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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXVII Part B3, 1988

XVIth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission III: Mathematical Analysis of Data
Supplements from Part B8-B11 are included
July 1-10, 1988, Kyoto, Japan
Editor(s): Shunji Murai


Table of Contents

Enhancement of Satellite Image Data by Data Cumulation
Albertz, J., Zelianeos, K.
Page(s) 1-10
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2024 KB)

Rectification of Relief Displacement Errors in Radar Imagery
Ali, A.E.
Page(s) 11-20
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1037 KB)

The Accuracy of Perspective Centers Determination and Their Role in Aerial Triangulation
Ali, M.E.O.
Page(s) 21-30
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 847 KB)

Unsupervised Classification Using Pixel Sort Technique
Alwan, R.H., Kadum, F.J., Nizaal, G.H.
Page(s) 31-40
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 787 KB)

Image Analysis Using Fuzzy Entropy and Possibility Function
Bansal, V.S.
Page(s) 41-46
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 653 KB)

Digital Modelling by Using the Integrated Geodesy Approach
Barzaghi, R., Crippa., B., Forlani, G., Mussio, L.
Page(s) 47-56
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 834 KB)

Determining Topographic Structure Lines by Digital Elevation Data
Bas, H.G.
Page(s) 57-62
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 472 KB)

Application of the On-Line Strip Triangulation Program STRAUS
Bauer, G.
Page(s) 63-72
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 711 KB)

Projection of Topographic Data into Remote Sensing Images
Besenicar, J., Kengen, B.
Page(s) 73-79
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 388 KB)

General Data Interchange Language
Billingsley, F.C.
Page(s) 80-91
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 992 KB)

Design of Special Purpose Networks by Risk Reduction
Bouloucos, T.
Page(s) 92-99
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 576 KB)

DTM Generation Using SPOT Digital Data
Chen, L., Lee, L., Lee, S.
Page(s) 100-109
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 789 KB)

An Adjustment of Photogrammetry Combined with the Geodetic Data and GPS
Chikatsu, H., Kasugaya, N., Murai, S.
Page(s) 110-121
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 800 KB)

On-Line Technology in Analytical Aerial Triangulation
Corcodel, G.
Page(s) 122-127
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 967 KB)

Terrain Classification by Cluster Analysis
Crespi, N., Forlani, G., Mussio, L., Radicioni, F.
Page(s) 128-137
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1054 KB)

Sequential Satisfisation for a Photogrammetric Block Triangulation and a Geodetic Control Network
Crosilla, F., Russo, T.
Page(s) 138-147
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 880 KB)

Quality Assessment of Digital Elevation Models Produced by Automatic Stereo Matchers from SPOT Image Pairs
Day, T., Nuller, J.-P.
Page(s) 148-159
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1925 KB)

A Proposed Polynomial for Geometric Rectification of Orbital SAR Imagery
Diefallah, M.A.
Page(s) 160-169
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 599 KB)

The Effect of Image Point Density on Photo-Variant and Photo-Invariant Bundle Adjustment
Faig, W., Owolabi, K.
Page(s) 170-180
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1535 KB)

A Digital Terrain Model System for a Microcomputer
Felgueiras, C.A., Erthal, G.J., Dias, L.A.V.
Page(s) 181-188
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 631 KB)

A Method for Three-Dimensional Models Generation from Digital Image Correlation
Fondelli, M.
Page(s) 189-195
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1488 KB)

Method for Combined Image Interpolation-Restoration through a FIR Filter Design Technique
Fonseca, L.M.G., Mascarenhas, N.D.A.
Page(s) 196-205
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1051 KB)

Generating DEMs from Contours Using Standard Sorting Routines
Frederiksen, P., Maersk-Moller, O.
Page(s) 206-214
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 798 KB)

Empirical Accuracy of Positions Computed from Airborne GPS Data
Frieß, P.
Page(s) 215-224
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1152 KB)

