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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXV Part B3, 2004

XXth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission III
July 12-23, 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Editor(s): Orhan Altan


Table of Contents

Sensor Pose Inference from Airborne Videos by Decomposing Homography Estimates
E. Michaelsen, M. Kirchhof, U. Stilla
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 1208 KB)

Linear Feature Based Aerial Triangulation
A. Akav, G. H. Zalmanson, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 113 KB)

Bundle Adjustment of Images from Non-metric Ccd Camera Using Lidar Data as Control Points
R. J. Delara, E. A. Mitishita, A. Habib
Page(s) 13-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 512 KB)

Bundle Adjustment and Incidence of Linear Features on The Accuracy of External Calibration Parameters
F. Jung, D. Boldo
Page(s) 19-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 371 KB)

Estimating Sensor Pose from Images of a Stereo Rig
O. Bentrah, N. Paparoditis, M.P. Deseilligny, R. Horaud
Page(s) 25-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 1170 KB)

Improving The Accuracy of Photogrammetric Absolute Orientation Using Surface Matching
S.J. Buckley, J.P. Mills, H.L. Mitchell
Page(s) 30-35
Conference Paper (PDF, 250 KB)

Orientation Strategies of Airborne Three-line Scanner Starimager's Imagery with Minimum Ground Control
T. Chen, R. Shibasaki, K. Tsuno
Page(s) 36-40
Conference Paper (PDF, 1269 KB)

Towards a New Paradigm for Registration of Sar Images Using Linear Features
G.H. Zalmanson, Y. Doytsher, T. Schenk
Page(s) 41-45
Conference Paper (PDF, 95 KB)

Comparative Testes of Mathematical Models for Accuracy Potential of Point Measurements in Ikonos Geo Image
S. Sadeghian, M.J.V Zoej
Page(s) 46-51
Conference Paper (PDF, 201 KB)

Parallel Projection Modelling for Linear Array Scanner Scenes
M. Morgan, K. Kim, S. Jeong, A. Habib
Page(s) 52-57
Conference Paper (PDF, 294 KB)

Indirect Epipolar Resampling of Scenes Using Parallel Projection Modeling of Linear Array Scanners
M. Morgan, K. Kim, S. Jeong, A. Habib
Page(s) 58-63
Conference Paper (PDF, 753 KB)

Experimental Results on The Determination of The Trifocal Tensor Using Nearly Coplanar Point Correspondences
C. Ressl
Page(s) 64-69
Conference Paper (PDF, 1571 KB)

3d Monocular Restitution Applied to Small Format Digital Airphoto and Laser Scanner Data
E.A. Mitishita, A.L. Machado, A.F. Habib, G. Gonçalves
Page(s) 70-75
Conference Paper (PDF, 296 KB)

Exterior Orientation for Remote Sensing Image with High Resolution by Linear Feature
J. Zhang, H. Zhang, Z. Zhang
Page(s) 76-79
Conference Paper (PDF, 230 KB)

Block Adjustment Based on New Strict Geometric Model of Satellite Images with High Resolution
J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Y. Cheng
Page(s) 80-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 208 KB)

Potential of Ers-1 Derived Orthometric Heights to Generate Ground Control Points for Absolute Orientation of Imagery and Dem Quality Evaluation
M. Bernard, F. Boucher, A. Cazenave, F. Celeste, G. Cozian, O. Pace, F. Remy
Page(s) 85-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 950 KB)

Automatic Detection of Shadow Points in Digital Images for Automatic Triangulation
Y. Wang, M. Madani
Page(s) 91-95
Conference Paper (PDF, 2498 KB)

Triplet Image Matching for Airborne Digital Sensor Ads40
L. Zhu, T. Sasagawa, K. Tachibana, Y. Fukuzawa
Page(s) 96-99
Conference Paper (PDF, 124 KB)

Investigation of Geometric Constraints for Matching High Resolution Satellite Images
P.M. Dare
Page(s) 100-105
Conference Paper (PDF, 465 KB)

On The Automation of The Registration of Point Clouds Using The Metropolis Algorithm
A. Wendt
Page(s) 106-111
Conference Paper (PDF, 151 KB)

Production of Dsm/dtm in Urban Areas: Role and Influence of 3d Vectors
C. Baillard
Page(s) 112-117
Conference Paper (PDF, 973 KB)

Automatic Correspondence and Global Registration of Range Images for 3d Modeling
A.S. Mian, M. Bennamoun, R.A. Owens
Page(s) 118-121
Conference Paper (PDF, 1559 KB)

A New Approach for Generating a Measurable Seamless Stereo Model Based on Mosaic Orthoimage and Stereomate
M. Wang
Page(s) 122-127
Conference Paper (PDF, 389 KB)

Automatic Dsm Generation from Linear Array Imagery Data
Z. Li, A. Gruen
Page(s) 128-133
Conference Paper (PDF, 2004 KB)

A Software System for Efficient Dem Segmentation and Dtm Estimation in Complex Urban Areas
I.V.D. Woestyne, M. Jordan, T. Moons, M. Cord
Page(s) 134-139
Conference Paper (PDF, 661 KB)

Multi-Ray Matching for Automated 3d Object Modeling
J.D. Thurgood, M. Gruber, K. Karner
Page(s) 140-144
Conference Paper (PDF, 1238 KB)

Designing Software for 3d Object Modelling Using Digital Close Range Photogrammetry
A. Zamirroshan
Page(s) 145-149
Conference Paper (PDF, 270 KB)

