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ISPRS Archives – Volume XXXV Part B1, 2004

XXth ISPRS Congress
Technical Commission I
July 12-23, 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Editor(s): Orhan Altan


Table of Contents

On-Orbit Geometric Calibration of The Orbview-3 High Resolution Imaging Satellite
D. Mulawa
Page(s) 1-6
Conference Paper (PDF, 3726 KB)

Modulation Transfer Function Measurement Method and Results for The Orbview-3 High Resolution Imaging Satellite
K. Kohm
Page(s) 7-12
Conference Paper (PDF, 1109 KB)

Calibration and Validation of Prism Onboard Alos
T. Tadono, M. Shimada, M. Watanabe, T. Hashimoto, T. Iwata
Page(s) 13-18
Conference Paper (PDF, 585 KB)

Assessment of Geometric Accuracy of VHR Satellite Images
W. Wolniewicz
Page(s) 19-23
Conference Paper (PDF, 290 KB)

Sensor Orientation for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery: Further Insights Into Bias-Compensated Rpcs
H. B. Hanley, S.C. Fraser
Page(s) 24-29
Conference Paper (PDF, 951 KB)

Orthorectification of High Resolution Satellite Images
P. Boccardo, B. E. Mondino, G. F. Tonolo, A. Lingua
Page(s) 30-35
Conference Paper (PDF, 675 KB)

On-Orbit Spatial Resolution Estimation of CBERS-1 Ccd Imaging System From Bridge Images
K. Bensebaa, F.J.G. Banon, G.M.L. Fonseca
Page(s) 36-41
Conference Paper (PDF, 337 KB)

Geometric Calibration of The Digital Large Format Aerial Camera Ultracam
M. Kröpfl, E. Kruck, M. Gruber
Page(s) 42-44
Conference Paper (PDF, 330 KB)

The Accuracy of The Objects Position Measuring in an Image
V.I. Lebedev
Page(s) 45-47
Conference Paper (PDF, 165 KB)

Further Developments in High Performance Scanning
A. Dam, A. Calarco, S. A. Walker
Page(s) 48-52
Conference Paper (PDF, 117 KB)

Procedures and Experiences on Using Desktop Scanner for Orthophoto Production
M. Mitrovic, Z. Cvijetinovic, D. Mihajlovic
Page(s) 53-58
Conference Paper (PDF, 1996 KB)

Geometric Precision of Scanned Imagery for Production Photogrammetry
A. Calarco, A. Dam, S. A. Walker
Page(s) 59-62
Conference Paper (PDF, 280 KB)

Quantitative Measures for The Evaluation of Camera Stability
F.A. Habib, A. M. Pullivelli, M. Morgan
Page(s) 63-69
Conference Paper (PDF, 292 KB)

Atmospheric Effects on Insar Measurements in Southern China and Australia: A Comparative Study
L. X. Dinga, L. Ge, W. Z. Li, C. Rizos
Page(s) 70-75
Conference Paper (PDF, 3365 KB)

Transmittance Or Density - A Question of Bits?
H. Ziemann, D. Grohmann
Page(s) 76-81
Conference Paper (PDF, 520 KB)

A Proposed Model for Segmentation of Spot Images
J. Amini
Page(s) 82-84
Conference Paper (PDF, 153 KB)

Method of The High Accuracy Resolving Range/Velocity Uncertainty for The Laser Scanner with Linear Fm
M. V. Lisitsyn, V. S. Tikhonova
Page(s) 85-90
Conference Paper (PDF, 357 KB)

Simulator of Interferogram for Spaceborne Sar System
K. Ren, G. Wu, Q.X. Shi, V. Prinet
Page(s) 91-95
Conference Paper (PDF, 367 KB)

Analysis of X-Band Polarimetric Sar Data for The Derivation of The Surface Roughness Over Bare Agricultural Fields
N. Baghdadi, N. Holah, F. P. Dubois, L. Prévot, S. Hosford, A. Chanzy, X. Dupuis, M. Zribi
Page(s) 96-101
Conference Paper (PDF, 157 KB)

Error Modelling on Registration of Highresolution Satellite Images and Vector Data
P. Chen, S. Hsu, G. Lee
Page(s) 102-107
Conference Paper (PDF, 503 KB)

