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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVII Part B2, 2008

XXIst ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission II
July 3-11, 2008
Beijing, China
Editor(s): CHEN Jun, JIANG Jie, Wolfgang KAINZ


WG II/1 Spatio-Temporal Modeling

A Support Vector Clustering Based Approach for Spatiotemporal Analysis in Security Informatics
Jon Devine, Anthony Stefanidis
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 400 KB)

Dynamic Cartographic Representation of Spatio-Temporal Data
Yang Ping, Tang Xinming, Wang Shengxiao
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 350 KB)

Deriving Spatio-Temporal Relations from Simple Data Structure
Ale Raza
Page(s) 13-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 492 KB)

Partial Least Squares Regression Based Cellular Automata Model for Simulating Complex Urban Systems
Y.J. Feng, X.H. Tong, M.L. Liu
Page(s) 19-24
Conference Paper (PDF, 531 KB)

A Hierarchical Representation of Line-Region Topological Relations
Min Deng
Page(s) 25-30
Conference Paper (PDF, 544 KB)

A Multi-Agent based Traffic Network Micro-simulation Using Spatio-temporal GIS
Mina Khalesian, M. R. Delavar
Page(s) 31-36
Conference Paper (PDF, 521 KB)

Spatial and Dynamic Modelling Techniques for Land Use Change Dynamics Study
Jacob Novaline, R Krishnan, Raju Prasada, J Saibaba
Page(s) 37-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 340 KB)

A Concept for Integrating Time-dependent Features in 3D Building Models
Hongchao Fan, Liqiu Meng, Uwe Stilla
Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 498 KB)

Exploring Space and Time: The Interaction of Transportation and Environment
H. Demirel, F. Gielsdorf, L. Gründig
Page(s) 51-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 369 KB)

Study on the Change Detection Model and Method for Navigational Digital Map Data
Lianying Li, Lifan Fei
Page(s) 57-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 427 KB)

Geo-spatial Modeling of Runoff of Large Land Mass: Analysis Approach and Results for Major River Basins of India
P. K. Gupta, S. Panigrahy
Page(s) 63-68
Conference Paper (PDF, 667 KB)

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Global H5N1 Outbreaks
Y.L. Si, P. Debba, A. K. Skidmore, A. G. Toxopeus, L. Li
Page(s) 69-74
Conference Paper (PDF, 576 KB)

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Indian Mega Cities
H. Taubenböck, M. Wegmann, C. Berger, M. Breunig, A. Roth, H. Mehl
Page(s) 75-82
Conference Paper (PDF, 634 KB)

Extending Object-Relational Database to Support Spatio-temporal Data
Wang Huibing
Page(s) 83-88
Conference Paper (PDF, 535 KB)

Multi-temporal Block Adjustment for Aerial Image Time Series: the Belvedere Glacier Case Study
E. Borgogno Mondino, R. Chiabrando
Page(s) 89-94
Conference Paper (PDF, 1139 KB)

Semantic Based LOD Models of 3D House Property
Mingyuan Hu
Page(s) 95-102
Conference Paper (PDF, 793 KB)

A Unified Version-Based Spatio-temporal Data Model
Y.D. Li, X.H. Tong, M.L. Liu
Page(s) 103-108
Conference Paper (PDF, 374 KB)

Research on the Edge of RS Image Based on Cloud Model
WANG Zuo-cheng, XUE Li-xia, Zhang Xi-ping
Page(s) 109-114
Conference Paper (PDF, 553 KB)

Modeling Spatial Land Use Pattern Using Autologistic Regression
Y. N. Zeng, G. P. Wu, F. B. Zhan, H. H. Zhang
Page(s) 115-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 614 KB)

Research on Change-of-Feature Based Spatio-Temopral Object Relational Model
XiaoChun Wu, Weihong Cui, YongQi Huang, XiaoDong Yang
Page(s) 119-122
Conference Paper (PDF, 422 KB)

Incremental Contour Line Fusion Based on Line/Line Topological Relations
Xing Han-fa, Zhou Xiao-guang, Xu Lilin
Page(s) 123-130
Conference Paper (PDF, 771 KB)

Spatio-temporal Object Modeling in Fuzzy Topological Space
Anahid Bassiri, Ali A. Alesheikh, Mohammad R. Malek
Page(s) 131-134
Conference Paper (PDF, 141 KB)

Invasive Species Spread Modeling Using Multi-resolution Remote Sensing Data
Le Wang
Page(s) 135-142
Conference Paper (PDF, 833 KB)

Application of Model-based Geostatistics for Natural Hazards Identification
H. R. Ghafarian, A. Stein, A. Sharifi
Page(s) 143-150
Conference Paper (PDF, 667 KB)

SOUTH GIS Structure and Its Application Concerning Government Affairs based on Component Technologys
WANG Chang-wei, XIE Gang-sheng, LIU Duan-feng
Page(s) 151-154
Conference Paper (PDF, 400 KB)

A Study of GIS-SD Based Temporal-Spatial Modeling Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Global H5N1 Outbreaks of Water Quality in Water Pollution Accidents
Bo Zhang
Page(s) 155-160
Conference Paper (PDF, 538 KB)