Triplet-Matching for Dem Generation with Prism, Alos
T. Chen, R. Shibasaki, K. Tsuno, K. Morita
Page(s) 150-155
Conference Paper (PDF, 207 KB)

Investigation of Accuracy for Digital Elevation Models Generated with Different Methods in Photogrammetry
H. Karabork, F. Yildiz, E. Coskun, H.M. Yilmaz, M. Yakar
Page(s) 156-161
Conference Paper (PDF, 301 KB)

3d Reconstruction of The Solid of Rotation Lacking in Texture
J. Zhang, J. Tao, Z. Zhang
Page(s) 162-167
Conference Paper (PDF, 385 KB)

Accuracy Analysis of Dems Derived from Aster Imagery
J.A. Gonçalves, A.M. Oliveira
Page(s) 168-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 763 KB)

Restitution of Information Under Shadow in Remote Sensing High Space Resolution Images: Application to Ikonos Data of Sherbrooke City
A. Massalabi, D.C He, G.B.B.E Beaudry
Page(s) 173-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 319 KB)

A New Approach to Automatic Junction of Overlapping Aerial Imagery Data
Y.B. Blokhinov, D.A. Gribov
Page(s) 179-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 1069 KB)

Assessment of a Developed Combined Point/line–based Projective Equations
H.F. Barakat, H.A. Emam, M.S. Abdel-Wahab
Page(s) 184-189
Conference Paper (PDF, 1247 KB)

Using Stereo Images to Densify Lidar Data Points at Where Needed
Z. Wang
Page(s) 190-194
Conference Paper (PDF, 10722 KB)

A Robust Method for Filtering Non-ground Measurements from Airborne Lidar Data
F. Crosilla, D. Visintini, G. Prearo
Page(s) 195-200
Conference Paper (PDF, 441 KB)

From Single-pulse to Full-waveform Airborne Laser Scanners: Potential and Practical Challenges
W. Wagner, A. Ullrich, T. Melzer, C. Briese, K. Kraus
Page(s) 201-206
Conference Paper (PDF, 151 KB)

Change Detection for Updating Medium Scale Maps Using Laser Altimetry
G. Vosselman, B.G.H Gorte, G. Sithol
Page(s) 207-212
Conference Paper (PDF, 226 KB)

Detailed Building Reconstruction from Airborne Laser Data Using a Moving Surface Method
A. Alharthy, J. Bethel
Page(s) 213-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 1766 KB)

Extraction of Spatial Objects from Laser-scanning Data Using a Clustering Technique
B. Jiang
Page(s) 219-224
Conference Paper (PDF, 328 KB)

Tree Crown Determination Using Terrestrial Imaging for Laser Scanned Individual Tree Recognition
U. Pyysalo
Page(s) 225-230
Conference Paper (PDF, 1437 KB)

The Automatic Extraction of Roads from Lidar Data
S. Clode, P. Kootsookos, F. Rottensteiner
Page(s) 231-236
Conference Paper (PDF, 3076 KB)

A Quality Assessment of Repeated Airborne Laser Scanner Observations
E. Ahokas, H. Kaartinen, J. Hyyppä
Page(s) 237-242
Conference Paper (PDF, 184 KB)

A Robust Method Used with Orthogonal Polynomials and Road Network for Automatic Terrain Surface Extraction from Lidar Data in Urban Areas
N.A. Akel, O. Zilberstein, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 243-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 3404 KB)

3d Building Model Generation from Airborne Laserscanner Data by Straight Line Detection in Specific Orthogonal Projections
E. Schwalbe
Page(s) 249-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 7600 KB)

The Evaluation of The Internal Quality of Laser Scanning Strips Using The Interactive Orientation Method and Point Clouds
P. Rönnholm
Page(s) 255-260
Conference Paper (PDF, 847 KB)

Three-dimensional Mapping With Airborne Ifsar Based star Technology : Intermap's Experiences
X. Li, K. Tennant, G. Lawrence
Page(s) 261-266
Conference Paper (PDF, 1584 KB)

Using Break Line Information in Filtering Process of a Digital Surface Model
D. Badea, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 267-272
Conference Paper (PDF, 203 KB)

Sub-pixelic Image Registration for Sar Interferometry Coherence Optimization
R. Abdelfattah, J.-M. Nicolas
Page(s) 273-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 432 KB)

Automatic Building Extraction and 3-d City Modeling from Lidar Data Based on Hough Transformation
K.T. Takano, T. Doihara, R. Shibasaki
Page(s) 277-280
Conference Paper (PDF, 3707 KB)

Terrain Modeling in an Extremely Steep Mountain: A Combination of Airborne and Terrestrial Lidar
A. Ruiz, W. Kornus, J. Talaya, J.L. Colomer
Page(s) 281-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 1583 KB)

Adjustment of Airborne Laser Altimetry Strips
S. Filin, G. Vosselman
Page(s) 285-289
Conference Paper (PDF, 1514 KB)

Application of Airborne Laser Scanning in Higway Engineering Projects in Brazil
A.G. Schäfer, R.E.N. Loch
Page(s) 290-295
Conference Paper (PDF, 274 KB)

Automatic 3d Building Reconstruction from Airborne Laser Scanning and Cadastral Data Using Hough Transform
J. Overby, L. Bodum, E. Kjems, P.M. Ilsøe
Page(s) 296-301
Conference Paper (PDF, 2809 KB)