High Resolution Mapping with Small Satellites
S. Rainer
Page(s) 108-113
Conference Paper (PDF, 111 KB)

Improvement of Spatial Resolution with Staggered Arrays As Used in The Airborne Optical Sensor Ads40
R. Reulke, U. Tempelmann, D. Stallmann, M. Cramer, N. Haala
Page(s) 114-119
Conference Paper (PDF, 899 KB)

Ground Deformation Mapping Using Insar
C. Aydöner, D. Maktav, E. Alparslan
Page(s) 120-123
Conference Paper (PDF, 471 KB)

Working with GPS/INS
A. Steinbach
Page(s) 124-129
Conference Paper (PDF, 296 KB)

Orientation of Satellite and Airborne Imagery From Multi-Line Pushbroom Sensors with A Rigorous Sensor Model
D. Poli
Page(s) 130-135
Conference Paper (PDF, 354 KB)

Present Achievements of The experimental navigation system TAG
M. Wis, L. Samsó, E. Aigner, I. Colomina
Page(s) 136-141
Conference Paper (PDF, 237 KB)

The Affine Projection Model for Sensor Orientation:Experiences with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
T. Yamakawa, S. C. Fraser
Page(s) 142-147
Conference Paper (PDF, 188 KB)

Handling of High Resolution Space Images in Z/I Imagestation
J. Biard, M. Madani, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 148-152
Conference Paper (PDF, 826 KB)

Direct Sensor Orientation Based on Gps Network Solutions
H. Wegmann, C. Heipke, K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 153-158
Conference Paper (PDF, 228 KB)

Redundant Imus for Precise Trajectory Determination
I. Colomina, M. Giménez, J.J. Rosales, M. Wis, A. G´omez, P. Miguelsanz
Page(s) 159-165
Conference Paper (PDF, 761 KB)

In-Flight Camera Calibration for Direct Georeferencing
E. Honkavaara
Page(s) 166-171
Conference Paper (PDF, 150 KB)

Operation of The Ultracamd TogeTher with Ccns4/Aerocontrol -First Experiences and Results
J. Kremer, M. Gruber
Page(s) 172-177
Conference Paper (PDF, 4703 KB)

A Unified Approach To Static and Dynamic Modelling in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
I. Colomina, M. Blázquez
Page(s) 178-183
Conference Paper (PDF, 70 KB)

Precise Georeferencing of Rectified High Resolution Space Images
Gürcan Büyüksalih, Murat Oruc, Karsten Jacobsen
Page(s) 184-188
Conference Paper (PDF, 245 KB)

Analysis of Usage of Multispectral Video Technique for Distinguishing Objects in Real Time
W. Debski, P. Walczykowski, A. Klewski, M. Zyznowski
Page(s) 189-192
Conference Paper (PDF, 4278 KB)

Alternative Approaches for Utilizing Lidar Data As A Source of Control Information for Photogrammetric Models
F.A. Habib, S. M. Ghanma, J. C. Kim, E. Mitishita
Page(s) 193-198
Conference Paper (PDF, 222 KB)

Multistation Estimating of Gps Signal Atmospheric Delays by Undifferenced Observations
A. Cina, A. M. Manzino, M. Roggero
Page(s) 199-204
Conference Paper (PDF, 151 KB)

The Effect of System Calibration on Direct Sensor Orientation
N. Yastikli
Page(s) 205-209
Conference Paper (PDF, 212 KB)

Sampling of Bidirectional Reflectance From Multiangular High Resolution Airborne Imagery
A. Kukko
Page(s) 210-215
Conference Paper (PDF, 243 KB)

A Framework for Automatic Low-Resolution Satellite Image Interpretation Based on Spectral, Contextual and Multitemporal Knowledge
G. L. A. Mota, K. Pakzad, S. Muller, M. S. P. Meirelles, R. Q. Feitosa, L. da C.H. Coutinho
Page(s) 216-221
Conference Paper (PDF, 82 KB)

Operational Aspects of Digital Aerial Mapping Cameras
K. J. Neumann
Page(s) 222-225
Conference Paper (PDF, 448 KB)