A Novel Vector Field Data Mining Approach: Extraction of Front Based on Physical Features of Target
D.D. Zhang, X.M. Yanga, F.Z. Sua, Y.Y. Dua, J.M. Gong
Page(s) 161-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 468 KB)

WG II/2 Spatial Reasoning, Analysis, and Data Mining

Use of Real-time Remote Sensing Data for Evaluating Soil Moisture and Salinity Effects on Light Penetration Depth
Cankut Ormeci, S. Ekercin
Page(s) 167-174
Conference Paper (PDF, 2033 KB)

Automatic Interpretation of Vector Databases with a Raster-based Algorithm
Volker Walter
Page(s) 175-180
Conference Paper (PDF, 1107 KB)

The Evaluation of Spatial Distribution Density in Map Generalization
Zhang Xiang, Ai Tinghua, Jantien Stoter
Page(s) 181-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 442 KB)

Modelling Multi-temporal Land Use Changes
Jianquan Cheng
Page(s) 189-194
Conference Paper (PDF, 482 KB)

A Hybrid Approach to Model Nonstationary Space-Time Series
T. Cheng, J.Q. Wang, X. Li, W. Zhang
Page(s) 195-202
Conference Paper (PDF, 485 KB)

Three-dimensional Building Reconstruction Using Point Primitives: a Geometric Graph Approach
Chiung-Shiuan Fu, Jie Shan
Page(s) 203-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 469 KB)

Identification and Assessment of Factors of Forest Depletion in Brunei Darussalam
K. Becek, J. O. Odihi
Page(s) 209-214
Conference Paper (PDF, 430 KB)

Technical Design Methods for Spatial Data Production
BAI Zhigang, LIU Min, ZHANG Wenan, MIAO Xiaoli, CAO Haitang
Page(s) 215-218
Conference Paper (PDF, 307 KB)

Knowledge Discovery by Spatial Clustering Based on Self-Organizing Feature Map and a Composite Distance Measure
Limin Jiao, Yaolin Liu
Page(s) 219-224
Conference Paper (PDF, 804 KB)

Mining Association Rules in Geographical Spatio-temporal Data
Hong Shu, Xinyan Zhu, Shangping Dai
Page(s) 225-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 373 KB)

Spatial Analysis Techniques Based on Data Field and Its Application In Land Gradation
LIU Yaolin, LIU Yanfang, He Jianhua
Page(s) 229-236
Conference Paper (PDF, 593 KB)

Qualitative Detailed Description for Spatial Direction Relations
WANG Jing, JIANG Gang-wu, GUO Rui
Page(s) 237-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 352 KB)

Cloud Model and Hierarchical Clustering based Spatial Data Mining Method and Application
Kun Qin, Min Xu, Yi Du, Shuying Yue
Page(s) 241-246
Conference Paper (PDF, 549 KB)

Landscape Dynamics Analysis of Guide Wetlands In Yellow River Watershed By Landsat Series Data
Xuying Shi, Fanghua Hao, Cheng Zhao, Dan Wang, Wei Ouyang
Page(s) 247-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 414 KB)

A Pseudo Genetic Algorithm for Solving Best Path Problem
S. Behzadi, Ali A. Alesheikh
Page(s) 253-256
Conference Paper (PDF, 451 KB)

on a New Model and Algorithm to Estimate Geographical Similarity between Document and Query in GIR System
Xing Lin
Page(s) 257-262
Conference Paper (PDF, 1285 KB)

Inverse Modelling for Spatial Distribution of Temperature Sensitivity of Soil Respiration (Q10) in China
T. Zhou, P. Shi, D. Hui, Y. Luo
Page(s) 263-268
Conference Paper (PDF, 379 KB)

On the Framework and Key Techniques of Modern GIR Systems
Xing Lin, Yifang Ban
Page(s) 269-276
Conference Paper (PDF, 1300 KB)

Research on Geographical Feature Spatio-Temporal Reasoning Model and Visualization of Thematic Element Based on Statistics Data Mining
Dongmei Yu, Rentao Huang
Page(s) 277-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

A Clustering Algorithm of Land Grades Based on Cloud Histogram
HU Shiyuan, LI Deren, LIU Yaolin, LI Deyi
Page(s) 285-288
Conference Paper (PDF, 324 KB)

Study of Image Magnification Based on Crvelet Transformation
Chao Chen, Jiang Tao
Page(s) 289-292
Conference Paper (PDF, 384 KB)

DEM-based Investigation on Stream Network Nodes and Their Features
Shanshan GE, Guoan TANG
Page(s) 293-298
Conference Paper (PDF, 853 KB)

Simulating Remotely Sensed Imagery for Classification Evaluation
Desheng Liu
Page(s) 299-304
Conference Paper (PDF, 515 KB)

Defining 3D Spatial Neighborhoods for Topological Analyses Using a 3D Network-Based Topological Data Model
Inhye Park, Jiyeong Lee
Page(s) 305-310
Conference Paper (PDF, 524 KB)

