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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXV Part B5, 2004

XXth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission V
July 12-23, 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Editor(s): Orhan Altan


Table of Contents

Automatic Target Identification for Laser Scanners
A. Valanis, M. Tsakiri
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 299 KB)

3d Industrial Reconstruction by Fitting Csg Models to a Combination of Images and Point Clouds
T. Rabbani, F. van den Heuvel
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 10008 KB)

A Photogrammetric Method for Enhancing The Detection of Bone fragments and Other Hazard Materials In Chicken Filets
S. Barneaa, V. Alchanatis, H. Stern
Page(s) 13-17
Conference Paper (PDF, 1356 KB)

Monte-carlo-simulation in Close-range Photogrammetry
H. Hastedt
Page(s) 18-23
Conference Paper (PDF, 456 KB)

An Advanced Sensor Model for Panoramic Cameras
A. Gruen, Jafar A. Parian
Page(s) 24-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

Accuracy Analysis of Circular Image Block Adjustment
J. Heikkinen
Page(s) 30-35
Conference Paper (PDF, 352 KB)

Multi-image Based Camera Calibration without Control Points
W. Xie, Z. Zhang, J. Zhang
Page(s) 36-41
Conference Paper (PDF, 179 KB)

Photogrammetric Techniques for Measurements in Woodworking industry
V. Knyaz, Yu. Visilter, S. Zheltov
Page(s) 42-47
Conference Paper (PDF, 1032 KB)

Applying The Line Following Algorithm In The Calculation of The Tension Strength of Stay-ropes of Towers
J. Cieslar
Page(s) 48-53
Conference Paper (PDF, 474 KB)

Repeated Object Reconstruction of The Bremen Hanse Cog
M. Wiggenhagen, A. Elmhorst, U. Wißmann
Page(s) 54-58
Conference Paper (PDF, 571 KB)

A Methodological Proposal for Improvement of Digital Surface Models generated By Automatic Stereo Matching of Convergent Image Networks
J. García-León, A.M. Felicísimo, J.J. Martínez
Page(s) 59-63
Conference Paper (PDF, 686 KB)

Deformation Monitoring of A Slope by Vision Metrology
S. Miura, S. Hattori, K. Akimoto, S. Nishiyama
Page(s) 64-69
Conference Paper (PDF, 334 KB)

A Flexible and Automatic 3d Reconstruction Method
S. Zheng, Z. Zhan, Z. Zhang
Page(s) 70-72
Conference Paper (PDF, 1844 KB)

Camera Calibration Technique By Pan-closeup Exposures for Industrial Vision Metrology
H. Imoto, S. Hattori, K. Akimoto, Y. Ohnishi
Page(s) 73-76
Conference Paper (PDF, 302 KB)

Generalized Point Photogrammetry and Its Application
Z. Zhang, J. Zhang
Page(s) 77-81
Conference Paper (PDF, 483 KB)

On The Geometrical Quality of Panoramic Images
P. Pöntinen
Page(s) 82-87
Conference Paper (PDF, 720 KB)

Calibration of A Projector With A Planar Gird
T. Jun, Z. Ruifang, Z. Zhang, J. Zhang
Page(s) 88-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 292 KB)

Application of Digital Photogrammetry In Geotechnics
R. Roncella, M. Scaioni, G. Forlani
Page(s) 93-98
Conference Paper (PDF, 1360 KB)

Camera Calibration Combining Images With Two Vanishing Points
L. Grammatikopoulos, G. Karras, E. Petsa
Page(s) 99-104
Conference Paper (PDF, 945 KB)

Camera Placement for Network Design In Vision Metrology based On Fuzzy Inference System
S.M. Saadat, F. Samdzadegan, A. Azizi, M. Hahn
Page(s) 105-109
Conference Paper (PDF, 326 KB)

A Comparative Evaluation of The Potential of Close Range photogrammetric Technique for The 3d Measurement of the Body of A Nissan Patrol Car
E.G. Parmehr, A. Azizi
Page(s) 110-113
Conference Paper (PDF, 384 KB)

Automatic Reconstruction of Single Trees from Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data
N. Pfeifer, B. Gorte, D. Winterhalder
Page(s) 114-119
Conference Paper (PDF, 336 KB)

Photo-realistic 3-d Reconstruction of Castles With multiple- Sources Image-based Techniques
L. Gonzo, S. El-Hakim, M. Picard, S. Girardi, E. Whiting
Page(s) 120-125
Conference Paper (PDF, 3250 KB)

3d Acquisition, Modelling and Visualization of North German Castles by Digital Arhitectural Photogrammetry
Th. Kersten, C. A. Pardo, M. Lindstaedt
Page(s) 126-131
Conference Paper (PDF, 1171 KB)

The Modelling and 3d Computer Reconstruction of A Sunken u Boat
S. Kulur, M.O. Altan, F. Yilmaztürk
Page(s) 132-135
Conference Paper (PDF, 1772 KB)