Starimager - A New Airborne Three-Line Scanner for Large-Scale Applications
K. Tsuno, A. Gruen, Li Zhang, S. Murai, R. Shibasaki
Page(s) 226-231
Conference Paper (PDF, 1049 KB)

The All Digital Photogrammetric Workflow: Redundancy and Robustness
M. Gruber, R. Perko, M. Ponticelli
Page(s) 232-234
Conference Paper (PDF, 357 KB)

Digital Low-Cost Remote Sensing with Pfiff, The Integrated Digital Remote Sensing System
G. J. Grenzdörffer
Page(s) 235-239
Conference Paper (PDF, 257 KB)

Requirements for New Airborne Digital Sensors
P. Fricker, A. Chapuis, S. A. Walker
Page(s) 240-242
Conference Paper (PDF, 1337 KB)

Airborne Camera Experiments for Traffic Monitoring
A. Börner, I. Ernst, M. Ruhé, S. Sujew, M. Hetscher
Page(s) 243-248
Conference Paper (PDF, 5138 KB)

Procedures for Radiometric Quality Control of Scanned Cir Images
L. Markelin, E. Honkavaara
Page(s) 249-254
Conference Paper (PDF, 281 KB)

Fast Georeferencing Images Throuth Generalized Photogrammetric Algorithms
C.H. Liu
Page(s) 255-259
Conference Paper (PDF, 67 KB)

Beyond Spot 5: Pléiades, Part of The French-Italian Program Orfeo
A. Baudoin
Page(s) 260-267
Conference Paper (PDF, 1654 KB)

Multiresolution Spot-5 Data for Boreal Forest Monitoring
G.M. Rosengren, E. Willén
Page(s) 268-272
Conference Paper (PDF, 3340 KB)

Validation of Spot-5 Satellite Imagery for Geological Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for Landslides, Mud and Debris Flows in Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Y. Haeberlin, P. Turberg, A. Retière, O. Senegas, A. Parriaux
Page(s) 273-278
Conference Paper (PDF, 2261 KB)

Spot 5 Application Valorisation Program Conclusions
F. Axès, F. Baillarin, H. De Boissezon
Page(s) 279-284
Conference Paper (PDF, 419 KB)

Monitoring Urban Sprawl Around Barcelona'S Metropolitan Area with The Aid of Satellite Imagery
J. Roca, C. M. Burns, M. J Carreras
Page(s) 285-290
Conference Paper (PDF, 2004 KB)

Spot 5 Cadastral Validation Project in Izabal, Guatemala
M. Corlazzoli, L. O. Fernandez
Page(s) 291-296
Conference Paper (PDF, 288 KB)

Can Lay Users Can Directly Utilize Satellite-Image Information in The Near Future?
O. Baysal, Z. Guoqing
Page(s) 297-303
Conference Paper (PDF, 455 KB)

Space-Based Sensor Web for Earth Science Applications - an Integrated Architecture for Providing Societal Benefits
S. Habib, J. S. Talabac
Page(s) 303-308
Conference Paper (PDF, 232 KB)

Optical and Microwave Sensors on Japanese Mapping Satellite - Alos
Y. Osawa
Page(s) 309-312
Conference Paper (PDF, 818 KB)

Use of Satellite Remote Sensing in Hydrological Predictions in Ungaged Basins
V. Lakshmi
Page(s) 313-318
Conference Paper (PDF, 505 KB)

Monitoring Urban Areas for Environment and Security Through Remote Sensing
P. Gamba
Page(s) 319-324
Conference Paper (PDF, 138 KB)

Remote Sensing As A Means of Ecological Investigation
P. Aplin
Page(s) 325-331
Conference Paper (PDF, 399 KB)

Bi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Function (Brdf) Retrievals From Laboratory Multiangle Measurements
A. Barducci, D. Guzzi, P. Marcoionni, I. Pippi
Page(s) 332-336
Conference Paper (PDF, 895 KB)

Alsat-1: First Results of Multispectral Imager
A. Rachedi, S.N. Hadj, A. Brewer
Page(s) 337-341
Conference Paper (PDF, 1497 KB)

