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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXV Part B2, 2004

XXth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission II
July 12-23, 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Editor(s): Orhan Altan


Table of Contents

On-site Coastal Decision Making with Wireless Mobile Gis
X. Niua, R. Maa, T. Alib, A. Srivastavaa, R. Lia
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 517 KB)

Photobus: Towards Real-time Mobile Mapping
G. Herve, S. Jan, G. Pierre-Yves
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 2095 KB)

Real Time Identification and Location of Forest Fire Hotspots from Geo-Referenced Thermal Images
N. Tyotsuma
Page(s) 13-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 470 KB)

Usgs/osu Progress with Digital Camera in Situ Calibration Methods
D.C. Merchanta, A. Schenka, A. Habibb, T. Yoona
Page(s) 19-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

The Use of Dgps- RTK Measurements through Gsm Network for Gis Environments
M. Caprioli, A. Scognamiglio, G. Strisciuglio
Page(s) 25-28
Conference Paper (PDF, 244 KB)

Pegasus: Design of a Stratospheric Long Endurance Uav System for Remote Sensing
J. Everaerts, N. Lewyckyj, D. Fransaer
Page(s) 29-33
Conference Paper (PDF, 106 KB)

Image Orientation by Combined Bundle Adjustment with Fixed Imageries
Y. Xiuxiao, X. Chou, W. Shugen
Page(s) 34-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 544 KB)

Application of Real Time Gis Using Rtk Gps for Local Government
O. Aki, S. Masaaki
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 248 KB)

Development of Road Information System Using Digital Photogrammetry
D. Seo, B. Yeu, N. Kim
Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 1272 KB)

Real Time Mapping with Dgps-Enabled Navigation Equipment
A. Pala, G. Sanna, G. Vacca
Page(s) 51-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 1385 KB)

Gis - Goes Aerial for Rs-data Acquisition
P. Frantisek, K. Gerhard
Page(s) 57-61
Conference Paper (PDF, 2979 KB)

A Real-time Photogrammetric Mapping System
S. S. C. Wu, J. Hutton, B. Kletzli, H. M. Noto, S. S. Wang, Z. H. Wang
Page(s) 61-65
Conference Paper (PDF, 2745 KB)

Development of Simple Mobile Mapping System for The Construction of Road Foundation Data
O. Tetsu, Y. Keiji, T. Hiroshi, K. Takamasa
Page(s) 67-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 269 KB)

Leica Mobilematrix – The New Data Acquisition Software from Leica Geosystems
H. Johannes
Page(s) 73-78
Conference Paper (PDF, 684 KB)

Polands Experience in Acquiring Remote Sensing Data within The Open Skies International Treaty
M. Zyznowski, W. Debski, A. Klewski, P. Walczykowski
Page(s) 79-83
Conference Paper (PDF, 900 KB)

Forest Parameter Deriviation from Dtm/dsm generated from Lidar and Digital Modular Camera (dmc)
M. Heuricha, H. Schadeckb, H. Weinacker, P. Krzystek
Page(s) 84-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 352 KB)

Integration of Lidar and Ifsar for Mapping
D. Ian
Page(s) 90-100
Conference Paper (PDF, 619 KB)

The Filtering and Phase Unwrapping of Interferogram
Q. Xu, G. Jin, C. Zhu, Z. Wang, Y. He, P. Yang
Page(s) 101-106
Conference Paper (PDF, 1587 KB)

Extraction of Features from Objects in Urban Areas Using Space-time Analysis of Recorded Laser Pulses
B. Jutzi, U. Stilla
Page(s) 107-112
Conference Paper (PDF, 385 KB)

Quality Measures for Digital Terrain Models
K. Kraus, C. Briese, M. Attwenger, N. Pfeifer
Page(s) 113-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 829 KB)

Identification and Risk Modeling of Airfield Obstructions for Aviation Safety Management
W. Chun, H. Yong, T. Vincent
Page(s) 119-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 627 KB)