A Study and Experiment on Spatial Statistical CharacterIStic to Discover River Structure knowledge
Yang Pinfu, Wu Xiaoyan
Page(s) 311-314
Conference Paper (PDF, 360 KB)

Evaluation of Optimum Methods for Predicting Pollution Concentration in GIS Environment
R. Shad, H. Ashoori, N. Afshari
Page(s) 315-320
Conference Paper (PDF, 484 KB)

A Rapid Method of Illegal Mining Information Extraction
Lin Aihua, Yue Jianwei, Pan Xiaojun, Wang Bin, Chen Luyao
Page(s) 321-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 353 KB)

Shadow Detection of Urban Aerial Images Based on Partial Differential Equations
Yue Wang, Shugen Wang
Page(s) 325-328
Conference Paper (PDF, 603 KB)

Effect of DEM Resolution on the Simulation of Astronomical Radiation
Yang Xin, GE Shanshan, TANG Guoan, Feng Xinyu
Page(s) 329-334
Conference Paper (PDF, 553 KB)

The Design and Implementation of Ontology and Rules Based Knowledge Base for Transportation
Gang Cheng, Qingyun Du
Page(s) 335-340
Conference Paper (PDF, 389 KB)

Visualization of Space-borne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Doppler Parameter Estimation and Its Application in Topographic Surveying and Mapping
Z. W. Zhou, G.M. Huang, M. H. Yang, S. C. Yang
Page(s) 341-344
Conference Paper (PDF, 791 KB)

Study on the Uncertain Directional Relations Model Based on Cloud Model
Tang Xuehua, MENG Lingkui, Qin Kun
Page(s) 345-350
Conference Paper (PDF, 380 KB)

Similarity Measurement of Terrain Skeletons by Topological Indices and Spatial Orientation Information
Luo Mingliang, Tang Guoan
Page(s) 351-356
Conference Paper (PDF, 459 KB)

A Systematic Classification Research of Topographic Descriptive Attribute in Digital Terrain Analysis
Dong Youfu, Tang Guoan, ZHANG Ting
Page(s) 357-362
Conference Paper (PDF, 352 KB)

Research and Application of Image Denoising Method Based on Curvelet Transform
Jiang Tao, ZHAO Xin
Page(s) 363-368
Conference Paper (PDF, 618 KB)

The Uncertainty Inquiry of Land Price Information Based on Cloud Model
Hu Shiyuan, LI Deren, LIU Yaolin, LI Deyi
Page(s) 369-372
Conference Paper (PDF, 408 KB)

WG II/3 Multiple Representations of Image and Vector Data

Optimal Simplification of Building Ground Plans
Jan-Henrik Haunert, Alexander Wolff
Page(s) 373-378
Conference Paper (PDF, 363 KB)

Visualizing Schematic Maps through Generalization Based on Adaptive Regular Square Grid Model
Dong Weihua, Liu Jiping, Guo Qingsheng
Page(s) 379-384
Conference Paper (PDF, 419 KB)

The Study on the Choice of Optimal Scale in Image Classification
P. Han, J.Y. Gong, Z.L. Li, L. Cheng
Page(s) 385-390
Conference Paper (PDF, 395 KB)

Identify Building Patterns
Weiping Yang
Page(s) 391-398
Conference Paper (PDF, 559 KB)

Generalization of Textured 3D Building Models for Map-Like Presentations
Martin Kada
Page(s) 399-404
Conference Paper (PDF, 737 KB)

Extraction of Building Ground Plans from LIDAR Data
Hauke Neidhart, M. Sester
Page(s) 405-410
Conference Paper (PDF, 712 KB)

Progressive Transmission of Vector Map on the Web
AI Bo, AI Tinghua, TANG Xinming
Page(s) 411-418
Conference Paper (PDF, 506 KB)

An Automated Cartographic Generalization Process: A Pseudo-physical Model
J. Joubran Abu Daoud, Y. Doytsher
Page(s) 419-424
Conference Paper (PDF, 418 KB)

An Object-oriented Model for Representation Period over Scale Space
Tinghua Ai, Jingzhong Li
Page(s) 425-432
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

How the Quality of Cartographic Generalization Is Assured - the Approach with an Automatic Cartographic Generalization Chain
H. Z. Qian, Y. Xu, L. Q. Meng, Q. Y. Song
Page(s) 433-438
Conference Paper (PDF, 412 KB)

Progressive Representation and Generalization of Street Network Vector Data
J. Tian
Page(s) 439-444
Conference Paper (PDF, 510 KB)

Comparison of Tile Server Design Approaches for Web-based 3-D Geo-visualization
Tao Wang, Jianhua Gong
Page(s) 445-448
Conference Paper (PDF, 160 KB)

An Approach to Building Grouping Based on Hierarchical Constraints
H. B. Qi, Z. L. Li
Page(s) 449-454
Conference Paper (PDF, 720 KB)

Study on Overlaying Remote Sensing Image on Surface-underground Contrast Plan
S. J. Mao, S. L. Peng, J. Z. Chen, M. Li
Page(s) 455-460
Conference Paper (PDF, 415 KB)

