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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXV Part B4, 2004

XXth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission IV
July 12-23, 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Editor(s): Orhan Altan


Table of Contents

The Basic Topology Model of Spherical Surface Digital Space
Miao-le Hou
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 184 KB)

Operators for Cell Tuple-based Spatiotemporal Data Model
Ale Raza
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 529 KB)

Representation of a 3-d City Model in Spatial Object-relational Databases
G. Gröger, M. Reuter, L. Plümer
Page(s) 13-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

The Design and Development of a Temporal Gis for Cadastral and Land Title Data of Turkey
Ç. Cömert, M. Alkan
Page(s) 19-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 339 KB)

Implementation of Progressive Transmission Algorithms for Vector Map Data in Web-based Visualization
B.S. Yang, R.S. Purves, R. Weibel
Page(s) 25-30
Conference Paper (PDF, 221 KB)

Spatial Data Modelling, Dual Partitions and The Specification of Semantics
M. Molenaar
Page(s) 31-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 1506 KB)

3d Spatial Data Model Based on Quasi Tri-prism Volume and its Application in Subsurface Engineering
P. Cheng, W. Shi, J. Gong, G. Zhou
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 301 KB)

Spatiotemporal Analysis with ST Helixes
A. Stefanidis, K. Eickhorst, P. Agouris
Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 317 KB)

Object - Relational Features for Modeling and Analysis of Spatio - Temporal Data
S. Scheugenpflug, M. Schilcher
Page(s) 51-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 798 KB)

Algorithmic Development of an Optimal Path Computation Model Based on Topographic Map Features
M.Y.F. Tang, L.S.C. Pun-cheng
Page(s) 57-61
Conference Paper (PDF, 685 KB)

Morphological Terrain Classification and Analysis Using Geostatistical Techniques
J.M. Azañón, J. Delgado, A. Gómez
Page(s) 62-67
Conference Paper (PDF, 5482 KB)

Aspects of Data Modeling of Fused Surfaces with Planimetric Data in a Topographic Geodatabase
H.M. Abdulmuttalib
Page(s) 68-71
Conference Paper (PDF, 60 KB)

Gis-supported Precise Spatio-temporal Modelling from Airborne Sar Imagery
L. Pang, J.X. Zhang, M.B. Zhang, W.J. Gao, P. Wanga
Page(s) 72-75
Conference Paper (PDF, 73 KB)

Modelling Local Gps/levelling Geoid with The Assesstment of Inverse Distance Weighting and Geostatistical Kriging Methods
B. Erol, R.N. Çelik
Page(s) 76-80
Conference Paper (PDF, 226 KB)

The Importance of Time Dimension in The Vector-based Turkish Forest Information System
O.Y. Yilmaz
Page(s) 81-85
Conference Paper (PDF, 220 KB)

Sensitivity Analysis of A Gis-based Cellular Automata Model
V. Kocabas, S. Dragicevic
Page(s) 86-91
Conference Paper (PDF, 218 KB)

Automatic Point Matching of Gis Geometric Figures
A. Beinat, F. Crosilla, E. Sossai
Page(s) 92-97
Conference Paper (PDF, 579 KB)

Spatial Access Methods for Organizing Laserscanner Data
T. Brinkhoff
Page(s) 98-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 445 KB)

Research on The Three-dimensional Abstraction and Description of Reality
L. Chengminga, W. Jizhoua, L. Zongjianb
Page(s) 103-107
Conference Paper (PDF, 436 KB)

Geo-information Management
D. Klimešová
Page(s) 107-111
Conference Paper (PDF, 337 KB)

A Gis Database for Time-evolving Spatial Objects
C. Dae-soo, J. In-sung, M. Kyoung-wook, P. Jong-hyun
Page(s) 112-117
Conference Paper (PDF, 1828 KB)

Technologies and Standards on Spatial Data Sharing
J. Gong, L. Shi, D. Du, R.A. DeBy
Page(s) 118-128
Conference Paper (PDF, 323 KB)

The Harmonisation Challenge of Core National Topographic Databases in The Eu-project Gimodig
S. Afflerbach, A. Illert, T. Sarjakoski
Page(s) 129-134
Conference Paper (PDF, 1309 KB)

Multiple Representation Databases to Support Visualisation on Mobile Devices
M. Hampe, M. Sester, L. Harrie
Page(s) 135-140
Conference Paper (PDF, 289 KB)

Internet-gis Development for Municipalities and Counties Based on Open Source Software
R. Bill, P. Korduan
Page(s) 141-146
Conference Paper (PDF, 707 KB)

Design and Implementation of a Web-based Application for The Visualization of Large Scale Photogrammetric and Cartographic Data
M. Spanaki, L. Tsoulos
Page(s) 147-151
Conference Paper (PDF, 262 KB)

Linking Different Geospatial Databases by Explicit Relations
S. Volz, V. Walter
Page(s) 152-157
Conference Paper (PDF, 230 KB)

The Development of Algorithms for On-demand Map Editing for Internet and Mobile Users with Gml and Svg
I.K.L. Cheung, G.Y.G. Shea
Page(s) 158-162
Conference Paper (PDF, 608 KB)

Web Service Based Web Feature Service
J. Wenjue, Y. Chen, G. Jianya, L. Aixia
Page(s) 163-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 366 KB)

Xml-based Spatial Data Interoperability on The Internet
Y. Chen, G. Jianya, J. Wenjue, Q. Zhang
Page(s) 167-171
Conference Paper (PDF, 528 KB)

Matching Cartographic Objects in Spatial Databases
D. Mantel, U. Lipeck
Page(s) 172-176
Conference Paper (PDF, 119 KB)

Schema Translations by Xslt for Gml-encoded Geospatial Data in Heterogeneous Web-service Environment
L. Lehto, T. Sarjakoski
Page(s) 177-182
Conference Paper (PDF, 561 KB)

Developing of Turkey's Disaster Management Standards for E-government
F. Batuk, O. Emem, Z. Alkis, U. Gümüsay, C. Eraslan, C. Helvaci, N. Demir, T. Türk, B. Bayram, A. Alkis
Page(s) 183-187
Conference Paper (PDF, 87 KB)