Use of Statistical Distribution for Segmentation of Sar Imagens of Oceanic Areas
R.F. Rocha
Page(s) 125-128
Conference Paper (PDF, 9893 KB)

The Contrast Research of The Methods of Restraining The Speckle Noise of Sar Images
W. Zhiyong, Z. Jixian, W. Tongxiao
Page(s) 129-133
Conference Paper (PDF, 212 KB)

Model-based Vehicle Detection from Lidar Data
T. Lovas, C.K. Toth, A. Barsi
Page(s) 134-138
Conference Paper (PDF, 606 KB)

Algorithms and Experiment on Sar Image Orthorectification Based on Polynomial Rectification and Height Displacement Correction
G.M. Huang, J.K. Guo, J.G. Lv, Z. Xiao, Z. Zhao, C.P. Qiu
Page(s) 139-143
Conference Paper (PDF, 353 KB)

Analysis and Accuracy Assessment of Airborne Laserscanning System
A. Alharthy, J. Bethel, E.M. Mikhail
Page(s) 144-149
Conference Paper (PDF, 1952 KB)

Validation of Radargrammetric Dem Generation from Radarsat images in High Relief Areas in Edremit Region of Turkey
F. Balika, A. Alkis, Y. Kurucu, Z. Alkis
Page(s) 150-155
Conference Paper (PDF, 313 KB)

Lidar-based Vehicle Segmentation
Á. Rakusz, T. Lovas, Á. Barsi
Page(s) 156-159
Conference Paper (PDF, 467 KB)

The Textural Analysis and Interpretation of High Resolution Airsar Images
Z. Zheng, Z. JiXian, H. GuoMan, B. W. Rong
Page(s) 160-163
Conference Paper (PDF, 933 KB)

Deformation Measurement Using Interferometric Sar Data
M. Crosetto
Page(s) 164-169
Conference Paper (PDF, 996 KB)

Integration of Laser and Photogrammetric Data for Calibration Purposes
A.F. Habib, M.S. Ghanma, M.F. Morgan, E. Mitishita
Page(s) 170-175
Conference Paper (PDF, 582 KB)

Towards The Full Automation of Laser Scanning and Aerial Photography Data Processing
E. Medvedev
Page(s) 176-180
Conference Paper (PDF, 69 KB)

An Integration of Wavelet Analysis and Neural Networks in Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Classification
Q. Qin, R.R. Gillies, R. Lu, S. Chen
Page(s) 181-186
Conference Paper (PDF, 402 KB)

Distributed Geospatial Information Services-architectures, Standards, and Research Issues
L. Di
Page(s) 187-193
Conference Paper (PDF, 106 KB)

The Changing Role of The Geo-data Infrastructure: from a Data Delivery Network to a Virtual Enterprise Supporting Complex Services
M. Radwan, L Alvarez, R. Onchaga, J. Morales
Page(s) 194-199
Conference Paper (PDF, 114 KB)

A Platform for Rapid Deployment of Mobile Asset Management Systems
S. Lee, Gao Y. Prof.
Page(s) 200-205
Conference Paper (PDF, 297 KB)

Adaptive Transformation of Cartographic Bases by Means of Multiresolution Spline Interpolation
M.A. Brovelli, G. Zamboni
Page(s) 206-211
Conference Paper (PDF, 240 KB)

Modelling for Quality of Services in Distributed Geoprocessing
O. Richard
Page(s) 212-217
Conference Paper (PDF, 123 KB)

The Development of a Prototype Geospatial Web Service System for Remote Sensing Data
M Deng, P. Zhao, Y. Liu, A. Chen, L. Di
Page(s) 218-222
Conference Paper (PDF, 260 KB)

Stereo Measurement on Imagestation with Starimager - Airborne Three-line Scanner - Imagery
M. Madani, Y. Wang, K. Tsuno, K. Morita
Page(s) 223-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 1266 KB)

An Integrated Spatial Information System for Ice Service
Z. Ou
Page(s) 229-233
Conference Paper (PDF, 94 KB)

Laser Altimetry for River Management
R. Brügelmann, A.E. Bollweg
Page(s) 234-239
Conference Paper (PDF, 1876 KB)

