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ISPRS Best Poster Award. At the Congress a total of two awards per Technical Commission are sponsored by ISPRS. Each award consists of a certificate and a gift from the Congress Director. A nomination for this award is not possible and not necessary, as all presented posters will be considered for the award.

A jury for each of the ISPRS Commissions, appointed by the respective Technical Commission President, evaluates the poster presentations and selects the two best posters from the Commission based on content and presentation of the posters. The decision of the jury is final. The awards are presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Congress.

Approved by Council, March 19, 2018

The winners of the award in Nice, 2022

TC Names and Poster Titles
  • Rahima Djahel, Pascal Monasse, Bruno Vallet:
    A 3D Segments Based Algorithm For Heterogeneous Data Registration
  • Federica Marotta, Luca Perfetti, Francesco Fassi, Cristiana Achille, Giorgio Vassena:
    LIDAR IMMS vs Handheld Multicamera System: A Stress-Test in a Mountain Trailpath
  • Fabio Remondino, Luca Morelli, Elisavet Konstantina Stathopoulou, Mostafa Elhashash, Rongjun Qin:
    Aerial Triangulation with Learning-Based Tie Points
  • Hristina Hristova, Meinrad Abegg, Christoph Fischer, Nataliia Rehush:
    Monocular Depth Estimation in Forest Environments
  • Noorlaila Hayati, Noorkomala Sari, Rahmat Arief, Maulida Annisa Uzzulfa:
    Parameters to estimate CO2 emission in peatland area based on carbon content and subsidence rate from SAR interferometry
  • Paraskevi Mikeli, Katerina Kikaki, Ioannis Kakogeorgiou, Konstantinos Karantzalos:
    How challenging is the discrimination of floating materials on the sea surface using high resolution multispectral satellite data?
  • Oskar Wage, Lasse Bienzeisler, Monika Sester:
    Risk Analysis of Cycling Accidents using a Traffic Demand Model
  • Hao Li, Alexander Zipf:
    A conceptual model for converting OpenStreetMap contribution to geospatial machine learning training data
  • Maria Grazia D’urso, S. Rasera:
    Multi-Criteria Analysis in the Management of Temporary Reuse of Spaces


The winners of the award in Prague, 2016

TC Names and Poster Titles
  • Marinus Axel Boon, Richard Greenfield, Solomon Tesfamichael:
    Wetland Assessment using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrammetry
  • Junhua Kang, Fei Deng, Xinwei Li:
    Automatic texture reconstruction of 3d city model from oblique images
  • A. Zlinszky and A. Kania:
    Visualization and accuracy evaluation of high-resolution fuzzy vegetation maps
  • A. Suhaibah, U. Uznir, F. Anton, D. Mioc, and A. A. Rahman:
    3D Nearest Neighbour Search Using a Clustered Hierarchical Tree Structure
  • William Nguatem, Martin Drauschke, Helmut Mayer:
    Automatic Generation of Building Models With Levels of Detail 1-3
  • Miloud Mezian, Bruno Vallet, Bahman
    Soheilian, Nicolas Paparoditis:
    Uncertainty Propagation for Terrestrial Mobile Laser Scanner
  • Ferruh Yildiz:
    The effect of pixel size on the accuracy of orthophoto production
  • Nishith Maheshwari:
    A semantic model to define indoor space in context of emergency evacuation
  • M. Mueller and T. Voegtle:
    Determination of Steering Wheel Angles during Car Alignment by Image Analysis Methods
  • Jinhu Wang, Roderik Lindenbergh, Yueqian Shen, and Massimo Menenti:
    Coarse Point Cloud Registration by EGI Matching of Voxel Clusters
  • Franz-Josef Behr:
    A Framework for an Open Source Geospatial Certification Model
  • Anjillyn Mae C. Perez:
    RS-based water resource inventory of the Philippines: capacity building efforts for nationwide implementation
  • Ruiqian Zhang:
    S-CNN Based Ship Detection from High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
  • Aristides Vaiopoulos:
    Robust Evaluation of High Performance Pan sharpening Algorithms on Modern Satellite Imagery
  • M. Nishio and M. Mori:
    Analysis of debris flow disaster due to heavy rain by X-band MP radar data
  • Cheng-Hao Lu:
    Applying UAS and photogrammetry to monitor the morphological changes along the beach in Penghu islands