Generation of DTM Using SPOT Image near Mt. Fuji by Digital Image Correlation
Fukushima, Y.
Page(s) 225-234
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1332 KB)

Medium Scale Mapping Possibility Using LFC Data and SPOT Image near Mt. Fuji
Fukushima, Y., Murakami, H.
Page(s) 235-244
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1018 KB)

The Accuracy Potential of Self-Calibrating Aerial Triangulation without Control
Gruen, A., Runge, A.
Page(s) 245-253
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 977 KB)

Results of Test on Image Matching of ISPRS WG III/4
Guelch, E.
Page(s) 254-271
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2324 KB)

Graphical Solutions of Orientation Problems in Photogrammetry
Hanna, W.N.
Page(s) 272-279
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 626 KB)

Digital Stereo Image Matching Techniques
Hannah, M.J.
Page(s) 280-293
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 4104 KB)

An Approach to Forming DTM with the Field-sampling Points
Hao, X., Yang, D.
Page(s) 294-303
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 873 KB)

Least Squares Surface Fitting Techniques for Digital Elevation Models
Hassan, M.M.
Page(s) 304-315
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 776 KB)

Periodogram Modification as a Method of Filtering Terrain Profile Observations
Hassan, M.M.
Page(s) 316-320
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 342 KB)

Object Space Least Squares Correlation
Helava, U.V.
Page(s) 321-331
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 911 KB)

Further Use of Givens Transformations in On-Line Phototriangulation
Holm, K.R.
Page(s) 332-341
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1181 KB)

Fast Geometric Correction Algorithm of NOAA AVHRR Image
Hosomura, T., Shimada, H., Matsumae, Y., Sakata, T.
Page(s) 342-347
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 352 KB)

Error Propagation in Digital Maps
Jacobi, O.
Page(s) 348-356
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1040 KB)

A Method of Gross Error Detection for Control Points in a Block Adjustment Program with Independent Models and Its Experiments
Mao, K.
Page(s) 357-366
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 969 KB)

Report on the Activities of Commission III 1984-1988
Kilpelä, E.
Page(s) 367-376
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1168 KB)

Production of the Highly Accurate Digital Terrain-Model and Its Application to the Topographic Analysis
Kitagawa, K.
Page(s) 377-386
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 841 KB)

Mosaicing Digital Orthophotos
Klinting, A.
Page(s) 387-395
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 923 KB)

Experiments with Facets Stereo Vision (FAST-Vision) for Object Surface Computations
Korten, Th., Wrobel, B., Franek, M., Weisensee, M.
Page(s) 396-404
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1298 KB)

Photogrammetric Mapping of SPOT Images with BINGO in the PHOCUS System
Kruck, E.
Page(s) 405-414
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 713 KB)

Digital Elevation Models Review and Outlook
Kubik, K.
Page(s) 415-426
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 816 KB)

On the Reliability of Additional Parameters
Li, D., Foerstner, W.
Page(s) 427-435
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 681 KB)

Quality Analysis of Bundle Block Adjustment with Navigation Data
Li, D., Shan, J.
Page(s) 436-448
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 819 KB)

Bundle Adjustment of SPOT Imagery
Li, D., Cheng, J.
Page(s) 449-455
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 436 KB)

High Precision Relative Orientation Using the Feature Based Matching Techniques
Li, M.
Page(s) 456-465
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1074 KB)

Utilization of Existing Elevation Data Base to Improve Correlation on Kern DSR-11 Analytical Plotter
Li, P.
Page(s) 466-475
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 648 KB)

A Study on the Improvement of Photogrammetric Block Adjustment Procedures by Auxiliary Data
Ligterink, G.H.
Page(s) 476-483
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 549 KB)

A New Method for Measuring Ocean Wave from SEASAT SAR Remote Sensing Image
Liu , Z., Sun, J.
Page(s) 484-490
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 492 KB)