Analysis of Tin-structure Parameter Spaces in Airborne Laser Scanner Data for 3-d Building Model Generation
A.D. Hofmann
Page(s) 302-307
Conference Paper (PDF, 405 KB)

Lidar Data Segmentation and Classification Based on Octree Structure
M. Wang, Y.-H. Tseng
Page(s) 308-313
Conference Paper (PDF, 2232 KB)

Terrain Modeling and Airborne Laser Data Classification Using Multiple Pass Filtering
F. Bretar, M. Chesnier, M. Roux, M.P. Deseilligny
Page(s) 314-319
Conference Paper (PDF, 562 KB)

Automatic Road Extraction from Dense Urban Area by Integrated Processing of High Resolution Imagery and Lidar Data
X. Hu, C.V. Tao, Y. Hu
Page(s) 320-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 1926 KB)

Automatic Scale Adaptation of Semantic Nets
K. Pakzad, J. Heller
Page(s) 325-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 461 KB)

Automatic Extraction of Road Networks in Urban Areas from Ikonos Imagery Based on Spatial Reasoning
J. Gao, L. Wu
Page(s) 331-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 121 KB)

A Classification Approach to Finding Buildings in Large Scale Aerial Photographs
C.J. Bellman, M.R. Shortis
Page(s) 337-342
Conference Paper (PDF, 358 KB)

Automatic Building Reconstruction from Aerial Images: A Generic Bayesian Framework
F. Taillandier, R. Deriche
Page(s) 343-348
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

Automatic Road Extraction in Urban Scenes and Beyond
S. Hinz
Page(s) 349-354
Conference Paper (PDF, 1067 KB)

Three Line Scaner Imagery and On-Street Packed Vehicle Detection
S. Punvatavungkour, R. Shibasaki
Page(s) 355-359
Conference Paper (PDF, 387 KB)

Road Network Extraction from Sar Imagery Supported by Context Information
B. Wessel
Page(s) 360-365
Conference Paper (PDF, 2435 KB)

Object Detection Using Neural Self-organization
A. Barsi
Page(s) 366-371
Conference Paper (PDF, 395 KB)

Automatic Extraction of Terrain Skeleton Lines from Digital Elevation Models
F. Gülgen, T. Gökgöz
Page(s) 372-377
Conference Paper (PDF, 225 KB)

Pseudo-grid Based Building Extraction Using Airborne Lidar Data
W. Cho, Y.-S. Jwa, H.-J. Chang, S.-H. Lee
Page(s) 378-381
Conference Paper (PDF, 584 KB)

A Height Andtexture Information Intergrated Approch for Object Extraction Applied to Automatic Aerial Triangulation
L. Pan, H. Zheng, Z. Zhang, J. Zhang
Page(s) 382-386
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

Road Detection from High Resolution Satellite Images Using Artificial Neural Networks
M.J.V. Zoej, M. Mokhtarzade
Page(s) 387-392
Conference Paper (PDF, 658 KB)

Object-oriented Image Analysis and Semantic Network for Extracting The Roads and Buildings from Ikonos Pan-sharpened Images
A.M. Marangoz, M. Oruc, G. Buyuksalih
Page(s) 393-396
Conference Paper (PDF, 1016 KB)

Applications of Artificial Immune Sysetms in Remote Sensing Image Classification
L. Zhang, Y. Zhong, P. Li
Page(s) 397-401
Conference Paper (PDF, 443 KB)

A Semi Automatic Road Extraction Method for Alos Satellite Imagery
H. Hasegawa
Page(s) 402-407
Conference Paper (PDF, 349 KB)

Classification Methods for 3d Objects in Laserscanning Data
D. Tóvári, T. Vögtle
Page(s) 408-413
Conference Paper (PDF, 198 KB)

Object-based Classification of Ikonos Data for Rural Land Use Mapping
M. Mori, Y. Hirose, Y. Akamatsu, Y. Li
Page(s) 414-417
Conference Paper (PDF, 368 KB)

A Multiscale Approach for The Automatic Extraction of Three Tops from Remote Sensing Data
B.-M. Straub
Page(s) 418-423
Conference Paper (PDF, 1115 KB)

Representation of Sketch Data for localisation in Large Data Sets
M. Kopczynski, M. Sester
Page(s) 424-429
Conference Paper (PDF, 296 KB)

Detection of Collapsed Buidings due to Eathquake in Urban Areas
M. Sakamoto, O. Uchida, T. Doihara, Y. Kosugi
Page(s) 430-435
Conference Paper (PDF, 1490 KB)

Automated Road Segment Extraction by Grouping Road Objects
A.P.D. Poz, G.M.D. Vale, I.R.B. Zanin
Page(s) 436-439
Conference Paper (PDF, 78 KB)

Semi-automated Csg Model-based Building Extraction from Photogrammetric Images
S.D. Wang, Y.H. Tseng
Page(s) 440-445
Conference Paper (PDF, 420 KB)

Active Contour Model to Detect Linear Features in Satellite Images
M.R.D. Rocca, M. Fiani, A. Fortunato, P. Pistillo
Page(s) 446-450
Conference Paper (PDF, 264 KB)

Detection of The Earthquake Damaged Buildings from Post-event Aerial Photographs Using Perceptual Grouping
M.A. Guler, M. Turker
Page(s) 451-454
Conference Paper (PDF, 490 KB)

The Automatic Classification of B&w Aerial Photos
L. Halounova
Page(s) 455-460
Conference Paper (PDF, 1608 KB)

