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May 25, 2020 
Centenary Celebrations, July 4, 2010, Vienna, Austria
100 Years ISPRS, July 2-4, 2010, Vienna

In Retrospect & Prospec / Perspectives provided by past Presidents

published in GIS Development, now called Geospatial World


GIS Development Oct 2009
In tune with change, Oct 2009  
GIS Development Nov 2009
GROWING with technology, Nov 2009  
GIS Development Dec 2009
′I continued beautiful traditions of Council′, Dec 2009
by Shunji Murai
Former President, ISPRS (1992-1996)
Shunji Murai
GIS Development Feb 2010
Professional to the Core, Feb 2010
by Gottfried Konecny
Former President, ISPRS (1984-1988)
Gottfried Konecny
GIS Development Mar 2010
Encouraging Young Scientists, Mar 2010
by Kennert Torlegård
Former President, ISPRS (1988-1992)
Kennert Torlegård
GIS Development Apr 2010
′I Sought to Make ISPRS a Legal Entity′, Apr 2010
by Lawrence W. Fritz
Former President, ISPRS (1996-2000)
Lawrence W. Fritz
GIS Development May 2010
Taking ISPRS Beyond Photogrammetry, May 2010
by John Trinder
Former President, ISPRS (2000-2004)
John Trinder
GIS Development June 2010
Reaching Out to Africa, Latin America, June 2010
by Ian Dowman
First Vice-President, ISPRS, Former President, ISPRS (2004-2008)
Ian Dowman
An Inclusive Society of Societies, July 2010
by Orhan Altan
President, ISPRS (2008-2012)
Orhan Altan