The Karl Kraus Medal


Karl Kraus

The "Karl Kraus Medal" is a prize to honour the authorship of excellent textbooks in the scientific fields of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Information Sciences. The prize is dedicated to the memory of Professor Karl Kraus, a passionate teacher and author of a number of textbooks.


Article 1
The “Karl Kraus Medal” is awarded to authors of excellent textbooks in the fields of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Information Sciences, written in one of the official languages of the ISPRS, and published no more than eight years prior to the commencement of the ISPRS Congress at which the textbook is to be awarded. On each occasion a maximum of two prizes can be awarded.

Article 2
The prize shall consist of a medal and a certificate.

Article 3
The prize shall normally be awarded at each ISPRS Congress by the President of the ISPRS and a representative from the donating organizations: the German Society of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Information Sciences (DGPF), the Austrian Society of Surveying and Geoinformation (OVG), and the Swiss Society of Photogrammetry, Image Analysis, and Remote Sensing (SGPBF).

Article 4
Nomination of authors of textbooks from an Ordinary Member of the ISPRS, or by authors themselves, together with three copies of the nominated textbook, shall reach the General Secretary of ISPRS not later than six months prior the ISPRS Congress at which the textbook shall be awarded.

Article 5
The jury for the prize shall consist of:

  1. a person, nominated by ISPRS Council and the President of the ISPRS Technical Commission, which is responsible for education in one of the areas of activity of ISPRS,
  2. the chair of the Student Consortium of ISPRS, and
  3. the chair, who shall be nominated by the three donating societies.

Article 6
The jury may consult experts prior making its decision, which shall be final. The jury is free to decide that no prize shall be made if there are no textbooks of sufficient merit.

The winners of the award

  • 2010:
    The winner of the award for 2010 is Close Range Photogrammetry: Principles, Techniques and Applications by
       Thomas Luhmann, (Institute of Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics,
       University for Applied Sciences, Oldenburg, Germany),
       Stuart Robson, (University College London),
       Stephen Kyle, (Consultant; Hon. Research Fellow, University College London), and
       George Vosselman, (ITC, University of Twente, The Netherlands),
       Hans-Gerd Maas, (Dresden University of Technology, Germany).
       Published by Whittles Publishing, Dunbeath, Scotland.
  • 2016:
    The winner of the award for 2016 is High Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery edited by
       Ian Dowman, (University College London, UK),
       Karsten Jacobsen, (Retired Academic Director at University of Hannover, Germany),
       Gottfried Konecny, (Emeritus Professor, University of Hannover, Germany),
       Rainer Sandau, (Retired from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Adj. Professor
       at Baylor University, USA, Director of Satellites and Space Applications at IAA).
       Published by Whittles Publishing, Dunbeath, Scotland.
  • 2020:
    The winner of the award for 2020 is Photogrammetric Computer Vision - Statistics, Geometry, Orientation and Reconstruction. by
       Wolfgang Förstner, (Emeritus Professor, University of Bonn, Germany),
       Bernhard P. Wrobel, (Retired Professor, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany).
       Published by Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.


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