Semi Automatic Digitizing of Contours from 1:25000 Scaled Maps
C. Helvaci, B. Bayram
Page(s) 461-464
Conference Paper (PDF, 172 KB)

Adaptive Snakes for Urban Road Extraction
J. Youn, J.S. Bethel
Page(s) 465-470
Conference Paper (PDF, 2088 KB)

Semi-automatic Extraction of Line and Area Features from Aerial and Satellite Images
T. Ohlhof, E. Gülch, H. Müller, C. Wiedemann, M. Torre
Page(s) 471-476
Conference Paper (PDF, 1696 KB)

Vision-based System for Quality Control of Some Food Products
O. Alhusain, Z. Tóth, A. Rakusz, L. Almási, B. Farkas
Page(s) 477-482
Conference Paper (PDF, 194 KB)

Optical 3-d Measuring System with Nested Camera Blocks
I. Niini
Page(s) 483-487
Conference Paper (PDF, 148 KB)

Geometric and Radiometric Evaluation of The Potential of a High Resolution Cmos-Camera
F. Samadzadegan, M. Hahn, M. Sarpulakic, N. Mostofi
Page(s) 488-493
Conference Paper (PDF, 385 KB)

Updating Digital Geographic Database Using Vehicle-borne Laser Scanners and Line Cameras
H. Zhao, R. Shibasaki
Page(s) 494-499
Conference Paper (PDF, 1204 KB)

Sar Data Acquisition for Event-driven Mapping of Urban Areas Using Gis
U. Soergel, U. Thoennessen, U. Stilla
Page(s) 500-505
Conference Paper (PDF, 1003 KB)

High Resolution Mapping Using Ccd-line Camera and Laser Scanner with Integrated Position and Orientation System
R. Reulke, A. Wehr, D. Griesbach
Page(s) 506-511
Conference Paper (PDF, 1432 KB)

Fusing Airborne Laser Scanner Data and Aerial Imagery for The Automatic Extraction of Buildings in Densely Built-up Areas
F. Rottensteiner, J. Trinder, S. Clode, K. Kubik
Page(s) 512-517
Conference Paper (PDF, 322 KB)

Semi-automatic Road Extraction from Digital Aerial Photographs
O. Eker, D.Z. Seker
Page(s) 518-521
Conference Paper (PDF, 195 KB)

Potential of Ikonos and Quickbird Imagery for Accurate 3d Point Positioning, Orthoimage and Dsm Generation
H. Eisenbeiss, E. Baltsavias, M. Pateraki, L. Zhang
Page(s) 522-527
Conference Paper (PDF, 772 KB)

Complex Wavelets and its Application to Image Fusion
X. Qing, X. Shuai, T. Bing, L. Jiansheng, G. Zexun
Page(s) 529-534
Conference Paper (PDF, 1951 KB)

Comparative Information Extraction from Sar and Optical Imagery
P. Lohmann, K. Jacobsen, K. Pakzad, A. Koch
Page(s) 535-540
Conference Paper (PDF, 1590 KB)

A New High Reliability and Dual Measure Method for Multi-system/sensor Remote-sensing Decision Fusion
A.J. Rashidi, M.H. Ghassemian
Page(s) 541-546
Conference Paper (PDF, 195 KB)

Geometric and Thematic Enrichment of Frontages in 3d City-models
M. Koehl, V. Gaïotti
Page(s) 547-552
Conference Paper (PDF, 869 KB)

3-d Building Reconstruction from Unstructured Distinct Points
C.-S. Fu, J. Shan
Page(s) 553-558
Conference Paper (PDF, 660 KB)

3d Visualization and Query Tool for 3d City Models
R. Dogan, S. Dogan, M.O. Altan
Page(s) 559-563
Conference Paper (PDF, 474 KB)

On The Refinment of Urban Models by Terrestrial Data Collection
N. Haala
Page(s) 564-569
Conference Paper (PDF, 1871 KB)

Analysis on Effects of Seoul Metropolitan Subway Station by Using Gis and Rs
I.T. Yang, S.Y. Lee, S.I. Baek, J.H. Park
Page(s) 570-574
Conference Paper (PDF, 414 KB)

Economic Globalization and a Case Study of The Urban Land Use Growth of Wuhan, Pr China
L. Wang, H. Wu, F. Wang, Y. Hu
Page(s) 575-579
Conference Paper (PDF, 608 KB)

Construction 3d Urban Model from Lidar and Image Sequence
F. Deng, Z. Zhang, J. Zhang
Page(s) 580-583
Conference Paper (PDF, 300 KB)

An Interactive Scheme for Building Modeling Using The Split-merge-shape Algorithm
J.-Y. Rau, L.-C. Chen, G.-H. Wang
Page(s) 584-588
Conference Paper (PDF, 2010 KB)

Pros and Cons of Constrained and Unconstrained Formulation of The Bundle Adjustment Problemorlin
P. Grussenmeyer, J. Eriksson, P. Lindström
Page(s) 589-594
Conference Paper (PDF, 246 KB)

Performance Evaluation of Multiple Scale Automatic Aerial Triangulation
A. Pothou, C. Stamatiou, A. Georgopoulos
Page(s) 595-600
Conference Paper (PDF, 6836 KB)

Comparative Analysis of Area-based Image Matching Techniques for High Resolution Satellite Imagery
T. Fuse, C.S. Fraser, P. Dare
Page(s) 601-605
Conference Paper (PDF, 836 KB)