The winners of the award in Melbourne, 2012

TC Names and Poster Titles

  • Joshua Kelcey and Arko Lucieer:
    Sensor Correction and Radiometric Calibration of a 6-Band Multispectral Imaging Sensor for UAV Remote Sensing
  • Michael Thiele:
    Cody Anderson and Andreas Brunn: Cross-calibration of the RapidEye Multispectral Imager Payloads using Pseudo-Invariant Test Sites

  • Jochem Lesparre and Ben Gorte:
    Simplified 3D city models from LIDAR
  • Jangping Chen et al:
    A research on spatial topological association rules mining

  • Sitki Külür, Mahir Temiz and Sedat Dogan:
    Real time speed estimation from monocular video
  • Alena Schmidt, Franz Rottensteiner and Uwe Soergel:
    Classification of airborne laser scanning data in Wadden Sea areas using conditional random fields

  • Fabio Menna, Erica Nocerino and Fabio Remondino:
    Multi-temporal Analysis of Landscape and Urban Areas: The MEM3D Project
  • Daniel Buchmueller, Michael Kroepfl and Fanz Leberl:
    Online Maps and Cloud-Supported Location-Based-Services across a Manifold of Devices

  • Ting On Chan and Derek Lichti:
    Cylinder-based Self-calibration of a Panoramic Terrestrial Laser Scanner
  • Heidi Hastedt and Thomas Luhmann:
    Investigations on a Combined RGB / Time-of-Flight Approach for Dynamic Close Range Applications

  • Mehmet Ugur Altin, Ergin Tari and Linlin Ge:
    InSAR Atmospheric Delay Mitigation by GPS; Case Study Izmit Earthquake Interferograms
  • Seongjoon Kim, Impyeong Lee and Mijin Lee:
    LIDAR Waveform Simulation over Complex Targets

  • Elizabeth M. Morse-McNabb:
    NDVI from Active Optical Sensors as a Measure of Canopy Cover and Biomass
  • Natasha Costa Penatti:
    Subdivision of Pantanal Quaternary Wetlands: MODIS
    NDVI Time-series in the Indirect Detection of Sediments Granulometry


The winners of the award in Beijing, 2008


Names and Poster Titles

  • W. Jung , J.S. Bethel:
    Stochastic Modeling and Triangulation for an Airborne Three Line Scanner

  • Liang-Chien Chen, Tee-Ann Teo, Chao-Yuan Lo:
    Elevation-Controlled Block Adjustment for Weakly Convergent Satellite Images

  • Hainan Chen, Volker Walter, Dieter Fritsch:
    Quality Inspection and Quality Improvement by Map Fusion

  • Oh Sojung, Impyeong Lee, Juseok Hong: Generalization of Fundamental City Spatial Model for the Data Generation Satisfied with User’s Requirements

  • Tee Ann Teo:
    Parametric Reconstruction for Complex Building from Lidar and Vector Maps Using a Divide-and-Conquer Strategy

  • Changchang Wu, Friedrich Fraundorfer, Jan-Michael
    Frahm, Jack Snoeyink, Marc Pollefeys: Image Localization in Satellite Imagery with Feature-Based Indexing

  • T. Fuse, T. Wayama, E. Shimizu:
    A Study on Automatic Image Arrangement in Urban Area - Toward the New Concept of Urban Visualization

  • A. Ajmar, F. Perez, O. Terzo:
    World Food Program SDI implementation in support of emergency management

  • Tsutomu Kakiuchi,Hirofumi Chikatsu:
    Robust Extraction of Ancient burial mounds in brushland from Laser Scanning Data

  • Sylvie Soudarissanane, Roderik Lindenbergh, Ben
    Gorte: Reducing the Error in Terrestrial Laser Scanning by Automatic Optimization of the Measurement Set-up