The Current Status and Future Plan of The Iso 19130 Project
L. Di, W. Kresse, B. Kobler
Page(s) 240-244
Conference Paper (PDF, 113 KB)

New Quality Standards for Digital Images
G. Ferrano, K. J. Neumann, Ch. Doerstel
Page(s) 245-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 65 KB)

Standardization of Geographic Information
W. Kresse
Page(s) 249-253
Conference Paper (PDF, 82 KB)

The Application Research of Knowledge Discovery Techniques Based on Rough Set in Decision Support
W. Shaohua, B. Fulin
Page(s) 254-257
Conference Paper (PDF, 102 KB)

Fuzzy Evidence Theoretic Approaches for Knowledge Discovery in Spatial Uncertainty Data Sets
B. He, T. Fang, D. Guo
Page(s) 258-262
Conference Paper (PDF, 629 KB)

Integration of Geo Imagery and Vector Data Into School Mapping Gis Data-model for Educational Decision Support System in Jordan
N. Al-Hanbali, R. Al-Kharouf, B.M. Alzoubi
Page(s) 263-268
Conference Paper (PDF, 979 KB)

Enhancing Online Public Notices Using Gis to Facilitate Public participation in Municipal Developments
S. Li, b Y. Ru, Z. Chang
Page(s) 269-274
Conference Paper (PDF, 219 KB)

Oil Spill Management Supporting System in Malaysian Marine Environments
S. Z. Pourvakhshouri, S. Mansor, Z. Ibrahim, M. I. Mohamad, M. Daud
Page(s) 275-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 98 KB)

Integration of Imageries in Gis for Disaster Prevention Support System
W. Lu, S. Mannen, M. Sakamoto, O. Uchida, T. Doihara
Page(s) 279-283
Conference Paper (PDF, 3122 KB)

System Design of Disaster Manegement Information System in Turkey as a Part of E-government
C. Eraslan, Z. Alkis, O. Emem, C. Helvaci, F. Batuk, U. Gümüsay, N. Demir, T. Turk, B. Bayram, A. Alkis
Page(s) 284-289
Conference Paper (PDF, 116 KB)

Developing a Water Pipe Management System in Seoul Using The Gis
C. Jun, J. Koo, J. Koh
Page(s) 290-293
Conference Paper (PDF, 991 KB)

Gis as a Solution for Persian Gulf Resource Management
A.A. Alesheikh, A. Aien, E. Mohammadi, A. Meshkini
Page(s) 294-296
Conference Paper (PDF, 177 KB)

Digital Terrain and Automated Mapping System Development Using Unified Modelling Language (uml)
A. Abdul-Rahman, J.H. Yom
Page(s) 297-300
Conference Paper (PDF, 342 KB)

An Analysis of Shoppers Walking Behaviour by Using Gis
S.C. Pun-Cheng, W.C. Chu
Page(s) 301-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 359 KB)

A Gis-assisted Optimal Urban Route Finding Approach Based on Genetic Algorithms
M. R. Delavar, F. Samadzadegan, P. Pahlavani
Page(s) 305-308
Conference Paper (PDF, 232 KB)

Utilizing Remote Sensing Data and Real Time Kinematics Gps Surveying for Am/Fm Systems
A. Çabuk, S.N. Çabuk
Page(s) 309-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 66 KB)

Preliminary Design of a Spatial Decision Support System for Poverty Management
F.O. Akinyemi
Page(s) 313-318
Conference Paper (PDF, 491 KB)

Agent-based Personalized Tourist Route Advice System
Y. Suna, L. Lee
Page(s) 319-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 308 KB)

Applications of 3d City Models Based Spatial Analysis to Urban Design
Z. Xiaa, Z. Qing
Page(s) 325-329
Conference Paper (PDF, 297 KB)

Route Guiding with Vertical Consideration for Visitors on Foot
D.Y. Tseng-Chyana, P.C. Lai
Page(s) 330-334
Conference Paper (PDF, 926 KB)