Approximation of Non Projective Mapping and Their Efficient Application for a Geometrically Based 3d Point Determination Using
K. Wolff
Page(s) 606-611
Conference Paper (PDF, 277 KB)

Determination of Centroid of Ccd Star Images
C. Fosu, G.W. Hein, B. Eissfeller
Page(s) 612-620
Conference Paper (PDF, 158 KB)

Comparison of Two Methods for Deriving Skeleton Lines of Terrain
T. Gökgöz, F. Gülgen
Page(s) 618-622
Conference Paper (PDF, 218 KB)

Triangle-based Visibility Analysis and True Orthoimage Generation
K. Oda, W. Lu, O. Uchida, T. Doihara
Page(s) 623-626
Conference Paper (PDF, 845 KB)

Integrated Approach to Predict Confidence of Gps Measurement
M. Sharif, A. Stein, E.M. Schetselaar
Page(s) 629-634
Conference Paper (PDF, 249 KB)

Automatic Aerial Triangulation – Report of a Large Project Under Difficult Conditions
S. Dunkel, F. Guzzetti, G. Otepka
Page(s) 633-637
Conference Paper (PDF, 330 KB)

The New Orthorectification Strategy as a Way for Visual Quality Improvement
K. Pyka
Page(s) 638-640
Conference Paper (PDF, 229 KB)

Topographic Correction for Differential Illumination Effects on Ikonos Satellite Imagery
K.H. Law, J. Nichol
Page(s) 641-646
Conference Paper (PDF, 414 KB)

Quantitative Analysis of Image Quality of Lossy Compression Images
R. Matsuoka, M. Sone, K. Fukue, K. Cho, H. Shimoda
Page(s) 647-652
Conference Paper (PDF, 1508 KB)

Main Features of On-line Triangulation on Dps Tsniigaik
I.T. Antipov, Y.I. Kuchinsky, S.S. Nekhin, G.A. Zotov, S.V. Oleynik
Page(s) 653-657
Conference Paper (PDF, 433 KB)

The Use of Surface Model in Area-based Matching in Determining Deformations of Steel Structures
M. Mustaffar, A. Ahmad, A.Y. Shahdan
Page(s) 658-661
Conference Paper (PDF, 217 KB)

Feature Fusion Based on Dempster-shafer's Evidential Reasoning for Image Texture Classification
J. Yonghong, L. Deren
Page(s) 662-665
Conference Paper (PDF, 96 KB)

Algorithm Developing for Land Consolidation Software
T. Cay, F. Iscan
Page(s) 666-671
Conference Paper (PDF, 93 KB)

Distributed Computing in Ground Processing
B.T. Beshah, J. Welter, K. Morin
Page(s) 672-677
Conference Paper (PDF, 249 KB)

Gross Error Detection of Control Points with Direct Analytical Method
T. Jancso
Page(s) 678-682
Conference Paper (PDF, 350 KB)

Comparison of Parsing Techniques for The Syntactic Pattern Recognition of Simple Shapes
T. Bellone, E. Borgogno, G. Comoglio
Page(s) 683-688
Conference Paper (PDF, 248 KB)

A Method of Image Resolution Enhancement Based on the Matching Technique
P. Li, H. Shen, L. Zhang
Page(s) 689-692
Conference Paper (PDF, 165 KB)

Generating True Orthoimages without a 3d Surface Model
J. Albertz, B. Wolf
Page(s) 693-697
Conference Paper (PDF, 1705 KB)

Optimization of Automatic Image Registration Algorithms and Characterization
C.V. Rao, K.M.M. Rao, A.S. Manjunath, R.V.N. Srinivas
Page(s) 698-703
Conference Paper (PDF, 1511 KB)

Content-based Compression in Aerial Imaging Using Inter-color Correlation
Y. Roterman, M. Porat
Page(s) 704-708
Conference Paper (PDF, 319 KB)

Combining Comparative snd Simultaneous Analysis Approaches Based on Fuzzy Integration for Change Detection
H. Nemmour, Y. Chibani
Page(s) 709-713
Conference Paper (PDF, 556 KB)

The Use of Photogrammetry and Lidar for Landscape Roughness Estimation in Hydrodynamic Studies
M.J. Smith, F.F.F. Asal, G. Priestnall
Page(s) 714-719
Conference Paper (PDF, 856 KB)

Development of Effective Procedures for Automatic Stereo Matching
Y.V. Vizilter, S.Y. Zheltov
Page(s) 720-723
Conference Paper (PDF, 126 KB)

A New Method for Depth Detection Using Interpolation Functions
M. Mirzabaki
Page(s) 724-726
Conference Paper (PDF, 67 KB)

Urban Visualization Through Video Mosaics Based on 3-d Multi-baselines
J. Chon, T. Fuse, E. Shimizu
Page(s) 727-731
Conference Paper (PDF, 153 KB)

The Rendering of Building Texture from Land-based Video
Z. Zhang, Z. Kang
Page(s) 732-737
Conference Paper (PDF, 269 KB)

Application of Digital Photogrammetry and Image Processing Techniques for Hydraulic Model Experiments
M.S. Kabdasli, T.M. Celikoyan, D.Z. Seker, A. Aydingakko
Page(s) 739-743
Conference Paper (PDF, 782 KB)

Evaluation of Dsm Generated from Quickbird Stereo Imagery
S. Oki, T. Nakamura, M. Noguchi, T. Shimono
Page(s) 743-748
Conference Paper (PDF, 813 KB)

