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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVII Part B5, 2008

XXIst ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission V
July 3-11, 2008
Beijing, China
Editor(s): CHEN Jun, JIANG Jie, Hans-Gerd MAAS


WG V/1 Industrial Vision Metrology Systems and Applications

Minimising Systematic Errors in DEMs Caused by an Inaccurate Lens Model
R. Wackrow, J.H. Chandler, T. Gardner
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 698 KB)

Performance Evaluation of Several High-Quality Digital Cameras
D. H. Rieke-Zapp, H. Hastedt, W. Tecklenburg, J. Peipe, T. Luhmann
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 842 KB)

Verification of the Accuracy of a Real-time Optical 3D-Measuring System on Production Line
Valtteri Tuominen, Ilkka Niini
Page(s) 13-20
Conference Paper (PDF, 532 KB)

Fully Automatic Camera Calibration Using Regular Planar Patterns
V. Douskos, I. Kalisperakis, G. Karras, E. Petsa
Page(s) 21-26
Conference Paper (PDF, 675 KB)

Calibration of a Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera Using Artificial Neural Networks
T. Kavzoglu, F. Karsli
Page(s) 27-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 576 KB)

3D Determination of Very Dense Particle Velocity Fields by Tomographic Reconstruction from Four Camera Views and Voxel Space Tracking
Torsten Putze, Hans-Gerd Maas
Page(s) 33-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 627 KB)

Automatic Target-Identification with the Color-Coded-Targets
T. Moriyama, N. Kochi, M. Yamada, N. FukMaya
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 770 KB)

Multistation Bundle Adjustment with a Machine Vision Parallel Camera System - an Alternative to the Perspective Case for the Measurement of Small Objects
M. Rova, S. Robson, M.A.R. Cooper
Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 555 KB)

Comparison and Verification of Optical 3-D Surface Measurement Systems
Thomas Luhmann, Folkmar Bethmann, Benjamin Herd, Julia Ohm
Page(s) 51-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 1192 KB)

3D Measurement and Modeling Based on Stereo-Camera
Shunyi Zheng, WANG Ruirui, CHEN Changjun, ZHANG Zuxun
Page(s) 57-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 415 KB)

A Model for Segmentation and Distress Statistic of Massive Pavement Images Based on Multi-Scale Strategies
LI Qingquan, LIU Xianglong
Page(s) 63-68
Conference Paper (PDF, 519 KB)

Interest Operators in Close-Range Object Reconstruction
I. Jazayeri, C.S. Fraser
Page(s) 69-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 554 KB)

Close Range Photogrammetry - Structured Light Approach for Machine Vision Aided Harvesting
H. Kauhanen
Page(s) 75-80
Conference Paper (PDF, 603 KB)

Photogrammetric Analysis of Solar Collectors
M. R. Shortis, G. H. G. Johnston, K. Pottler, E. Lüpfert
Page(s) 81-88
Conference Paper (PDF, 748 KB)

Rectification of Digital Close Range Images: Sensor Models, Geometric Image Transformations and Resampling
Mahir Serhan Temiz, Sıtkı Külür
Page(s) 89-94
Conference Paper (PDF, 438 KB)

Optimizing Design and Analysis of Industrial Photogrammetric Network
Jiansong Li
Page(s) 95-100
Conference Paper (PDF, 461 KB)

The Theory and Application of Structured Light Photogrammetry with Known Angle
Xin Li, Hou Wenguang, Shang Haoliang
Page(s) 101-106
Conference Paper (PDF, 588 KB)

Low Cost Automatized System for Control Points Capture in Close Range Photogrammetry
E. Mata, M. A. Hernandez, L. Perez, J. Cardenal
Page(s) 107-110
Conference Paper (PDF, 524 KB)

Matching of Artificial Target Points Based on Space Intersection
Feng Qiqiang, Li Guangyun, Huang Guiping
Page(s) 111-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 494 KB)

3D Measurement, Reconstruction and Navigation through Panoramic Photography
Shaoxing Hu, Qiaozhen Huang, Aiwu Zhang, Jingwei Qiao
Page(s) 115-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 1092 KB)

Direct Sensor-Oriented Calibration of the Projector in Coded Structured Light System
M. Saadatseresht, A. Jafari
Page(s) 119-124
Conference Paper (PDF, 757 KB)

Close-Range Photogrammetry in Traffic Incident Management
Clive Fraser, Simon Cronk, Harry Hanley
Page(s) 125-128
Conference Paper (PDF, 491 KB)

Comparison of Three Accurate 3D Measurement Methods for Evaluating As-Built Floor Flatness
Milka Nuikka, Petri Rönnholm, Harri Kaartinen, Antero Kukko, Antti Suominen, Panu Salo, Petteri Pöntinen, Hannu Hyyppä, Juha Hyyppä, Henrik Haggrèn, Ilmari Absetz, Jari Puttonen, Hannu Hirsi
Page(s) 129-134
Conference Paper (PDF, 1064 KB)

Deformation Determination of Aircraft Parts by Photogrammetry
A.Sh. Amini, M. Varshosaz, M. Saadatseresht…
Page(s) 135-138
Conference Paper (PDF, 475 KB)