Scalable and Visualization-oriented Clustering for Exploratory Spatial Analysis
J.H. Guan, F.B. Zhu, F.L. Bian
Page(s) 335-340
Conference Paper (PDF, 460 KB)

Modeling and Visualizing 3d Urban Environment via Internet for Urban Planning and Monitoring
G. Zhoua, Z. Tana, P. Cheng, W. Chen
Page(s) 341-346
Conference Paper (PDF, 393 KB)

Visualization of Geospatial Information for Sustainable Development Decision Making
E. Siekierska, A. Muller, K. Francis, P. Williams, S. Westley
Page(s) 347-354
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

Design of Web Maps for Navigation Purpose
Z. Li, P.L. Cheng, G. Shea
Page(s) 353-358
Conference Paper (PDF, 1786 KB)

Analysing Flood Vulnerable Areas with Multicriteria Evaluation
G. Yalcin, Z. Akyurek
Page(s) 359-364
Conference Paper (PDF, 266 KB)

A Raster-based Map Information Measurement for Qos
H. Wu, H. Zhu, Y. Liu
Page(s) 365-370
Conference Paper (PDF, 242 KB)

Panoramic Image Integration within a Web-based Gis Application
O. Akcay, Z. Duran, A.G. Dogru, G. Toz, O. Altan
Page(s) 371-374
Conference Paper (PDF, 762 KB)

Determining Current Land Cover and Potential Hazelnut Plantation Areas Using Gis & Rs in Ne Black-sea Region of Turkey, Trabzon
S. Reis, T. Yomralioglu
Page(s) 375-378
Conference Paper (PDF, 605 KB)

Geomorphological Features of Mt. Erciyes Using by Dtm and Remote Sensing Technologies
C. Gazioglu, Z.Y. Yücel, H. Kaya, E. Dogan
Page(s) 379-382
Conference Paper (PDF, 1769 KB)

Agent-based Collaborative and Paralleled Distributed Gis
L. Yingwei, W. Xiaolin, X. Zhuoqun
Page(s) 383-385
Conference Paper (PDF, 171 KB)

Application of Quickbird Satellite Imagery for Updating Cadastral Information
A. Alexandrov, T. Hristova, K. Ivanova, M. Koeva, T. Madzharova, V. Petrova
Page(s) 386-391
Conference Paper (PDF, 294 KB)

Application of High-resolution (10m) Dem on Geographic Information Systems
M. Mori
Page(s) 392-395
Conference Paper (PDF, 236 KB)

Dmc Practical Experience and Accuracy Assessment
M. Madani, C. Dörstel, C. Heipke, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 396-401
Conference Paper (PDF, 424 KB)

Experiences on Automatic Image Matching for Dsm Generation with Ads40 Pushbroom Sensor Data
M. Pateraki, E. Baltsavias, U. Recke
Page(s) 402-407
Conference Paper (PDF, 934 KB)

Operational Parallel Processing in digital Photogrammetry-Strategy and Resulting using Different Multi-Line Cameras
F. Scholten, K. Gwinner
Page(s) 408-413
Conference Paper (PDF, 3238 KB)

Object Extraction for Digital Photogrammetric Workstations
H. Mayer
Page(s) 414-422
Conference Paper (PDF, 90 KB)

Semi-Automatic Object Extraction – Lessons Learned
E. Gülch, H. Müller, M. Hahn
Page(s) 423-427
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

Detection and Recognition of Changes in Building Geometry Derived from Multitemporal Laserscanning Data
T. Vögtle, E. Steinle
Page(s) 428-433
Conference Paper (PDF, 1759 KB)

Automatic Detection of Changes from Laser Scanner and aerial Image Data for Updating Building Maps
L. Matikainen, J. Hyyppä, H. Kaartinen
Page(s) 434-439
Conference Paper (PDF, 2425 KB)

Spatial Data Based E-government Applications
I. Baz, I.R. Karas, A. Geymen, A.E. Akay
Page(s) 440-444
Conference Paper (PDF, 878 KB)