  • E. McGovern, A. Martin, R. Moore:
    The Production of High-Quality Video for E-Learning

  • J.L. Perez-Garcia, J. Delgado, J. Cardenal, M.A. Ureña: On The Use of Low-Cost Synthetic Models for Educational and Research Purposes in Digital Photogrammetry

  • L.Ochirkhuyag, R.Tsolmon:
    Monitoring the Source of Trans-National Dust Storms in North East Asia

  • S. Abdikan, F. Balik Sanli, F. Bektas Balcik, C. Goksel:
    Fusion of SAR Images (PALSAR and RADARSAT-1) with Multispectral SPOT image: A Comparative Analysis of Resulting Images

  • Afzal Ahmed, Masahiko Nagai, Chen Tianen, Ryosuke
    UAV Based Monitoring System and Object Detection Technique Development for a Disaster Area

  • Jaime Hernández Palma:
    Automatic Single-Tree Crown Identification and Delineation on Aerial Images Using Morphological Filtering


The winners of the award in Istanbul, 2004

TC Names and Poster Titles
  • H. Raggam and K.H. Gutjahr:
    Accuracy Analysis and Surface Mapping Using SPOT-5 Stereo Data

  • C.H.Liu:
    Fast Georeferencing Images Through a Gene Ralized Photogrammetric Algorithm

  • S. N. Mahapatra.V. K. Mahindru.A. K. Swain, A. Upadhyaya:
    Updation and Positional Accuracy Improvement of Geo Spatial Data-Innovations at Kampsax India Private Limited

  • A. Habib, R. Al-Ruzouq:
    Automatic Registration and Change Detection of Multi-Source Imagery with Varying Geometric and Radiometric Properties

  • A. Hincq, M. Idrissa, V. Lacroix, H. Bruynseels, O. Swartenbroekx:
    A Visibility Test on SPOT5 Images

  • M. F. Buchroithner, O. Waelder, B. Koenig, T. Gruendemann, G. Neukum, K. Habermann:
    True-3D Visualization of the Martian Surface Based on Lenticular Foil Technology Using HRSC Imagery

  • N. Watanahe:
    A Study on Tempo-Spatial Change of Interaction Between the Human Activity and Paleo Environment in Jomon Period, Japan

  • D. Winterhalder:
    Automatic Reconstruction of Single Trees from Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data

  • S. Phem, K. Grabmaier:
    Refresher Course on Digital Photogrammetry

  • C. Katterfeld, M. Sester:
    Desktop Virtual Reality in E Learning Environments

  • R. Khedam, A. Belhadj-Aissa:
    Contextual Classification of Remotely Sensed Data Using Map Approach

  • Y. Imai, M. Setojima.Y.Yamagishi, N. Fujiwara:
    Tree-Height Measuring Characteristics of Urban Forests by LIDAR


The winners of the award in Amsterdam, 2000

TC Names

  • Pu-Huai Chen & lan Dowman (UK)
  • Suk-Young Hong, Kyu-Sang & In-Sang Yo (Korea)


  • H. Hild, N. Haala & D. Fritsch (Germany)
  • J.F.C. Silva, P.O. Camargo, R.A. Oliveira, M.G. Guardia, M.L.L. Reiss & R.A.C. Silva (Brazil)


  • Huijing Zhao (Japan)
  • Eckart Michaelsen & Uwe Stilla (Germany)


  • J. Delgado, J. Gardena! & A. Gomez (Spain)
  • Lassi Lehto & T. Kilpelainen (Finland)


  • Jan Hrabacek & Frank van den Heuvel (Netherlands)
  • Zhou Ming (UK)


  • Javier Gardenal, Jorge Delgado & Manuel Torres (Spain)
  • Kohei Cho, R. Matsumoto, H. Shimada & T. Sakata (Japan)


  • A. Wimmer, M Scharelt, M. Ziegler, G. Ruppert, K. Granica, U. Schmidt, H. Gallaun & H. Hyyppa (Australia)
  • J.H.M. Hakvoort, J .F . de Haan, R. Jordans, R.J. Vas, S. Peters & M Rijkeboer (Netherlands)