Evaluating Statistical Shape Models for Automatic Landmark Generation on a Class of Human Hands
A.N. Angelopoulou, A. Psarrou
Page(s) 749-753
Conference Paper (PDF, 489 KB)

Automated Production of Cloud-free and Cloud Shadow-free Image Mosaics from Cloudy Satellite Imagery
M. Li, S.C. Liew, L.K. Kwoh
Page(s) 754-758
Conference Paper (PDF, 318 KB)

The Promise of Softcopy Photogrammetry Revisited
F. Leberl, J. Thurgood
Page(s) 759-763
Conference Paper (PDF, 174 KB)

Automatic Linear Feature Extraction of Iranian Roads from High Resolution Multi-spectral Satellite Imagery
A. Mohammadzadeh, A. Tavakoli, M.J.V. Zoej
Page(s) 764-767
Conference Paper (PDF, 307 KB)

Realistic 3d View Generation Using Deformal Stereo Matching
J.-C. Kim, J.-H. Park
Page(s) 768-773
Conference Paper (PDF, 718 KB)

Semiautomatic 3d Mapping of Buildings from Medium Scale (1:40,000) Aerial Photographs
Y. Avrahami, Y. Raizman, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 774-779
Conference Paper (PDF, 1283 KB)

Face Recognition Using Pca Wavelet Decomposition
O.O. Khalifa, M. Yusuf, S. Gagula
Page(s) 780-783
Conference Paper (PDF, 880 KB)

Extraction of Wind Erosion Obstacles by Integrating Gis-data and Stereo Images
Y.J. Zhang
Page(s) 784-789
Conference Paper (PDF, 446 KB)

Comparison of Edge Detection and Hough Transform Techniques for The Extraction of Geologic Features
D.P. Argialas, O.D. Mavrantza
Page(s) 790-795
Conference Paper (PDF, 586 KB)

Branch-based Region Growing Method for Blood Vessel Segmentation
S. Eiho, H. Sekiguchi, N. Sugimoto, T. Hanakawa, S. Urayama
Page(s) 796-801
Conference Paper (PDF, 938 KB)

A System of The Shadow Detection and Shadow Removal for High Resolution City Aerial Photo
Y. Li, T. Sasagawa, P. Gong
Page(s) 802-807
Conference Paper (PDF, 862 KB)

Automatic Extraction of Shadow Regions in High-resolution Ads40
B.B. Madhavan, T. Sasagawa, H. Okada, Y. Shimozuma
Page(s) 808-810
Conference Paper (PDF, 202 KB)

Object Recognition for Interior Orientation in Digital Photogrammetry
H. Karabork, F. Yildiz, E. Coskun
Page(s) 811-814
Conference Paper (PDF, 171 KB)

Robust Detection of Road Junctions in Vhr Images Using an Improved Ridge Detector
S. Gautama, W. Goeman, J. D'Haeyer
Page(s) 815-819
Conference Paper (PDF, 596 KB)

On-board Satellite Image Compression by Object-feature Extraction
H. Ghassemian
Page(s) 820-825
Conference Paper (PDF, 284 KB)

Remote Sensing and Gis Application for Assessing Coastal Geomorphological Changes: A River Basin Approach
M.D. Saifuzzaman, M.S. Alam, Md. S. Rashid
Page(s) 826-829
Conference Paper (PDF, 85 KB)

Direct / Integrated Sensor Orientation - Pros and Cons
K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 829-835
Conference Paper (PDF, 285 KB)

Gcp Requirement for High-resolution Satellite Mapping
T. Toutin, R. Chénier
Page(s) 836-839
Conference Paper (PDF, 824 KB)

Geocoding of Terrasar-x Data
A. Roth, M. Huber, D. Kosmann
Page(s) 840-844
Conference Paper (PDF, 175 KB)

High Precision Kinematic Positioning Using Single Dual-frequency Gps Receiver
Y. Gao, A. Wojciechowski
Page(s) 845-849
Conference Paper (PDF, 2109 KB)

The Line Based Transformation Model (lbtm): A New Approach to The Rectification of High-resolution Satellite Imagery
A. Shaker
Page(s) 850-855
Conference Paper (PDF, 190 KB)

The Study on Automatic and High-precision Rectification and Registration of Multi-source Remote Sensing Imagery
J. Zhang, G. Li, Y. Zeng
Page(s) 856-859
Conference Paper (PDF, 880 KB)

Experimental Study of Direct Georeferencing System (dgs) for Large-scale Mapping
K. Tachibana, T. Sasagawa, T. Yotsumata
Page(s) 860-864
Conference Paper (PDF, 136 KB)

Assessment of Vrs-gps for Practical Application to Local Control Surveying
X. WU, K. Mishima, T. Sasagawa, Y. Mishima, K. Tatibana, K. Honji
Page(s) 865-869
Conference Paper (PDF, 186 KB)

First Experience of Imu/dgps–supported Photogrammetry in China
L. Xueyou, L. Yingcheng, Z. Jicheng, G. Xunping, T. Liang
Page(s) 870-874
Conference Paper (PDF, 748 KB)

Generation of Orthorectificated Image Patches from Multiple Images
S.-H. Chio
Page(s) 875-880
Conference Paper (PDF, 219 KB)

Initial Results of The Italian Project on Direct Georeferencing in Aerial Photogrammetry
V. Casella, M. Franzini, G. Forlani, R. Galetto, A. Manzino, F. Radicioni, G. Sona, B. Villa
Page(s) 881-886
Conference Paper (PDF, 484 KB)

