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July 13, 2020 

CATCON2 2000 @ AMSTERDAM Congress

Date: July 21, 2000

Place: 19th ISPRS Congress at Amsterdam

Sponsor: Central Computer Service(CCS) Co. Ltd. (Japan), 19th ISPRS Congress, Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing(JSPRS)

Jury: Chair: Shunji Murai (ISPRS 1st Vice President at the time), Armin Gruen (Financial Commission Chair at the time), Fahmi Amhel (Commission VI Acting President at the time), Kohei Cho (WG VI/2 Chairperson at the time)

9 Nominations:

  • Low-cost Virtural Reality View(LVR_View), by Shoji Takeuchi and Nguyen Duong
  • ARPENTEUR, by Pierre Grussenmeyer and Pierre Drap
  • Remote Sensing Navigator, by NASDA (demo by Toshiaki Hashimoto)
  • LDIPInter, by Joachim Höhle
  • Web-based virtural lab, by Qiming Zhou
  • Remote Sensing and GIS for Watershed Management, by Manzul K. Hazarika and Kiyoshi Honda
  • Textbooks on Remote Sensing and GIS, by JARS (demo by Manzul K. Hazarika)
  • BILKO for Windows Module 7, by Tajeerd Hobma
  • Longman Atlas in CD (Un-official nomination) by Peason Education Australia (demo by Kohei Cho)



  • Gold Award (2,000US$):
    ARPENTEUR (a photogrammetric software package), by Pierre Grussenmeyer and Pierre Drap (external linkwww.arpenteur.net)
  • Silver Award (1,100US$):
    LDIPInter (software for photogrammetry education), by Joachim Höhle, Denmark
  • Silver Award(1,100US$):
    Web-based virtural lab (a web-based teaching material for remote sensing), by Qiming Zhou

image image
image image

Pierre Grussenmeyer and Pierre Drap
CATCON2 Gold Award Winners