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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXVII Part B3a, 2008

XXIst ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission III
July 3-11, 2008
Beijing, China
Editor(s): CHEN Jun, JIANG Jie, Wolfgang FÖRSTNER


WG III/1: Automatic Calibration and Orientation of Optical Sensors

A Simplified Ortho-Rectification Approach for Satellite Imagery
X. Wu
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 749 KB)

Benchmarking Automatic Bundle Adjustment Results
Timo Dickscheid, Thomas Labe, Wolfgang Förstner
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 2231 KB)

Linear Constraints in Two-View Multiple Homography Estimation of Uncalibrated Scenes
Michael Kirchhof
Page(s) 13-20
Conference Paper (PDF, 651 KB)

Issues for Image Matching in Structure from Motion
Helmut Mayer
Page(s) 21-26
Conference Paper (PDF, 1964 KB)

Study on Chromatic Aberrations of Two Fisheye Lenses
Petteri Pöntinen
Page(s) 27-32
Conference Paper (PDF, 553 KB)

A Multi-Photo Least Squares Matching Algorithm for Urban Area DEM Refinement Using Breaklines
A. Elaksher
Page(s) 33-38
Conference Paper (PDF, 719 KB)

Multi-Image Matching Using Neural Networks and Photogrammetric Conditions
Ahmed F. Elaksher
Page(s) 39-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 403 KB)

Real-time Estimation of the Camera Path from a Sequence of Intrinsically Calibrated PMD Depth Images
Christian Beder, Ingo Science, Reinhard Koch
Page(s) 45-50
Conference Paper (PDF, 735 KB)

WG III/2: Surface Reconstruction

Robust Spatio-Temporal Feature Tracking
Matthias Heinrichs, Olaf Hellwich, Volker Rodehorst
Page(s) 51-56
Conference Paper (PDF, 2890 KB)

On Visual Real Time Mapping for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Richard Steffen, Wolfgang Förstner
Page(s) 57-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 4082 KB)

Evaluation of Different Methods for Using Colour Information in Global Stereo Matching Approaches
Michael Bleyer Sylvie Chambon, Uta Poppe, Margrit Gelautz
Page(s) 63-68
Conference Paper (PDF, 1936 KB)

An Implicit Geometric Regularization of 3D Building Shape Using Airborne LIDAR Data
Y. Jwa, G. Sohn, V. Tao, W. Cho
Page(s) 69-76
Conference Paper (PDF, 633 KB)

WG III/3: Processing of Point Clouds from Laser Scanners and Other Sensors

3D Segmentation of Full Waveform LIDAR Data for Single Tree Detection Using Normalized Cut
J. Reitberger, Cl. Schnörr, P. Krzystek, U. Stilla
Page(s) 77-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 1489 KB)

Analysis of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data for an Accurate Classification of Urban Areas
C. Mallet, U. Soergel, F. Bretar
Page(s) 85-92
Conference Paper (PDF, 766 KB)

Problems in Automated Building Reconstruction Based on Dense Airborne Laser Scanning Data
Sander Oude Elberink
Page(s) 93-98
Conference Paper (PDF, 678 KB)

Analysis of Planimetric Accuracy of Airborne Laser Scanning Surveys
George Vosselman
Page(s) 99-104
Conference Paper (PDF, 412 KB)

Pre-classification of Points and Segmentation of Urban Objects by Scan Line Analysis of Airborne LIDAR data
M. Hebel, U. Stilla
Page(s) 105-110
Conference Paper (PDF, 714 KB)

Detection of Subtle Ridgelines from Laser Scanning Data
Amit Baruch, Sagi Filin
Page(s) 111-118
Conference Paper (PDF, 1038 KB)

Generation of Roof Topologies Using Plane Fitting with RANSAC
J. Engels, H. Arefi, M. Hahn
Page(s) 119-126
Conference Paper (PDF, 514 KB)

Automatic Model-Based Building Detection from Single Panchromatic High Resolution Images
Konstantinos Karantzalos, Nikos Paragios
Page(s) 127-132
Conference Paper (PDF, 550 KB)

Parametric Reconstruction for Complex Building from LIDAR and Vector Maps Using a Divide-and-Conquer Strategy
T.A. Teo
Page(s) 133-138
Conference Paper (PDF, 558 KB)

SWDC-4 Large Format Digital Aerial Camera System
Jian Li, Xianlin Liu, Fengde Liu, Zongjie Liu, Liping Zhao
Page(s) 139-146
Conference Paper (PDF, 573 KB)

A Robust Surface Matching Technique for DEM Integration in the Context of Coastal Geohazard Monitoring
P.E. Miller
Page(s) 147-154
Conference Paper (PDF, 442 KB)

Intensity Calibration and Imaging with SwissRanger SR-3000 Range Camera
A. Jaakkola, S. Kaasalainen, J. Hyyppä, H. Niittymäki, A. Akujärvi
Page(s) 155-160
Conference Paper (PDF, 631 KB)

Line-Based Registration of Terrestrial and Airborne LIDAR Data
Wolfgang von Hansen, Hermann Gross, Ulrich Thoennessen
Page(s) 161-166
Conference Paper (PDF, 2387 KB)