An Attempt to Automated Generalization of Buildings and Settlement Areas in Topographic Maps
M. Basaraner, M. Selcuk
Page(s) 188-193
Conference Paper (PDF, 225 KB)

Generalization of 3D Building Data Based on a Scale-Space Approach
A. Forberg
Page(s) 194-199
Conference Paper (PDF, 616 KB)

Cartographic Generalization in Virtual Reality
A.C. Frery, C.K.R. Silva, E.DeB. Costa, E.S. Almeida
Page(s) 200-204
Conference Paper (PDF, 619 KB)

Constraint-based Generalization of Soil Map
W. Gao, A. Song, G. Jianya
Page(s) 205-209
Conference Paper (PDF, 88 KB)

A Combined Automated Generalization Model of Spatial Active Objects
J. Joubran, A. Daoud, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 210-215
Conference Paper (PDF, 242 KB)

Graphics and Language as Complementary Formal Representations for Geospatial Descriptions
H.P. Bähr, M. Müller
Page(s) 216-221
Conference Paper (PDF, 225 KB)

Multiple Representations In Dbms: Two Algorithms
J. Stotera, S. Zlatanovab
Page(s) 222-227
Conference Paper (PDF, 254 KB)

Modeling of Conflicts for Screen Map Labeling
I. Petzold, G. Gröger, L. Plümer
Page(s) 228-233
Conference Paper (PDF, 776 KB)

Buhom: A Program for Enhancement of Geometric Topologic Consistency of Building Objects
I.O. Bildirici, D. Heidorn
Page(s) 234-237
Conference Paper (PDF, 177 KB)

The Multi-resolution Characteristics of Spatial Data in Vietnam Land Administration
T.N. Trung
Page(s) 238-243
Conference Paper (PDF, 379 KB)

Junction Modeling in Vehicle Navigation Maps and Multiple Representations
A.O. Dogru, N.N. Ulugtekin
Page(s) 244-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 166 KB)

Automatic Generalization of Roads and Buildings
W. Pingtao, D. Takeshi
Page(s) 249-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 1106 KB)

A Method for The Improvement Elevation Data Generated from Automated Photogrammetric Methods into SIS
A.M . Felicisimo, A. Cuartero, F.J. Ariza
Page(s) 255-260
Conference Paper (PDF, 272 KB)

Factors Causing Uncertainties in Spatial Data Mining
Y. Hanning, W. Shuliang
Page(s) 261-264
Conference Paper (PDF, 129 KB)

Data Survey and Management Techniques in Civil Protection Emergencies
G. Mussumeci, U. Falchi, A. Condorelli
Page(s) 265-270
Conference Paper (PDF, 2405 KB)

Importance of Open Spatial Data Infrastructure
E. Bank
Page(s) 271-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 662 KB)

Tendency of Standardization of Spatial Data and Present State of its Application to Production Data in Japan
T. Takemoto, K. Mizukami
Page(s) 277-280
Conference Paper (PDF, 330 KB)

Handling Large Terrain Data in Gis
P. Wanning, P. Dragan, C. Crawford
Page(s) 281-286
Conference Paper (PDF, 656 KB)

The Digital National Framework - Bridging Information Through Geography
K.J. Murray, G. Hart, P. Allan
Page(s) 287-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 232 KB)

Mainstreaming Geospatial Information for Sustainable National Development in Nigeria
O. Kufoniyi, J.O. Akinyede
Page(s) 293-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 82 KB)

Database Driven Cartographic Visualization of Vmap Database
A. Torun, A. Ulubay
Page(s) 299-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 330 KB)

Spatial Data Transfers and Storage in Distributed Wireless Gis
M. Lingkui, L. Chengda, W. Shi
Page(s) 305-309
Conference Paper (PDF, 131 KB)

Geodetic Infrastructure of Turkey for gis, Gps and Remote Sensing Applications
R.N. Çelik, T. Ayan, M.T. Özlüdemir
Page(s) 310-314
Conference Paper (PDF, 826 KB)

On Developing Spatial Data Infrastructure of China
D. Li, H. Wu
Page(s) 315-319
Conference Paper (PDF, 517 KB)

Web Services and National Spatial Data Infrastructure (nsdi)
Ç. Cömert
Page(s) 320-325
Conference Paper (PDF, 391 KB)

Hidden Communication in Frequency Domain for Information Exchange
G.F. Toz, H.M. Palancioglu, E. Begdok
Page(s) 326-330
Conference Paper (PDF, 204 KB)

Digital Image Managemnet (dim) Program: an Interoperabble Web-based Image Management System
R. Yazdani
Page(s) 331-334
Conference Paper (PDF, 54 KB)

Derivation of Implicit Information from Spatial Data Sets with Data Mining
F. Heinzle, M. Sester
Page(s) 335-340
Conference Paper (PDF, 344 KB)

An Efficient Method for Satellite Image Matching and Management
P. Jeong-ho, C. Jae-ho, C. Kyung-ho
Page(s) 341-343
Conference Paper (PDF, 181 KB)

Two Functional Software for Internal Use; Flight Planning and Presenting of Digital Orthophotos
A.S. Demirel, H. Akdeniz, O. Aksu
Page(s) 344-347
Conference Paper (PDF, 409 KB)

Image-based Versatile Lu Information: a Multidimensional Classification Scheme to Support Local Planning in Indonesia
P. Danoedoro, S. Phinn, D. Pullar
Page(s) 348-353
Conference Paper (PDF, 123 KB)

Extraction of Non-point Pollution Using Satellite Imagery Data
L. Sang-ik, C. Yun-soo, K. June-hwan
Page(s) 354-357
Conference Paper (PDF, 530 KB)

The Cost Analysis of Satellite Images for Using in Gis by The Pert
T. Cay, F. Iscan, S. S. Durduran
Page(s) 358-363
Conference Paper (PDF, 470 KB)

Risk Assessment for Environmental Applications: Integrated Analysis of Spatial Data Using Multi-temporal Digital orthophotos and Remote-sensing Satellite Images.
R. Bologna, M. Minchilli, A. Scognamiglio
Page(s) 364-369
Conference Paper (PDF, 1165 KB)