3D Surface Modeling of Tomato Plants Using Close-Range Photogrammetry
M. A. Aguilar, J.L. Pozo, F.J. Aguilar, J. Sanchez-Hermosilla, F.C. Pàez, J. Negreiros
Page(s) 139-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 1128 KB)

Broken-Ray Videometric Method and System for Measuring the Three-Dimensional Position and Pose of the Non-Intervisible Object
Qifeng YU, Guangwen JIANG, Sihua FU, Yang SHANG, Yonghui LIANG, Lichun LI
Page(s) 145-148
Conference Paper (PDF, 455 KB)

Qualification of Close Range Photogrammetry Cameras by Average Image Coordinates RMS Error VS. Object Distance Function
K. Fekete, P. Schrott
Page(s) 149-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 712 KB)

Application of Mathematical Morphology Operations for Simplification and Improvement of Correlation of Images in Close-Range Photogrammetry
M. Kowalczyk, P. Koza, P. Kupidura, J. Marciniak
Page(s) 153-158
Conference Paper (PDF, 581 KB)

Performance Evaluations of Macro Lens for Digital Documentation of Small Objects
Hideharu Yanagi, Yuichi Honma, Hirofumi Chikatsu
Page(s) 159-164
Conference Paper (PDF, 1081 KB)

Automatic Reconstruction for Small Archeology Based on Close-Range Photogrammetry
Ji Zheng, Wu Yuan, Sheng QingHong
Page(s) 165-168
Conference Paper (PDF, 557 KB)

Automatic Modelling Method for Steel Structures Using Photogrammetry
S. H. Jung, J. H. Yu, L. Ge, J. K. Lee
Page(s) 169-174
Conference Paper (PDF, 1034 KB)

Object Tracking Based on Time-Varying Saliency
Sheng Xu, Hong Huo, Fang Tao
Page(s) 175-180
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

Efficient Pipe Installation Support System for Module Build
Page(s) 181-186
Conference Paper (PDF, 624 KB)

WG V/2 Cultural Heritage Documentation

Enhanced Potential for the Analysis of Archaeological Finds Based on 3D Modeling
Klaus Hanke, Michael Moser, Albert Grimm-Pitzinger, Gert Goldenberg, Ulrike Toechterle
Page(s) 187-192
Conference Paper (PDF, 915 KB)

The Use of Digital Pattern Recognition Techniques for Virtual Reconstruction of Eroded and Visually Complicated Archeological Geometric Patterns
R. Al Ajlouni
Page(s) 193-198
Conference Paper (PDF, 848 KB)

Image-Based Surface Measurement for Close-Range Heritage Documentation
Page(s) 199-206
Conference Paper (PDF, 956 KB)

Measurement of Transparent Plastic Sculptures Using Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning and Touch Probing for Conservation Purposes
S. Robson, M. Rova, L. Morgan, J. Heuman, M. Heathcote, D. Lees, H. Caner, C. G. Mills
Page(s) 207-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 919 KB)

Comparison Methods of Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry and Tacheometry Data for Recording of Cultural Heritage Buildings
P. Grussenmeyer, T. Landes, T. Voegtle, K. Ringle
Page(s) 213-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 649 KB)

Computer Aided Reconstruction of Complex Sites and Architectures: Application to the Grotta Dei Cervi and the Broken Frescoes of the Assisi Basilica
E. Paquet, J.-A. Beraldin, H. L. Viktor, B. Benedetti
Page(s) 219-224
Conference Paper (PDF, 783 KB)

Georeferencing Multi-Temporal and Multi-Scale Imagery in Photogrammetry
Lingli Zhu, Anna Erving, Katri Koistinen, Milka Nuikka, Hanne Junnilainen, Nina Heiska, Henrik Haggrèn
Page(s) 225-230
Conference Paper (PDF, 525 KB)

Remote Sensing Analysis of the Status of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
B. Deng, H. Guo, C. Wang, Y. Nie
Page(s) 231-236
Conference Paper (PDF, 565 KB)

New Low-Cost 3D Scanning Techniques for Cultural Heritage Documentation
J. Reznicek, K. Pavelka
Page(s) 237-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 4304 KB)

Integration of 3D Data, Texture and Archaeological Information in a Database Management System for Petroglyph Documentation and Interpretation
M. Sauerbier, P. Fux, T. Kersten, M. Lindstaedt
Page(s) 241-246
Conference Paper (PDF, 528 KB)

Multidisciplinar Approach to Historic Arch Bridges Documentation
B. Riveiro, P. Arias, J. Armesto, F. Rial, M. Solla
Page(s) 247-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 982 KB)

A Simpler Method for Large Scale Digital Orthophoto Production
A. Georgopoulos, S. Natsis
Page(s) 253-258
Conference Paper (PDF, 574 KB)

Cost-Effective Rock-Art Recording within a Non-Specialist Environment
P. Bryan, J.H. Chandler
Page(s) 259-264
Conference Paper (PDF, 532 KB)

Measurement and 3D Modelling of an Ancient Measuring Device: Nippur Cubit Rod
Z. Duran, U. Aydar
Page(s) 265-270
Conference Paper (PDF, 2952 KB)

Preserve the Past for the Future-Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Documentation and Deformation Analysis of Easter Island′s Moai
T. P. Kersten, M. Lindstaedt, B. Vogt
Page(s) 271-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 789 KB)