An Easy-To-Use, off-The-Shelf Spacecraft Architecture for "Short-Time-To-Space" Satellite Missions
B. Altan, Y. Segal
Page(s) 342-347
Conference Paper (PDF, 108 KB)

Analysis and Study on Error Control Technology of Micro Satellite for Remote Sensing
S. Z. Li, X. Hu, Y. Lv, G. J. Hu
Page(s) 348-353
Conference Paper (PDF, 173 KB)

Joint Isprs/Ceos-Wgcv Task Force on Radiometric and Geometric Calibration
A. S. Morain, M. V. Zanoni
Page(s) 354-360
Conference Paper (PDF, 124 KB)

About The Importance of The Definition of Reflectance Quantities - Results of Case Studies
G.S. Strub, T. Painter, S. Huber, S. Dangel, J. Martonchik, F. Berendse, E. M. Schaepman
Page(s) 361-366
Conference Paper (PDF, 1035 KB)

Correction of Sensor Alignment of Adeos-Ii/Gli
T. Hashimoto, K. Yamamoto, T. Igarashi
Page(s) 367-371
Conference Paper (PDF, 351 KB)

The Hrs-Sap Initiative: A Scientific Assessment of The High Resolution Stereoscopic Instrument on Board of Spot 5 by Isprs Investigators.
A. Baudoin, M. Schroeder, C. Valorge, M. Bernard, V. Rudowski
Page(s) 372-378
Conference Paper (PDF, 451 KB)

Spot 5 Hrs Location Performance Tuning and Monitoring Principles
A. Bouillon, P. Gigord
Page(s) 379-384
Conference Paper (PDF, 302 KB)

Digital Surface Modelling From Spot 5 Hrs Imagery Using The Affine Projective Model
S. C. Fraser, P.M. Dare, T. Yamakawa
Page(s) 385-388
Conference Paper (PDF, 331 KB)

Accuracy Evaluation of Dem Generated From Spot5 Hrs Imageries
S. M. Hashemian, A. Abootalebi, F. Kianifar
Page(s) 389-392
Conference Paper (PDF, 173 KB)

Dem Generation From High Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Parallel Projection Model
F.A. Habib, M. E. Kim, M. Morgan, I. Couloigner
Page(s) 393-398
Conference Paper (PDF, 1140 KB)

Synthesis of Studies Relating To Hrs Dtm Production
V. Rudowski
Page(s) 399-409
Conference Paper (PDF, 1476 KB)

A Rigorous Model and Dem Generation for Spot5 -Hrs
P. Michalis, I. Dowman
Page(s) 410-415
Conference Paper (PDF, 303 KB)

Dtm Generation From Spot Hrs In-Track Stereo Images
T.H. Toutin, P. Briand, R. Chénier
Page(s) 416-420
Conference Paper (PDF, 236 KB)

Spot-5/Hrs Stereo Images Orientation and Automated Dsm Generation
D.. Poli, Z. Li, A. Gruen
Page(s) 421-432
Conference Paper (PDF, 1567 KB)

Accuracy Analysis for Dem and Orthoimages Derived From Spot Hrs Stereo Data without Using Gcp
P.. Reinartz, M.. Lehner, R.. Müller, M. Schroeder
Page(s) 433-438
Conference Paper (PDF, 531 KB)

Dem Generation by Spot Hrs
K. Jacobsen
Page(s) 439-444
Conference Paper (PDF, 1739 KB)

Assessment of Dem Accuracy Derived From Spot-5 High Resolution Stereoscopic Imagery
W. Kornus, R. Alamús, A. Ruiz, J. Talaya
Page(s) 445-453
Conference Paper (PDF, 796 KB)

Spot-5 Hrs Along-Track Stereo Data Evaluation Over Montmirail and Melbourne Test Sites
R. Nandakumar, A. Medha, K. B. Gopala, P.K. Srivastava
Page(s) 453-459
Conference Paper (PDF, 345 KB)

Comparative Characteristics of Dem Obtained From Satellite Images Spot-5 and Tk-350
V. F. Chekalin, M. M. Fomtchenko
Page(s) 459-463
Conference Paper (PDF, 471 KB)