Using 3-d Virtual Reality Models for Image Orientation in Mobile Computing
C. Georgiadis, A. Stefanidis, P. Agouris
Page(s) 136-141
Conference Paper (PDF, 677 KB)

Development of A Simulator for Reliable and Accurate 3d Reconstruction From A Single View
D. Aguilera, M.A. Claro-I., Lahoz J. Gomez, J. Finat, M. Gonzalo-T.
Page(s) 142-147
Conference Paper (PDF, 481 KB)

Volumetric Model Refinement By Shell Carving
Y. Kuzu, O. Sinram
Page(s) 148-153
Conference Paper (PDF, 404 KB)

Digital Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning in Cultural Heritage Survey
A. Guarnieria, A. Vettorea, S. El-Hakim, L. Gonzo
Page(s) 154-158
Conference Paper (PDF, 552 KB)

Digital 3d Reconstruction of Scrovegni Chapel with Multiple Techniques
A. Vettore, A. Guarnieri, M. Pontin, J. A. Beraldin
Page(s) 159-164
Conference Paper (PDF, 2189 KB)

3d Model Measuring System
H. Otani, H. Aoki, M. Yamada, T. Ito, N. Kochi
Page(s) 165-170
Conference Paper (PDF, 892 KB)

3d Modelling of Buildings By Using Line Sensor
T. Hosomura
Page(s) 171-174
Conference Paper (PDF, 479 KB)

The Research of Transect-based Three-dimensional Road Model
T. Luliang, Li Qingquan
Page(s) 174-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 359 KB)

Foveation Support and Current Photogrammetric Software
A. Çöltekin
Page(s) 178-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 211 KB)

The Solid Image: An Easy and Complete Way to Describe 3d Objects
L. Bornaz, S. Dequal
Page(s) 183-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 2554 KB)

Reconstruction and Representation in Virtual Reality of A 3-d Model
H.H. Hao
Page(s) 189-192
Conference Paper (PDF, 2231 KB)

Laser Scanning for Terrestrial Photogrammetry, Alternative system Or Combined With Traditional System?
N. Demir, B. Bayram, Z. Alkis, C. Helvaci, I. Çetin, T. Vögtle, K. Ringle, E. Steinle
Page(s) 193-197
Conference Paper (PDF, 796 KB)

Realistic 3d Reconstruction – Combining Laserscan Data with Rgb Color Information
T. Abmayr, F. Härtl, M. Mettenleiter, I. Heinz, A. Hildebrand, B. Neumann, C. Fröhlich
Page(s) 198-203
Conference Paper (PDF, 1893 KB)

A Generic Procedure for Interactive 3d Model Registration On Images
P. Even
Page(s) 204-209
Conference Paper (PDF, 579 KB)

Automatic Orientation and Merging of Laser Scanner Acquisitions Through Volumetric Targets: Procedure Description and Test Results
G. Artese, V. Achilli, G. Salemi, A. Trecroci
Page(s) 210-215
Conference Paper (PDF, 2975 KB)

A Resolution Measure for Terrestrial Laser Scanners
Derek D. Lichti
Page(s) 216-221
Conference Paper (PDF, 131 KB)

Automated Registration of Unorganised Point Clouds From Terrestrial Laser Scanners
B. Kwang-Ho, Derek D. Lichti
Page(s) 222-227
Conference Paper (PDF, 1371 KB)

How To Optimise The Recording of Geometrical Data and Image Data for The Purpose of Architectural Surveying
M. Scherer
Page(s) 228-232
Conference Paper (PDF, 1617 KB)

Digital Terrestrial Photogrammetry with Photo Total Station
Z. Zhang, S. Zheng, Z. Zhan
Page(s) 232-236
Conference Paper (PDF, 644 KB)

Describing forest Stands using Terrestrial Laser-scanning
T. Aschoff, M. Thies, H. Spiecker
Page(s) 237-241
Conference Paper (PDF, 1105 KB)

Multi-resolution Modelling From Multiple Range Views: the Laser Scanner Survey of Porta Portello, Padua, Italy
G. Salemi, F. Liberi, S. Mischi, V. Achilli, G. Artese
Page(s) 242-245
Conference Paper (PDF, 1835 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry Techniques To Monitor Landslide Bodies
G. Bitelli, M. Dubbini, A. Zanutta
Page(s) 246-251
Conference Paper (PDF, 2658 KB)

Photogrammetry-derived Navigation Parameters for INS Kalman Filter Updates
F.A. Bayoud, J. Skaloud, B. Merminod
Page(s) 252-257
Conference Paper (PDF, 193 KB)

Measurement of Shrinkage In Concrete Samples By Using Digital photogrammetric Methods
F. Yilmaztürk, S. Kulur, B.Y. Pekmezci
Page(s) 258-261
Conference Paper (PDF, 222 KB)

On The Accuray and Performance of The Geomòbil System
R. Alamús, A. Baron, E. Bosch, J. Casacuberta, M. Pla, S. Sànchez, A. Serra, J. Talaya
Page(s) 262-267
Conference Paper (PDF, 826 KB)