The winners of the award in Vienna, 1996

TC Names and Poster Titles

  • Wolfgang Walcher:
    Visual Interaction with Very Large Spatial Data Sets
  • Markus Maresch (Co-Author: Peter Duracher):
    The Geometrie Design of a Vehicle Based 3 Line CCD Camera System for Data Acquisition of 3D City Models

  • Florin Savopol:
    Productions d'images synthetiques de haute resolution pour la Stereorestitution photogrammetrique
  • Andreas Georgopoulos:
    Towards an Operational Digital Video Photogrammetric System for  3D Measurements

  • Amnon Krupnik:
    Do it on the Ground: lncreasing Re­liability and Accuracy of Automatic Aero­ triangulation by Matching in the Object Space
  • Uwe Stilla (Co-Author: Klaus Jurkiewicz):
    Structural 3D Analysis of Urban Scenes from Aerial Images

  • Hiroyuki Hasegawa (Co-Authors: Atsushi Okamoto, Susumu Hattori, Tetsu Ono, Kikuo Tachibana, Michael Gildengorin):
    Aerial Photo I Triangulation Database System for Kobe Earthquake in 1995
  • Mohamed Omari Cherkaoui (Co­ Authors: Fatima Barkan, Michael Gay):
    Utilisation d'un systeme d'information geographique pour l'evaluation des risques   d'erosion et d'analyse des potentialites forestiiires: Mise au point methodologique

  • Bernd Pollak
    Configuration Optimisation and Workspace Enlargement of CCD-Video­ Cameras
  • Heinrich Schewe (Co-Authors: Erik Moncrieff, Lothar Gründig):
    Improvement of Fishfarm Pen Using Computational Structural Modelling and Large-Scale Underwater Photo­ grammetry (CoSMoLUP)

  • Bhagwan Singh Chaudhary:
    Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographie Information Systems in Ground Water (Investigations in Sohna Block, Gurgaon District, lndia)
  • Hans-Peter Bähr:
    Linguistic Confusion in Semantic Modelling

  • Joao Roberto dos Santos (Co­ Authors: Dominic R. Scales, Manfred Keil, Hermann J.H. Kux, M. Silvia Pardi Lacruz):
    lnteractive Analysis of SIR-C and Landsat-TM Data for the Spectrai­ Textural Characterisation of the Land Cover in SW Amazonia, Brazil
  • Jan Clevers (Co-Authors: H.  Kramer, H.J.C. van Leeuwen, D.H. Hoekman):
    The Merit of JERS-1 Data in Addition to ERS-1 and Optical Satellite Data for Agricultural Applications


The winners of the award in Washington, 1992

TC Names and Poster Titles

  • Dr. Roop C. Malhotra (USA)
    Simulation Study for Integrating GPS-Control and Infrared Photography in Aerotriangulation for Shoreline Mapping
  • Manfred Schroeder (Germany)
    Spatial Resolution of a Digital CCD-Camera (Räumliches  Auflösungsvermögen   Einer   Digitalen CCD-Kamera)


  • Kurt Novak (USA)
    Real-Time Mapping Technology
  • Qiming Zhou and Allan H. Evans (Australia)
    Development  of  a  Multimedia  Spatial  Information System

  • Rysuke Shibasaki (Japan)
    A Theoretical Framework for Handling Spatial Data with Positional Uncertainty in a GIS
  • Liu Bin-yi (China)
    Towards the Perceptual World: A Modeling Framework for Transforming Physical Environmental Digital Data into Perceptional Digital Data

  • Agneta G. Engberg and Bo Malmström (Sweden) "Evaluation  of  SPOT   Data  for Topographie Map Revision at the National Land Survey of Sweden
  • Huang  Qian,  Huang  Rentao,  Zhang  Xinchang,  Lai Rongqing and Zhu Huiming (China)
    A Photomap of China with NOAA A VHRR Data