A New Approach for Relative Orientation of Non-Calibrated Historical Photos of Baalbek/Libanon
A. Alamouri, L. Gruendig, T. H. Kolbe
Page(s) 279-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 714 KB)

Automatic Matching of Sculpture Fragments as Modern Tool for Archaeological Verification of Hypotheses on Their Origin
A. Bujakiewicz, M. Kowalczyk, P. Podlasiak, D. Zawieska
Page(s) 285-290
Conference Paper (PDF, 898 KB)

3-D Documentation Technologies for Use in Industrial Archaeology Applications
A. Gruenkemeier
Page(s) 291-296
Conference Paper (PDF, 2556 KB)

3D Virtual Modelling of a Gothic Stained-Glass Panel
G. Salemi, V. Achilli, G. Boatto.
Page(s) 297-302
Conference Paper (PDF, 1343 KB)

High Resolution Morphometric Reconstruction of Multimaterial Tiles of an Ancient Mosaic
G. Salemi, V. Achilli, M. Ferrarese, G. Boatto
Page(s) 303-308
Conference Paper (PDF, 511 KB)

Photogrammetric Survey of Ancients Musical Instruments
L. Pinto, R. Roncella, G. Forlani
Page(s) 309-314
Conference Paper (PDF, 547 KB)

Image Based Architectural True-Orthophotographs
A. Martos, S. Navarro, J.L. Lerma, S. Rodrìguez, J. Rodrìguez, J. Gonzàlez, F. Jordà, M. Ramos, A. Pèrez
Page(s) 315-320
Conference Paper (PDF, 2070 KB)

3D Photogrammetric Recording Using DLT and CAD
Francesco Guerra, Vassilios Tsioukas
Page(s) 321-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 941 KB)

3D Model for Historic Reconstruction and Archeaological Knowledge Dissemination: the Niedermunster Abbey's Project (Alsace, FRANCE)
M. Koehl, P. Grussenmeyer
Page(s) 325-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 531 KB)

Application of Augmented Reality GIS in Architecture
Yan Guo, Qingyun Du, Yi Luo, Weiwei Zhang, Lu Xu
Page(s) 331-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 849 KB)

Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Heritage Conservation in Yungang Grotto
ZHOU Keqin, ZHAO Xu, ZHOU Junzhao, WANG Fei, HU Song
Page(s) 337-340
Conference Paper (PDF, 533 KB)

Robust Extraction of Ancient Burial Mounds in Brushland from Laser Scanning Data
Tsutomu Kakiuchi, Hirofumi Chikatsu
Page(s) 341-346
Conference Paper (PDF, 903 KB)

Real Time Monitoring of Cultural Heritage through Camera Phone Digital Images
G. Artese, M. Gencarelli
Page(s) 347-352
Conference Paper (PDF, 730 KB)

3D Cultural Heritage Documentation Using Data from Different Sources
Sıtkı KÜLÜR, Hakan ŞAHİN
Page(s) 353-356
Conference Paper (PDF, 952 KB)

Modeling of the Temple of Apollo Smintheus Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Realty
E. Ö. Avşar, Z. Duran, O. Akyol, G. Toz
Page(s) 357-360
Conference Paper (PDF, 930 KB)

Discovering Archaeological Cropmarks: a Hyperspectral Approach
Syed Ali Aqdus, Jane Drummond, William S Hanson
Page(s) 361-366
Conference Paper (PDF, 1460 KB)

Integration of Structured Light and Digital Camera Image Data for the 3D Reconstruction of an Ancient Globe
S. Sotoodeh, A. Gruen, T. Hanusch
Page(s) 367-372
Conference Paper (PDF, 667 KB)

An Integrated Survey for Knowledge and Preservation of a Cultural Heritage: the Albanian Fortified Citadel of Elbasan
G. Caroti, A. Piemonte
Page(s) 373-378
Conference Paper (PDF, 740 KB)

The Photogrammetric Evaluation of the Tiles on Turkish Traditional Buildings, an Example from Konya
S. A. Güleç, M. Yakar, M. Korumaz
Page(s) 379-384
Conference Paper (PDF, 904 KB)

Documentation of Heritage Sites Using Surface Topography as Control
Shahaf Levin, Sagi Filin
Page(s) 385-390
Conference Paper (PDF, 707 KB)

The Virtual Reconstruction of the Temple Bin Selinunte Excavation Site
G. Carra, S. D'Amelio, B. Villa
Page(s) 391-396
Conference Paper (PDF, 644 KB)

Photogrammetry of Archeological Site Felix Romuliana at Gamzigrad Using Aerial Digital Camera and Non-Metric Digital Camera
D. Mihajlović, M. Mitrović, Ž. Cvijetinović, M. Vojinović
Page(s) 397-400
Conference Paper (PDF, 478 KB)

Hierarchical Modelling and Processing of Space Objects in Architectural Photogrammetry
B. D. Marinov
Page(s) 401-408
Conference Paper (PDF, 668 KB)

GIS Today
Pietro Grimaldi.
Page(s) 409-410
Conference Paper (PDF, 481 KB)

Innovative Techniques for Survey and Communication of Cultural Heritage
F. Agnello, M. Cannella, A. Gentile, M. Lo Brutto, A. Santangelo, B. Villa
Page(s) 411-416
Conference Paper (PDF, 1610 KB)