Object Recognition Based on Template Correlation in Remote Sensing Image
J. Zhang, X. Zhou
Page(s) 887-890
Conference Paper (PDF, 500 KB)

An Italian Research Project on Direct Photogrammetry
R. Galetto, V. Casella, M. Franzini, A. Spalla
Page(s) 891-896
Conference Paper (PDF, 9828 KB)

Different Implications of a Spatial Boundary Jebel Bishri Between The Desert and The Sown in Syria
M. Lönnqvist, M. Törmä, L. Tech
Page(s) 897-903
Conference Paper (PDF, 188 KB)

A Model Based Approach for Orientation in Urban Environments
D. Klinec
Page(s) 903-908
Conference Paper (PDF, 692 KB)

An Augmented Reality System for Earthquake Disaster Response
J. Leebmann
Page(s) 909-914
Conference Paper (PDF, 1807 KB)

Evaluation of The Build-up Areas in The Historic Urban Pattern by Using Geographic Information Technologies
Ö. Balkanay
Page(s) 915-920
Conference Paper (PDF, 381 KB)

Building Extraction from Very High Spatial Resolution Image
S. Lhomme, C. Weber, D.-C. He, D. Morin, A. Puissant
Page(s) 921-925
Conference Paper (PDF, 253 KB)

The Role of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing on Determining The Forest Boundaries and Unauthorized Buildings in Turkey (a Sample Area: Beykoz (Istanbul))
E. Köktürk
Page(s) 926-930
Conference Paper (PDF, 137 KB)

An Original Way of Building a Tin With Complex Urban Structures
O.C Tse, C. Gold, D. Kidner
Page(s) 931-936
Conference Paper (PDF, 1292 KB)

Urban Modeling Based on Segmentation and Regularization of Airborne Lidar Point Clouds
A. Sampath, J. Shan
Page(s) 937-941
Conference Paper (PDF, 651 KB)

Discussion on The Generation Method of Simplified True Ortho at The Urban Area Using The Area Sensor Type Digital Aerial Camera "DMC"
K. Yamada, K. Oda
Page(s) 942-947
Conference Paper (PDF, 973 KB)

Neurophysiological Features of Human Visual System in Augmented Photogrammetric Technologies
G. Guienko, V. Chekalin
Page(s) 948-953
Conference Paper (PDF, 102 KB)

Identifying and Mapping Systematic Errors in Passive Microwave Snow Water Equivalent Observations
J. Foster, C. Sun, J.P. Walker, R. Kelly, J. Dong, A. Chang
Page(s) 954-959
Conference Paper (PDF, 804 KB)

Multi-resolution and Multi-spectral Image Fusion for Urban Object Extraction
Y. Zhang, R. Wang
Page(s) 960-966
Conference Paper (PDF, 2044 KB)

Detailed Relief Modeling of Building Facades from Video Sequences
W.V. Hansen, U. Th¨onnessen, U. Stilla
Page(s) 967-972
Conference Paper (PDF, 317 KB)

Airborne Monitoring of Vehicle Activity in Urban Areas
U. Stilla, E. Michaelsen, U. Soergel, S. Hinz, J. Ender
Page(s) 973-979
Conference Paper (PDF, 804 KB)

Building Extraction from Multiple Data Sources: A Data Fusion Framework for Reconstruction of Generic Models
K. Khoshelham
Page(s) 980-986
Conference Paper (PDF, 607 KB)

Gis-connected Intelligent Buildings Community (intebco)
V. Agnolotti, C. Giger
Page(s) 987-991
Conference Paper (PDF, 292 KB)

A Solution for The General Case of The Three-image Orientation
A. Pozzoli, L. Mussio, M. Scaioni
Page(s) 992-997
Conference Paper (PDF, 202 KB)

Stereo-based Image and Video Analysis for Multimedia Applications
M. Gelautz, E. Stavrakis, M. Bleyer
Page(s) 998-1003
Conference Paper (PDF, 2092 KB)

Topography and Displacement of Polar Glaciers from Multi-temporal Sar Interferograms: Potentials, Error Analysis and Validation
F. Meyer
Page(s) 1004-1009
Conference Paper (PDF, 924 KB)

A Long Range Photogrammetric Method with Orthogonal Projection Model
T. Ono, S.-I. Akamatsu, S. Hattori
Page(s) 1010-1015
Conference Paper (PDF, 134 KB)

Ground Surface Estimation in Dense Forest
H. Takeda
Page(s) 1016-1023
Conference Paper (PDF, 801 KB)

Epipolar Geometry of Linear Array Scanners Moving with Constant Velocity and Constant Attitude
M. Morgan, K. Kim, S. Jeong, A. Habib
Page(s) 1024-1029
Conference Paper (PDF, 627 KB)

Estimating Canopy Fuel Parameters in a Pacific Northwest Conifer Forest Using Multifrequency Polarimetric Ifsar
H.-E. Andersen, R. McGaughey, S. Reutebuch, G. Schreuder, J. Agee, B. Mercer
Page(s) 1030-1035
Conference Paper (PDF, 349 KB)

Extraction Of Buildings from High-resolution Satellite Data and Lidar
G. Sohn
Page(s) 1036-1042
Conference Paper (PDF, 2104 KB)

Registration of Airborne Laser Data with One Aerial Image
M. Roux
Page(s) 1043-1048
Conference Paper (PDF, 2257 KB)