Spatial Location On City 3d Modeling With Close-range Stereo Images
J. Sheng-ju, C. Ying-ying, Li Ying-cheng
Page(s) 268-271
Conference Paper (PDF, 87 KB)

Radial Spatial Division Based On and Restrained Edge Mosaic In Constructed Tin
Hua QI, D. LI
Page(s) 272-277
Conference Paper (PDF, 106 KB)

Evaluation of Indexing Overlay, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm Methods for Industrial estates Site Selection In Gis Environment
Ebadi Hamid, S. Roozbeh, Valadanzoej M. Javad, V. Alireza
Page(s) 278-283
Conference Paper (PDF, 235 KB)

Implementation of A New Method for Making Rapid and Reliable Epipolar Images Without Using Control Points
E.G. Parmehr, Nejad F. Karimi
Page(s) 284-285
Conference Paper (PDF, 314 KB)

Measurement of Human Skin Compression Dynamically Using An automated Photogrammetric Technique
G. Robertson
Page(s) 286-290
Conference Paper (PDF, 1934 KB)

Computer-based Surgery Planning for Living Liver Donation
H.-P. Meinzer, P. Schemmer, M. Schöbinger, M. Nolden, T. Heimann, B. Yalcin, G.M. Richter, T. Kraus, M.W. Büchler, M. Thorn
Page(s) 291-295
Conference Paper (PDF, 1286 KB)

Development of Image Based Integrated Measurement System and Performance Evaluation for Close-range Application
T. Ohdake, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 296-301
Conference Paper (PDF, 1842 KB)

Protein Classification By Analysis of confocal Microscopic Images of Single Cells
T. Steckling, O. Hellwich, S. Wälter, E. Wanker
Page(s) 302-305
Conference Paper (PDF, 2408 KB)

A Comparative Study of Impression Taking Procedures In Dentistry
Á. Detrekoi, M. Kaán, K. Fekete, P. Fejérdy, Gy. Szabó, Z. Tóth, B. Kaán
Page(s) 306-310
Conference Paper (PDF, 1408 KB)

Medphos: a New Photogrammetric System for Medical Measurement
A. Malian, A. Azizi, F.A. van den Heuvel
Page(s) 311-316
Conference Paper (PDF, 399 KB)

New Methods for Leak Detection and Contour Correction in Seeded Region Growing Segmentation
T. Heimann, M. Thorn, T. Kunert, H.-P. Meinzer
Page(s) 317-322
Conference Paper (PDF, 278 KB)

3d Reconstruction and Evaluation of Tissues By Using Ct, mr Slices and Digital Images
S. Dogan
Page(s) 323-327
Conference Paper (PDF, 1597 KB)

Automatic Registration of Dental Radiograms
F. Samadzadegan, F. H. Bashizadeh, M. Hahn, P. Ramzi
Page(s) 328-331
Conference Paper (PDF, 234 KB)

Total Recall: A Plea for Realism In Models of The Past
L. Van Gool, M. Waelkens, P. Mueller, T. Vereenooghe, M. Vergauwen
Page(s) 332-343
Conference Paper (PDF, 2046 KB)

A Case Study for The Practical Use of 3d Digital Archive of cultural Properties
O. Yamada, Y. Takase
Page(s) 344-349
Conference Paper (PDF, 3347 KB)

Generation of Digital Surface Models for Architectural Applications With Archimedes3d
R. Tauch, A. Wiedemann
Page(s) 350-353
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

Gis Applications for Knowledge and Preservation of Hierapolis of phrygia Site.
A. Spanò, B. Astori, C. Bonfanti, F. Chiabrando
Page(s) 354-359
Conference Paper (PDF, 775 KB)

On Automatic Orthoprojection and Texture-mapping of 3d Surface Models
L. Grammatikopoulos, I. Kalisperakis, G. Karras, T. Kokkinos, E. Petsa
Page(s) 360-365
Conference Paper (PDF, 1878 KB)

Development and Application of An Extended Geometric Model for High Resolution Panoramic Cameras
D. Schneider, H.-G. Maas
Page(s) 366-371
Conference Paper (PDF, 2196 KB)

Block Bundle Adjustment for Theodolite Stations In Control Networks - The Case of The Guggenheim Musuem In Bilbao
G. Fangi
Page(s) 372-377
Conference Paper (PDF, 822 KB)

Photogrammetry for The Epigraphic Survey In The Great hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple : A New Approach
M. Élise, P. Grussenmeyer, T. Tidafi, C. Parisel, J. Revez
Page(s) 377-382
Conference Paper (PDF, 464 KB)

3d Geo-imagery Bridging Continents
W. Schuhr, E. Kanngieser
Page(s) 383-388
Conference Paper (PDF, 1577 KB)

Image Analysis for The History of Cartography: drawing Conclusions From The Evaluation of Pfyffer's Relief
J. Niederöst
Page(s) 389-394
Conference Paper (PDF, 1355 KB)