Semi-automatic Registration and Change Detection Using Multi-source Imagery with Varying Geometric and Radiometric Properties
A.F. Habib, R.I. Al-Ruzouq, C.J. Kim
Page(s) 445-450
Conference Paper (PDF, 622 KB)

Mrdb Approach to Handle and Visualise Multiple Dlm's in a Consistent Way
K.-H. Anders, I.Ö. Bildirici
Page(s) 451-455
Conference Paper (PDF, 678 KB)

Area Accuracy Assessment for Chinese Land-use Dynamic Detection of Remote Sensing Program
S. Xiao-xia, Z. Ji-xian, L. Hai-tao
Page(s) 456-458
Conference Paper (PDF, 99 KB)

Automatic Feature-level Change Detection (flcd) for Road Networks
H. Sui, D. Li, J. Gong
Page(s) 459-464
Conference Paper (PDF, 167 KB)

Change-detection in Western Kenya – The Documentation of fragmentation and Disturbance for Kakamega Forest and Associated Forest Areas by Means of Remotely-sensed Imagery
T. Lung, G. Schaab
Page(s) 465-470
Conference Paper (PDF, 1871 KB)

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Forest Covers Change: Human Impacts and Natural Disturbances in Bartin Forests, Nw of Turkey
A. Atesoglu, M. Tunay, G. Buyuksalih
Page(s) 471-476
Conference Paper (PDF, 801 KB)

Evaluation of Avhrr Ndvi for Monitoring Intra-annual and interannual Vegetation Dynamics in a Cloudy Environment (Scotland, Uk)
S. Brand, T.J. Malthus
Page(s) 477-482
Conference Paper (PDF, 4448 KB)

Images Are an Outstanding Evidence on Rapid Development a Perfect Example from United Arab Emirates (uae)
C. M. S. Alhameli, M. A. M. Alshehhi
Page(s) 483-488
Conference Paper (PDF, 1635 KB)

Automatic Change Detection of Geospatial Databases based on a Decision-level Fusion Technique
F. Samadzadegan, R.A. Abbaspour, M. Hahn
Page(s) 489-491
Conference Paper (PDF, 502 KB)

Designing Forecast Thematic Maps Using Time Series Remotely Sensed Images
A.V. Zamyatin, N.G. Markov
Page(s) 492-497
Conference Paper (PDF, 735 KB)

Rule-based System for Updating Spatial Data-base
B. Haj-Yehia, A. Peled
Page(s) 498-502
Conference Paper (PDF, 1641 KB)

The Evolution Study of The Natural Hazard Zones by The Kohonen Self-organising Map Classification
N.A. Dagga, M.F. Courel, F. Badran, B. Anselme
Page(s) 503-508
Conference Paper (PDF, 2004 KB)

Gis Based Analysis of Landcover Changes Arising from Coal Production Wastes in Zonguldak Metropolitan Area-turkey
H. Akçin, S. Karakis, G. Büyüksaliha, M. Oruç
Page(s) 509-514
Conference Paper (PDF, 2214 KB)

A Case Study for Updating Land Parcel Identification Systems (iacs) by Means of Remote Sensing
M. Oesterle, M. Hahn
Page(s) 515-520
Conference Paper (PDF, 268 KB)

Accuracy of Automated Aerotriangulation and Dtm Generation for Low Textured Imagery
M. Sauerbier
Page(s) 521-526
Conference Paper (PDF, 1112 KB)

Updation and Positional Accuracy Improvement of geo Spatial Data-innovations at Kampsax India Private Limited
S.N. Mahapatra, V.K. Mahindru, A.K. Swain, A. Upadhyaya
Page(s) 527-531
Conference Paper (PDF, 162 KB)

A Framework for Maintaining a Multi-user Geodatabase: An Empirical Example
M. A. Owoola
Page(s) 532-536
Conference Paper (PDF, 55 KB)

The Development of The Method for Updating Land Surface Data by Using Multi-temporally Archived Satellite Images
Y. Usuda, N. Watanabe, H. Fukui
Page(s) 537-542
Conference Paper (PDF, 1086 KB)