Applications for Mixed Reality
S. Wursthorn, A.H. Coelho, G. Staub
Page(s) 1049-1054
Conference Paper (PDF, 873 KB)

Automatic Road Extraction from Irs Satellite Images in Agricultural and Desert Areas
U. Bacher, H. Mayer
Page(s) 1055-1060
Conference Paper (PDF, 402 KB)

Performance Evaluation in Natural and Controlled Environments Applied to Feature Extraction Procedures
M. Luxen
Page(s) 1061-1066
Conference Paper (PDF, 298 KB)

Calibration of Stationary Cameras by Observing Objects of Equal Heights on a Ground Plane
J. Meidow
Page(s) 1067-1072
Conference Paper (PDF, 780 KB)

Segmentation of Lidar Data Using The Tensor Voting Framework
H.F. Schuster
Page(s) 1073-1078
Conference Paper (PDF, 435 KB)

Object Extraction from Terrestrial Laser Scan Data for a Detailed Building Description
K. Jülge, C. Brenner
Page(s) 1079-1084
Conference Paper (PDF, 713 KB)

Modelling 3d Objects Using Weak Csg Primitives
C. Brenner
Page(s) 1085-1090
Conference Paper (PDF, 170 KB)

Automatic Matching of Terrestrial Scan Data as a Basis for The Generation of Detailed 3d City Models
C. Dold, C. Brenner
Page(s) 1091-1096
Conference Paper (PDF, 370 KB)

Three-dimensional Modelling of Breaklines from Airborne Laser Scanner Data
C. Briese
Page(s) 1097-1102
Conference Paper (PDF, 1898 KB)

Discontinuity Surface Roughness Measurement Techniques and The Evaluation of Digital Photogrammetric Method
M. Unal, M. Yakar, F. Yildiz
Page(s) 1103-1108
Conference Paper (PDF, 823 KB)

A Unified Framework for The Automatic Matching of Points and Lines in Multiple Oriented Images
C. Beder
Page(s) 1109-1113
Conference Paper (PDF, 492 KB)

Line Voronoi Diagram Based Interpolation and Application to Digital Terrain Modelling
F. Anton, D. Mioc, C.M. Gold
Page(s) 1114-1118
Conference Paper (PDF, 481 KB)

Robust and Fully Automated Image Registration Using Invariant Features
J. Bauer, H. Bischof, A. Klaus, K. Karner
Page(s) 1119-1124
Conference Paper (PDF, 1139 KB)

Edge-preserving Smoothing of High-resolution Images with a Partial Multifractal Reconstruction Scheme
J. Grazzini, A. Turiel, H. Yahia, I. Herlin
Page(s) 1125-1129
Conference Paper (PDF, 724 KB)

Relative Laser Scanner and Image Pose Estimation from Points and Segments
M. Deveau, M. Pierrot-Deseilligny, N. Paparoditis, X. Chen
Page(s) 1130-1135
Conference Paper (PDF, 1653 KB)

Quality Comparison of Digital and Film-based Images for Photogrammetric Purposes
R. Perko, A. Klaus, M. Gruber
Page(s) 1136-1140
Conference Paper (PDF, 486 KB)

Image Classification with a Region Based Approach in High Spatial Resolution Imagery
J.Y. Lee, T.A. Warner
Page(s) 1141-1146
Conference Paper (PDF, 316 KB)

A Fft Based Method of Filtering Airborne Laser Scanner Data
U. Marmol, J. Jachimski
Page(s) 1147-1152
Conference Paper (PDF, 513 KB)

Least-squares Matching Using Elliptical Areas: Results, Accuracy, Advantages and Disadvantages.
D. Skarlatos, A. Georgopoulos
Page(s) 1153-1158
Conference Paper (PDF, 506 KB)

Sar Image Segmentation Through B-spline Deformable Contours and Fractal Dimension
J. Gambini, M. Mejail, J. Jacobo-Berlles, C. Delrieux
Page(s) 1159-1163
Conference Paper (PDF, 866 KB)

Rapid Mapping of The 3d Urban Environment
T.J. Mason
Page(s) 1164-1167
Conference Paper (PDF, 47 KB)

Automatic Photo Orientation via Matching with Control Patches
J.J. Jaw, Y.S. Wu
Page(s) 1168-1172
Conference Paper (PDF, 917 KB)

Towards Automatic Olive Tree Extraction from Satellite Imagery
K.G. Karantzalos, D.P. Argialas
Page(s) 1173-1177
Conference Paper (PDF, 1038 KB)

Modelling Qualitative and Quantitative Uncertainties of Objects Extracted from High-Resolution Multi-spectral Images and Laser Scanner Data
Qingming Zhan, Wenzhong Shi, Klaus Tempfli, Martien Molenaar
Page(s) 1178-1183
Conference Paper (PDF, 419 KB)

Suitable Site Selection of Shrimp Farming in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh using Remote Sensing Techniques (4 S Model)
Q. Quader, Z. Islam, H. Rahman, M. Rahman, M.H. Sarkar, A. Salam Khan
Page(s) 1184-1195
Conference Paper (PDF, 575 KB)

Comparison of Aerial Images, Satellite images and laser scanning DSM in a 3D City Models Production Framework
G. Maillet, D. Flamanc
Page(s) 1196-1201
Conference Paper (PDF, 819 KB)

Sub-pixel Unpaved Roads Detection in Landsat Images
O.F.M. Gomes, R.Q. Feitosa, H.L.C. Coutinho
Page(s) 1202-1206
Conference Paper (PDF, 211 KB)




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