Study on the Methods of Super-resolution Image Reconstruction
Page(s) 461-466
Conference Paper (PDF, 424 KB)

Quality Inspection and Quality Improvement by Map Fusion
Hainan Chen, Volker Walter, Dieter Fritsch
Page(s) 467-472
Conference Paper (PDF, 588 KB)

A Neural Network Algorithm for Vectorization of 2D Maps
H. Karabork, B. Kocer, I.O. Bildirici, F. Yildiz, E. Aktas
Page(s) 473-480
Conference Paper (PDF, 577 KB)

Preserving Ground Plan and Facade Lines for 3D Building Generalization
Michael Peter, Norbert Haala, Dieter Fritsch
Page(s) 481-486
Conference Paper (PDF, 501 KB)

An Improved Method of Remote Sensing Image Compression Based on Fractal and Wavelet Domain
Yu Jie, Zhang Zhongshan, Qin Huiling, Guo Peihuang, Zhang Guoning
Page(s) 487-490
Conference Paper (PDF, 364 KB)

DragonFly - Interactive Visualization of Huge Aerial Image Datasets
B. Reitinger, M. Hoefler, A. Lengauer, R. Tomasi, M. Lamperter, M. Gruber
Page(s) 491-494
Conference Paper (PDF, 465 KB)

Informational Associating Model Based on Spatial Scaling of Satellite Images and Application
Jianzhong Feng, Huajun Tang, Zhongxin Chen, S. Qingbo Zhou, Linyan Bai
Page(s) 495-502
Conference Paper (PDF, 688 KB)

Suitable Region Selection Algorithm Based on Multiple Restrictions
KE Xi-lin, GUO Qing-sheng, ZHANG Yue-peng, HUANG Li-min, LI He-yua, JIN Cheng
Page(s) 503-508
Conference Paper (PDF, 372 KB)

WG II/4 Spatial Planning and Decision Support Systems

Development of a Decision Support System for Natural Damage Assessment Based on Remote Sensing and Bio-Physical Models
M.A. Sharifi, W.G.M. Bastiaanssen, S.J. Zwart
Page(s) 509-514
Conference Paper (PDF, 1121 KB)

A Spatial Decision Support System Framework for Climate Change Adaptation in Victoria
C. J. Pettit, A.B. M. Russel
Page(s) 515-520
Conference Paper (PDF, 491 KB)

A Solution to Operation Conflict in Collaborative Spatial Decision Support System
C. Y. He, G. Han, J. Chen
Page(s) 521-526
Conference Paper (PDF, 437 KB)

Implementation of Non-Java based Interfaces to Embed Existing Models in Spatial Decision Support Systems - Case Study: Integration of MS® Excel-models in IWEGS
R. Laudien, S. Klose, A. Klose, C. Rademacher, S. Brocks
Page(s) 527-532
Conference Paper (PDF, 511 KB)

Development a Spatial Planning Support System for Agricultural Policy Analysis Case Study: Borkhar District, Iran
B. Farhadi Bansouleh, M.A. Sharifi, H. Van Keulen
Page(s) 533-538
Conference Paper (PDF, 612 KB)

Land Suitability Assessment PSE Design and Implement Based on Web Service
Yu Yan, He Jianhua, Liu Yaolin
Page(s) 539-544
Conference Paper (PDF, 1352 KB)

The Method of Warehouse Location Selection Based on GIS and Remote Sensing Images
Ji Huifeng, Xu Aigong
Page(s) 545-548
Conference Paper (PDF, 1006 KB)

3D Spatial Operations for Geo-DBMS - Geometry VS. Topology
T.K. Chen, A. Abdul-Rahman, S. Zlatanov
Page(s) 549-554
Conference Paper (PDF, 450 KB)

Construction on Decision Support System for Route Location Based on GIS

Page(s) 555-566
Conference Paper (PDF, 2616 KB)

A Study of the Theory and Modeling of Battlefield Environment Analysis Based on Geographic Information
Kang Xin, Zhang Wenshi, Song Yingjin, Zhao Peng
Page(s) 567-570
Conference Paper (PDF, 1036 KB)

The Study of Integration of Digital City Planning Data Based on the Ontology
Luo Jing, DANG An-rong, MAO Qi-zhi
Page(s) 571-576
Conference Paper (PDF, 416 KB)

The Study on the Method of Approximate Estimation of Earthquakes in Zhejiang Province Based on GIS and GDP
Dongping Li, Jinghui Zhao
Page(s) 577-580
Conference Paper (PDF, 953 KB)

Model Tropical Legume Trees for Reversing Soil Degradation as a Solution for Increasing Rural Farmers Income by GIS Analysis
Bandara KRMU, Henri Eisenbeiss, Martijn Sonnevelt, Chaminda Egodawatta
Page(s) 581-586
Conference Paper (PDF, 1489 KB)

Development of a Heuristic Approach for Wayfinding and Navigation in a Street Network as a Geographic Space
P. Gharani, M. R. Delavar
Page(s) 587-592
Conference Paper (PDF, 1195 KB)

Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process in GIS Application
M.H. Vahidnia, A. Alesheikh, A. Alimohammadi, A. Bassiri
Page(s) 593-596
Conference Paper (PDF, 977 KB)

Applying Sleuth for Simulating and Assessing Urban Growth Scenario Based on Time Series TM Images: Referencing to a Case Study of Chongqing, China
Jingnan Huang, Jinting Zhang, X.X. Lu
Page(s) 597-606
Conference Paper (PDF, 802 KB)

The Utilization of Satellite Images in Urban Conservation Planning
M.C. Meshur, T. Cay, E. Sert
Page(s) 607-610
Conference Paper (PDF, 1314 KB)

WG II/5 Communication and Visualization of Spatial Data

A Cartographic Data Modal for Better Geographical Visualization Based on the Cartographic Knowledge
Yang MEI, Lin LI
Page(s) 611-616
Conference Paper (PDF, 509 KB)

Integration of LIDAR and Airborne Imagery for Realistic Visualization of 3D Urban Environments
A. F. Habib, J. Kersting, T. M. McCaffrey, A. M. Y. Jarvis
Page(s) 617-624
Conference Paper (PDF, 893 KB)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Based Web Services for Geographic Information Systems
K. Sahin, M. U. Gumusay
Page(s) 625-630
Conference Paper (PDF, 443 KB)

Communication and Visualization of 3D Urban Spatial Data According to User Requirements: Case Study of Geneva
C. Carneiro
Page(s) 631-636
Conference Paper (PDF, 772 KB)

Animating Basic Operations for Digital map Generalization with Morphing Techniques
Zhilin LI, Meiling Wong
Page(s) 637-642
Conference Paper (PDF, 813 KB)

Rendering 3D Vector Data Using the Theory of Stencil Shadow Volume
Chenguang Dai, Yongsheng Zhang, Jingyu Yang
Page(s) 643-648
Conference Paper (PDF, 443 KB)

3D Modeling and Data Organization of Power Transmission based on Digital Earth
Zhang Yongzhi, Xionghan Jiang, Zhao Fusheng, Linxue Hua
Page(s) 649-654
Conference Paper (PDF, 429 KB)

Visualization of Road Slope Aspect for Fixed Assets Appraisal of Lands using DEM
Takuya Sakai, Hirofumi Chikatsu
Page(s) 655-658
Conference Paper (PDF, 865 KB)

3D GIS Example in Historical Peninsula of Istanbul
A. Sengul
Page(s) 659-664
Conference Paper (PDF, 619 KB)

Design and Implementation of Decision-making Support System for Thematic Map Cartography
Liping ZHANG, Qingsheng GUO, Lili JIAO
Page(s) 665-670
Conference Paper (PDF, 387 KB)

Spatial Data Representation Model Oriented to Geographical Problem Solving
Hongjun Su, Yongning Wen, Min Chen, Hong Tao, Jingwei Shen
Page(s) 671-676
Conference Paper (PDF, 431 KB)

A New Restitution Algorithm to Solve the Multipath Fading Problem in Aerial Communication
ZHANG Shuangna, FENG Liqiang
Page(s) 677-680
Conference Paper (PDF, 539 KB)

Registration of Spatial data Based on PCA
Shang Tao, Wang Lili
Page(s) 681-684
Conference Paper (PDF, 459 KB)

WG II/6 System Integration and Interoperability

Semantic Data Integration across Different Scales: Automatic Learning of Generalization Rules
Birgit Kieler
Page(s) 685-690
Conference Paper (PDF, 815 KB)

GeoNLP: a Tool for the Extraction of Semantic Information from Definitions
M. Kokla
Page(s) 691-696
Conference Paper (PDF, 1165 KB)

Ontology Development for Interoperability of Observation Data
Masahiko Nagai, Masafumi Ono, Ryosuke Shibasaki
Page(s) 697-702
Conference Paper (PDF, 931 KB)

Ontology-based Land Degradation Assessment from Satellite Images
E. Tomai, I. Herlin, J.-P. Berroir, P. Prastacos
Page(s) 703-708
Conference Paper (PDF, 456 KB)

Design of Geo-ontology Based on Concept Lattice
Hong Wang, Lin Li, Ping-chao Song
Page(s) 709-714
Conference Paper (PDF, 530 KB)

A WFS Based Geographical Features Service Approach for Internet GIS
Penglin Zhang, Feng Zhang, Bolin Ruan, Zhiyong Lv
Page(s) 715-720
Conference Paper (PDF, 480 KB)

Geospatial Sensor Web Data Discovery and Retrieval Service Based on Middleware
Nengcheng Chen, Liping Di, Genong Yu, Zeqiang Chen, Jie He
Page(s) 721-726
Conference Paper (PDF, 416 KB)

Integration of High Resolution Quicbird Images to GoogleEarth
M. Alkan, U.G. Sefercik, M. Oruç
Page(s) 727-732
Conference Paper (PDF, 1287 KB)