  • Rainer Pallaske, Werner Marten and Landolf Maueishagen (Germany)
    Digital Orthophoto-System for Architecture Representation
  • Hans-Gerd Maas (Switzerland)
    Complexity Analysis for the  Establishmen t of  Image Correspondences of Dense Spatial Ta rget Fields

  • Kirsi-Kanerva Artimo (Finland)
    ADP Education as a Part of GIS Curriculum
  • John R. Jensen and Sunil Narumalani (USA)
    lmproved Remote Sensing and GIS ReHability Diagrams, Image Genealogy Diagrams, and Thematic Map Legends to Enhance Communication

  • Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska, A. Ciolkosz, M. Gruszczynska and St. Lewinski (Poland )
    Assessment of Grassland Production Using Information from Satellite Remote Sensing
  • Eihan Shimizu (Japan)
    Fuzzy Classification of  Satellite  lmagery  by  Neural Networks


The winners of the award in Kyoto, 1988

TC Name and Poster Titles
  • Neville, Gauthies, Schwarz  and Till (CANADA)
    Calibration of the  MEIS Multi-spectral  Image
  • G. Schreier, Kosmann and A. Roth  (F.R.GERMANY)
    Design Aspects of a System  for Geocoding Satellite
  • Otto Kölbl  (SWITZERLAND)
    Experiments with the Stereo Image lnjection System of the  WILD  S9-AP
  • A.M.G.Tommaselli and J.B.Lugnani (BRAZIL)
    An  Alternative Mathematical Model  to the Collinearity  Equation  Using  Straight Features
  • J.A.R.Biais and  M.  Boulianne (CANADA)
    Comparative Analysis  of  information Measures  for Digital Images
  • Li Mengxiung (SWEDEN)
    High Precision  Relative  Grientation Using  the  Feature  Based Matehing Techniques
  • Mayin Michaelis (F.R.GERMANY)
    lncorporation of Texture Information as an Aid to the Feature Extraction  and classification with SPOT Data
  • Paisal Kasiwat, Nopakoon Hongstong and K. Edwards (THAILAND)
    Thailand Land Titling
  • Liu Chuang  (CHINA)
    Modelling of Land  Evaluation  in GIS
  • H.   Sawada,   M.   Watanabe,  K.  Tomiyama  and  T. Fujiwara (JAPAN)
    Digital Mapping of Tsuchiura  City
  • Clifford  L. Ogleby,  R.B.Grayson and   R.D.Barling (AUSTRALIA)
    A  Camparisan between Photogrammetry and a Surface  Profile  Meter  for  the  Determination of  Surface Topography for  Micro-Erosion Measurement
  • Elena Baj and G. Bozzolato  ( ITALY)
    Numerical  Photogrammetry  for   Global   Surveying and the  Leaning  Tower  of  Pisa
  • Keizo Kimata  (JAPAN)
    The Weil  Sweep  Type Photograph Systems
  • Mitsuyoshi Kureya  (JAPAN)
    Develop  of   a  Simple   CT  Scanner   for  a  Cultural Property
  • Seife M. Berhe (U.K.)
    A  Regional  Teetonic  Study  of  North  East and  East Africa  and  its  lmplication for  Mineral  Exploration - A synoptic View  from  Satellite  lmagery
  • A.  Hoyano ad Y. Komatsu  (JAPAN)
    lnfluence of Mixeis on Urban  Land Cover Classification  Accuracy
  • Roger  M. Hofferand F. Lozano  Garcia (USA)
    Information Content of Combined Radar and  Multi­ spectral  Scanner  Data  Obtained from  Satellite Altitude
  • M.  Kuniyasu, A.  lwashita, H.  Watanabe, Y.  Mizuochi and Y. Maruyama (JAPAN)
    New  Analytical Method of Geological Linearment by Using  Landsat  lmagery
  • H.  Andrianasolo (FRANCE)
    Difinition et determinationdes unites dynamiques d' un Paysage Sahelien  (OURSI)
  • Kunikazu   Tanaka,   Y.   Matsumoto  and  M.  Takaba (JAPAN)
    Application of  Remote  Sensing  to  Benthic  Marine Algae Monitoring



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