Periodic Photogrammetric Monitoring and Surface reconstruction of A Historical Wood Panel Painting for restoration Purposes
S. Robson, S. Bucklow, N. Woodhouse, H. Papadaki
Page(s) 395-400
Conference Paper (PDF, 1883 KB)

Comparison and Evaluation of Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry and their Combined Use for Digital Recording of Cultural Heritage
R. Kadobayashi, N. Kochi, H. Otani, R. Furukawa
Page(s) 401-406
Conference Paper (PDF, 1545 KB)

Applying The 3d Gis Dilas To Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Projects – Requirements and First Results
T. Wüst, S. Nebiker, R. Landolt
Page(s) 407-412
Conference Paper (PDF, 3353 KB)

Recording and Visualization of The Cenotaph of German Emperor Maximilian I
K. Hanke, W. Boehler
Page(s) 413-418
Conference Paper (PDF, 858 KB)

Photogrammetric Reproduction of The Map of Mexico 1550
M. Nuikka, L. Díaz-Kommonen, H. Haggrén
Page(s) 419-423
Conference Paper (PDF, 990 KB)

Integration of Digital Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning for heritage Documentation
Y. Alshawabkeh, Norbert Haala
Page(s) 424-429
Conference Paper (PDF, 953 KB)

Integrated Spatial Information System On Social Archaeology in Northeast Thailand
Y. Nagata, W. Songsiri, S. Vallibhotama
Page(s) 430-433
Conference Paper (PDF, 1626 KB)

Web-based Multimedia Gis for Historical Sites
Z. Duran, Dogru A. Garagon, G. Toz
Page(s) 434-437
Conference Paper (PDF, 834 KB)

Documentation and Analysis of Cultural Heritage By photogrametric Methods and Gis: A Case Study
G. Toz, Z. Duran
Page(s) 438-441
Conference Paper (PDF, 887 KB)

Modelling and Visualization of Three Dimensional Objects using Close Range Imagery
A. Bujakiewicz, M. Kowalczyk, P. Podlasiak, D. Zawieska
Page(s) 442-446
Conference Paper (PDF, 2002 KB)

Mapping Qur'anic Cartography With Remote Sensing
L.D.B. Parry
Page(s) 447-450
Conference Paper (PDF, 52 KB)

Digital Development of A Small Valencian Tower
J. L. Lerma, R. V. Tortosa
Page(s) 451-454
Conference Paper (PDF, 275 KB)

Digital and Analytical Photogrammetric Recording Applied to Cultural Heritage. A Case Study: "st. Domingo De Silos' Church (xivth Century, Alcala La Real, Spain)"
E. Mata, J. Cardenal, P. Castro, J. Delgado, M. A. Hernandez, J.L. Perez, M. Ramos, M. Torres
Page(s) 455-460
Conference Paper (PDF, 1129 KB)

Digital Stereo-orthophotos of Archaeological Sites From Small Format Aerial Photographs
M. Jáuregui, L. Jáuregui, L. Chacón, J. Vílchez
Page(s) 461-466
Conference Paper (PDF, 431 KB)

Large Scale Orthophotography Using Dtm From Terrestrial Laser Scanning
A. Georgopoulos, M. Tsakiri, C. Ioannidis, A. Kakli
Page(s) 467-472
Conference Paper (PDF, 464 KB)

Construction of National Cultural Heritage Management Systemusing Rc Helicopter Photographic Surveying System
Ho Sik Jang, Jong C. Lee, Myung S. Kim, In J. Kang, Cha K. Kim
Page(s) 473-478
Conference Paper (PDF, 3291 KB)

3d Modelling of The Market Gate of Miletus developed From Photogrammetric Evaluations
K. Ringle, M. Nutto, T. Voegtle, M. Pfanner, M. Maischberger
Page(s) 479-484
Conference Paper (PDF, 6268 KB)

Notes About Satellite Images Orthorectification of Archaeological Sites
C. Sena, C.A. Birocco
Page(s) 485-488
Conference Paper (PDF, 650 KB)

The Creation of The Digital Models for The Protection of cultural Heritage: The Baptistery of Cremona
Andreoni D. Conforti, L. Pinto
Page(s) 489-493
Conference Paper (PDF, 1014 KB)

Gps Virtual Station Technique (gpssit) and Its Challenge In Terrestrial Photogrammetric Applications
O. Corumluoglu, I. Kalayci, S. Durduran, C. Altuntas, I. Asri, A. Onal
Page(s) 494-497
Conference Paper (PDF, 2051 KB)

Low-height Aerial Imagery and Digital Photogrammetrical processing for Archaeological Mapping
G. Bitelli, V. A. Girelli, M. A. Tini, L. Vittuari
Page(s) 498-503
Conference Paper (PDF, 466 KB)

Baloon Photogrammetry for Archaeological Surveys
V. Fotinopoulos
Page(s) 504-507
Conference Paper (PDF, 553 KB)

Spatial Information System of Historical Site – Proposal and Realisation of Functional Prototype
J. Hodac
Page(s) 508-513
Conference Paper (PDF, 1188 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Processing
L. Bornaz, F. Rinaudo
Page(s) 514-519
Conference Paper (PDF, 3505 KB)