Research on Spatial Database Design and Tuning Based on Oracle and Arcsde
Y. Li, L. Ling
Page(s) 370-375
Conference Paper (PDF, 159 KB)

The National Orthophoto Program of Hungary Completed Under Strict Quality Control
P. Winkler
Page(s) 376-381
Conference Paper (PDF, 147 KB)

Experiences in Upgrading of Large Databases of Satellite Images
G. Chirici, M. Gianinetto, M. Scaioni
Page(s) 382-387
Conference Paper (PDF, 1275 KB)

Image-based Driver's Guidance System
Z. Tóth, T. Lovas, G. Mélykúti, Á. Barsi
Page(s) 388-390
Conference Paper (PDF, 584 KB)

Development of an Integrated Photogrammetric Cad Based Systems (ipcbs) with Emphasis on Real-time Producing of Gis-ready Data
M.H. Khademi, H. Ebadi
Page(s) 391-396
Conference Paper (PDF, 66 KB)

Gis And Context Based Image Enhancement
M. Ehlers, R. Welch, Y. Ling
Page(s) 397-402
Conference Paper (PDF, 808 KB)

Generalization of Dense Digital Terrain Models While Enhancing Important Objects
K. Kremeike
Page(s) 403-408
Conference Paper (PDF, 527 KB)

Visualizing Moose Habitat Changes due to Infrastructure Construction in Southern Finland
J.M. Krisp, S. Väre, J. Dame, K. Virrantaus
Page(s) 409-413
Conference Paper (PDF, 561 KB)

Determination of Terrain Models by Digital Image Matching Methods
C.H. Bauerhansl, F. Rottensteiner, C. Briese
Page(s) 414-419
Conference Paper (PDF, 656 KB)

Hardware-based Texture Extraction for Building Façades
M. Kada
Page(s) 420-425
Conference Paper (PDF, 485 KB)

Representing Uncertainty in Visualisations of Future Landscapes
K. Appleton, A. Lovett, T. Dockerty, G. Sünnenberg
Page(s) 426-430
Conference Paper (PDF, 285 KB)

Generating Precise and Accurate 3d City Models Using Photogrammetric Data
O. Emem, F. Batuk
Page(s) 431-436
Conference Paper (PDF, 2038 KB)

Occlusion-free 3d Realistic Modelling of Buildings in Urban Areas
M. Varshosaz
Page(s) 437-442
Conference Paper (PDF, 444 KB)

3d City Reconstruction by Different Technologies to Manage and Reorganize The Current Situation
E. Tunc, F. Karsli, E. Ayhan
Page(s) 443-448
Conference Paper (PDF, 1523 KB)

3d Virtual Model of Turkey
A. Yilmaz, M. Erdogan, O. Eker
Page(s) 449-451
Conference Paper (PDF, 263 KB)

Reseach on A Gis-based Automatic Generation Algorithm for River Boundary Adaptive Irregular Meshes
Z. Jiang, D. Li, W. Wang, L. Li, J. Yao
Page(s) 452-457
Conference Paper (PDF, 540 KB)

Geovrml of Bakar Bay - Visualization of Ecological Hazard
I. Šainovic, D. Medak
Page(s) 458-462
Conference Paper (PDF, 3674 KB)

Accuracy of Dtm and Ortho Generated from Ikonos Stero Images
R. Kaczynski, A. Majde, I. Ewiak
Page(s) 463-464
Conference Paper (PDF, 89 KB)

Producing Landslide Risk Map of Sebinkarahisar by Means of Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
D.Z. Seker, M.O. Altan, Z. Duran, M.B. Shrestha, A. Yuasa, K. Kawamura
Page(s) 465-469
Conference Paper (PDF, 1381 KB)

The Role of Remote Sensing in Detecting Active and Fresh Faulting Zones Case Study: Northwest of Syria, Al-ghab Graben Complex
Moutaz Dalati
Page(s) 470-474
Conference Paper (PDF, 853 KB)

Time for Change – Quantifying Landslide Evolution Using Historical Aerial Photographs and Modern Photogrammetric Methods
J. Walstra, J.H. Chandler, N. Dixon, T.A. Dijkstra
Page(s) 475-480
Conference Paper (PDF, 2197 KB)

Geographical Information Systems and Digital Models
M.A.M. Al Houech
Page(s) 481-484
Conference Paper (PDF, 70 KB)

Gis Design and Application for Tourism
T. Turk, M.U. Gumusay
Page(s) 485-488
Conference Paper (PDF, 2021 KB)

Application of Remote Sensing Data to Landslide Mapping in Hong Kong
V.K. Vohora, S.L. Donoghue
Page(s) 489-493
Conference Paper (PDF, 305 KB)

The Geomorphometric Description of Cluter Maps
J.G. Rodopoulos, G.Ch. Miliaresis
Page(s) 494-498
Conference Paper (PDF, 812 KB)

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis incidence in São Paulo – Brazil
C. Aparicio, B.M. Dantas
Page(s) 499-504
Conference Paper (PDF, 910 KB)

Gis Modelling of Land Degradation in Northern-jordan Using Landsat Imagery
S. Essa
Page(s) 505-510
Conference Paper (PDF, 783 KB)

A Hierarchical Classificaton of Landsat Tm Imagery for Landcover Mapping
M. Avci, Z. Akyurek
Page(s) 511-516
Conference Paper (PDF, 439 KB)

Integration of High Resolution Digital Elevation Models in 3d-gis-applications of The Environmental Information System of Baden-Württemberg
D. Hilbring
Page(s) 517-522
Conference Paper (PDF, 317 KB)

An Approach for The Semantically Correct Integration of a Dtm and 2d Gis Vector Data
A. Koch
Page(s) 523-528
Conference Paper (PDF, 524 KB)

Polygon-based True Orthophoto Generation
Y.P. Kuzmin, S.A. Korytnik, O. Long
Page(s) 529-531
Conference Paper (PDF, 768 KB)