Dem Evaluation Generated From Hrs Spot5 Data
S. M. Tsakiri, O. Georgoula, P. Patias
Page(s) 464-468
Conference Paper (PDF, 882 KB)

Comparison of The Accuracy of Dem From Spot Hrs Two-Fold Stereo Data and Hrs/Hrg Three-Fold Stereo Data in Barcelona Test Site
R. Müller, P. Reinartz, M. Lehner, M. Schroeder
Page(s) 469-473
Conference Paper (PDF, 295 KB)

Accuracy of Dtm Generated From Spot 4 and Spot 5 Hrs Data
I. Ewiak, R. Kaczynski
Page(s) 474-478
Conference Paper (PDF, 93 KB)

Evaluation of The Potential of Spot 5 Hrg, High Resolution Satellite Imageries for 1:25000 Scale Maps Revision
F. Sadeghi Naeeni Fard, A. Abootelebi, A. Eslami Rad
Page(s) 479-482
Conference Paper (PDF, 492 KB)

Accuracy Analysis and Surface Mapping Using Spot 5 Stereo Data
H. Raggam
Page(s) 483-489
Conference Paper (PDF, 1629 KB)

3d Information Extraction by Structural Matching of Sar and Optical Features
F. Roux M. Tupin
Page(s) 489-494
Conference Paper (PDF, 2383 KB)

The Influence of Ground Control Points in The Triangulation of Leica Ads40 Data
S. Alhamlan, J. P. Mills, S. A. Walker, T. Saks
Page(s) 495-500
Conference Paper (PDF, 266 KB)

Make Wide-Angled Aerial Camera by Combining Small-Sized Areal Array Ccd Sensors
W. Xuan, D. Wang, J. Sun
Page(s) 501-506
Conference Paper (PDF, 990 KB)

Image Fusion of Landsat and Korean Satellite Kompsat
S.H. Han, J.M Kang
Page(s) 507-512
Conference Paper (PDF, 2927 KB)

Bio-Geophysical Land Surface Parameters Derived From ADEOS-2/POLDER-2 Multi-Angular Measurements
R. Lacaze, F. Maignan, B. Miras, F. M. Bréon, M. Weiss, F. Baret
Page(s) 513-517
Conference Paper (PDF, 612 KB)

Experimental Tests on The Benefits of A More Rigorous Model in Imu/Gps System Calibration
L Pinto, G. Forlani, D. Passoni
Page(s) 518-523
Conference Paper (PDF, 235 KB)

The Validation of Aerosol Optical Thickness Retried by Band Correlation Metod From Modis Image Data
Y. Kawata, H. Fukui, K. Takemata
Page(s) 524-527
Conference Paper (PDF, 370 KB)

Geometric Stability of Low-Cost Digital Consumer Cameras
T. Läbe, W. Förstner
Page(s) 528-534
Conference Paper (PDF, 316 KB)

Spot5 In-Flight Commissioning : Inner Orientation of Hrg and Hrs Instruments
R. Gachet
Page(s) 535-539
Conference Paper (PDF, 500 KB)

Spot 5 Hrs Study - Automatic Dtm Extraction Regions 1 (Montmirail - France) and 7 ( Rasht - Iran )
S. Ghayourmanesh, Y. Zhang
Page(s) 540-551
Conference Paper (PDF, 1391 KB)

Spot5 Quantifies Rapid Urban Change
S. L. Ferreira, M. de Meyer, H. Loots, N. Keyise
Page(s) 552-554
Conference Paper (PDF, 50 KB)

Discrepancies Between Overlapping Laser Scanning Strips- Simultaneous Fitting of Aerial Laser Scanner Strips
H. Kager
Page(s) 555-560
Conference Paper (PDF, 632 KB)

Introduction of The 3-Das-1 Digital Aerial Scanner
H. Wehrli, V. Gayda, G. Wehrli, J. BeThel
Page(s) 561-564
Conference Paper (PDF, 98 KB)

Multi-Angular Satellite Remote Sensing and Forest Inventory Data for Carbon Stock and Sink Capcity in the Eastern United States Forest Ecosystem
Gomez R.B.
Page(s) 561-566
Conference Paper (PDF, 202 KB)




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