Interest Operator and Fast Implementation
Lü, Y.
Page(s) 491-500
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2092 KB)

A Simple Algorithm for Edge Detection
Lü, Y.
Page(s) 501-510
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1576 KB)

Fast Implementation for Generating Epipolar Line Images with One-Dimensional Resampling
Lü, Y., Zhang, Z.
Page(s) 511-520
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2040 KB)

Contourlines from DEM-Grid Using Image Processing Techniques
Malmström, H.
Page(s) 521-526
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 378 KB)

Computer Graphics Techniques for Generating Terrain and Landscape Visualisations
McLaren, R.A., Kennie, T.J.M.
Page(s) 527-536
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 914 KB)

Measures for the Structural Information Content of Binary Images
Molenaar, M.
Page(s) 537-546
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 730 KB)

Contrast Enhancement and Edge Detection Technique
Mizaal, G. H., Alwan, R.H.
Page(s) 547-558
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 863 KB)

Stereo Matching Using Transputer Arrays
Muller, J.-P., Collins, K.A., Otto, G.P., Roberts, J.B.G.
Page(s) 559-586
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 3055 KB)

The Generation of Epipolar Synthetic Stereo Mates for SPOT Images Using a DEM
O'Neill, M.A., Dowman, I.J.
Page(s) 587-598
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1322 KB)

General Free Net Theory in Photogrammetry
Okamoto, A.
Page(s) 599-608
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 549 KB)

Orientation Theory of CCD Line-Scanner Images
Okamoto, A.
Page(s) 609-617
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 574 KB)

Automatic Contour Drawing Programs "COP" and "COD"
Ölcücüoglu, N.
Page(s) 618-625
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 470 KB)

Reduction of Atmospheric Scattering for Remote Sensing Data on the Sea Surface
Omatu, S., Koda, H., Yosida, T.
Page(s) 626-634
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 633 KB)

Rectification of SPOT Data for Stereo Image Matching
Otto, G.P.
Page(s) 635-645
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1092 KB)

Optimal Robust Scaling Scheme for a Robustified Bundle Block Adjustment
Owolabi, K.
Page(s) 646-655
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 752 KB)

Two-Dimensional FIR Filter Design Using Nonlinear Programming
Pan, J.
Page(s) 656-668
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1801 KB)

Structural Matching of Digital Images and Terrain Models
Papanikolaou, K., Derenyi, E.
Page(s) 669-678
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1207 KB)

Orientation by Complex Transformation for Incomplete Model
Phoneko, K.M.
Page(s) 679-678
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 403 KB)

A New Classification Method Using Spatial and Spectral Features for Remote Sensing
Qiu, Z., Huang, L.
Page(s) 686-685
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 923 KB)

DEM-Based Image Processing Methods for SAR Images
Rauste, Y.
Page(s) 696-705
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 912 KB)

Theoretical Capacity and Limitation of Localizing Gross Error by Robust Adjustment
Wang, R.
Page(s) 706-715
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 874 KB)

Integration of a GIS and a DTM
Sandgaard, J.
Page(s) 716-725
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 999 KB)

Digital Mapping of Tsuchiura City
Sawada, H., Watanabe, M., Tomiyama, K., Fujiwara, T.
Page(s) 726-735
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 832 KB)

Hypothesis-free Land Use Classification from LANDSAT-5 TM Image Data
Schulz, B.-S.
Page(s) 736-743
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1128 KB)

On the Optimal Sorting in Combined Bundle Block Adjustment
Shan, J.
Page(s) 744-754
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 774 KB)

The Bayesian Inference and Outliers Detection in Phototriangulation
Silva, J.F.C., Lugnani, J.B.
Page(s) 755-764
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 754 KB)

An Alternative Mathematical Model to the Collinearity Equation Using Straight Features
Tommaselli, A.M.G., Lugnani, J.B.
Page(s) 765-774
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 529 KB)