A Study On Tempo-spatial Change of Interaction Between the Human Activity and Paleo Environment In Jomon Period, Japan
N. Watanabe
Page(s) 520-525
Conference Paper (PDF, 1420 KB)

Contemporary Master's Architecture: New Architectural Heritage. Approaches for Surveying and Representation.
C. Balletti, S. Mander
Page(s) 526-529
Conference Paper (PDF, 2356 KB)

Documentation of The documentations of The King of The Kings
M. Zolfaghari, A. Malian
Page(s) 530-535
Conference Paper (PDF, 4556 KB)

Practical Comparative Evaluation of An Integrated Hybrid Sensor Based On Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning for Architectural Representation
C. Balletti, F. Guerra, P. Vernier, N. Studnicka, J. Riegl, S. Orlandini
Page(s) 536-541
Conference Paper (PDF, 2518 KB)

3d Modeling of The Old Town of Xanthi In Greece
N. Lianos, S. Spatalas, V. Tsioukas, E. Gounari
Page(s) 542-545
Conference Paper (PDF, 784 KB)

Experiences and Procedures On Making Technical Documentation for The Objects of Historical and Cultural Heritage
D. Kukolj, D. Mihajlovic, I. Nedeljkovic
Page(s) 546-551
Conference Paper (PDF, 1069 KB)

Comparison of Different Approaches To Create Architectural Archives
Z. Pereira, A. Morgado, P.L. Gomes
Page(s) 552-557
Conference Paper (PDF, 402 KB)

Spatial Approach To The Ruins of Khirbet Qumran At The Dead Sea
K. Lönnqvist, M.P. Lönnqvist
Page(s) 558-563
Conference Paper (PDF, 299 KB)

Evaluation of A Digital Non Metric Camera (canon D30) for The Photogrammetric Recording of Historical Buildings
J. Cardenal, E. Mata, P. Castro, J. Delgado, M. A. Hernandez, J.L. Perez, M. Ramos, M. Torres
Page(s) 564-569
Conference Paper (PDF, 1102 KB)

3-d Modelling of Historical Sites Using Low-cost Digital Cameras
A.F. Habib, M.S. Ghanma, R.I. Al-Ruzouq, E.M. Kim
Page(s) 570-575
Conference Paper (PDF, 1245 KB)

Simple Methods for Close Range Photogrammetry surveying of Rural Industrial Constructions
P. Arias, H. Lorenzo, C. Ordoñez
Page(s) 576-580
Conference Paper (PDF, 199 KB)

Semi-automated Map Object Extraction From 1m Resolution Space Images
K. Taejung, L. Young-Jae, Jeong Soo, K. Kyung-Ok
Page(s) 581-586
Conference Paper (PDF, 1007 KB)

Solution to Joint Entropy and Its Applications In Remote Sensing
Z. Xiaokun, J. Yonghong
Page(s) 587-590
Conference Paper (PDF, 87 KB)

From The Acquisition To The Representation: quality Evaluation of A Close Range Model
G. Tucci, V. Bonora
Page(s) 591-596
Conference Paper (PDF, 576 KB)

Visualisation, Exploration and Characterization of Virtual collections
E. Paquet, H. L. Viktor
Page(s) 597-602
Conference Paper (PDF, 1625 KB)

3d Modeling and Visualization of Large Cultural Heritage Sites At very High Resolution: The Bamiyan Valley and Its Standing Buddhas
A. Gruen, F. Remondino, Li Zhang
Page(s) 603-608
Conference Paper (PDF, 1563 KB)

Reconstruction and Visualization of "virtual Time-space of Kyoto", a 4d-gis of The City
Y. Takase, K. Yano, N. Kawahara, S. Koga, T. Nakaya, T. Kawasumi, Y. Isoda, M. Inoue, D. Kawahara, S. Iwakiri
Page(s) 609-614
Conference Paper (PDF, 5789 KB)

Photo-realistic Scene Generation for Pc-based Real-time outdoor Virtual Reality Applications
E. Yilmaz, H.H. Maras, Y.Ç. Yardimci
Page(s) 615-620
Conference Paper (PDF, 359 KB)

Visualisation Using Game Engines
D. Fritsch, M. Kada
Page(s) 621-625
Conference Paper (PDF, 698 KB)

Autostereoscopic Visualization and Measurement: Principles and Evaluation
J. Shan, F. Chiung-S., Li Bin, J. Bethel, J. Kretsch, M. Edward
Page(s) 626-631
Conference Paper (PDF, 198 KB)

3d Reconstruction and Rendering for A Virtual Visit
A. Georgopoulos, C. Ioannidis, A. Daskalopoulos, E. Demiridi
Page(s) 632-636
Conference Paper (PDF, 984 KB)

3d Multimedia Presentations - Integrating Remote Sensing, photogrammetric Modelling and Cartographic Visualisation
M. Jobst
Page(s) 637-642
Conference Paper (PDF, 70 KB)