On the Integrated Use of Laser-Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry Applied to an Archeological Site
M. G. D'Urso, G. Russo
Page(s) 1107-1112
Conference Paper (PDF, 625 KB)

Laser Range Data, Photographs and Architecural Components
C. Chevrier, J. P. Perrin
Page(s) 1113-1118
Conference Paper (PDF, 912 KB)

WG V/3 Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Analysis of Score Functions for the Automatic Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans
Christoph Dold, Claus Brenner
Page(s) 417-422
Conference Paper (PDF, 848 KB)

Combined Knowledge Propagation for Facade Reconstruction
Susane Becker, Norbert Haala, Dieter Fritsch
Page(s) 423-430
Conference Paper (PDF, 600 KB)

Automatic Registration of Terrestrial Point Cloud Using Panoramic Reflectance Images
Zhizhong Kang
Page(s) 431-436
Conference Paper (PDF, 432 KB)

Line-Based Referencing between Images and Laser Scanner Data for Image-Based Point Cloud Interpretation in a CAD-Environment
N. Meierhold, A. Bienert, A. Schmich
Page(s) 437-444
Conference Paper (PDF, 467 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Denoising by Range Image Processing for Small-Sized Objects
E. Smigiel, E. Alby, P. Grussenmeyer
Page(s) 445-450
Conference Paper (PDF, 842 KB)

Generating Building Outlines from Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Shi Pu
Page(s) 451-456
Conference Paper (PDF, 1015 KB)

Glacier Velocity Determination from Multi-Temporal Long Range Laser Scanner Point Clouds
E. Schwalbe, H-G. Maas, R. Dietrich, H. Ewert
Page(s) 457-462
Conference Paper (PDF, 2212 KB)

Towards Automatic Feature Line Modeling from Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data
Christian Briese, Norbert Pfeifer
Page(s) 463-468
Conference Paper (PDF, 596 KB)

A Statistically Proven Automatic Curvature Based Classification Procedure of Laser Points
Fabio Crosilla, Domenico Visintini, Francesco Sepic
Page(s) 469-476
Conference Paper (PDF, 969 KB)

Improving and Extending the Information on Principal Component Analysis for Local Neighborhoods in 3D Point Clouds
David Belton
Page(s) 477-484
Conference Paper (PDF, 718 KB)

Monitoring Landslide Displacements during a Controlled Rain Experiment Using a Long-Range Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)
J. Travelletti, C. Delacourt, J.-P. Malet, T. Oppikofer, M. Jaboyedoff
Page(s) 485-490
Conference Paper (PDF, 725 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Deformation Monitoring of the Thermal Pipeline Traversed Subway Tunnel Engineering
D. W. Qiu, J. G. Wu
Page(s) 491-494
Conference Paper (PDF, 399 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Assessing the Risk of Slope Instability along Transport Corridors
P. E. Miller, J. P. Mills, S. L. Barr, M. Lim, D. Barber, G. Parkin, B. Clarke, S. Glendinning, J. Hall
Page(s) 495-500
Conference Paper (PDF, 646 KB)

Managing Uncertainty in the Detection of Changes from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
Reem Zeibak, Sagi Filin
Page(s) 501-506
Conference Paper (PDF, 904 KB)

Vectorization, Edge Preserving Smoothing and Dimensioning of Profiles in Laser Scanner Point Clouds
Anne Bienert.
Page(s) 507-512
Conference Paper (PDF, 612 KB)

Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner for Ground Navigation in GPS-Challenged Environments
X. Wang, C. Toth, D. Grejner-Brzezinska, H. Sun
Page(s) 513-518
Conference Paper (PDF, 596 KB)

Robust Algorithm for Fitting Sphere to 3D Point Clouds in Terrestrial Laser Scanning
ZHOU Shijian, GUAN Yunlan, ZHAN Xinwu, LU Tieding
Page(s) 519-522
Conference Paper (PDF, 371 KB)

A Multi-Direction Extracting Method of the Building Contour Based on Point Cloud of the Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Zhang Xue-wen, Zhao Xi-an, Wei Shi-yan
Page(s) 523-526
Conference Paper (PDF, 391 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Deformation Measurement of Structures
T. Lovas, A. Barsi, A. Detrekoi, L. Dunai, Z. Csak, A. Polgar, A. Berenyi, Z. Kibedy, K. Szocs
Page(s) 527-532
Conference Paper (PDF, 752 KB)

Range Image Segmentation Using the Numerical Description of the Mean Curvature Values
Yahya Alshawabkeh, Norbert Haala, Dieter Fritsch
Page(s) 533-538
Conference Paper (PDF, 1359 KB)

Extraction of Geometric Information on Highway Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology
Jin-Soo Kim, Jong-Chool Lee, In-Joon Kang, Sung-Yeoul Cha, Hyun Choi, Tack-Gon Lee
Page(s) 539-544
Conference Paper (PDF, 839 KB)

Application of Point Clouds from Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner for Deformation Measurements
Lijing Bu, Zhengpeng Zhang
Page(s) 545-548
Conference Paper (PDF, 547 KB)

