
Page(s) 1721-1728
Conference Paper (PDF, 1010 KB)

Spanish National Plan for Territory Observation (PNOT)
Antonio Arozarena Villar, Lorenzo García Asensio, Guillermo Villa Alcázar, Javier Hermosilla Cárdenas, Francisco Papí Montanel, Nuria Valcárcel Sanz, Juan José Peces
Page(s) 1729-1734
Conference Paper (PDF, 700 KB)

VisionMap A3 - the New Digital Aerial Mapping System: Basic Principles and Workflow
Michael Pechatnikov, Erez Shor, Yuri Raizman
Page(s) 1735-1740
Conference Paper (PDF, 842 KB)

HUMBOLDT Project for Data Harmonisation in the Framework of GMES and ESDI: Introduction and Early Achievements
P. Villa, M.A. Gomarasca
Page(s) 1741-1746
Conference Paper (PDF, 681 KB)

SDI in Two Diverse Contexts - Aceh and Australia: Differences and Similarities
Paul M. Harris, Kylie Armstrong
Page(s) 1747-1752
Conference Paper (PDF, 810 KB)

Special Session: Standards and Standardization of Geo-Spatial Information

The EuroSDR Approach on Digital Airborne Camera Calibration and Certification
Michael Cramer
Page(s) 1753-1758
Conference Paper (PDF, 457 KB)

The GEO Standards and Interoperability Forum
S.J.S. Khalsa, J. Zhang, W. Kresse
Page(s) 1759-1762
Conference Paper (PDF, 513 KB)

Standardization in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Wolfgang Kresse
Page(s) 1763-1768
Conference Paper (PDF, 509 KB)

The Research and Application of WFS Based GML
Jiang Jun, Yang Chong-Jun, Ren Ying-Chao, Jiang Miao
Page(s) 1769-1772
Conference Paper (PDF, 544 KB)

GML-an Open-Standard Geospatial Data Format
Sheng Ye, Feng Xuezhi, Shaotao Yuan, Ruan Renzong
Page(s) 1773-1778
Conference Paper (PDF, 561 KB)

Formatting Display of Spatial Metadata Based on XML
Xiaodong Zhou, Chuncheng Yang, Nina Meng
Page(s) 1779-1782
Conference Paper (PDF, 456 KB)

Study on Copyright Authentication of GIS Vector Data Based on Zero-Watermarking
Anbo Li, Bingxian Lin, Ying Chen, Guonian Lv
Page(s) 1783-1786
Conference Paper (PDF, 641 KB)

Interoperable Image Data Access through ArcGIS Server
Qian Liu
Page(s) 1787-1792
Conference Paper (PDF, 511 KB)

Special Session: Digital Olympics

Design and Implementation of a Portal Site for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing Using Google Maps
Yuan Ying, Franz-Josef Behr, Hui Li
Page(s) 1793-1798
Conference Paper (PDF, 1875 KB)

Challenging Olympic Medals - an Innovative GNSS-Based Multi-Sensor System for Athlete Training and Coaching
K. Zhang, F. Wu, C. Mackintosh, T. Rice, C. Gore, A. Hahn, S. Holthous
Page(s) 1799-1804
Conference Paper (PDF, 877 KB)

Special Session: Western Area Mapping and 1:50000 Database Updating in China with High Resolution Imagery

1:50000 Scale Topographic Mapping in West China Using SPOT 5 Data
Y. Qin, G. Wujun, M. Bernard
Page(s) 1805-1810
Conference Paper (PDF, 643 KB)

Adjustment with Sparse GCPs and the High-Resolution Satellite Imagery - for the Project of West China Topographic Mapping At 1:50, 000 Scale
Zhang Li, Zhang Jixian, Chen Xiangyang, an Hong
Page(s) 1811-1818
Conference Paper (PDF, 1165 KB)

Image Registration of High Resolution Satellite Based on Straight Line Feature
Gong Danchao, Tang Xiaotao, Li Shizhong, Hu Guojun
Page(s) 1819-1824
Conference Paper (PDF, 914 KB)

Research on China Western Spatial Data Quality Control and Evaluation Technique System
Cao Yang, Song Weidong, Lei Bing
Page(s) 1825-1830
Conference Paper (PDF, 764 KB)

Design and Implementation of Production Planning Management System of Surveying and Mapping Project
X. Gao, Y. Zhong, B. Lei
Page(s) 1831-1834
Conference Paper (PDF, 753 KB)

Land Cover Classification Research At Scale of 1:50000 in Sanjiangyuan Study Area Based on SPOT-5 Images
J.M. Gong, X.M. Yang, J. Lu, Z.J. Lin, F.Z. Su, Y.Y. Du, Z. Jiang
Page(s) 1835-1840
Conference Paper (PDF, 1192 KB)

Special Session: Global DEM Interoperability

Application of High-Resolution Global DEM in the Oco Mission
Jia Zong
Page(s) 1841-1846
Conference Paper (PDF, 760 KB)

Validating Global Digital Elevation Models with Degree Confluence Project Information and ASTER-DEM on Geo Grid
K. Iwao, N. Yamamoto, S. Kodama, R. Nakamura, M. Matsuoka, S. Sekiguchi, E. Tsukuda, D. Patton
Page(s) 1847-1852
Conference Paper (PDF, 670 KB)

The European DEM (EuroDEM) - Setup and Harmonisation
Michael Hovenbitzer
Page(s) 1853-1856
Conference Paper (PDF, 1028 KB)

An Enhanced Global Elevation Model Generalized from Multiple High Resolution Source Datasets,
Jeffrey J. Danielson, Dean B. Gesch
Page(s) 1857-1864
Conference Paper (PDF, 1216 KB)




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