Selection of Optimal Route Using Virtual Reality & Gis
C. Hyun, K. In-Joon, H. Sun-Heun
Page(s) 643-646
Conference Paper (PDF, 1681 KB)

Research On Visualization Technology of Cybercity 3d Scene
Y. Zhou, Q. Xu, C. Lan, B. Tan
Page(s) 647-653
Conference Paper (PDF, 863 KB)

3d Visualization of Ytu Davutpasa Campus Area
M.A. Yucel, M. Selcuk
Page(s) 653-657
Conference Paper (PDF, 581 KB)

Modeling and Visualization of Clouds From Real World Data
A. Roditakis
Page(s) 658-663
Conference Paper (PDF, 752 KB)

Visualisation of Undiscovered Borivoj Ii Prince Tomb Interior At the Prague Castle
P. Karel, Š. Eva, H. Lena, Š. Martin
Page(s) 664-668
Conference Paper (PDF, 557 KB)

Prototype of A 3d-model of The Earth Globe Using Photomodeler Software
C. R. Leivas
Page(s) 669-671
Conference Paper (PDF, 286 KB)

The Reflectance Modeling In Shape From Shading
L. Hashemi, A. Azizi, M. Rezaeian
Page(s) 672-677
Conference Paper (PDF, 347 KB)

Monitoring Crack Origin and Evolution At Concrete Elements Using Photogrammetry
W. Benning, J. Lange, R. Schwermann, C. Effkemann, S. Görtz
Page(s) 678-683
Conference Paper (PDF, 3769 KB)

Development of Image Based Integrated Measurement System and Performance Evaluation for Close-range Application
T. Ohdake, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 684-689
Conference Paper (PDF, 1897 KB)

Measurement of Industrial Sheetmetal Parts With CAD-designed Data and Non-metric Image Sequence
Y. Zhang
Page(s) 690-695
Conference Paper (PDF, 538 KB)

A Versatile 3d Calibration Object for Various Micro-range measurement Methods
M. Ritter, M. Hemmleb, O. Sinram, J. Albertz, H. Hohenberg
Page(s) 696-701
Conference Paper (PDF, 1120 KB)

Character Reconstruction and Animation from Monocular Sequence of Images
F. Remondino
Page(s) 702-707
Conference Paper (PDF, 1370 KB)

Stereoscopic 3d-image Sequence Analysis of Sea Surfaces
F. Santel, W. Linder, C. Heipke
Page(s) 708-712
Conference Paper (PDF, 445 KB)

Automatic Correspondences for Photogrammetric Model Building
G. Roth
Page(s) 713-718
Conference Paper (PDF, 218 KB)

Based On Stereo Sequence Image 3-d Motion Parameters Determination
C. Zhang, J. Zhang, S. He
Page(s) 719-724
Conference Paper (PDF, 359 KB)

A New Approach for Automatic Selection and Transfer of Corresponding Image Points In Digital Video Image Sequences
J.R. Tsay, I.C. Lee
Page(s) 725-729
Conference Paper (PDF, 1055 KB)

Moving Object's Pose Acquisition From Image Sequence
G. Su, J. Zhang, S. Zheng
Page(s) 730-734
Conference Paper (PDF, 258 KB)

Advanced Information Extraction From Non-metric Images Using adaptable Algorithms Embedded In A Hybrid Adjustment
G. Vozikis, H. Kager, P. Waldhaeusl
Page(s) 735-740
Conference Paper (PDF, 2388 KB)

Range and Velocity Estimation of Objects At Long Ranges Using multiocular Video Sequences
N. Scherer, R. Gabler
Page(s) 741-746
Conference Paper (PDF, 220 KB)

A Low-coast Mms Integrating Gps, Digital Compass and A Camera To the Direct Georeferencing of Digital Images
M. Fiani, P. Pistillo
Page(s) 747-752
Conference Paper (PDF, 1411 KB)

Evaluation of Geometrical Accuracy In Displacement Monitoring of Engineering Structures Using Close-range Photogrammetry
A. Mokarrami, H. Ebadi
Page(s) 753-758
Conference Paper (PDF, 223 KB)

Mobile Mapping Systems – State of The Art and Future Trends
K.P. Schwarz, N. El-Sheimy
Page(s) 759-768
Conference Paper (PDF, 1183 KB)

Performance of Medium format Digital Aerial Sensor Systems
M. Cramer
Page(s) 769-774
Conference Paper (PDF, 505 KB)

Airborne Testing of The Dss: Test Results and Analysis
M.M.R. Mostafa
Page(s) 775-780
Conference Paper (PDF, 423 KB)

Development of Digital Surface Model and Feature Extraction By Integrating Laser Scanner and Ccd Sensor With Imu
N. Masahiko, S. Ryosuke, M. Dinesh, Z. Huijing
Page(s) 781-785
Conference Paper (PDF, 163 KB)

Telephotogrammetry: Providing Photogrammetric Services for mobile Telecommunication Userstelephotogrammetry: Providing Photogrammetric Services for mobile Telecommunication Users
Ch. J.P. Blumer
Page(s) 786-790
Conference Paper (PDF, 223 KB)