Putting The Pieces Together: Composing a Nationwide Dem-cover of Belgium
S. Roovers, J. Beyen
Page(s) 532-537
Conference Paper (PDF, 384 KB)

A New Procedure for The Automatic Production of True Orthophotos
A. Biasion, S. Dequal, A. Lingua
Page(s) 538-543
Conference Paper (PDF, 3574 KB)

Calibrating Cerrado Physiognomies Using Sar and Optical Images in Brazil
M.D. Bitencourt, H. N. Mesquita
Page(s) 544-549
Conference Paper (PDF, 246 KB)

Fractal and Surface Modeling
M. Rahnemoonfar, M.R. Delavar, L. Hashemi
Page(s) 550-554
Conference Paper (PDF, 1996 KB)

Status of Orthophoto Production and Applications in Serbia
D. Mihajlovic, M. Mitrovic, M. Vojinovic, M. Soškic
Page(s) 555-559
Conference Paper (PDF, 4919 KB)

Modeling Patch Dynamics from Integration of Cellular Automata Simulation and Historical Air-photographs Analysis
M. Shoshany, E. Kelman
Page(s) 560-563
Conference Paper (PDF, 405 KB)

Study on Watershed Analysis and Sediment Regime in The Swalik Region of Nepal
M.B. Shrestha, A. Yuasa, D.Z. Seker, T. Sadao, K. Kensuke
Page(s) 564-568
Conference Paper (PDF, 366 KB)

Data Integration Related to Sensors, Data and Models
F. Samadzadegan
Page(s) 569-574
Conference Paper (PDF, 866 KB)

Fusion of Multisensor Remote Sensing Data: Assessing The Quality of Resulting Images
E. Saroglu, F. Bektas, N. Musaoglu, C. Goksel
Page(s) 575-579
Conference Paper (PDF, 2812 KB)

Small Satellites – A Tool for Earth Observation
G. Konecny
Page(s) 580-582
Conference Paper (PDF, 46 KB)

Comparison of Information Contents of High Resolution Space Images
H. Topan, G. Büyüksalih, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 583-588
Conference Paper (PDF, 1103 KB)

Extraction of Buildings in Brasilian Urban Environments Using High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery and Laser Scanner Data
J. Antonio, S.J.A.S. Centeno
Page(s) 589-592
Conference Paper (PDF, 871 KB)

Digital Orthophotos at a Scale Of 1:5000 from High Resolution Satellite Images
R. Amato, G. Dardanelli, D. Emmolo, V. Franco, Brutto M. Lo, P. Midulla, P. Orlando, B. Villa
Page(s) 593-598
Conference Paper (PDF, 888 KB)

Validated Spectral Angle Mapper Algorithm for Geological Mapping: Comparative Study Between Quickbird and Landsat-tm
G. Girouard, A. Bannari, A. Harti, A. Desrochers
Page(s) 599-604
Conference Paper (PDF, 2507 KB)

Fusion and Perceptual Organisation of Features from Multi-sensor Data: General Concepts and New Developments
J. Schiewe
Page(s) 605-610
Conference Paper (PDF, 131 KB)

Image Processing and Gis Tools for Feature and Change Extraction
A. Costas, F. Savopol
Page(s) 611-616
Conference Paper (PDF, 489 KB)

An Efficient and Robust Genetic Algorithm Approach for Automated Map Labeling
H. Fan, K. Liu, Z. Zhang
Page(s) 617-622
Conference Paper (PDF, 201 KB)

Orthorectification of Spot Images with The Same-pass Constraints
M. Erdogan, O. Eker, A. Yilmaz, O. Aksu
Page(s) 623-626
Conference Paper (PDF, 105 KB)

Accuracy Assesment of High Resolution Satellite Images
L. Iscan, O. Aksu, M. Onder, V.O. Atak, O. Lenk, M.A. Gurdal
Page(s) 627-630
Conference Paper (PDF, 623 KB)

Use of Orthophotos as Ground Truth in Ikonos Image Processing
F. Blascoa, M.F. Bellan, V. Barbaroussi, G. Miliaresis
Page(s) 631-635
Conference Paper (PDF, 371 KB)

Analysis of Digital Elevation Models Determined by High Resolution Space Images
G. Kocak, G. Büyüksalih, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 636-641
Conference Paper (PDF, 925 KB)

Photogrammetric Research Conducted at The Antarctic Station "Academician Vernadskyy"
O. Dorozhynskyya, H. Milinevskyy, V. Hlotov
Page(s) 642-644
Conference Paper (PDF, 132 KB)

Geological Mapping in The Cheleken Peninsula, Turkmenistan Area Using Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (Aster) Data
P. Junek
Page(s) 645-650
Conference Paper (PDF, 604 KB)

Production of Country Wide Dtm for Serbia and Montenegro
Z. Cvijetinovic, S. Tomic, M. Vojinovic
Page(s) 651-656
Conference Paper (PDF, 570 KB)

Control Extension and Orthorectification Procedures for Compiling Vegetation Databases of National Parks in The Southeastern United States
T.R. Jordan
Page(s) 657-662
Conference Paper (PDF, 790 KB)

Understanding The Rational Function Model: Methods and Applications
H. Yong, T. Vincent, C. Arie
Page(s) 663-668
Conference Paper (PDF, 71 KB)

Global Indexing of 3d Vector Geographic Features
J. Kolar
Page(s) 669-672
Conference Paper (PDF, 115 KB)

Heads-up Digitization of Geologic Maps Using an Independent User Interface and Converting into The Gis
E. Kansu, C.T. Vur, B. Kurucu
Page(s) 673-676
Conference Paper (PDF, 1158 KB)

Application of Artificial Neural Network Technology in Water Color Remote Sensing Inversion of Inland Water Body Using Tm Data
J.P. Wang, S.T. Cheng, H.F. Jia
Page(s) 677-681
Conference Paper (PDF, 74 KB)

The Digital Photogrametry, Cubans Experiences
P. Martínez, M. Páez
Page(s) 682-684
Conference Paper (PDF, 60 KB)

Investigation of Revision Techniques for 25k Scaled Topographic Maps
O.A. Akabali, E. Uçar, A. Yilmaz, O. Aksu
Page(s) 685-688
Conference Paper (PDF, 107 KB)