A Study on Ontology-Driven Geo-Information Retrieval Mechanism in the Semantic Web
Xu Quan-Li, Yang Kun, Wang Jun, Peng Shuang-Yun, Yi Jun-Hua
Page(s) 733-738
Conference Paper (PDF, 668 KB)

The Construction of Urban and Rural Integrative Cadastral Management Information System
XU De-jun, ZHONG Mei, DU Qing-yun
Page(s) 739-742
Conference Paper (PDF, 464 KB)

Ontology based Semantic Metadata for Imagery and Gridded Data
CHEN Xu, ZHU Xinyan, DU Daosheng
Page(s) 743-748
Conference Paper (PDF, 401 KB)

Applying Integrated DGPS/IMU Systems to Stereo Plotting
WU Fang, ZHENG Xiong-wei, WANG Jian-chao, GUO Da-hai, ZHANG Zong-gui
Page(s) 749-750
Conference Paper (PDF, 374 KB)

Cross-platform Adaptive GIS Symbolize Research
SU Kehua, ZHU Xinyan, KONG Fanmin
Page(s) 751-754
Conference Paper (PDF, 344 KB)

An Introduction of Commercial Earth Observation by Synthetic Aperture Radar with TerraSAR-X in Japan
T. Hiramatsu, S. Hikosaka, Y. Matsui, M. Ogawa, H. Okada, A. Suehiro, J. Saito
Page(s) 755-756
Conference Paper (PDF, 494 KB)

Selection and Customization of an Integrated Digital Photogrammetric Workstation + GIS Configuration and Optimization of the Interoperability within the Workflow for Updating the Belgian Topographical Reference Database
Jan Beyen, J. Henrion, S. Van de Velde
Page(s) 757-762
Conference Paper (PDF, 341 KB)

LIDAR and Pictometry Images Integrated Use for 3D Model Generation
F. Prandi, C. Achille, R. Brumana, F. Fassi, L. Fregonese
Page(s) 763-770
Conference Paper (PDF, 898 KB)

WG II/7 Quality of Spatio-Temporal Data and Models

Quality Assessment of 3D Building Data by 3D Surface Matching
Devrim Akca, Mark Freeman, Armin Gruen, Isabel Sargent
Page(s) 771-778
Conference Paper (PDF, 886 KB)

Multi-hierarchical Quality Assessment of Geo-Spatial Data
C. Becker, M. Ziems, T. Büschenfeld, C. Heipke, S. Müller, J. Ostermann, M. Pahl
Page(s) 779-786
Conference Paper (PDF, 4493 KB)

A Modified Forward Search Approach Applied to Time Series Analysis
M. Pesenti, M. Piras
Page(s) 787-792
Conference Paper (PDF, 1000 KB)

Error Propagation in the Production of DEM-DOM-DLG by Digital Photogrammetry
Jingxiong Zhang, Miao Lu, Hao Gong, Na Yao
Page(s) 793-798
Conference Paper (PDF, 973 KB)

Quality Evaluation of Generalization Algorithms
Yevgeniya Filippovska, Volker Walter, Dieter Fritsch
Page(s) 799-804
Conference Paper (PDF, 576 KB)

Spatial Prediction of Transport Related Urban Air Quality
E. Sertel, H. Demirel, S. Kaya
Page(s) 805-810
Conference Paper (PDF, 701 KB)

A Framework for the Fusion of Digital Elevation Models
H. Papasaika, D. Poli, E. Baltsavias
Page(s) 811-818
Conference Paper (PDF, 1480 KB)

The Quality Assessment and Sampling Model for the Geological Spatial Data in China
Huan XIE, Xiao-hua TONG, Zuo-qin JIANG
Page(s) 819-824
Conference Paper (PDF, 635 KB)

Error Propagation Modeling in GIS Overlay
Jinda Sae-Jung, Xiao Yong Chen, Do Minh Phuong
Page(s) 825-836
Conference Paper (PDF, 747 KB)

Near Real Time CCD Array Health Characterization of Cameras onboard IRS
Shailendra S Srivastava, Hetal Pandya, Y. P. Desai, Sampa Roy, Bankim Shah, S S Palsule, B Kartikeyan, N K Vyas, Jagdish Rai
Page(s) 837-842
Conference Paper (PDF, 606 KB)

Simulation and Model Validation of Positional Uncertainty of Line Feature on Manual Digitizing a Map
H. S. Wu, Z. L. Liu
Page(s) 843-848
Conference Paper (PDF, 801 KB)

A Software Package to Check the Aerial Frames Blocks from GPS/IMU-Assisted Cameras
A. Maffeis, L. Pinto
Page(s) 849-856
Conference Paper (PDF, 1132 KB)

A Three-dimensional Error Model of DEM Based on the Reconstruct Contours
Zhiwei Wang, Changqing Zhu, Qisheng Wang
Page(s) 857-862
Conference Paper (PDF, 479 KB)

Automated Quality Control of Digital Terrain Models
T. Jancso
Page(s) 863-868
Conference Paper (PDF, 717 KB)

Uncertainties in Remote Sensing Information Appraise Based on Theory of Rough Sets
Yue Tong, Weidong Song, Quanhua Zhao
Page(s) 869-874
Conference Paper (PDF, 618 KB)