Development and Experiences With A Fully-digital Handheld Mapping system Operated From A Helicopter
J. Vallet, J. Skaloud
Page(s) 791-796
Conference Paper (PDF, 448 KB)

Performance Analysis of Integrated Sensor Orientation
A.W.L. Ip, N.E. Sheimy, J. Hutton
Page(s) 797-802
Conference Paper (PDF, 126 KB)

Semi-automatic Geo-referencing Images in Mobile Mapping
R. Roncella, G. Forlani
Page(s) 803-808
Conference Paper (PDF, 319 KB)

Photogrammetry for The Preparation of Archaeological Excavation. A 3d Restitution According To Modern and Archive Images of Beaufort Castle Landscape (lebanon)
P. Grussenmeyer, J. Yasmine
Page(s) 809-814
Conference Paper (PDF, 1894 KB)

A Novel System for The 3d Reconstruction of Small Archaeological Objects
V. Tsioukas, P. Patias, P.F. Jacobs
Page(s) 815-818
Conference Paper (PDF, 472 KB)

Openview a Free System for Stereoscopic Representation of 3d Models Or Scenes
L.A. Sechidis, D. Gemenetzis, S. Sylaiou, P. Patias, V. Tsioukas
Page(s) 819-823
Conference Paper (PDF, 725 KB)

Documentation and Virtual Modeling of Archaeological Sites using A Non-metric extreme Wide-angle Lens Camera
V. Arias, T. R. Kuntz, H. Richards, R. P. Watson, J. Elst
Page(s) 824-827
Conference Paper (PDF, 329 KB)

Hans Foramitti A Pioneer of Architectural Photogrammetry (1923-1982)
P. Waldhausl
Page(s) 828-833
Conference Paper (PDF, 1805 KB)

35 Years of Cipa
P. Patias
Page(s) 834-838
Conference Paper (PDF, 2055 KB)

Heritage At Risk and Cipa Today: A Report On The Status of Heritage Documentation.
G. Palumbo, C.L. Ogleby
Page(s) 839-841
Conference Paper (PDF, 284 KB)

Strategic Alliances as Seen By Icomos and Information Users
L. Robin
Page(s) 842-849
Conference Paper (PDF, 58 KB)

Heritage Documentation – The Next 20 Years
C.L. Ogleby
Page(s) 850-854
Conference Paper (PDF, 120 KB)

Basic Study On The Preparation of Topographic Maps for Landslide Areas By An Inertial Photogrammetric Camera System
T. Koizumi, Y. Shirai
Page(s) 855-860
Conference Paper (PDF, 1293 KB)

Basic Study On The Real-time Three-dimensional Position Measurement of Ground Moving Objects Using An Accelerometer and Gyros
Y. Okamoto, T. Koizumi, Y. Sirai
Page(s) 861-866
Conference Paper (PDF, 1240 KB)

Multi-image Fusion for Occlusion-free Façade Texturing
J. Böhm
Page(s) 867-872
Conference Paper (PDF, 912 KB)

Accuracy Enhancement of Vision Metrology Through Automatic Target Plane Determination
J.O. Otepka, C.S. Fraser
Page(s) 873-879
Conference Paper (PDF, 689 KB)

Terrestrial Lidar for Industrial Metrology Applications: Modelling, Enhancement and Reconstruction
A. Fidera, M.A. Chapman, J. Hong
Page(s) 880-883
Conference Paper (PDF, 292 KB)

3d Digital Modeling of Modern Times Building for Preservation and Restoration
W.J. Oh, S.H. Han, H.C. Yoon, Y.S. Bae, S.H. Song
Page(s) 884-889
Conference Paper (PDF, 2424 KB)

Color Calibration of Scanners using Polynomial Transformation
I. Yilmaz, I.O. Bildirici, M. Yakar, F. Yildiz
Page(s) 890-895
Conference Paper (PDF, 243 KB)

Spatial Data Modeling In Gis for Historical Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Seven Cities of Delhi
M. Mohan
Page(s) 896-902
Conference Paper (PDF, 5008 KB)

Robotics and Remotely Operated Vehicles
P.A. Kulkarni, S.G. Karad
Page(s) 903-908
Conference Paper (PDF, 226 KB)

On Improved Gravity Modeling Supporting Direct Georeferencing of Multisensor Systems
D.A.G. Brzezinska, Y. Yi, C. Toth, R. Anderson, J. Davenport, D. Kopcha
Page(s) 908-913
Conference Paper (PDF, 266 KB)

Efficient Line Extraction for Digital Archives of Cultural Heritage using Optical Flow and Trifocal Tensor
Y. Kunii, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 914-917
Conference Paper (PDF, 274 KB)

Dodging In Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Z.J. Li, Z.X. Zhang, J.Q. Zhang
Page(s) 918-923
Conference Paper (PDF, 168 KB)