Integrating Photogrametric Technologies and Geodetic Methods for 3D Modeling
Georgeta Pop
Page(s) 549-554
Conference Paper (PDF, 626 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Deformation Monitoring- Load Tests on the Felsenau Viaduct (CH)
H.-M. Zogg, H. Ingensand
Page(s) 555-562
Conference Paper (PDF, 720 KB)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning of Agricultural Crops
J. Lumme, M. Karjalainen, H. Kaartinen, A. Kukko, J. Hyyppä, H. Hyyppä, A. Jaakkola, J. Kleemola
Page(s) 563-566
Conference Paper (PDF, 581 KB)

Detection of Bricks in a Masonry Wall
George Sithole
Page(s) 567-572
Conference Paper (PDF, 648 KB)

Development of Cross Section Management System in Tunnel Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technique
Dong-Ju Seo, Jong Chool Lee, Young-Do Lee, Yong-Hee Lee, Du-Yeoul Mun
Page(s) 573-582
Conference Paper (PDF, 1073 KB)

Point Based Registration of Terrestrial Laser Data Using Intensity and Geometry Features
Zhi Wang, Claus Brenner
Page(s) 583-590
Conference Paper (PDF, 663 KB)

TLS Deformation Measurement Using LS3D Surface and Curve Matching
O. Monserrat, M. Crosetto, B. Pucci
Page(s) 591-596
Conference Paper (PDF, 506 KB)

Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Unoverlap Point Clouds by One Image
C. Altuntas, F. Yildiz
Page(s) 597-600
Conference Paper (PDF, 407 KB)

Automatic Matching of Terrestrial Scan Data Using Orientation Histograms
A.G. Chibunichev, A.B. Velizhev
Page(s) 601-604
Conference Paper (PDF, 339 KB)

An Accurate Registration Method Based on Point Clouds and Redundancy Elimination of LIDAR Data
Yumin Li, Yanmin Wang
Page(s) 605-610
Conference Paper (PDF, 495 KB)

Mapping Digital Image Texture onto 3D Model from LIDAR Data
Chunmei Hu, Yanmin Wang, Wentao Yu
Page(s) 611-614
Conference Paper (PDF, 403 KB)

Reducing the Error in Terrestrial Laser Scanning by Optimizing the Measurement Set-Up
Sylvie Soudarissanane, Roderik Lindenbergh, Ben Gorte
Page(s) 615-620
Conference Paper (PDF, 1126 KB)

Multi-Image Matching: an "Old and New" Photogrammetric Answer to LIDAR Techniques
F. Nex, F. Rinaudo
Page(s) 621-626
Conference Paper (PDF, 1321 KB)

An UAV-based Photogrammetric Mapping System for Road Condition Assessment
Chunsun Zhang
Page(s) 627-632
Conference Paper (PDF, 430 KB)

Mobile Lidar Mapping for 3D Point Cloud Collection in Urban Areas - A Performance Test
Norbert Haala, Michael Peter, Jens Kremer, Graham Hunter
Page(s) 1119-1124
Conference Paper (PDF, 4476 KB)

Comparison of Data Classification Techniques Applied to TLS Point Clouds
A. Guarnieri, A. Vettore, F. Pirotti, M. Marani
Page(s) 1131-1136
Conference Paper (PDF, 1238 KB)

WG V/4 Virtual Reality and Computer Animation

Automated 3D Reconstruction of Urban Areas from Networks of Wide-Baseline Image Sequences
Helmut Mayer, Jan Bartelsen
Page(s) 633-638
Conference Paper (PDF, 719 KB)

Self-Calibration and Metric Reconstruction from a Single Image
Ruisheng Wang, Frank P. Ferrie
Page(s) 639-644
Conference Paper (PDF, 391 KB)

Perception-Driven Simplification Methodology of 3D Complex Building Model
Zhiqiang Du, Qing Zhu, Junqiao Zhao
Page(s) 645-652
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

Facade Detail from Incomplete Range Data
Jan Böhm
Page(s) 653-658
Conference Paper (PDF, 1205 KB)

Global Terrain Data Organization and Compression Methods
LI Yi, GONG Jianhua
Page(s) 659-666
Conference Paper (PDF, 738 KB)

Visualization of a Necropolis on the Basis of a Portable Aerial Photogrammetric System and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
R. Brechtken, H.-J. Przybilla, D. Wahl
Page(s) 667-672
Conference Paper (PDF, 771 KB)

Designing a Framework of Virtual Remote Sensing Satellite Simulation System
Chaozhen Lan, Qing Xu, Yang Zhou, Jiansheng Li
Page(s) 673-676
Conference Paper (PDF, 355 KB)

System Implementation of 3D City Simulation and Planning Aided Design-Taking Yinchuan City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as an Example
Wang Xiaopeng, Kang Gaofeng, Huo Xiaobin
Page(s) 677-680
Conference Paper (PDF, 347 KB)

VRLane: a Desktop Virtual Navigation and Safety Monitoring Porgram for Underground Coal Mine
M. Li, J. Z. Chen, S. J. Mao, W. Xiong
Page(s) 681-686
Conference Paper (PDF, 367 KB)

Large Scale Texture Mapping of Building Facades
Y. K. A. Tan, L. K. Kwoh, S. H. Ong
Page(s) 687-692
Conference Paper (PDF, 1690 KB)

Real-Time Rendering of Large Terrain on Mobile Device
Jiang Wen, Baoshan Zhu, Fan Wang
Page(s) 693-698
Conference Paper (PDF, 558 KB)