Geometric Modelling and Photogrammetric Processing of High-resolution Satellite Imagery
N. Xutong, W. Jue, D. Kaichang, L. Jin-duk, L. Ron
Page(s) 689-694
Conference Paper (PDF, 519 KB)

Accuracy Analysis of Digital Orthophotos from Very High Resolution Imagery
R. Passini, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 695-700
Conference Paper (PDF, 307 KB)

Integration of Aster and Airborne Geophysical Data for exploration of Copper Mineralization. A Case Study of Sarcheshmeh Area
H. Ranjbar, H. Shahriari, M. Honarmand
Page(s) 701-706
Conference Paper (PDF, 345 KB)

Digital Photogrammetry in The Practice of Open Pit Mining
A. Patikova
Page(s) 707-710
Conference Paper (PDF, 1245 KB)

Remote Sensing and Gis Integration for Land Cover Analysis, a Case Study: Gokceada Island
F. Bektas, C. Goksel
Page(s) 711-714
Conference Paper (PDF, 833 KB)

Identifying Building Types and Building Clusters Using 3D-Laser Scanning and GIS-Data
H. Neidhart, M. Sester
Page(s) 715-720
Conference Paper (PDF, 346 KB)

Using The Data Fusion Technique for Producing Thematic Map
R.M.R. Della, M. Fiani, A. Fortunato, P. Pistillo
Page(s) 721-726
Conference Paper (PDF, 1092 KB)

Combined Ridge-stein Estimator in Exterior Orientation for Linear Pushbroom Imagery
T. Wang, Y.S. Zhang, Y. Zhang
Page(s) 727-731
Conference Paper (PDF, 281 KB)

Fusion of Lidar Data and Optical Imagery for Building Modeling
C. Liang-chien, T. Tee-ann, S. Yi-chen, L. Yen-chung, R. Jiann-yeou
Page(s) 732-737
Conference Paper (PDF, 1790 KB)

Selection of The Most Suitable Sizes of Ground Control Points in The Satellite Images
H.M. Yilmaz, M. Yakar, O. Mutluoglu, F. Yildiz
Page(s) 738-741
Conference Paper (PDF, 150 KB)

Preparing The Updating of The Belgian Topographical Database: A Challenging Project
J. Henrion, J. Beyen, J. Vanommeslaeghe
Page(s) 742-747
Conference Paper (PDF, 70 KB)

New Technique for Combining Panchromatic and Multispectral Spot Images for Multipurpose Image-maps
M. Essadiki
Page(s) 748-752
Conference Paper (PDF, 835 KB)

Global Environmental Databases from Ceos Agencies
J.L. Faundeen, I. Petiteville, D. Clark, T. Fisher
Page(s) 752-782
Conference Paper (PDF, 2482 KB)

Towards a European Service Center for Monitoring Land Surfaces at Global and Regional Scales: The Geoland / Csp Project
M. Leroy, R. Lacaze, R. Lindau, F. Olesen, L. Pessanha, I. Piccard, A. Rosema, J.-L. Roujean, F. Rubel, W. Wagner, M. Weiss
Page(s) 783-789
Conference Paper (PDF, 683 KB)

A Mix Global Data Structure Based on Qtm and Voronoi
Z. Xuesheng, C. Jun, L. Zhilin
Page(s) 791-796
Conference Paper (PDF, 141 KB)

Estimation on Tree Cover Percentage Using Terra/Aster Data with Airborne Laser Scanning Data
H.P. Sato, R. Tateishi
Page(s) 797-800
Conference Paper (PDF, 563 KB)

Developing a Global Database for Coastal Vulnerability Analysis: Design Issues and Challenges
A.T. Vafeidis, R.J. Nicholls, L. McFadden, J. Hinkel, P.S. Grashoff
Page(s) 801-805
Conference Paper (PDF, 135 KB)

The Economic Impacts of Thecameroon-tchad Pipeline Project on Agriculture in The Rural Zone of Bipindi (Cameroon)
S. Paul, S. Kana, S. Fondo
Page(s) 806-810
Conference Paper (PDF, 135 KB)

Combining Mars Data in Grass Gis for Geological Mapping
C. Deuchler, M. Wählisch, S. Gehrke, E. Hauber, J. Oberst, R. Jaumann
Page(s) 811-815
Conference Paper (PDF, 1006 KB)

Quantitative Assessment of Automated Crater Detection on Mars
R.K. Jung, J.-P. Muller, J.G. Morley
Page(s) 816-821
Conference Paper (PDF, 456 KB)

Combined Bundle Adjustment of Moc Stereo Images and Mola Altimetry Data for Precise Mars Topographic Mapping
Y. Jong-suk, S. Jie
Page(s) 822-827
Conference Paper (PDF, 432 KB)

Multi-image Shape-from-shading: Derivation of Planetary Digital Terrain Models Using Clementine Images
V. Lohse, C. Heipke
Page(s) 828-833
Conference Paper (PDF, 628 KB)

Topographic Mapping of Mars: from Hectometer to Micrometer Scales
R.L. Kirk, S.W. Squyres, G. Neukum
Page(s) 834-839
Conference Paper (PDF, 1728 KB)

Geomorphometric Mapping of Grand Canyon from The 1-degree Usgs DEMs
N.A. Kokkas, G.Ch. Miliaresisv
Page(s) 840-845
Conference Paper (PDF, 946 KB)

Performance of Automatic Tie Point Extraction Using Hrsc Imagery of The Mars Express Mission
C. Heipke, R. Schmidt, R. Brand, J. Oberst, G. Neukum
Page(s) 846-851
Conference Paper (PDF, 341 KB)

Improving The Exterior Orientation of Mars Express Hrsc Imagery
H. Ebner, M. Spiegel, B. Albert, G. Bernd, G. Neukum
Page(s) 852-857
Conference Paper (PDF, 138 KB)

Some Aspects of Multilingual Planetary Map Producing for Non-professional Audience: Visualization and Nomenclature.
H.I. Hargitai
Page(s) 858-862
Conference Paper (PDF, 572 KB)