Designing and Developing a Fully Automatic Interior Orientation Method in a Digital Photogrammetric Workstation
M. Ravanbakhsh
Page(s) 543-547
Conference Paper (PDF, 616 KB)

Filtration of Aerial Images in Spectral and Frequency Domain for Improving The Accuracy of Automatic Digital Aerotriangulation

Page(s) 548-552
Conference Paper (PDF, 459 KB)

Automating The Checking and Correcting of Dems without Reference Data
D. Skarlatos, A. Georgopoulos
Page(s) 553-558
Conference Paper (PDF, 1168 KB)

Accuracy of Dem Genaration from Terra-aster Stereo Data
A. Cuartero, A.M. Felicísimo, F.J. Ariza
Page(s) 559-563
Conference Paper (PDF, 261 KB)

Automatic Land-cover Classification of Landsat Images using Feature Database in a Network
G.W. Yoon, S.I. Cho, G.J. Chae, J.H. Park
Page(s) 564-568
Conference Paper (PDF, 1144 KB)

Automatic Change Detection for Validation of Digital Map Databases
B.P. Olsen
Page(s) 569-574
Conference Paper (PDF, 2508 KB)

Gps/ins Systems for Compilation of Digital Large-scale Orthophotos
G. Dardanelli, D. Emmolo, V. Franco, M.L. Brutto, P. Orlando, B. Villa
Page(s) 575-580
Conference Paper (PDF, 1779 KB)

Use of Geostatistics to Integrate Interferometric Sar Data with Leveling Measurements of Land Subsidence
A. Steina, Y. Zhou
Page(s) 581-585
Conference Paper (PDF, 279 KB)

Optimized Patch Backprojection in Orthorectification for High Resolution Satellite Images
L-C. Chen, T-A. Teo, J-Y. Rau
Page(s) 586-591
Conference Paper (PDF, 1631 KB)

Introduction of Data Resources to be Used in The Establishment of a Geographic Information System (gis)
M. Özbalmumcu
Page(s) 592-597
Conference Paper (PDF, 478 KB)

Classification and Representation of Change in Spatial Database for Incremental Data Transfer
H. Zhu, J. Chen, J. Jiang
Page(s) 598-603
Conference Paper (PDF, 97 KB)

Strategies for Updating a National 3-d Topographic Database and Related Geoinformation
P. Frederiksen, J. Grum, L.T. Joergensen
Page(s) 604-609
Conference Paper (PDF, 673 KB)

Linear Features in Photogrammetric Activities
A. Habib, M. Morgan, E.M. Kim, R. Cheng
Page(s) 610-615
Conference Paper (PDF, 1425 KB)

Automatic Buildind Detection from High Resolution Images Based on Multiple Features
Z.G. Qiu, S.T. Zhang, C.L. Zhang, J.Y. Fang
Page(s) 616-620
Conference Paper (PDF, 451 KB)

Introduction of System for Satellite Imagery Information Management
G.J. Chae, G.W. Yoon, J.H. Park
Page(s) 621-624
Conference Paper (PDF, 463 KB)

Pegasus : Business Model for a Stratospheric long Endurance Uav System for Remote Sensing
D. Fransaer, N. Lewyckyj, F. Vanderhaegehen, J. Everaerts
Page(s) 625-629
Conference Paper (PDF, 99 KB)

Developing a Multimedia Gis Database for Tourism Industry in Nigeria
O.O. Ayeni, D.N. Saka, G. Ikwuemesi
Page(s) 630-634
Conference Paper (PDF, 281 KB)

Multimedia Guide in Archaeological Sites by Gis-gps Techniques, pocketpcs And Pocket Gpss
A. Scianna, B. Villa, A. Ammoscato, R. Corsale
Page(s) 635-640
Conference Paper (PDF, 499 KB)

Gis (geographic Information Systems) in Ccis (command and Control Systems)
L. Ucuzal, A. Kopar
Page(s) 641-646
Conference Paper (PDF, 603 KB)