A New Texture Mapping Algorithm for Photorealistic Reconstruction of 3D Objects
T. Hanusch
Page(s) 699-706
Conference Paper (PDF, 447 KB)

Modelling of Urban Environments
Sandra Haydeè Gonzàlez Garcìa, Raùl Muñoz Salabarrìa, Aliàn Mayet Valdès, Dunia Suàrez Ferreiro, Bernardino Deni Dìaz Rodrìguez
Page(s) 707-710
Conference Paper (PDF, 489 KB)

On the Graph-Based Panorama Construction for 2D Large-Scale Microscope Images
Yu-Bo. Xie, Yong-Xi. Gong
Page(s) 711-718
Conference Paper (PDF, 471 KB)

Determination of Displacements in Load Tests with Digital Multimedia Photogrammetry
F. Yilmazturk, S. Kulur, N. Terzi
Page(s) 719-722
Conference Paper (PDF, 559 KB)

WG V/5 Development in Image Sensor Technology

A New Ground-Based Stereo Panoramic Scanning System
R. Li, L. Yan, K. Di, B. Wu
Page(s) 723-728
Conference Paper (PDF, 639 KB)

Metric Accurac Testing with Mobile Phone Cameras
Armin Gruen, Devrim Akca
Page(s) 729-736
Conference Paper (PDF, 813 KB)

Stereo-Video Surveys of Deep Water Habitats
M. R. Shortis, J. W. Seager, A. Williams, B. A. Barker
Page(s) 737-744
Conference Paper (PDF, 707 KB)

Segmentation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data by Integrating Range and Image Content
Shahar Barnea, Sagi Filin
Page(s) 745-750
Conference Paper (PDF, 1075 KB)

Photogrammetric Processing of Low Altitude Image Sequences by Unmanned Airship
Yongjun Zhang
Page(s) 751-758
Conference Paper (PDF, 467 KB)

Analyze of Mathematical Models for Digital Camera Calibration
M. Haeri, S. M. Ayazi
Page(s) 759-760
Conference Paper (PDF, 356 KB)

Precise Determination of Fisheye Lens Resolution
M. Kedzierski
Page(s) 761-764
Conference Paper (PDF, 437 KB)

Precise Method of Fisheye Lens Calibration
Michal Kedzierski, Anna Fryskowska
Page(s) 765-768
Conference Paper (PDF, 464 KB)

Experiencies Using Non-Metric Cameras in Photogrammetry
Bernardino Deni Dìaz Rodrìguez, Sandra Haydeè Gonzàlez Garcìa, Yoelbis Benìtez Piñero
Page(s) 769-772
Conference Paper (PDF, 1074 KB)

Development of Positioning Information Realized Digital Close-Range Photogrammetric System
Hyun Choi, Chang-Hwan Ahn, Jin-Soo Kim, Ho-Wook Han
Page(s) 773-778
Conference Paper (PDF, 724 KB)

WG V/6 Medical Image Analysis, Human Motion and Body Measurement

Challenges of Photogrammetric Intra-Oral Tooth Measurement
H. L. Mitchell, R.G. Chadwick
Page(s) 779-782
Conference Paper (PDF, 445 KB)

Photogrammetric Techniques for Dentistry Analysis, Planning and Visualisation
V. A. Knyaz, S. Yu. Zheltov
Page(s) 783-788
Conference Paper (PDF, 599 KB)

Reconstruction, Registration, and Matching of 3D Facial Models from Stereo-Images
Yu-Chuan Chang, Ayman F. Habib
Page(s) 789-794
Conference Paper (PDF, 575 KB)

Three Dimentional Data Extraction From Radiographs
D. Z. Seker, G. Birgin, A. Goktepe
Page(s) 795-798
Conference Paper (PDF, 376 KB)

Selective X-Ray Reconstruction and Registration for Pose Estimation in 6 Degrees of Freedom
B.P. Selby, G. Sakas, S. Walter, W.D. Groch, U. Stilla
Page(s) 799-804
Conference Paper (PDF, 1416 KB)

Integration of Stereophotogrammetry and Triangulation-Based Laser Scanning System for Precise Mapping of Craniofacial Morphology
Z. Majid, H. Setan, A. Chong
Page(s) 805-812
Conference Paper (PDF, 746 KB)

Method of Boundary Extraction Based on Schrödinger Equation
Liantang Lou, Xin Zhan, Zhongliang Fu, Mingyue Ding
Page(s) 813-816
Conference Paper (PDF, 280 KB)

Data Acquisition Possibilities for Face Reconstruction Purpose
P. Schrott, Gy. Szabò, K. Fekete
Page(s) 817-822
Conference Paper (PDF, 1478 KB)

Automatic Polyp Detection from CT Colonography Using Mathematical Morphology
Mozhdeh Shahbazi, F. Mehran Sattari, Mojtaba Ghazi
Page(s) 823-828
Conference Paper (PDF, 343 KB)

ICWG V/I Integrated Systems for Mobile Mapping

Tight Integration of GNSS Post-processed Virtual Reference Station with Inertial Data for Increased Accuracy and Productivity of Airborne Mapping
J. Hutton, Alan Ip, T. Bourke, B. Scherzinger, N. Gopaul, P. Canter, I. Oveland, L. Blankenberg
Page(s) 829-834
Conference Paper (PDF, 650 KB)