Photogrammetric Model Orientation Using LIDAR Dataset
E. Mitishita, A. Habib, A. Machado
Page(s) 167-172
Conference Paper (PDF, 348 KB)

WG III/4: Automatic Image Interpretation for City-Modeling

Building Change Detection Using 3-D Texture Model
Page(s) 173-178
Conference Paper (PDF, 864 KB)

An Efficient Approach to Building Superstructure Reconstruction Using Digital Elevation Maps
F. Dornaika, M. Brédif
Page(s) 179-184
Conference Paper (PDF, 779 KB)

Building Extraction from High Resolution Color Imagery Based on Edge Flow Driven Active Contour And JSEG
Yonghak Song, Jie Shan
Page(s) 185-190
Conference Paper (PDF, 851 KB)

Building Reconstruction from InSAR Data by Detail Analysis Of Phase Profiles
A. Thiele, E. Cadario, K. Schulz, U. Thoennessen, U. Soergel
Page(s) 191-196
Conference Paper (PDF, 936 KB)

Image Localization in Satellite Imagery with Feature-Based Indexing
Changchang Wu, Friedrich Fraundorfer, Jan-Michael Frahm, Jack Snoeyink, Marc Pollefeys
Page(s) 197-202
Conference Paper (PDF, 615 KB)

Robust and Automatic Vanishing Points Detection with Their Uncertainties from a Single Uncalibrated Image, by Planes Extraction on the Unit Sphere
Mahzad Kalantaria, Franck Jung, Nicolas Paparoditis, Jean-Pierre Guedon
Page(s) 203-208
Conference Paper (PDF, 375 KB)

WG III/5: Models and Algorithms for Road Extraction and Traffic Monitoring

Extraction of Road Junction Islands from High Resolution Aerial Imagery Using Level Sets
M. Ravanbakhsh, C. Heipke, K. Pakzad
Page(s) 209-214
Conference Paper (PDF, 1096 KB)

Extraction of Main and Secondary Roads in VHR Images Using A Higher-Order Phase Field Model
Ting Peng, Ian H. Jermyn, Véronique Prinet, Josiane Zerubia
Page(s) 215-222
Conference Paper (PDF, 697 KB)

Automatic Analysis of Traffic Scenario from Airborne Thermal Infrared Video
W. Yao, S. Hinz, U. Stilla
Page(s) 223-228
Conference Paper (PDF, 1418 KB)

Topology-Preserving Network Snakes
M. Butenuth
Page(s) 229-234
Conference Paper (PDF, 1740 KB)

Polygon Feature Extraction from Satellite Imagery Based on Colour Image Segmentation and Medial Axis
Ojaswa Sharma, Darka Mioc, François Anton
Page(s) 235-240
Conference Paper (PDF, 4946 KB)

Markov Random Field for Road Extraction Applications in Remote Sensing Images
Xu Yong, Zhou Shaoguang, Xu Yuyue
Page(s) 241-246
Conference Paper (PDF, 3114 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 7 - 3D City Modeling

Detection, Segmentation and Characterization of Vegetation in High-Resolution Aerial Images for 3D City Modeling
Corina Iovan, Didier Boldo, Matthieu Cord
Page(s) 247-252
Conference Paper (PDF, 696 KB)

Terrestrial Image Based 3D Extraction of Urban Unfoliaged Trees of Different Branching Types
Hai Huang
Page(s) 253-258
Conference Paper (PDF, 1273 KB)

A New Computationally Efficient Stochastic Approach for Building Reconstruction from Satellite Data
Florent Lafarge, Mélanie Durup, Xavier Descombes, Josiane Zerubia, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny
Page(s) 259-264
Conference Paper (PDF, 2699 KB)

Automated Updating of Building Data Bases from Digital Surface Models and Multi-Spectral Images: Potential and Limitations
Franz Rottensteiner
Page(s) 265-270
Conference Paper (PDF, 353 KB)

Building Roof Detection from a Single High-Resolution Satellite Image in Dense Urban Area
Zongying Song, Chunhong Pan, Q Yang, Fuxin Li, Wei Li
Page(s) 271-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 2366 KB)

Building Roof Segmentation and Modeling from LIDAR Point Clouds Using Machine Learning Techniques
Aparajithan Sampath, Jie Shan
Page(s) 279-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 510 KB)

Theme Session: ThS 22 - Automation in Image Analysis

Determination of Facade Attributes for Facade Reconstruction
Nora Ripperda
Page(s) 285-290
Conference Paper (PDF, 1391 KB)

Interpretation Terrestrial Images of Urban Scenes Using Discriminative Random Fields
Filip Korc, Wolfgang Förstner
Page(s) 291-296
Conference Paper (PDF, 1186 KB)

Calibration of a PMD-Camera Using a Planar Calibration Pattern Together with a Multi-Camera Setup
Ingo Schiller, Christian Beder, Reinhard Koch
Page(s) 297-302
Conference Paper (PDF, 658 KB)

A Generative Model for True Orthorectificatio
Christoph Strecha, Luc Van Gool, Pascal Fua
Page(s) 303-308
Conference Paper (PDF, 983 KB)




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