The Alberta Digital Elevation Model
Toomey, M.A.G.
Page(s) 775-783
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 907 KB)

Experiments on Target Location and Image Matching
Trinder, J.C.
Page(s) 784-792
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 774 KB)

Automated Generation of DTM from Existing Topographic Map
Viseshsin, S., Murai, S., Yanagida, S.
Page(s) 793-799
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 599 KB)

Analytical Processing of Single Metric Terrestrial Stereogram Using Equations of Collinearity and Coplanarity
Wrobel, A.
Page(s) 800-805
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 866 KB)

Least Squares Methods for Surface Reconstruction from Images
Wrobel, B.P.
Page(s) 806-821
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1221 KB)

Knowledge Engineering and Photogrammetry Tomorrow
Xu, Y.
Page(s) 822-830
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1120 KB)

HIMI - A Program Package for Height Interpolation with Consideration of Morphologic Information
Xu, Y.
Page(s) 831-840
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1053 KB)

Experiment and Discussion on the Method of Blunder Location
Gong, X.
Page(s) 841-849
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 786 KB)

Determination of GCP Location to Subpixel Values in Landsat Imagery
Yoshino, K., Yamaji, E.
Page(s) 850-856
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 530 KB)

Accuracy Estimation of DTM Using High Sampling Density Profiles
Zhang, Y.
Page(s) 857-864
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1029 KB)

Supplements from Part B8

Bundle Adjustment with Additional Parameters for SPOT Stereopairs
Lee, L., Chen, L.
Page(s) 1-10
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 945 KB)

Combined Adjustment of Airborne Navigation Data and Photogrammetric Blocks
Ackermann, F.
Page(s) 11-23
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1850 KB)

BLUH Bundle Block Adjustment Method Applied for Large Size Project in Middle East
Takahashi, H.
Page(s) 24-33
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 572 KB)

Comparative Analysis of Information Measures for Digital Image Processing
Blais, J.A.R., Boulianne, M.
Page(s) 34-44
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 756 KB)

A Sound Approach for Stereo Three-line Scanner's Images
Wu, J.
Page(s) 45-51
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 504 KB)

An Out of Core Solution of Normal Equations Providing Also Accuracy and Reliability Data
Gsandtner, M., Kager, H.
Page(s) 52-59
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 797 KB)

Tridimensional Representation Based on the Digital Terrain Model. Its Development and Application
Ionescu, I., Corcodel, G.
Page(s) 60-69
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1804 KB)

Extraktion und Automatische. Anpassungsrechnung von Linienobjekt
Ye, Q.
Page(s) 70-76
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 431 KB)

Derivation of a Digital Terrain Model by Dynamic Programming
Kölbl, 0., Silva, I. da
Page(s) 77-86
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1340 KB)

Structural Characteristics Aided Image Matching
Lin, Z.
Page(s) 87-91
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 535 KB)

The New Concept for Inter-Class Separability and Fast Maximum Likelihood Calculation
Akiyama, M.
Page(s) 92-95
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 258 KB)

A Snow Dynamic Monitoring Information System
Liu, Z., Lai, H.
Page(s) 96-100
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 433 KB)

Supplements from Part B9

DTM Generation from Digital Contour Data Using Aspect Information
Inaba, K., Aumann, G., Ebner, H.
Page(s) 101-110
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 993 KB)

Optimal Computer Support of Photo Coordinate Measurements and On-Line Data Check
Jacobsen, K.
Page(s) 111-114
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 438 KB)

A Positioning Study of Long Range, Great Oblique Angle and Small Frame Photograph
Chen, R., Ding, S., Wang, R.
Page(s) 115-124
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 479 KB)

SPOT Imagery Orientation with Auxiliary Satellite Position and Attitude Data
Shibasaki, R., Murai, S., Okuda, T.
Page(s) 125-132
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 455 KB)

Pattern-Oriented Robust Filtering of Images
Teodorescu, H.-N.
Page(s) 133-136
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 711 KB)