Country-based Analysis of The Investment Dimension of The Airborne and Spaceborne Imagery
A. Yildirim, D.Z. Seker
Page(s) 647-651
Conference Paper (PDF, 1003 KB)

Aerial Photograph Archives Information System
B. Gungor, A. Yasayan, A.S. Demirel, S. Kulur, H. Akdeniz
Page(s) 652-655
Conference Paper (PDF, 140 KB)

Shandong Provincial Application and Research of Land-using Trends Remote Sensing Watching
W. De-bao, C. Bao-hang, C. Shu-wen
Page(s) 656-661
Conference Paper (PDF, 101 KB)

Geospatial Web Services for E-municipality
H. Akinci
Page(s) 662-666
Conference Paper (PDF, 294 KB)

Development Process of Database Applications for Armed Forces Purposes, C2is and The Role of The International Security Organizations in this Process
A. Kopar
Page(s) 667-672
Conference Paper (PDF, 485 KB)

Gis Web Services and Satellite Imaging as a Framework for Environmental Monitoring: The Design and Implementation of a vegetation Indices Calculation Test Case
D. Kotzinos, N. Chrysoulakis
Page(s) 673-678
Conference Paper (PDF, 170 KB)

Ikonos Collection Capability with The Direct Tasking from a Regional Operation Center
I. Bayir
Page(s) 679-683
Conference Paper (PDF, 134 KB)

Evaluation of Aster Operation at The Ground Data System
H. Watanabe, Y. Kannari, A. Miura
Page(s) 684-687
Conference Paper (PDF, 570 KB)

The Marine Gis Dynamic Gis in Action
C. Gold, M. Chau, M. Dzieszko, R. Goralski
Page(s) 688-693
Conference Paper (PDF, 1070 KB)

Using Xml-based Format in Wireless Spatial Databases
A.A. Alesheikha, H. Mohammadi, M. Ghorbanic, E. Mohammadi
Page(s) 694-696
Conference Paper (PDF, 416 KB)

Detecting and Modelling Dynamic Landuse Change Using Multitemporal and Multi-sensor Imagery
Q. Zhou, B. Li, C. Zhoub
Page(s) 697-702
Conference Paper (PDF, 99 KB)

Modelling Oceanographic Data with The Three-dimensional Voronoi Diagram
H. Ledoux, C. Gold
Page(s) 703-708
Conference Paper (PDF, 321 KB)

Agent Technology as a Solution for Network-Enabled Gis
S.M. Kalantari, A.A. Alesheikh
Page(s) 709-713
Conference Paper (PDF, 106 KB)

Research on a Distributed Architecture of Mobile Gis Based on Wap
W. Fangxiong, J. Zhiyong
Page(s) 714-717
Conference Paper (PDF, 124 KB)

The Sun-earth Space Information System
P. Wang
Page(s) 718-722
Conference Paper (PDF, 290 KB)

Object-based Evaluation of Lidar and Multispectral Data for Automatic Change Detection in Gis Databases
V. Walter
Page(s) 723-728
Conference Paper (PDF, 1596 KB)

A Framework for Road Change Detection and Map Updating
Q. Zhang, I. Couloigner
Page(s) 729-734
Conference Paper (PDF, 289 KB)

Automated Verification of a Topographig Reference Dataset: System Design and Practical Results
A. Busch, M. Gerke, D. Grünreich, Ch. Heipke, C.-E. Liedtke, S. Müller
Page(s) 735-740
Conference Paper (PDF, 429 KB)

Automated Road Extraction and Updating Using The Atomi System - Performance Comparison Between Aerial Film, Ads40, Ikonos and Quickbird Orthoimagery
E. Baltsavias, L. O'Sullivan, C. Zhanga
Page(s) 741-746
Conference Paper (PDF, 3552 KB)

Updating Maps in a Well-Mapped Country Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery
D. Holland, P. Marshall
Page(s) 747-751
Conference Paper (PDF, 275 KB)