A New Approach for Checking Elevation Contradiction of Contour elevation
HE Yan-fei, QI Hua, ZENG Yan-wei
Page(s) 875-878
Conference Paper (PDF, 527 KB)

Use of the SRTM DEM as a Geo-referencing Tool by Elevation Matching
J. A. Gonçalves, A. M. Morgado
Page(s) 879-884
Conference Paper (PDF, 710 KB)

Information-theoretic Perspectives of Image-based Categorical Mapping
Zongjian Lin, Yan Chen, Jingxiong Zhang, Bing Deng
Page(s) 885-890
Conference Paper (PDF, 806 KB)

ICWG II/IV Dynamic and Multi-dimensional Systems and Applications

Dynamic Field Process Simulation within GIS: the VORONOI Approche
L. Hashemi Beni, M. A. Mostafavi, J. Pouliot
Page(s) 891-898
Conference Paper (PDF, 602 KB)

Multi-scale Spatial Modeling for Geological Body Based on GTP Model
CHE De-fu, WU Li-xin, YIN Zuo-ru
Page(s) 899-904
Conference Paper (PDF, 458 KB)

A 3D GIS's Spatial Data Model Based on Cell Complex
Zhou Liangchen, Lu Guonian, Sheng Yehua, Xu Hongbo, Wang Haixia
Page(s) 905-908
Conference Paper (PDF, 613 KB)

Automatic Generation Triangulated Surfaces with Normal Faults and Reverse Faults
J. Z. Chen, M. Li, S.J. Mao, W. Xiong
Page(s) 909-912
Conference Paper (PDF, 559 KB)

Implementing 3D Network Analysis in 3D-GIS
Ivin Amri Musliman, Alias Abdul Rahman, Volker Coors
Page(s) 913-918
Conference Paper (PDF, 543 KB)

Discussion on 3D Aids to Navigation Planning and Setting Based on GIS and VR
Haigang Sui, Jinghuan Xiao, Jiali Chen, Wenjuan Mao
Page(s) 919-924
Conference Paper (PDF, 454 KB)

An Interactive Visualization Model Based on QTM
Wenbin Sun, Zhao Xuesheng
Page(s) 925-930
Conference Paper (PDF, 953 KB)

Describing and Computing Model of the Topological Relation in Spherical Surface Quaternary Triangular Mesh
HOU Miao-le, ZHAO Xue-sheng, CHEN Jun
Page(s) 931-936
Conference Paper (PDF, 496 KB)

Combining Algorithm with Knowledge for Way-finding
QU Rong, WENG Min, DU QingYun, CAI ZhongLiang
Page(s) 937-940
Conference Paper (PDF, 532 KB)

Three Dimensional Property Right Problems and Suggestions for Turkey
I. E. Ayazli, F. Batuk, J. Stoter
Page(s) 941-944
Conference Paper (PDF, 449 KB)

Generalization of Fundamental City Spatial Model for the Data Generation Satisfied with User's Requirements
Oh Sojung, Impyeong Lee, Juseok Hong
Page(s) 945-948
Conference Paper (PDF, 572 KB)

Thermal Control and Thermal Sensors of Observation Satellite
A. Nazari, H. Emami
Page(s) 949-952
Conference Paper (PDF, 447 KB)

A Hybrid LOD Algorithm Based on TIN Modelling
Zhenhua Feng, Hua. Qi
Page(s) 953-956
Conference Paper (PDF, 695 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 4: High performance visualization

The "Photogrammetric Load Chain" for ADS Image Data: an Integral Approach to Image Correction and Rectification
M. Downey, U. Tempelmann
Page(s) 957-962
Conference Paper (PDF, 411 KB)

Generating Progressively Spatial Data Streaming for Adaptively Mobile Visualization
Bisheng Yang
Page(s) 963-968
Conference Paper (PDF, 603 KB)

The Future of Virtual Globes - the Interactive Ray-Traced Digital Earth
M. Christen
Page(s) 969-974
Conference Paper (PDF, 782 KB)

Interoperable Three-Dimensional GIS City Modeling with Geo-informatics Techniques and 3D Modeling Software
Chayakrit Malumpong, Xiaoyong Chen
Page(s) 975-980
Conference Paper (PDF, 483 KB)

On Point Feature Automatic Annotation Placement in 3D Environment
Jingwei Shen, Yongning Wen, Yongjun Wang, Min Chen, Hongjun Su
Page(s) 981-984
Conference Paper (PDF, 439 KB)

A Robust Estimation Algorithm of Epipolar Geometry through the Hough Transform
Shan Haitao, Hao Xiangyang, Wang Hui, Li Dawei, Li Jie
Page(s) 985-990
Conference Paper (PDF, 400 KB)

Pyramid Management and Real-time Visualization of Massive 3-Dimensional Terrain Data
KE Xi-lin, GUO Qing-sheng, LI He-yuan, CHEN Gang, GAO Ping, ZHOU Yan, HUANG Li-min
Page(s) 991-994
Conference Paper (PDF, 532 KB)