Common Adjustment of Land-Based and Airborne Mobile Mapping System Data
Taher Hassan, Naser El-Sheimy
Page(s) 835-842
Conference Paper (PDF, 415 KB)

Accuracy Enhancement of Unmanned Helicopter Positioning with Low Cost System
U. Coppa, A. Guarnieri, F. Pirotti, A. Vettore
Page(s) 843-850
Conference Paper (PDF, 964 KB)

Towards In-Flight Quality Assessment of Airborne Laser Scanning
P. Schaer, J. Skaloud, P. Tomè
Page(s) 851-856
Conference Paper (PDF, 3479 KB)

Performance Assessment of a Multi-Sensor Personal Navigator Supported by an Adaptive Knowledge Based System
D. A. Grejner-Brzezinska, C. K. Toth, S. Moafipoor
Page(s) 857-866
Conference Paper (PDF, 632 KB)

Towards Automatic Road Mapping by Fusing Vehicle-Borne Multi-Sensor Data
Y. Shi, R. Shibasaki, Z.C. Shi
Page(s) 867-872
Conference Paper (PDF, 627 KB)

Airborne Multidimensional Integrated Remote Sensing System
Weiming Xu, Jianyu Wang, Rong Shu, Zhiping He, Yanhua Ma
Page(s) 873-876
Conference Paper (PDF, 939 KB)

Calibration of a Low Cost MEMS INS Sensor for an Integrated Navigation System
G. Artese, A. Trecroci
Page(s) 877-882
Conference Paper (PDF, 679 KB)

Analysis of the Kalman Filter with Different INS Error Models for GPS/INS Integration in Aerial Remote Sensing Applications
Hongxing Sun, Jianhong Fu, Xiuxiao Yuan, Weiming Tang
Page(s) 883-890
Conference Paper (PDF, 560 KB)

Developing a Navigation System to Provide a Robust Real Time Positioning for Mobile Mapping Application
Page(s) 891-896
Conference Paper (PDF, 879 KB)

Photogrammetric Pavement Detection System
I. Kertèsz, T. Lovas, A. Barsi
Page(s) 897-902
Conference Paper (PDF, 809 KB)

Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
Wang Weian, Ou Jianliang, Bao Feng, Tong Xiaohua, Liu Chun, Ye Qin, Wang Jianmei, Wang Wei, Liu Meiyu, Liu Yi, Liu Shijie, Wu Hangbin, Qiao Gang, Zheng Zheng
Page(s) 903-908
Conference Paper (PDF, 874 KB)

Close Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Using a Mobile Mapping System for the High Detailed Survey of a Height Density Urban Area
S. Gandolfi, M. Barbarella, E. Ronci, A. Burchi
Page(s) 909-914
Conference Paper (PDF, 980 KB)

A Project Overview for the Development of a Light and Flexible Rapid Mapping System for Emergency Response
Kyoungah Choi, Impyeong Lee, Sung Woong Shin, Kiseok Ahn
Page(s) 915-920
Conference Paper (PDF, 1074 KB)

Recent Practical Applications of Close-Range Photogrammetry for Complex Motion Study
Albert K. Chong, Peter Milburn, Richard Newsham Wes, Marieke ter Voert, Hayden Croft
Page(s) 921-926
Conference Paper (PDF, 613 KB)

Integration of dynamic LiDAR and image sensor data for route corridor mapping
Timothy McCarthy, Jianghua Zheng, A. Stewart Fotheringham
Page(s) 1125-1130
Conference Paper (PDF, 412 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 14 - 3D cameras

Self-Calibration of a 3D Range Camera
Derek D. Lichti
Page(s) 927-932
Conference Paper (PDF, 548 KB)

Range Image Sequence Analysis by 2.5-D Least-Squares-Tracking with Variance Component Estimation and Robust Variance Covariance Matrix Estimation
Patrick Westfeld, Ren´e Hempel
Page(s) 933-938
Conference Paper (PDF, 547 KB)

Extensive Metric Performance Evaluation of a 3D Range Camera
Christoph A. Weyer, Kwang-Ho Bae, Kwanthar Lim, Derek D. Lichti
Page(s) 939-944
Conference Paper (PDF, 650 KB)

Integrated Range Camera Calibration Using Image Sequences from Hand-Held Operation
Wilfried Karel
Page(s) 945-952
Conference Paper (PDF, 634 KB)

An Analysis of Crowds Flow Characteristics by Using Laser Range Scanners
K. Katabira, T. SuzUKi, Y. Nakagawa, R. Shibasaki, H. Zhao
Page(s) 953-956
Conference Paper (PDF, 510 KB)

Special Session: SS 9 - Cultural Heritage Recording and Silk Road

Reconstruction of Commercial Ways and Silk Road in Nuratau Area
I. T. Muminov
Page(s) 957-962
Conference Paper (PDF, 368 KB)

Image- and Model-Based Reconstruction of the Small Buddha of Bamiyan, Afghanistan
A. Gruen, T. Hanusch
Page(s) 963-968
Conference Paper (PDF, 937 KB)

Image-Based Measurement of the Ming Great Wall
Chen Jun, Zhao Yousong, Liao Anping, Jing Shuping, Zhang Hongwei
Page(s) 969-974
Conference Paper (PDF, 601 KB)