Video Segmentation With Superimposed Mobile Maps of Distances
A. Viloria, J. Finat, M. G. Tasis
Page(s) 924-928
Conference Paper (PDF, 122 KB)

Structuring Laser-scanned Trees using 3d Mathematical Morphology
B. Gorte, N. Pfeifer
Page(s) 929-933
Conference Paper (PDF, 151 KB)

Feature Extraction and Modeling of Urban Building From Vehicle-borne Laser Scanning Data
B.J. Li, Q.Q. Li, W.Z. Shi, F.F. Wu
Page(s) 934-939
Conference Paper (PDF, 406 KB)

Automatic 3d Rendering of High Resolution Space Images
C. Destruel, C. Valorge
Page(s) 940-945
Conference Paper (PDF, 1180 KB)

True Orthoimage Generation in Close Range Photogrammetry
E. Stylianidis
Page(s) 946-950
Conference Paper (PDF, 466 KB)

3d Modeling for Historical Structure Using Terrestrial Laser Ranging Data
H. Yokoyama, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 951-957
Conference Paper (PDF, 436 KB)

The Use of Panoramic Images for 3-d Archaeological Survey
H. Haggrén, H. Junnilainen, J. Järvinen, T. Nuutinen, M. Lavento, M. Huotari
Page(s) 958-963
Conference Paper (PDF, 4458 KB)

Balloon Photogrammetry for Cultural Heritage
M.O. Altan, T.M. Celikoyan, G. Kemper, G. Toz
Page(s) 964-968
Conference Paper (PDF, 662 KB)

Object Tracking and Positioning On Video Images
C. F. Chen, M. H. Chen
Page(s) 969-973
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

Creation of Distortion Model for Digital Camera (dmdc) based On 2d Dlt
W. Feng, J. Li, L. Yan
Page(s) 974-978
Conference Paper (PDF, 396 KB)

The Fusion of Laser Scanning and Close Range Photogrammetry In Bam Laser-photogrammetric Mapping of Bam Citadel (arg-e-bam)/iran
M. Bouroumand, N. Studnicka
Page(s) 979-983
Conference Paper (PDF, 229 KB)

Dimensional and Accuracy control automation in shipbuilding fabrication: an integration of advanced image interpretation, analysis and visualization techniques
G.W. Johnson, S.E. Laskey, S. Robson, M.R. Shortis
Page(s) 984-989
Conference Paper (PDF, 124 KB)

Modeling and Visualization of Aboriginal Rock Art in the Baiama Cave
S.F. El-Hakim, J. Fryer, M. Picard
Page(s) 990-995
Conference Paper (PDF, 1980 KB)

3D Visualization of Dental Data for Virtual Treatment Planning
P. Koidis, P. Patias, V. Tsioukas
Page(s) 996-1001
Conference Paper (PDF, 326 KB)

Investigation of Generating 3D point-crowd for human modeling using hybrid video theodolite
T. Anai, H. Chikatsu
Page(s) 1001-1004
Conference Paper (PDF, 342 KB)

Multitemporal archaeological imagery to model the progress of excavation
K. Koistinen
Page(s) 1006-1011
Conference Paper (PDF, 1464 KB)

Terrestrial 3d Laser Scanning- Data Acquisition and Object Modelling for Industrial As-built Documentation and Architectural Applications
H. Sternberg, Th. Kersten, I. Jahn, R. Kinzel
Page(s) 1012-1007
Conference Paper (PDF, 1577 KB)

Terrestrial Laserscanning and Photogrammetry – Acquisition techniques Complementing One Another
J. Jansa, N. Studnicka, G. Forkert, A. Haring, H. Kager
Page(s) 1008-13
Conference Paper (PDF, 425 KB)

Modelling Point Clouds for Precise Structural Deformation measurement
S.J. Gordon, D.D. Lichti, M.P. Stewart, J. Franke
Page(s) 1014-1019
Conference Paper (PDF, 624 KB)

A New Algorithm for 3d Surface Matching
D. Akca
Page(s) 1020-1025
Conference Paper (PDF, 485 KB)

Towards A Standard Specification for Terrestrial Laser scanning In Cultural Heritage: One Year On
P.G. Bryan, D.M. Barber, J.P. Mills
Page(s) 1026-1031
Conference Paper (PDF, 323 KB)

Integration of Laser Scanning and Close-range Photogrammetry: the Last Decade and Beyond
J.A. Beraldin
Page(s) 1031-1042
Conference Paper (PDF, 1654 KB)

Fusion of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data and Images for Building Reconstruction
L. Impyeong, C. Yunsoo
Page(s) 1043-1048
Conference Paper (PDF, 751 KB)

Integration of A Terrestrial Laser Scanner With Gps/imu Orientation Sensors
J. Talaya, R. Alamus, E. Bosch, A. Serra, W. Kornus, A. Baron
Page(s) 1049-1044
Conference Paper (PDF, 860 KB)

Integration of Lidar and Photogrammetry for Close Range Applications
A.F. Habib, M.S. Ghanma, M. Tait
Page(s) 1045-1050
Conference Paper (PDF, 132 KB)




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