ISPRS Spending Policy

The limited financial means of the Society require a restrictive spending policy concerning all officers of the Society and other persons charged with the conduction of ISPRS business. Spending shall always be directed at achievements of aims of the Society. These guidelines have been compiled in order to ensure a consistent spending policy for ISPRS.

  1. Service as a Member of ISPRS Council is considered an honour. Therefore, no salary or honorarium payment shall be provided to Council Members.
  2. The payment of salary / honoraria to other persons charged with the conduction of ISPRS business should be justified by a full business case and approved by ISPRS Council.
  3. Each Council Member should actively seek the support of his/her association or employer, or other appropriate third-party, for travel and Council related expenses. The Congress Director's expenses are to be totally covered in the Congress budget and/or by the host member of the Congress.
  4. Any person charged with the conduction of ISPRS business should seek alternative sources of funding to support travel and related expenses wherever feasible. Travel resulting in expense reimbursement must be authorised by Council in advance as part of the budgeting process. ISPRS does not reimburse expenses incurred by a person’s spouse or partner accompanying them on ISPRS business travel.
  5. With the growth of the Society, Council's tasks are increasing and widening over time, both in depth and extent. In the interest of optimal use of Society funds, the number of Joint Meetings of Council with Commission Presidents should be restricted to one per year. Similarly, Council should strive to convene its formal Council Meetings only twice per year.
  6. The support of Council by local organizers of Congress, Symposia and Working Group events is strongly encouraged and both Joint and Council Meetings should preferably be held in conjunction with other events, such that tasks can be combined and travel time and money saved.
  7. Council is encouraged to maximize the use of remote communications (e-mail, facsimile, tele-conferencing, Skype, etc.) to conduct its business.
  8. ISPRS supported Council travel should be limited to the Society's core business. Attendance of Council Members at non-ISPRS meetings should be approved by the President and considered with care.
  9. If ISPRS funds are used for travel support, the most cost-efficient option should be chosen in order to minimise travel expenses for airline tickets, ground transportation, accommodation, subsistence, etc. All flights must be Economy class, bar in exceptional circumstances with the prior written approval of the President.
  10. Receipts are required for all expenses claimed, bar in exceptional circumstances with the written approval of the President.
  11. Expenses, honoraria etc. are reimbursed by bank transfer and may incur charges by the recipient’s bank. The payment of any such charge is the responsibility of the recipient.
  12. In their budget projection and accounting of spending, each Council Member should itemize expenses separately into categories of communications, travel, and miscellaneous. Budget projections of each Council member should include their planned travel for the forthcoming year


These guidelines have been approved by the ISPRS Financial Commission on November 11, 2013.


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