A New Mars Digital Image Model (mdim 2.1) Control Network
B.A. Archinal, E.M. Lee, R.L. Kirk, T.C. Duxbury, R.M. Sucharski, D.A. Cook, J.M. Barrett
Page(s) 863-868
Conference Paper (PDF, 382 KB)

Digital Cartography with Hrsc on Mars Express
J. Albertz, S. Gehrke, M. Wählisch, H. Lehmann, T. Schumacher, G. Neukum
Page(s) 869-874
Conference Paper (PDF, 8529 KB)

True-3d Visualization of The Martian Surface Based on Lenticular Foil Technology Using Hrsc Imagery
M.F. Buchroithner, O. Wälder, K. Habermann, B. König, T. Gründemann, G. Neukum
Page(s) 875-878
Conference Paper (PDF, 395 KB)

Cartography of The Icy Saturnian Satellites
T. Roatsch, J. Oberst, B. Giese, M. Wählisch, V. Winkler, K.-D. Matz, R. Jaumann, G. Neukum
Page(s) 879-884
Conference Paper (PDF, 1213 KB)

Digital Earth Visualization and Web-interface Capabilities Utilizing 3-d Geobrowser Technology
T.W. Foresman
Page(s) 885-888
Conference Paper (PDF, 804 KB)

A Study of Image Fusion Techniques in Remote Sensing
M. Hahn, F. Samadzadegan
Page(s) 889-894
Conference Paper (PDF, 435 KB)

Landsat-spot Digital Images Integration Using Geostatistical Cosimulation Techniques
J. Delgadoa, A. Soares, J. Carvalho
Page(s) 895-900
Conference Paper (PDF, 1552 KB)

Capability for Data Fusion by Airborne Sensing
T. Sasagawa, M.B. Babu, A. Ozawa, K. Tachibana
Page(s) 901-905
Conference Paper (PDF, 2020 KB)

Data Fusion for Environmental Assessment: Integrating Modis Imagery and Nexrad Weather Radar
R.P. Watson, L.A. Scuderi, K.K. Benedict, T.R. Kuntz
Page(s) 906-909
Conference Paper (PDF, 420 KB)

A New Data Fusion Method for Improving Cbers-1 Irmss Images Based on Ccd Image Multi-source Imagery
Z.R. Qi
Page(s) 910-914
Conference Paper (PDF, 4002 KB)

The Effects of Different Types of Wavelets on Image Fusion
G. Hong, Y. Zhang
Page(s) 915-920
Conference Paper (PDF, 1338 KB)

Automatic Fusion of Photogrammetric Imagery and Laser Scanner Point Clouds
E.K Forkuo, B. King
Page(s) 921-926
Conference Paper (PDF, 975 KB)

Comprehensive Paradigm for Semi-automatic Registration of Multi-source Imagery
R.I. Al-Ruzouq
Page(s) 927-932
Conference Paper (PDF, 419 KB)

Integration of Raw Gps Measurements into a Bundle Adjustment
C. Ellum
Page(s) 933-938
Conference Paper (PDF, 2965 KB)

Automatic Relative Registration of Spot5 Imagery for Color Merging
L.K. Kwoh, X. Huang
Page(s) 939-944
Conference Paper (PDF, 674 KB)

Integration of Airborne Laser Data and High Resolution Satellite Images Over Landslides Risk Areas
M. Barbarella, V. Lenzi, M. Zanni
Page(s) 945-950
Conference Paper (PDF, 5520 KB)

Classification of Multi-spectral, Multi-temporal And Multi-sensor Images Using Principal Components Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks: Beykoz Case
M. Cetin, T. Kavzoglu, N. Musaoglu
Page(s) 951-956
Conference Paper (PDF, 776 KB)

Monitoring The Amazon with Different Spatial and Temporal Resolution
G. Zimmermann, W. Bijker
Page(s) 957-961
Conference Paper (PDF, 168 KB)

Image Quality Related Processing and Applications Based on Retinex Wavelet Theory
H. Qingwu
Page(s) 962-967
Conference Paper (PDF, 680 KB)

Assessment of Lidar and Digital Camera Data in The Context of Rapid Change Detection Methodologies
F. Savopol, C. Armenakis
Page(s) 968-973
Conference Paper (PDF, 1208 KB)

Introducing an Accuracy Indicator Based on Uncertainty Related Measures
S.B. Fatemi, B. Mojaradi, M. Varshosaz
Page(s) 974-978
Conference Paper (PDF, 1211 KB)

Assessing The Positional and Thematic Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Data
C.A.O. Vieira, P.M. Mather, P. Aplin
Page(s) 979-984
Conference Paper (PDF, 321 KB)

A Visibility Test On Spot5 Images
V. Lacroix, A. Hincq, I. Mahamadou, H. Bruynseels, O. Swartenbroekx
Page(s) 985-990
Conference Paper (PDF, 216 KB)

Using Learning Cellular Automata for Post Classification Satellite Imagery
B. Mojaradi, C. Lucas, M. Varshosaz
Page(s) 991-995
Conference Paper (PDF, 297 KB)

The Importance of Understanding Error in Lidar Digital Elevation Models
S.L Smith, D.A Holland, P.A Longley
Page(s) 996-1001
Conference Paper (PDF, 1131 KB)

Visualization of Image Quality in Distributed Spatial Databases
S. Isolde, M. Giorgos, A. Peggy
Page(s) 1002-1007
Conference Paper (PDF, 1095 KB)

A Multiscale Approach to Detect Spatial-temporal Outliers
C. Tao, L. Zhilin
Page(s) 1008-1012
Conference Paper (PDF, 589 KB)

Uncertainty and Effects of Resolution of Digital Elevation Model and its Derived Features: Case Study of Sumberjaya, Sumatera, Indonesia
A. Widayati, B. Lusiana, D. Suyamto, B. Verbist
Page(s) 1013-1018
Conference Paper (PDF, 3326 KB)

Orthorectification and Geometric Quality Assessment of Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Common Agricultural Policy Purposes
J. Chmiel, S. Kay, P. Spruyt
Page(s) 1019-1024
Conference Paper (PDF, 250 KB)