Control Procedure for Topographic Mapdatabase Setup and Update
J. Kamper
Page(s) 752-757
Conference Paper (PDF, 1792 KB)

System Architecture for Integrating Gis and Photogrammetric Data Acquistion
P.A. Woodsford
Page(s) 758-765
Conference Paper (PDF, 507 KB)

Event-based Incremental Updating of Cadastral Database
X. Zhou, J. Chen, Z. Li, J. Zhu, J. Jiang
Page(s) 766-771
Conference Paper (PDF, 136 KB)

A Robust Change Detection Methodology for Topographical Applications
G.A. Lampropoulosa, T. Liua, C. Armenakis
Page(s) 772-777
Conference Paper (PDF, 2317 KB)

Twelve Different Interpolation Methods: A Case Study of Surfer 8.0
C.S. Yang, S. P. Kao, F. B. Lee, P. S. Hung
Page(s) 778-785
Conference Paper (PDF, 1289 KB)

Application of Remote Sensing, GIS and Geo-Electrical Methods for Ground Water Exploration in Zaheerabad, Medak Dist. A.P., India.
P. R. Saxena, V. Sudarshan, B. Chandrashekar, M. R. Saxena
Page(s) 786-789
Conference Paper (PDF, 296 KB)

Bridging Remote Sensing Analysts and Decision-Makers;The Support of Aggregate-Mosaic Theory to Monitor Tropical Deforestation
M.H. Obbink, M. Molenaar, J.G.P.W. Clevers, M. Loos, A. de Gier
Page(s) 790-795
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

Brazilian Quality Control Systems for Digital Photogrammetry Mapping Production
S. S. Sato, I. da Silva
Page(s) 796-801
Conference Paper (PDF, 277 KB)

Quality Assessment of Road Databases Using Aerial Imagery
M. Gerke
Page(s) 802-809
Conference Paper (PDF, 422 KB)

Digital Analysis and Basic Shape Relief Extraction from Dtm
A. Dupéret, B. Deffontaines
Page(s) 810-815
Conference Paper (PDF, 627 KB)

Registering Interferometric Sar Images Using Marr-Hildreth Zero-Crossings
S. Mukherji
Page(s) 816-819
Conference Paper (PDF, 567 KB)

Peer-to-Peer Based Gis Web Services
J.H. Guan, S.G. Zhou, L.C. Wang, F.L. Bian
Page(s) 820-825
Conference Paper (PDF, 148 KB)

Automated 3d Mapping of Trees and Buildings and It's Application to Risk Assessment of Domestic Subsidence in The London Area
J. P. Muller, J. R. Kim, J. Kelvin
Page(s) 826-831
Conference Paper (PDF, 567 KB)

Advanced Lidar Data Processing with Lastools
C. Hug, P. Krzystek, W. Fuchs
Page(s) 832-837
Conference Paper (PDF, 350 KB)

Toward Higher Automation and Flexibility in Commercial Digital Photogrammetric System
Y. Wang, X. Yang, M. Stojic, B. Skelton
Page(s) 838-840
Conference Paper (PDF, 278 KB)

DEMs Created from Airborne IFSAR – an Update
B. Mercer
Page(s) 841-847
Conference Paper (PDF, 510 KB)

Traffic Management with State-of-The-Art Airborne Imaging Sensors
C. K. Toth, D. G. Brzezinska
Page(s) 848-853
Conference Paper (PDF, 432 KB)

Landscape's Change Detection in The Southern Slope of The Qinling Mountains , China
X. Liu, Q. Jin, J. Li, S. Zhang
Page(s) 854-860
Conference Paper (PDF, 452 KB)

Multi-Pass Differential Radar Interferometry with the Aid of GIS
L. Ge, H.C. Chang, C. Rizos, J. Trinder
Page(s) 861-867
Conference Paper (PDF, 370 KB)

GIS-Driven Analysis of remotely Sensed Data for Quality Assessment of Existing Land Cover classification
A. Peled, M. Gilichinsky
Page(s) 868-873
Conference Paper (PDF, 1359 KB)




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