Virtual Kyoto: Visualization of Historical City with 4D-GIS, Virtual Reality and Web Technologies
Y. Takase, K. Yano, T. Nakaya, Y. Isoda, T. Kawasumi, K. Matsuoka, T. Seto, D. Kawahara, A. TsUKamoto, M. Inoue, T. Kirimura
Page(s) 975-980
Conference Paper (PDF, 4164 KB)

From Digital Mogao Caves to Digital Chi Lin Nunnery
Deren Li, Yixuan Zhu, Zhiqiang Du
Page(s) 981-986
Conference Paper (PDF, 666 KB)

3D Information Restoration of the Digital Images of Dunhuang Mural Paintings
Chang-Qing KE, Xu-Zhi FENG, Jin-Kang DU, Guo-Dong TANG
Page(s) 987-992
Conference Paper (PDF, 388 KB)

Documentation of Istanbul Historic Peninsula by Static and Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning
I. Baz, G. Büyüksalih, Th. Kersten, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 993-998
Conference Paper (PDF, 861 KB)

The Research and Application of Spatial Information Technology in Cultural Heritage Conservation-Case Study on Grand Canal of CHINA
Feng Mao, Ze Liu, Wensheng Zhou, Jianxi Huang, Qiang Li
Page(s) 999-1006
Conference Paper (PDF, 664 KB)

3D Digital Investigation on Diseases of Tibet Murals
Shaoxing Hu, Feng Gao, Aiwu Zhang, Yulin Chen, Guangjie Cai, Wenguo Duan, Xiao Zhou
Page(s) 1007-1012
Conference Paper (PDF, 451 KB)

Implementation of an Architectonic GIS on a Brickwork Farmhouse
J.L. Lerma, S. Navarro, M. Cabrelles, C. Portalès
Page(s) 1013-1016
Conference Paper (PDF, 396 KB)

Research on the Current Status and History Transformation of Hutong in Beijing Imperial City Based On GIS Technique
Pinxiang CHEN, Ming DONG, Junhui ZHANG
Page(s) 1017-1022
Conference Paper (PDF, 353 KB)

3D Reconstruction for a Cultural Heritage Virtual Tour System
Y. Bastanlar, E. Yilmaz, Y. Yardimci, N. Grammalidis, X. Zabulis, G. Triantafyllidis
Page(s) 1023-1028
Conference Paper (PDF, 1477 KB)

Recording, Documentation and Application of Stereo Views in Cultural Heritage
Walter Schuhr, Erich Kanngieser
Page(s) 1029-1036
Conference Paper (PDF, 1200 KB)

Special Session: SS 16 - Terrestrial Laser Scanner Calibration Techniques

Integrated Processing of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data and Fisheye-Camera Image Data
D. Schneider, E. Schwalbe
Page(s) 1037-1044
Conference Paper (PDF, 572 KB)

Analysis of the Backscattered Energy in Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
Norbert Pfeifer, Bernhard Höfle, Christian Briese, Martin Rutzinger, Alexander Haring
Page(s) 1045-1052
Conference Paper (PDF, 392 KB)

Investigations about the Accuracy of Target Measurement for Deformation Monitoring
Mario Alba, Fabio Roncoroni, Marco Scaioni
Page(s) 1053-1060
Conference Paper (PDF, 584 KB)

Influences of Different Materials on the Measurements of a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS)
T. Voegtle, I. Schwab, T. Landes
Page(s) 1061-1066
Conference Paper (PDF, 344 KB)

On the Calibration of the Distance Measuring Component of a Terrestrial Laser Scanner
P. Salo, O. Jokinen, A. Kukko
Page(s) 1067-1072
Conference Paper (PDF, 486 KB)

Special Session: SS 19 - Recording and documenting the Acropolis of Athens -From classical ancient GREECE to modern Olympics

Recording, Modeling, Visualisation and GIS Applications Development for the Acropolis of Athens
D. Moullou, D. Mavromati, V. Tsingas, C. Liapakis, L. Grammatikopoulos, S. Raikos, A. Sarris, E. Baltsavias, F. Remondino, J.-A. Beraldin, S. El-Hakim, L. Cournoyer, M. Picard
Page(s) 1073-1076
Conference Paper (PDF, 869 KB)

Surface Reconstruction of Large Complex Structures from Mixed Range Data - the Erichtheion Experience
S. El-Hakim, J.-A. Beraldin, M. Picard, L. Cournoyer
Page(s) 1077-1082
Conference Paper (PDF, 1086 KB)

Image-Based 3D Modeling of the Erechteion, Acropolis of Athens
Fabio REMONDINO, Emmanuel BALTSAVIAS, Sabry EL-HAKIM Michel PICARD, Lazaros Grammatikopoulos
Page(s) 1083-1092
Conference Paper (PDF, 2159 KB)

Geostructural Analysis of the Athenian Acropolis Wall Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
D. Egglezos, D. Moullou, D. Mavromati
Page(s) 1093-1100
Conference Paper (PDF, 1360 KB)

3D Modelling of the Acropolis of Athens Using Balloon Images and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
V. Tsingas, C. Liapakis, V. Xylia, D. Mavromati, D. Moulou, L. Grammatikopoulos, C. Stentoumis
Page(s) 1101-1106
Conference Paper (PDF, 631 KB)




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