Accuracy Investigation for a Large Scale Gis
T.M. Celikoyan, M.O. Altan, G. Kemper
Page(s) 1025-1030
Conference Paper (PDF, 1191 KB)

Accuracy of Measurements Made with a Cyrax 2500 Laser Scanner Against Surfaces of Known Colour
J. Clark, S. Robson
Page(s) 1031-1036
Conference Paper (PDF, 896 KB)

Study of Sampling Methods for Accuracy Assessment of Classified Remotely Sensed Data
M.S. Hashemian, A.A. Abkar, S.B. Fatemi
Page(s) 1037-1041
Conference Paper (PDF, 168 KB)

Automation in Mars Landing-site Mapping and Rover Localization
X. Fengliang
Page(s) 1042-1047
Conference Paper (PDF, 2015 KB)

A Graph-based Approach for Higher Order Gis Topological Analysis
J.P. Almeida, J.G. Morley, I.J. Dowman
Page(s) 1048-1052
Conference Paper (PDF, 771 KB)

An Operational System for Automated Road Database Updating from Aerial Imagery
C. Zhang, E. Baltsavias
Page(s) 1053-1058
Conference Paper (PDF, 126 KB)

Transferability of Knowledge-Based Classification Rules
K. Leukert, A. Darwish, W. Reinhardt
Page(s) 1059-1064
Conference Paper (PDF, 437 KB)

Modelling The Extraction of Field Boundaries and Wind Erosion Obstacles from Aerial Imagery
M. Butenuth
Page(s) 1065-1070
Conference Paper (PDF, 1519 KB)

Multispectral Analysis of Satellite Images
N.I. Bachari, S. Khodja, A.H. Belbachir
Page(s) 1071-1073
Conference Paper (PDF, 288 KB)

High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Forestry Studies: the Beechwood of The Pordenone Mountains (Italy)
G. Mauro
Page(s) 1074-1078
Conference Paper (PDF, 1943 KB)

Automating Interpretation of Geological Structures from Landsat Tm Multi-spectral Images and Dems
A.C. Demirkesen, N.W.J. Hazelton, D.M. Sauder
Page(s) 1079-1094
Conference Paper (PDF, 1021 KB)

Parcel-based Crop Mapping Through Multi-temporal Masking Classification of Landsat 7 Images in Karacabey, Turkey.
M. Arikan
Page(s) 1085-1090
Conference Paper (PDF, 825 KB)

Comparing Different Satellite Image Classification Methods: An Application in Ayvalik District, Western Turkey
A. Akgün, A.H. Eronat, N. Türk
Page(s) 1091-1097
Conference Paper (PDF, 884 KB)

A Comparison of Segmentation Programs for High Resolution Remote Sensing Data
G. Meinel, M. Neubert
Page(s) 1097-1102
Conference Paper (PDF, 1884 KB)

Mineral Potential Mapping of Copper Minerals with Gis
M. Karimi, M.J. Valadan Zoej
Page(s) 1103-1108
Conference Paper (PDF, 407 KB)

Texture Feature Extraction for Classification of Remote Sensing Data Using Wavelet Decomposition: A Comparative Study
L.A. Ruiz, A. Fdez-sarría, J.A. Recio
Page(s) 1109-1114
Conference Paper (PDF, 512 KB)

Study on Soil Erosion and Sedimentation in Alashtar Watershed Using Image Processing Software
F.P. Zeaiean, A. Davoodi
Page(s) 1115-1117
Conference Paper (PDF, 269 KB)

Comparison of Pixel-based and Object-oriented Classification Approaches Using Landsat-7 Etm Spectral Bands
M. Oruc, A.M. Marangoz, G. Buyuksalih
Page(s) 1118-1122
Conference Paper (PDF, 593 KB)

Study on Web-based Distributed Virtual City Environment
J. Chen, J. Yang, Q. Lya
Page(s) 1123-1127
Conference Paper (PDF, 143 KB)

An Ogc Compliant Interoperable Network to Distribute Geological Maps and Data over The Internet
S. Gadenz, M. Latini, J. Mugnaini, L. Carmignani
Page(s) 1127-1130
Conference Paper (PDF, 245 KB)

Development Process of Interactive "geohistory" Storming and Virtual Discovering
C. Guney, R.N. Çelik
Page(s) 1133-1138
Conference Paper (PDF, 1553 KB)

Use Image Streaming Technologies to Present High Resolution Images on The Internet
Steven Y. Hu, V. Tao
Page(s) 1138-1143
Conference Paper (PDF, 240 KB)

Virtual Community Trials Platform
Q. Liu, H. Luan, F. Wang, B. Cheng
Page(s) 1144-1147
Conference Paper (PDF, 333 KB)

Design and Implementation of Sensor Metadata on Internet
A.A. Alesheikh, M. Ghorbani, H. Mohammadi
Page(s) 1148-1153
Conference Paper (PDF, 154 KB)

Developing an Internet-gis Application Using Gml Technology
A.A. Alesheikh, E. Mohammadi, A. Aien, H. Mohammadi
Page(s) 1153-1155
Conference Paper (PDF, 422 KB)

An Opengis Web Map Server for The Esa Multi-mission Catalogue
T. Westin, C. Caspar, L. Edgardh, L. Schylberg
Page(s) 1156-1160
Conference Paper (PDF, 882 KB)

Potentiel Cartographique De L'imagerie Ikonos Geo
M. Ettarid, F. Degaichia
Page(s) 1161-1166
Conference Paper (PDF, 1560 KB)

Geospatial Digital Asset Management – A Solution Integrating Imagery and Gis where Will All The Pixels Go?(and How Will We Ever Find Them?)
J. Lurie
Page(s) 1167-1171
Conference Paper (PDF, 800 KB)

Accurate Registration of Als Data without Control Points
R. Paquet
Page(s) 1172-1177
Conference Paper (PDF, 667 KB)

An Algorithm for Centreline Extraction Using Natural Neighbour Interpolation
D. Mioc, F. Anton, G. Dharmaraj
Page(s) 1178-1182
Conference Paper (PDF, 1403 KB)