The Applicability of a Feature Based and a Least Squares Matching Algorithm for DEM-Aquisition
Hahn, M., Förstner, W.
Page(s) 137-150
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1577 KB)

Compiler Positioning System: An Array Algebra Formulation of Digital Photogrammetry
Rauhala, U.A.
Page(s) 151-161
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1656 KB)

Correlation Operator for Edge Detection
Charvat, K., Bumbalek, J.
Page(s) 162-166
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 477 KB)

A Contribution to Solving the Problems of Geometric Processing of Digital Images
Polacek, J.
Page(s) 167-174
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1270 KB)

Feasibility of Using Auxiliary Data from an Inertial Navigation System for Aerial Triangulation
Julia, J.E., Lizana, C.A., Rolle, E., Williams, W.O.
Page(s) 175-190
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1461 KB)

Adjustment of Aerotriangulation by a Multiplex Method
Antipov, I.T.
Page(s) 191-194
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 527 KB)

Statistical Data on Aerial Triangulation
Kilpelä, E.
Page(s) 195-200
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 363 KB)

"TerraSys" A Personal Interactive 3-D Terrain Modeling and Analysis System
Levy, N.I.
Page(s) 201-205
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 444 KB)

A Stable Solution to Cell Degeneracy in Grid Contouring
Dyn, N., Rippa, S.
Page(s) 206-214
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 484 KB)

High Altitude Aerial Triangulation without Ground Control
Colomina, I.
Page(s) 215-226
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1167 KB)

Comparisons of Orientation Accuracy between Types of Control Data for SPOT Imagery
Uchida, 0., Viseshsin, S.
Page(s) 227-236
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 784 KB)

Supplements from Part B10

Image Segmentation in Unsupervised and Supervised Land Cover Classification from Satellite Images
Parmes, E., Kuittinen, R.
Page(s) 237-243
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 679 KB)

Object-Oriented Approaches in the Design of More Capable (Adjustment) Systems
Sarjakoski, T.
Page(s) 244-253
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 905 KB)

Space Photogrammetry: Adjustment by the Program GLOBO
Betti, B., Forlani, G.
Page(s) 254-263
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1029 KB)

Optimizing Progressive and Composite Sampling for Digital Terrain Model
Charif, M., Makarovic, B.
Page(s) 264-280
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1494 KB)

Bicubic B-Spline Approximation by Least Squares
Inkilä, K.
Page(s) 281-287
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 632 KB)

Satellite Image Processing Using Low Level Symbolic Structures
Monteiro, A.M.V., Velasco, F.R.D.
Page(s) 288-294
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1309 KB)

Satellite Image Registration through Structural Matching
Bins, L.S.A., Velasco, F.R.D.
Page(s) 295-301
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1376 KB)

Relief Effect Correction on LANDSAT Imagery for Forest Applications Using Digital Terrain Models
Dias, L.A.V., Oliveira, E.A. de, Ponzoni, F.J.
Page(s) 302-311
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 2055 KB)

Color Enhancement of Remote Sensing Imagery Using IHS Transformations and Decorrelation Stretch Methods
Dutra, L.V., Meneses, P.R., Parade11a, W.R.
Page(s) 312-320
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1378 KB)

Matching and Mapping of Remote Sensing Images: Aspects of Methodology and Quality
Buiten, H.J.
Page(s) 321-330
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 953 KB)

A Planning Strategy for Combined Photogrammetric Blocks and Terrestrial Networks
Molenaar, M.
Page(s) 331-341
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1078 KB)

Filters and Information Extraction
Jayagobi, K., Nagarathinam, V., Maruthachalam, M., Palanivelu, R.
Page(s) 342-349
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 832 KB)

Automatic Recognition of Road Information on Medium Scale Topographical Maps
Yaguchi, A., Murakami, H., Kamada, K., Ohsawa, Y., Sakauchi, M.
Page(s) 350-359
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1225 KB)

