CATCON7 2016 @ PRAGUE Congress

CATCON is the name of a contest for Computer Assisted Teaching Contest organized by the ISPRS Commission VI. The seventh CATCON7 has been organized at the XXIII ISPRS Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, July 16, 2016. The main objective of the contest is to promote the development and dissemination of effective, educational and user-friendly –

  • multimedia tutorials
  • simulations and virtual environments
  • information packages or data sets
  • application software

designed and used specifically for computer assisted teaching in photogrammetry, remote sensing or spatial information science.


In general, the CAT tutorial, software or data set is preferred to be non-commercial and provided to users without licence charges or other fees for not-for-profit use. Since many ISPRS attendees have been interested in this contest at three previous Congresses, this is a very good opportunity to show the effectiveness and utility of your CAT product.

Award Contestant Entry Web Site or email
CHF 3000
Thomas Luhmann, Germany
Learning Photogrammetry with Interactive Software Tool PhoX website
CHF 2500
Jorge Luis Nunes e Silva Brito, et al.
The e-foto Software: A free, Digital Photogrammetric Workstation for Educational Purposes website
CHF 1500
Huayi Wu, et al. GeoSquare: a collaborative online geospatial information sharing and geoprocessing platform for education and research website



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