A Fuzzy-based Method for Remote Sensing Image Contrast Enhancement
Chi-Farn Chen, Hung-Yu Chang, Li-Yu Chang
Page(s) 995-1000
Conference Paper (PDF, 597 KB)

The Study on Rapid Visualization of Global Massive Spatial Dataset Processing

Page(s) 1001-1004
Conference Paper (PDF, 441 KB)

Study on the Basic Tone of Thematic Map Color
Gao Jianjun
Page(s) 1005-1010
Conference Paper (PDF, 487 KB)

High Efficient Classification on Remote Sensing Images Based on SVM
Qiu Zhen Ge, Zhang Chun Ling, Li. Qiong, Xin Xian Hui, Guo Zhang
Page(s) 1011-1014
Conference Paper (PDF, 361 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 5 - Component-Based GIS

Implementation of a Customized GIS-based Tool for Tunnel Construction Sites Management
Nazereh Nejatbakhsh
Page(s) 1015-1022
Conference Paper (PDF, 622 KB)

Digital Terrain Modeling in a GIS Environment
Eric Kwabena Forkuo
Page(s) 1023-1030
Conference Paper (PDF, 559 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 6 - Emerging technologies for display and visualization

Analysis on Geographical Changes and Research on Spatio-temporal Patterns
Yang Ping, Tang Xinming, Wang Huibing
Page(s) 1031-1036
Conference Paper (PDF, 333 KB)

Connected 2D and 3D Visualizations for the Interactive Exploration of Spatial Information
S. Bleisch, S. Nebiker
Page(s) 1037-1042
Conference Paper (PDF, 542 KB)

Animated Representation of Uncertainty and Fuzziness in Dutch Spatial Planning Maps
Qiuju Zhang, Connie A. Blok, Xinming Tang
Page(s) 1043-1048
Conference Paper (PDF, 704 KB)

Relevance of Visual Exploration for Strengthening Spatial Thinking & Spatial Knowledge Exploration
Abdulvahit Torun, Şebnem Düzgün
Page(s) 1049-1056
Conference Paper (PDF, 598 KB)

ERDAS TITAN: Connect and Share Your World
Amy Zeller, Rob Clout
Page(s) 1057-1058
Conference Paper (PDF, 371 KB)

Society Networking Model Supporting Collaborative 3D GIS Environment Based on Multi-agent Method
Z. E. Chang, S. Li
Page(s) 1059-1064
Conference Paper (PDF, 452 KB)

Indoor SPATIAL Analysis Using Space Syntax
Hyeyoung Kim, Chulmin Jun, Yongjoo Cho, Geunhan Kim
Page(s) 1065-1070
Conference Paper (PDF, 426 KB)

Red Relief Image Map: New Visualization Method for Three Dimensional Data
Tatsuro CHIBA, Shin-ichi KANETA, Yusuke SUZUKI
Page(s) 1071-1076
Conference Paper (PDF, 1378 KB)

Combinative Representation of TLS Point Cloud and 3D Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Preservation Planning
Shengtao Lu, Ruoming Shi, Guang Zhu
Page(s) 1077-1080
Conference Paper (PDF, 605 KB)

Study on Smoothing Browser in Multi-view Virtual Space Based on Panorama
LI Yi-jing
Page(s) 1081-1084
Conference Paper (PDF, 453 KB)

Special Session: SS 2 - Digital Earth: Status and Trends

Virtual Australia - the Next Generation of Research Investments to Help Shape a Nation
Peter Woodgate, L. Coppa
Page(s) 1085-1088
Conference Paper (PDF, 489 KB)

Digital Earth Science Platform: DESP/CAS
Guo Huadong
Page(s) 1089-1092
Conference Paper (PDF, 294 KB)

Trends in Digital Photogrammetry from an International Enterprise Perspective
R. W. Schroth, Jing Wang, Wu Dun, W. Mayr
Page(s) 1093-1098
Conference Paper (PDF, 453 KB)

Special Session: SS 15 - Future of Geographic Information Science

ISO/OGC Standards Impact on Next Generation Enterprise Spatial Platform
Belay Teka Beshah, Max Martinez, Mladen Stojic
Page(s) 1099-1104
Conference Paper (PDF, 403 KB)

A Study of Geographic Models Integration in Distributed CollabOrative Design
Hui. Yang, Guonian Lu, Yongning Wen, Yi Yang, Ying Hu
Page(s) 1105-1112
Conference Paper (PDF, 682 KB)

Research on the Distributed Parallel Spatial Indexing Schema Based on R-TREE
Yuan-chun Zhao, Cheng-ming Li
Page(s) 1113-1118
Conference Paper (PDF, 596 KB)

Test Results of RTK and Real-Time DGPS Corrected Observations Based on NTRIP Protocol
T. L. Dammalage, L. Samarakoon
Page(s) 1119-1124
Conference Paper (PDF, 569 KB)

Universal Error Propagation Law
Xiaoyong CHEN, Shunji MURAI
Page(s) 1125-1132
Conference Paper (PDF, 1356 KB)




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