Models of Light Reflection for Facet Stereo Vision
Weisensee, M.
Page(s) 360-367
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 540 KB)

Cartographic Distortions of Remote Sensed Images
Marsik, Z.
Page(s) 368-372
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 506 KB)

Digital Matching of SPOT Stereo Images by Finite Elements Least Square Techniques
Xiao, J., Liu, J., Chu, L.
Page(s) 373-382
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1587 KB)

Photogrammetric Treatment of Linear Features
Mulawa, D.C., Mikhail, E.M.
Page(s) 383-394
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1428 KB)

Supplements from Part B11

Progress in Knowledge Engineering for Image Interpretation and Classification
Mulder, N.J., Middelkoop, H., Miltenburg, J.
Page(s) 395-405
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 781 KB)

A Structural Approach to the Extraction of Texture Features from SPOT and CIR Photographs
Mulder, N.J., Pan, H., Austrom, C.
Page(s) 406-412
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 836 KB)

Utilisation of GPS in Large Scale Photogrammetry
Vegt, J.W. van der, Boswinkel, D., Witmer, R.
Page(s) 413-429
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1880 KB)

Transformation Matrix for Study and Evaluation of Projection Aspects of the Earth Observation Area
Sato, H., Maeda, K., Arai, K., Wakabayashi, H., Koizumi, S.
Page(s) 430-435
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 368 KB)

Aerial Triangulation of SPOT and Aerial Photography
Jacobsen, K., Engel, H Lohmann, P., Picht, G.
Page(s) 436-441
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 539 KB)

DEM Generation from SPOT Multiple View Images, Using Correspondence Analysis
Kostwinder, H.R., Mulder, N.J., Radwan, M.M.
Page(s) 442-449
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 619 KB)

Current Status of On-Line Point Positioning in Commercial Systems
Dorrer, E.
Page(s) 450-455
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 597 KB)

On the Geometric Accuracy of Some Differential-Type of Edge Detectors and NonLinear Smoothing Filters
Lemmens, M.J.P.M., Han, C.S.L.A.
Page(s) 456-468
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1152 KB)

Block Triangulation at Large Scale Using Flight Variant Zeiss UMK Camera Photography
Barbalata, I.C.
Page(s) 469-475
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 530 KB)

Hierarchical Multiphoto Matching and D.T.M. Generation
Baltsavias, E.P.
Page(s) 476-492
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 4607 KB)

Some Experience with the Determination of the Optimum Sampling Density
Fritsch, D.
Page(s) 493-504
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 850 KB)

Model Based Detection and Location of Houses as Topographic Control Points in Digital Images
Förstner, W.
Page(s) 505-517
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1706 KB)

Comparison of Classification Methods for MSS Data by an Application of Detailed Digital Land-Use Data (10 m-sq. Resolution) Prepared by Japanese Geographical Survey Institute
Tanaka, S., Nakane, K.
Page(s) 518-533
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1706 KB)

Integration of Digital Image Matching and Object Surface Reconstruction
Ebner, H., Heipke, C.
Page(s) 534-545
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1291 KB)

On Line Generation and Verification of Digital Terrain Models
Reinhardt, W.
Page(s) 546-555
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1231 KB)

Generation, Management and Utilization of High Fidelity Digital Terrain Models
Ebner, H., Reinhardt, W., Hößler, R.
Page(s) 556-566
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1491 KB)

Combined Point Determination Using Digital Data of Three Line Scanner Systems
Hofmann, 0., Müller, F.
Page(s) 567-577
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1389 KB)

Combined Point Determination Using Digital Terrain Models as Control Information
Ebner, H., Strunz, G.
Page(s) 578-587
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 967 KB)

Block Adjustment on Personal Computers
Klein, H.
Page(s) 588-596
Conference Paper (Scanned PDF, 1162 KB)




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