Qualite Des Modeles Numeriques De Terrain Dervies Par Correlation Automatique
M. Ettarid, H. Hadfat, A. Zaza, A. Khaldi
Page(s) 1183-1188
Conference Paper (PDF, 1610 KB)

Multivariate Visualization of Data Quality Elements for Coastal Zone Monitoring
D.E.V.D. Vlag, M.J. Kraak
Page(s) 1189-1195
Conference Paper (PDF, 1096 KB)

Formalization and Applications of Topological Relation of Contour Lines
T. Wang
Page(s) 1197-1201
Conference Paper (PDF, 266 KB)

Developpement D'une Interface Pour La Gestion Des Donnees Multi Sources Et Sa Mise En Place Sur L'outil Sig vulcan 3d Pour La Modelisation Geologique et La Planification Miniere
E.M.E.I. Siham, C.-O. Mohamed
Page(s) 1202-1208
Conference Paper (PDF, 219 KB)

Damage Reduction by Culture Based Method Supported by Spatial Temporal Gis - Collaborative Research with Duzce Municipality Turkey -
S. Kakumoto, M. Hatayama, Y. Kajitani, K. Yoshikawa, Y. Kosugi, H.R. Kubilay
Page(s) 1209-1215
Conference Paper (PDF, 1461 KB)

Cadastral Data Services on Internet in Serbia
M. Vojinovic, Z. Cvijetinovic, M. Mitrovic
Page(s) 1216-1220
Conference Paper (PDF, 813 KB)

A Review of Map and Spatial Database Generalization for Developing a Generalization Framework
S. Kazemi, S. Lim, C. Rizos
Page(s) 1221-1226
Conference Paper (PDF, 86 KB)

Architecting Distributed Geo-information Services: Beyond Data Infrastructures
J. Morales, M. Radwan
Page(s) 1227-1233
Conference Paper (PDF, 239 KB)

Satellite Imagery Elaboration (aster Sensor, Terra Satellite), in order to Map Rock Distribution in Extreme Areas. The Prince Albert Mountain Chain (victoria Land - Antartica).
A. Favretto, R. Geletti
Page(s) 1234-1239
Conference Paper (PDF, 852 KB)

The Digital Elevation Model 1:25.000 (DEM 25) for The Federal Republic of Germany
M. Hovenbitzer
Page(s) 1240-1243
Conference Paper (PDF, 3398 KB)

Multitemporal Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data
S. Muller, G.L.A. Mota, C.E. Liedtke
Page(s) 1244-1248
Conference Paper (PDF, 1870 KB)

Integration of Geoscientific Data Sets and The German Digital Map Using a Matching Approach
G. V. Gösseln, M. Sester
Page(s) 1249-1254
Conference Paper (PDF, 255 KB)

Data Fusion of Aerial Images Collected by Matrix Camera and Line Scanner of Different Resolution
A. Krtalic
Page(s) 1255-1259
Conference Paper (PDF, 1111 KB)

Tracking Pedestrian by Using Multiple Laser Range Scanners
K. Nakamura, H. Zhao, R. Shibasaki, K. Sakamoto, T. Ooga, T. Suzukawa
Page(s) 1260-1265
Conference Paper (PDF, 1152 KB)

Eurospec – A Cornerstone for The Building of The European Spatial Data Infrastructure
C. Luzet, N. Land, H.V.D. Vegt
Page(s) 1266-1271
Conference Paper (PDF, 682 KB)

Implementation of The Resulting Cost Model of Roads Network in The Geographic Information System (gis)
A.S. Niaraki, M. Varshosaz, H. Behrooz
Page(s) 1272-1280
Conference Paper (PDF, 754 KB)

Application Of a Gis as a Modeling Tool for Remote Sensing Image Analysis of Agricultural Fields
A.A. Abkar, S.B. Fatemi
Page(s) 1281-1286
Conference Paper (PDF, 637 KB)

Vegetation Modeling, Analysis and Visualization in U.S. National Parks
M. Madden
Page(s) 1287-1292
Conference Paper (PDF, 3720 KB)

Continuous Generalization for Fast and Smooth Visualization on Small Displays
M. Sester, C. Brenner
Page(s) 1293-1298
Conference Paper (PDF, 451 KB)

De- And Re-shading of Mars Express Hrsc Image Data for Homogenization of Map Relief Shading
E. Dorrer, H. Mayer, A. Ostrovskiy, S. Reznik, G. Neukum
Page(s) 1299-1303
Conference Paper (PDF, 735 KB)

Gis Solutions for Local Governments with Ikonos Imagery
M. Ozen
Page(s) 1304-1306
Conference Paper (PDF, 1802 KB)

Location Information Storage System Based on File
I.S. Jang, D.S. Cho
Page(s) 1307-1311
Conference Paper (PDF, 391 KB)

A Generic Data Model Proposal for Multi-dimensional Road Object
H. Demirel
Page(s) 1312-1317
Conference Paper (PDF, 187 KB)

The Mapping Performance of The Hrsc / Src In Mars Orbit
J. Oberst, T. Roatsch, B. Giese, M. Wählisch, F. Scholten, K. Gwinner, K.-D. Matz, E. Hauber, G. Neukum, R. Jaumann, H. Ebner, M. Spiegel, S. vanGasselt, J. Albertz, S. Gehrke, C. Heipke, R. Schmidt
Page(s) 1318-1323
Conference Paper (PDF, 2157 KB)

Revision and Reconstruction of 3d Building Data by Integrating Starimager/tls Imagery and Complementary Data
M. Nakagawa, R. Shibasaki
Page(s) 1324-1327
Conference Paper (PDF, 1304 KB)

The Production of Finnish Corine Land Cover 2000 Classification
P. Härmä, R. Teiniranta, M. Törmä, R. Repo, E. Järvenpää, M. Kallio
Page(s) 1330-1335
Conference Paper (PDF, 199 KB)

A Generalization of Contour Line Based on the Extraction and Analysis of Drainage System
T. Ai
Page(s) 1336-1341
Conference Paper (PDF, 1837 KB)




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